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Found 16 results

  1. Hello all. I am new to this forum and didn't really know where else to ask my question. I have been a police officer for 12 years in Northern Ireland and was promoted to sergeant after 5 years of patrol. Due to a personal issue involving my family, I have decided that the time is right to move away from the police and apply as a firefighter, something I had always wanted to do even before joining the police. I am just wondering if any other previous officers have taken the same plunge and if they had any advice for me. I understand that there will be quite a paycut but for once in our lives we are financially secure and it isn't too bothersome. I'm just concerned that during any interview stage I will be asked why I wish to leave my current position, (as I said its for personal reasons), and if it could potentially hurt my chances of being offered a position if I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity. Any help particularly from others who were in the same boat would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards ED
  2. I'm considering transferring from one force to another. Met to Herts. Has anyone done this and what experiences have they had. Currently a frontline cop. Considering moving for better work life. Appreciation etc.. does that exist in the counties.. what's the deal with arrests. Does the arresting officer prisoner process or is there a unit to interview etc.. is there forced overtime per shift if lack of officers at handover... are intervention teams single crewed and I will transfer as a basic.. how will that work if frontline cops are response drivers and I'm not.. will there be a course or am I destined for SNT.. Regards C
  3. oscar24

    AFO transfer

    Has anyone made the jump to the Met AFO? Enjoy it or regret it? TYIA
  4. PilgrimTV

    BTP to Met?

    Hi all, I'm currently a PCSO at BTP in London. I have nearly finished my probation as a PCSO and have strong aspirations to move to PC. However, recently I have been thinking about trying to join the Met as a PC. And if that would be a better suit for me. I know each force has pros and cons, and I do enjoy working for BTP and as a PCSO in the force I am pretty much treated in the same way as a PC without their powers. In terms of going for PC I know staying with BTP would be easier and seems easier to progress to Sergeant etc. However Met will be more varied and possibly exciting. Also I don't have plans to stay in London for long term, so the Met may also be a better option if I did leave London and wish to pursue a career as a PC at a HO. Basically I guess I'm here to just get some advice from you guys. And if anyone here has moved from BTP to Met and if it was for the better or if they regret it in hindsight. Thanks all
  5. SnowBall

    MOD Police transfers 2019

    Has anyone heard anything about whether MOD police will open up transfers again in the near future? Understand this is a bit of a crystal ball question but I know on a sister forum you have a member MDPREC whom may peruse this forum under a different username. JD
  6. Looking to transfer as I've heard Lincs is looking more promising for Specials now. Any thoughts?
  7. SnowBall


    I'm hoping someone can assist me, this appears to be a very quiet sub forum but maybe we have some Cumbria officers lurking around. If we do indeed have any officers from Cumbria please if you could spare me 10 minutes reply to this thread so I can ask some questions about the force.
  8. Rowan1989

    Shift patterns

    Have just put in to transfer to West Mercia from West Yorkshire as it’s time I came home! Wondering if anyone can confirm current response officer shift pattern? Found a FOI response from last September saying 6 on 4 off but then a BBC article from this month stating that shift patterns have been shaken up to allow more officers on the street. Is it still 6 on 4 off just with amended start/finish times?
  9. My wife's parents are potentially retiring to Dumfries in the not too distant future and the idea of transferring north of the border has come up. It would help with child care and allow us to be near them as they get older. I'm not 100% convinced by the idea but I can see the merits in moving: there would be the added bonus that I could either be mortgage-free or upgrade to a much nicer house compared with what I have in the London-area. This is a very early fact-finding stage and I'm not set on the move - indeed, before this morning I didn't even realise a transfer was possible. I'm currently a PC in the Met with nearly 8 years service. I'm in a specialised (although not too specialised!) role. Up until a year ago I was a bog-standard uniformed neighbourhood cop, before that I was a response cop. So, my questions are: - Is there anyone on here who has made the change over? How did it go? How was learning a new legal system? Was there a big culture change? - What's the Dumfries/border area like? What's it like to live? What's it like to police? I was looking at Lockerbie as it seemed to have good transport links to both Edinburgh and Glasgow (thinking about potential jobs for the wife) but also back down South. Is there anyone you would definitely not want to live/work? - What is morale like? I would imagine it is better than most forces down south. What are promotion/job prospects like for specialist roles? I currently do a very interesting, albeit niche, role and fully accept that I will have to go back to being a response or neighbourhood cop - that doesn't bother me but if there are prospects of moving into other departments a few years down the line then I'd like to: part of me sees going back to response would be something of a "backward step". I have a friend who moved to a small English force and he said that everything was pretty much "dead man's shoes" and that you would need to expect to spend 30 years in uniform. One of the benefits of the Met is the absolutely huge range of jobs available. - On a rather more silly note, how would being an English Cop in Scotland go down? Both with colleagues and with the public. I can see myself getting plenty of ribbing.... but would there be downright hostility from the "customers"? (more so than usual). - Are there any particular areas that people would recommend to live/work? - Are there any other comments or pointers anyone would make? In terms of next steps I'm weighing up my options: Police Scotland are currently recruiting transferees and I'm seriously thinking of putting in an application. It seem like a long process so I would have plenty of time for fact finding and house hunting. In the meantime I'm thinking of making a little scoping trip up there to see what I think of the place.
  10. RobbieTheBobby

    MET PC to MSC

    Hi All, Am hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this please. I recently left the MET as a full time Constable. I left due to personal and family issues, but absolutely loved the job and would like to join as a Special constable. Now I know this isn't the usual route - PC to MSC. Just wondered if anyone else had done this and what your thoughts are on doing this, whether your a PC or MSC. I was on team full time and that's what I'd ideally like to do as a special. Unfortunately I didn't really get to meet too many MSC, although a few did occasionally man us up on team. So a few questions; Do you think I'd be bored as a special, having done the job full time? What do Specials typically do and how does this work? Are they their own 'team'? Would I be able to bypass the training, as I've obviously already done this once? Any thoughts or advice before I contact recruitment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Marty McFly

    Transfer - SPC

    Evening all, Is there anyone on here who could give me a quick PM about transferring to herts. Just got some standard questions really - What a day to day shift is like, specialist opportunities and training, the role of SPC's (e.g. do you deal in custody with interviewing and full files or is it like the met where you aren't allowed to do anything beyond arrest and handover for custody jobs). And also if you know anything about the transfer process + training, transferability of skills, etc. that would be a nice bonus. Cheers
  12. https://www.iompolice.im/ Closing date is 16:00 on Friday 22nd September 2017
  13. Otee


    Farewell, I have meticulously enjoyed every shift as a special constable, giving back to the community and protecting the values and oath to the service and public. It has been a total ride, through arresting to making the best brews. I tendered my resignation as of last night and now moving onto the Met to join the regulars, starting tomorrow. I will miss City Plan and the drunken nights, shifts with RPU from Smithdown Lane to my neighbourhood at Speke/Garston. Above all, stay safe and stay in school. In Memory of 6554 Phillips and 6944 Doyle whom both I have worked with as a colleague. Kindest regards, Otee
  14. Marky

    Questions around Transferring

    Hi Guys, I'll try and keep this short and concise; I've been a special with WYP for around 4 months, however I'd also applied to Universities this year, and didn't get into my first choice (which is in West Yorkshire). On to the point, I got accepted into a Uni at Leicester, and as part of the uni-course they like you to become a special. Seeing as I am already one, what would the process for transferring from WYP to Leicestershire Police be like? I didn't ask this in the Leicestershire forum as it seems a bit dead, and this is more of a general question as Leicestershire don't seem to have any information at all on their website concerning transfers (please correct me If I'm wrong!). I'm not IPS, and I haven't done a great deal of competencies toward it, however as I said I have been attested 3-4 months now, so it's not like I'm still in training. I realise WYP probably aren't going to be too happy about me leaving so soon, but life just does this sometimes! Apologies for rambling, I've actually just come off a late shift so a little tired, my main question is-- how complicated would a transfer be, is it even possible at my stage, and would I need an interview etc again (even though I literally just came off training not so long ago). I understand I'll probably have to do some training, but I'm not so much looking at the finer details just how difficult the whole process might be, or whether it would be easier for me to 're-join'? If that's even possible, seems a bit odd attesting twice but there you go! Appreciate any help or guidance.
  15. Well, as above really- I'm an independent special with TVP and really want to transfer to my home force. I've sent an email enquiry more than a month ago, with no response. I wondered if anyone might be able to put me in contact with their line management, who might then be able to give me a specific person to talk to, or even just talk to me about the process. I'm in the WGC/Stevenage/Hatfield area, if there is anyone working local, please get in touch. I didn't take a regular police job offer, I'm in withdrawal now, and need to keep my finger in the pie so to speak. Please, help a brother out!
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