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Found 14 results

  1. Sixteen men, including one police officer, have been charged over allegations of historic child sexual exploitation in Yorkshire. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/halifax-west-yorkshire-child-sex-abuse-a4316921.html
  2. Police say it is "disappointing" that a man who skipped court twice after spitting at a police officer has avoided prison. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.leeds-live.co.uk/news/leeds-news/police-hit-out-after-thug-17279823.amp So spit at a Police Officer than skip court twice and get a suspended sentence at the end .😑 Where is the punishment?
  3. I am the new mini-mod for the West Yorkshire Police area. Feel free to ask any questions on this area of the forum and I'll do my best to answer. Alternatively, if you have anything you need to mention to me privately feel free to PM me, however, I will not answer any questions nor give out information regarding answers to recruitment tests etc. XA84
  4. An elderly woman who was knocked to the ground during a drug arrest has won a decade-long legal battle against West Yorkshire Police. Elizabeth Robinson was injured after being trapped under two "sturdily built" police officers and a suspected drug dealer in Huddersfield in 2008. Mrs Robinson, who was 76 at the time, argued that the police had breached their duty of care towards her. The Supreme Court said the force is now liable to pay her damages. Mrs Robinson, who is now 86, was described in court as "relatively frail" at the time of the incident. In a written judgement, Supreme Court judge Lord Robert Reed said Mrs Robinson was walking on Kirkgate when she was caught up in a tussle to arrest a man who had been seen dealing drugs in a park. The men knocked into her and they "all fell to the ground with Mrs Robinson underneath", Lord Reed said. It was found that the officers involved "had acted negligently" as they could have chosen a safer opportunity to attempt to arrest a man who was at risk of attempting to escape. Mrs Robinson's solicitor, Helen Grieves, described it as a "very significant" judgment. West Yorkshire Police has been contacted for comment. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-42988972
  5. Hey all, So West Yorkshire Police have announced that they will be hosting their new recruitment for Police Officers from 11th September to the 23rd September, is anyone thinking of applying?
  6. A damning report into the suspected wrongful conviction of a former West Yorkshire police officer for assaulting a teenager in custody has been described by a senior official as the most “explosive” he has seen in nearly 30 years. The Operation Lamp dossier into the case of Danny Major, who was convicted in 2006 for the assault at a Leeds police station, could now see West Yorkshire Police made subject to a criminal inquiry. Read more: http://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/news/local-news/explosive-report-casts-fresh-doubt-over-ex-west-yorkshire-pc-s-conviction-1-7708695#ixzz3ywPp3wZy
  7. We are pleased to announce that we are currently recruiting for Special Constables to work at locations across the Force area. Follow the links below to find out more about becoming a Special Constable with West Yorkshire Police. New : Are you a Student? Could you join us and #BeSpecial? Find out more here. Special Constable - Blog http://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/bespecial
  8. Marky

    Questions around Transferring

    Hi Guys, I'll try and keep this short and concise; I've been a special with WYP for around 4 months, however I'd also applied to Universities this year, and didn't get into my first choice (which is in West Yorkshire). On to the point, I got accepted into a Uni at Leicester, and as part of the uni-course they like you to become a special. Seeing as I am already one, what would the process for transferring from WYP to Leicestershire Police be like? I didn't ask this in the Leicestershire forum as it seems a bit dead, and this is more of a general question as Leicestershire don't seem to have any information at all on their website concerning transfers (please correct me If I'm wrong!). I'm not IPS, and I haven't done a great deal of competencies toward it, however as I said I have been attested 3-4 months now, so it's not like I'm still in training. I realise WYP probably aren't going to be too happy about me leaving so soon, but life just does this sometimes! Apologies for rambling, I've actually just come off a late shift so a little tired, my main question is-- how complicated would a transfer be, is it even possible at my stage, and would I need an interview etc again (even though I literally just came off training not so long ago). I understand I'll probably have to do some training, but I'm not so much looking at the finer details just how difficult the whole process might be, or whether it would be easier for me to 're-join'? If that's even possible, seems a bit odd attesting twice but there you go! Appreciate any help or guidance.
  9. Sort of reminds me of a scenario we had on the old forums where a council warden followed a man into his place work where he has refused details - weird... Now as someone who has dealt with a similar incident (granted I wasn't recorded) I came very close to arresting the individual who refused details to the council wardens and then to me when initially requested - that was sorted when I effectively said I wasn't bluffing and he would come down to custody if he didn't furnish who he was, this cop I feel frankly could have done better - nothing against the bloke but after three times of a man refusing his address, he'd have come in for me. I've got two council wardens telling me they have seen the man commit an offence, there is video evidence of an offence, he's been identified to me and he's refusing to provide his details when spoken to? Definitely coming down to the police station. I cannot quite understand the ending, he initially states he 'believes' the bloke has committed a crime then at the end walks off and says "I'll come back up and speak to the enforcement officers if there is an offence that has been committed..." - You've already done that... For your viewing pleasure:
  10. Transferee Police Officers - Constables West Yorkshire Police, the fourth largest Force in the UK, is committed to delivering a world class policing service to the public of West Yorkshire making our communities safer and feeling safer. To deliver a world class policing service we are recruiting experienced police constables. Applications are welcomed from those officers with both a neighbourhood policing and detective background, especially officers with experience in the adult and child safeguarding environments. Officers will be required to serve anywhere within the Force area. You must have successfully completed your probationary period with your force prior to submitting your application. Applications are particularly welcomed from officers from a BME background, who are currently underrepresented at this rank. All appointments will be made on merit. Successful candidates will embody our purpose and values. The online application form may be accessed through the following link The online application form may be accessed through this link Closes 16/11/14
  11. Four arrested as police seize drugs worth £1.2 million Four people have been arrested as police seized more than a million pounds of drugs in a raid in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire Police stopped the car on Old Bank Road. More than 40 kilograms of what is suspected to be class A drugs, valued at around £1.2 million was found by officers at an address on Wakefield Road in Dewsbury. Officers say two kilograms were found when a car was stopped yesterday afternoon. Armed police then searched the property and found the remainder of the substance. Three men aged 16, 22 and 30 and one woman aged 25 were arrested and remain in police custody. http://www.itv.com/news/calendar/update/2015-03-06/four-arrested-as-police-seize-1-2-million-of-drugs/
  12. Another fantastic video by West Yorkshire Police Federation to demonstrate that #cutshaveconsequences<p> Nick Smart - West Yorkshire Police FederationThe police service is at risk of becoming privatised unless politicians are made aware of the impact of financial reductions, a staff association has warned.West Yorkshire Police Federation Chairman Nick Smart (pictured) spoke out as his organisation launched its strand of the Cuts Have Consequences campaign, and he led members to meet with MPs at parliament.Shadow Policing Minister Jack Dromey and Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Committee member Julian Hibbert were due to meet the Fed today (February 3). Explaining what the purpose of the public campaign is, Mr Smart said: "If you are happy to have a private police service, if you are happy to have private companies protecting you and your families, if you are happy to have no control or say in your services, then do nothing. "But, if you are not happy then only you can change what is happening. Take control of the future. Let politicians of all parties – in person, in writing, by email, on social media - know how you feel on policing."At the meeting, Mr Smart was due to tell the politicians of fears for the future of the force - which faces a £163 million reduction in its operating budget.In addition to social media coverage, West Yorkshire's campaign will also feature adverts designed to highlight how budget reductions will alter the shape of neighbourhood policing and hamper the ability to deal with new threats. "We face the pressures of terrorism, child sexual exploitation, safeguarding and vulnerability issues, cyber crime as well as traditional crimes and duties officers have to perform," Mr Smart added.“Officers are not fools and neither are the public. Political rhetoric about reducing bureaucracy, new IT, new powers have not reduced demand sufficiently, if at all.“You still need boots on the ground if you want to fight crime and keep the public safe. "The Fed has also produced a video on the topic, which can be seen below:<iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/video/117842169" width="500" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>
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