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Found 20 results

  1. Cali


    Hey guys, Thought I would start a topic just away from the main area to introduce yourself, whether serving, training or app stage or whether you just support our fab constabulary. keep it to just introductions as I don't want it going off track. I'm currently serving as a special constable for C Div, quite new to the team, attested start of August this year. My ambition is to apply for the regs in a couple of years or so. Cali
  2. Please bear with me, this is my last updated version, it is a little out but it gives you a good idea until I get the current updated one online PCW
  3. This is link to the west Mercia staff vacancies page for anyone who fancies a look. Very regularly updated https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/4893/Police-staff-vacancies
  4. Hi all, The recruitment is now open for West Mercia Police Cadets. If you know of anyone interested all the information can be found here https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/2418/Cadets The cadets are possible future candidates for police officers, and it offers great life skills.
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-shropshire-35495383
  6. Cali

    force issue gloves

    Hey! I was wondering whether anyone could pm me the make or manufacturer of our issued gloves.... I left mine in a car and was never to be seen again! Regards!
  7. As per the subject header really, can anybody advise what uniform is issued as standard to a new PC / SC?
  8. jona_1913

    Police Staff New Starters?

    Hi all, Starting training in Jan for a Call Handler role with WM, wondering if anyone else is on the same course? Jona
  9. West Mercia has an approximate force area of 2,868 square miles (7,428 km²) and covers a population of roughly 1.19 million. West Mercia covers the 5 areas of: Hereford, Shropshire, South Worcestershire, North Worcestershire and Telford & Wrekin As of July 2014, the force employs 1948 police officers, 252 community support officers, 1,550 police staff and 320 members of the Special Constabulary. Just thought this might be some useful information
  10. Hi all, I have just had an email confirming that my final interview for PC with West Mercia in a couple of weeks, does anyone on here have experience of the WMP final interview? what to expect or any tips on what they are expecting? Looking to do as much research as possible before this so any help is appreciated!! I am currently a PCSO with another force so have got a bit of job experience and competancy examples to put forward at the interview. Does anyone else have an interview coming up??
  11. Cali

    West Mercia Closing Date

    The closing date for applications has been announced. http://www.westmercia.police.uk/recruitment/joining-as-a-police-officer.html Friday 19th December 2014
  12. Got an invite to interview for the role of PCSO in West Mercia/Warwickshire. The interview is a Knowledge, Skills and Ability (KSA) Interview. Any advice on this sort of interview? I have prepared for a structured interview and have a good idea of what I will use to evidence my previous experiences and abilities. Many thanks.
  13. Newbie


    Hi I sent in my application 3 weeks ago, does anyone have any idea when I should hear back? Also I have just been looking over my application and noticed 2 silly errors, does anyone have any idea of how many mistakes are allowed on the form before they bin it?
  14. CD15

    Failed assessment centre

    So I failed my assessment centre with West Mercia police which is quite upsetting, but whats bothered me more is that I passed on all the things I thought I hadn't done very well on. I actually passed the overall mark too with more than 60%. I failed because I failed to achieve 50% on working with others, I got 44% on that, which apparently means I fail. Is it a requirement in all forces ACs to achieve 50% in working with others?
  15. http://www.westmercia.police.uk/recruitment/joining-as-a-police-officer.html West Mercia police recruitment have had their doors open for the longest amount of time in a while and they now announced that this recruitment campaign for this year will end. If you haven't got your regulars application in yet, get a move on!
  16. "West Mercia Police need more recruits urgently, says crime commissioner West Mercia Police has been urged by its crime commissioner to take urgent steps to speed up the recruitment process. Cuts in the human resources department have made it more difficult for new officers to be vetted to join the force, according to Bill Longmore. The lack of recruitment has also led to an underspend within the force’s budget, as money had been purposely held back for more front line staff, he said. Mr Longmore said cutbacks within the force, which is trying to save £30 million between April 2015 and 2018, had affected some parts of the service worse than others and there had also been a high and unexpected number of retirements. He also said he was frustrated with how long it was taking to recruit new faces at a time in which the force was facing huge change with its operational alignment with Warwickshire Police. The two forces announced in May that 140 new officers would be taken on, but Mr Longmore said progress had been slow. It is believed around 100 of the vacancies are still to be filled. “We have been going through a lot of changes over the last two years,” he said. “With West Mercia and Warwickshire being put together we have made cuts and the HR department is one area that has suffered. “One of the areas I focused on was keeping 50 community support officers and special constables. We’ve also lost a bigger number of people leaving the force through retirement than expected. “We have identified there is a shortage but the speed of the recruitment process has not been fast enough. It’s been very frustrating, especially the vetting policies that go on today, which takes time. But this has now become a matter of urgency.” Despite the underspend Mr Longmore said he did not believe money in place for new officers would betaken away by the Government at a later date. He said: “We are also addressing our underspend and it’s not money we’ve simply been sitting on. We will be looking at ways to spend this money, as well as continuing to save money, which is a sensible way of going forward.” Mr Longmore said the two forces were “a long way down the road” towards becoming a joint force but that the final decision was one for the politicians. He said: “It is whatever they decide, but all I want is whatever is best for the two areas. We’re always looking at the best way forward for the police service.” West Mercia and Warwickshire Police announced early this month staff numbers could be cut in an attempt to save an extra £30 million. The force, which has almost finished an existing three-year plan to cut spending by the same amount, which started in 2012, began a consultation on how save the additional money between 2015 and 2018. West Mercia Police is also in the process of closing 33 police stations and buildings to save £1.5 million. Chief Constable David Shaw said fundamental changes had been made to the way West Mercia police was run over the last few years. He said: “Perhaps we haven’t put enough thought into bringing new people in. “It’s got nothing to do with people not working hard enough but we just want to make sure not a single pound of taxpayers’ money is wasted.” He added: “We will be bringing new people into the force but we also want to use the resources we have better. “I am incredibly proud of our force despite the £30 million cuts. “We may have cut back a little bit far in some areas but the next phase of change will be planning where to spend the money, where to reinvest and where to bring people in. It’s our next major project and if we need use different agencies to bring new people in that’s what we will do. “We are as HR-reliant as any company because every organisation needs such people to make it work. We need IT experts and all the other aspects to help us.” Warwickshire Chief Constable Andy Parker said recruitment was now “back on track”. West Mercia Police announced this month it was opening a fresh round of recruitment to find the next generation of officers through the police cadets." http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2014/11/28/west-mercia-police-need-more-recruits-urgently/ Thought this was interesting
  17. CD15


    Passed the CBQs on the assessment form, now on a waiting list for the assessment centre Not massive news, I know, but I'm pretty pleased.
  18. Hi all, I am currently completing an application form for PCSO in West Mercia. The form is a protected document and is required to be submitted electronically. Because of this, I am unable to attach any continuation sheets to this form such as the employment history and education. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with this type of form in the past and could share what they did. The only thing I can think to do is to add the continuation sheets as an extra attachment in the e-mail when submitting the form. Any help or advice no matter how small is greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  19. Welcome one and all. Feel free to start discussing matters relating to West Mercia Police. Do remember of course everything in here is still publicly available and viewable, but there is a separate private forum which we can use. Whilst still subject to Police Community expectations, rules and regulations, it is hidden from public view and available only to affirmed West Mercia officers and staff. You may wish to visit the >Introduction page to say hello and let us know what brings you to the West Mercia forum area. If you are looking for something in particular, then perhaps the >West Mercia Useful Links page will be of interest.

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