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Found 25 results

  1. We are pleased to announce that we are currently recruiting for Special Constables to work at locations across the Force area. Follow the links below to find out more about becoming a Special Constable with West Yorkshire Police. New : Are you a Student? Could you join us and #BeSpecial? Find out more here. Special Constable - Blog http://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/bespecial
  2. Hi, I have recently applied for the role of Special Constable with Sussex Police. I passed the various online "tests", and was asked to submit an online "CV". I was then, shortly afterwards, invited to book myself in for an interview on the 2nd of December. The only information I have on this interview is that it is to be on the Sussex Police code of ethics, and I was just hoping someone could offer any insight as to what form the questions are likely to take? I've been busy memorising the code of ethics etc, and also thinking of examples from my past that "cover" the various "codes", but if anyone has any idea as to how they're likely to "test" me on this, I'd be hugely appreciative. Secondly, I haven't heard anything about doing any written tests etc so far. I know that I will have to submit a medical questionnaire and vetting form, upon successfully passing the interview. Can anyone offer any insight as to what comes next after these? Thanks everybody, Jay.
  3. Hi all, I recently applied to Hampshire constabulary and passed the first day assessment, but due to a review of their specials recruitment I won't be able proceed any further until the second half of next year. As I live in the very north east of Hampshire I was wondering about applying to Thames Valley constabulary. I'm pretty close to Reading. What is the recruitment situation like currently? Are there any issues with applying to two forces at the same time?
  4. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else has applied for BTP Specials in Scotland? Applications are open until 5th December. Any people who have been through the application process; could you spare any advice regarding the tests and interview that will come up should I pass the application stage? Cheers ML
  5. New training program?

    Please see the like: http://www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/our-people/recruitment/special-constables/training-preference/ (Training preference We are currently developing an open learning package which will allow students to undertake the academic aspect of their training at home. This option could include e-books, web-based seminars and various other methods of learning at a time and place convenient to you. This will reduce the number of training weekends in Exeter, making joining the Special Constabulary available to people who previously could not commit to the conventional weekend classroom programme. Some benefits could include: Learn at a time that suits you Reduce travelling times to training facilities Learn in the most comfortable environment for you With this in mind please can you answer the following questions within the linked survey. Please answer honestly, this survey is anonymous and the information is being used to develop the most accessible learning package for as many people as possible. Webpage links Special Constabulary Training Survey) What are your thoughts?? I think that you can not replace a person and their experiences as a trainer in a classroom and be able to learn to the same standards at home with a gadget and all of the distractions??
  6. This might sound ridiculous, and apologies if it's been asked already, but I have no idea what to wear to my interview, which is in 10 days. I've been studying loads for the interview and I'm quite comfortable with the content, but I can't decide what to wear. I don't know if a dress and jacket looks smarter than trousers, top and a jacket, and I want to make a good impression. Ladies - what did you wear to your interview(s)?
  7. Hello, I had a conversation today with I believe HR and the lady said that for the Specials they don't do an Assessment Centre. Is anyone able to confirm? I am at the JST stage of my application. Sorry if I am not meant to be on here yet! Thanks
  8. Failed assessment centre

    So I failed my assessment centre with West Mercia police which is quite upsetting, but whats bothered me more is that I passed on all the things I thought I hadn't done very well on. I actually passed the overall mark too with more than 60%. I failed because I failed to achieve 50% on working with others, I got 44% on that, which apparently means I fail. Is it a requirement in all forces ACs to achieve 50% in working with others?
  9. Specials recruitment event

    Just out of curiosity, is anyone on here going to any of the specials recruitment events this month? I myself am going to the one at Netley on the 13th. Would be good to know if anyone from here is going?
  10. Question about vetting & Credit History

    Hi All, I'm planning to apply to join as a special soon (Met). But I a bit worried about the financial side of vetting. I tried checking my credit history on Noddle, and it seems that it can't find anything. My colleague said that it could be because I'm not on the electoral roll. I'm not a British citizen, I'm here on a indefinite leave to remain, therefore, I can't join the electoral roll. I don't have a criminal record. Neither most of my family, except for a cousin (which I do not have any contact) that was arrested but not charged. I live with my mother and step-dad, so, I don't really have anything on my name. My phone is on a monthly rolling contract. I don't have a student loan, because decided not to go to university, and work instead, due to the area that I'm interested in working, and a work opportunity that I've had. (I'm a intern in the I.T department of a multinational law firm) Could I fail vetting for not having a credit history? What could I do, to try build my credit history before I apply? Many thanks!
  11. Health background check

    Hello Everyone I would just like to ask, does one's Health background penalize their 'specials application' I mean I get bad hayfever, in summer and I take antihistamines, but recently I been having headaches and my GP sent me to have a MRI brain Scan I was just wondering will that show up on health check and if so will my 'specials' application get cancelled? PS Does anyone know any officers that got with an early stage 1 cancer/tumour? can you be a police officer with cancer? Thanks Tru
  12. Question about Credit History

    Hello Everyone I would just like to ask, how does one find out there own credit rating and can a spouse's CCJs and high debts affect someone application for specials. Thanks Tru
  13. Fitness Training Plans

    With application hopefully coming for me in the new year I keep thinking about needing to go to the gym. I have had a gym membership for a long time now, used to go a fair bit, but stopped when I came back from a holiday (I just got too used to laying by the pool ). I have never been very good with sticking to any kind of work out routines, but I'm thinking I should probably start getting prepared for the police fitness test. Im not an unfit person at all, and I am pretty sure i shouldn't have any problems with the test. But building your self up a bit and keeping yourself fit always sounds like a good idea. So has anyone got any suggestions or work outs/plans? What you did/ are doing to prepare? Also I couldn't decide where to put this topic, so i took a guess! Please move if I'm wrong
  14. Hi all, I've recently had confirmation of my training (Jan 2015) and posting (Camden), so that's all good, excited blah blah blah. My problem comes in that it has now come to references, and my employer is not going to reply to said reference request until I get some answers to their concerns. I reckon I'm more likely to get a, timely, real world answer here than anywhere else. Injury. My employer is unkeen to [let me]take the risk of putting myself further into harms way, in that I'm more likely to be injured being a special in my free time, than say, walking around London. If I am injured as part of my work as a Special, they would be left without a key member of staff until I'm fit to return to work. - Whilst I know there is no simple 'answer' to this, and I've tried to point out that everyone takes risks in their personal time (getting on a plane, getting in a car, playing football, climbing a mountain), this being of a similar ilk. - Can anyone think of anything direction for me to investigate / argue, any suggestions short of "everyone takes managed risks, get over it" would be greatly appreciated. Time off. From what I've read the likelihood of time off being required in normal office hours is pretty minimal, but not impossible (the examples I've read are "####, there's a war on", and "being required to be present in court". I have tried to emphasize that this is unlikely, and either way won't just creep up on us so can be worked into hours. - There is talk of flexibility, asin I work extra hours pre-emptively to effectively bank them into a lieu folder, which would give me scope for this. This would give the potential to do the odd daytime shift too, which I guess would be good and give a better mix. - Again, any thoughts of similar arrangements or suggestions would be welcome. EPS I am going to go for my HR meeting armed with some info on this, but figure that given the current argu discussion is about being able to do this in my free time, I'm not sure I'm likely to get anything above that. - Again, any thoughts or suggestions welcome. Sorry that's so waffly. It already seems that MPS HR function is overburdened and getting this assistance from them may not be easy! Thanks for any input any of you are able to give. Stef.
  15. Family members

    I'm planning to apply as a special when Hampshire open up, but I have just had a thought about vetting. I live with my mum and my step dad, and it's been that way for about 13 years. I haven't seen my biological dad for about 11-12 years, I have had no contact with him my self, and the only thing we have had to do with him in that time was that he was paying child maintenance, but any contact was through csa. I assume he has never had any trouble with the police, however if he has would this affect my application, or as I have nothing to do with him will it be okay? Thanks ?
  16. I've picked up a rumour that we are to have this same training program for SC as our friendly neighbours who quite freely advertise on their website about the new program Please see the like: http://www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/our-people/recruitment/special-constables/training-preference/ (Training preference We are currently developing an open learning package which will allow students to undertake the academic aspect of their training at home. This option could include e-books, web-based seminars and various other methods of learning at a time and place convenient to you. This will reduce the number of training weekends in Exeter, making joining the Special Constabulary available to people who previously could not commit to the conventional weekend classroom programme. Some benefits could include: Learn at a time that suits you Reduce travelling times to training facilities Learn in the most comfortable environment for you With this in mind please can you answer the following questions within the linked survey. Please answer honestly, this survey is anonymous and the information is being used to develop the most accessible learning package for as many people as possible. Webpage links Special Constabulary Training Survey) What are your thoughts?? I think that you can not replace a person and their experiences as a trainer in a classroom and be able to learn to the same standards at home with a gadget and all of the distractions?? Is it just another way of saving money but without saying it, or do they really think that this could all of a sudden work??? I don't know about you but I'd love to see some of the survey results!
  17. When I started the specials recruitment process I tried to look up a rough timescale, but could not find one anywhere. This is obviously due to individual force's, the individuals that are applying and their personal circumstances. Below is my timeline, it seems to have gone smoothly so hopefully this is an average timeline. Application form completed – mid/End of May First correspondence back to offer dates for assessment day (taken as a woohoo!) - end of June. Assessment day (Interview, Situational Judgement and Written) – mid July. Vetting Personal - End of July. Vetting Financial - End of July. Doctor’s report and eye test – end of July. Substance Misuse – Mid August. Biometric testing – Mid August. Police Medical – Mid October. Offer as a special – Start of Nov. Training starts – End of Nov. Attestation planned for – March 2015! Hope this helps anyone going through the process Woody
  18. bad reference problem

    * I was a member of the old specials forum and posted this I just want to gather some information and help * hello everybody, new to forum Could I ask your help? I am trying to join specials but one of my references is not any good owing to a job I had in 2012 for six months were I got really bullied, picked on and had no friends the manager would do nothing (I am very smart, but just a little slow, takes me more time to learn things because I am dyslexic, but I am very smart) it was so bad that I took alot of sickness 21 days worth because the bullying was really bad then I resigned.the manager said to me that he would not do me a reference because I had worked their too briefly anyway I applied for another job in the same field later that year and the manager from my former job gave me a horrible reference saying my performance was bad, I was late and always sick and he would not reccommend me for employment, I was so upset, I told the lady at HR what happened at my old employment, the HR dept still approved me based on my other good reference and I got the job I get no bullying and everyone is cool, I made friends, no complaint or HR issues but I would like to do more with myself and help the community, I know that this manager is going to give me a nasty reference again (it was from almost two years ago and things have changed in my life) but I just would like to know would I still stand a chance in becoming a special? thanks Tru
  19. Asthma

    Anyone got any experience of applying with asthma?
  20. hey guys I have my fitness and medical on the 13th of December, I have the fitness part at worle school, then if I pass have to travel to portishead for the medical straight away, Of which they give us the forms already for the docters to fill so we can take with us on the day. At the interview they said they was trying to get us through it as they was a little short on the January training corse, any idea of when the next one after that starts? As I don't think I'll be passing the vetting within a couple weeks! ??
  21. Hey all! I'm from PS, my old user was Late3. Thought I'd join the new community. I got a question, today has been pretty good for me, I got accepted for a job, got an assessment and got an interview. But I have a problem. The job I've been accepted for is security as a door supervisor. And I have an assessment coming up for special. My question is can I still work in security until I have passed my assessment? Please read that carefully. I know I CANNOT work in the police and security. But can I work until I find out if I pass the assessment. - Daniel
  22. Hello, I was sent the A&S specials application form today and I'm a little confused on "Section 2 About your Employment". It asks me to account for any employment gaps but there's no room to do so - Should I just include an additional piece of paper? Thanks.
  23. Dyfed-Powys Police Special Constabulary Contents: Application ProcessTrainingRank StructureFrequently Asked QuestionsOther1. Application Process To become a Special Constable within Dyfed-Powys Police, an applicant can find the application forms and other information on the Dyfed-Powys Police website. The forms etc are also listed here: Becoming A Special Constable BrochureSpecial Constable Application FormEqual Opportunities and Diversity Monitoring FormSpecial Constable Vetting Check FormSpecial Constable Fitness Test Information Once these forms have been read, completed and submitted, they are marked by the Special Constabulary Co-Ordinator, and the post holder will then contact the applicant via letter, to inform them whether they have passed the paper sift or now. If you have been successful in passing the paper sift, you will in due course receive a date for an Assessment Centre. The Assessment Centre (AC), consists of: Police Initial Recruitment Test (PIRT) which is split into 4 sections.Verbal UsageInformation CheckingNumeric ReasoningLogical ReasoningPanel Interview - The interviewers are a mixture of serving and senior Special Constables, Trainers, and HR, and the questions are based upon the Police Professional Framework. More information can be found here on the Skills For Justice website. After successful completion of the Assessment Centre, applicants are invited for a Fitness Test and Medical Examination; fitness information has been posted above. Vetting and security checks are carried out throughout the process, and an in-depth form is provided to gather details in regards to family members, previous addresses etc. 2. Training Training has changed over the years; it has previously been 6 weekends, then 8 weekends. Recently in a restructuring of the Special Constabulary; the training was extended over 14 training weekends over 6 months and covers your basic law input, common offences, Pocket Notebook Rules, First Aid, Officer Safety Training and using AIRWAVE radios as well as a diversity input. 3. Rank Structure Dyfed-Powys Police service, through late 2010 and early 2011 re-structured its Special Constabulary; The Special Constabulary is the part-time volunteer section. Its officers are known as Special Constables (all hold the office of Constable no matter what their rank) or informally as Specials. It has become known to many organisations as well as the police that volunteers are best managed by volunteers, so this new command and rank structure has been designed with that in mind, to boost the effectiveness of the Special Constabulary. With this re-structuring, there have been many new appointments, these include the following: Special Constabulary Lead - SuperintendentSpecial Constabulary Co-Ordinator and then we go on to the Specials themselves:Special Constabulary, Chief OfficerSpecial Constabulary, Inspectors; x4 Inspectors, one per Basic Command Unit (BCU)Special Constabulary, Sergeants; formerly Section Officers With this restructuring, Dyfed-Powys Police is the first Police service in Wales to adopt the former National Policing Improvement Agencies (NPIA) National Standard for the Special Constabulary. 4. Frequently Asked Questions Am I eligible to join the Special Constabulary?What powers will I have?What duties can I perform?How much time am I expected to commit?Do I get paid?How long does the application process take?How fit should I be?Are there any occupations a Special Constable cannot hold?What if I got into trouble in my past?How much time is a Special Constable expected to commit?Is this a stepping stone to the Regular Police?Do I need to inform my employer?Do you take my Fingerprints?If I want to apply, what should I do next?What if I want to help, but not as a Special Constable?Am I eligible to join the Special Constabulary? In order to become a Special Constable you must: Be a British or Commonwealth citizenBe aged between 18½ and 55Enjoy good health and have good vision. The wearing of spectacles or contact lenses is permitted.Be of good characterWhat powers will I have? Special Constables have all the legal powers of their regular counterparts when on and off duty and, as of 1 April 2007, can use their powers throughout England and Wales. Prior to this date, Special Constables' powers were restricted to within their force areas and neighbouring forces only. What duties can I perform? The duties Specials are asked to perform are many and varied. Examples are: Foot patrol with a Community Beat Officer.Crowd and traffic control at local events.General response patrols with Regular Officers.In fact Special Constables participate in most areas of policingHow much time am I expected to commit? As a Special Constable in Dyfed Powys, you are asked to commit a minimum of sixteen hours per month and attend a monthly training session. Do I get paid? Special Constables do not get paid. However, out of pocket expenses are paid. Uniform and equipment are provided free, except for footwear for which a small 'Boot Allowance' is paid annually. How long does the application process take? We aim to process applications as quickly and efficiently as possible and will keep applicants informed at all stages of the process. What qualifications should I have? You do not require qualifications to become a Special Constable or a Police Officer. However you will be asked to sit a Police Initial Recruitment Test (PIRT) as part of the recruitment process for the Special Constabulary. Further information will be provided about the test when you request an application form. The main areas tested in the PIRT are: The ability to spell words and construct sentences correctly.The ability to check information quickly and correctly.The ability to solve numerical problems accurately.The ability to reason logically when given facts about events.How fit should I be? You should be reasonably fit, as a fitness test forms part of the recruitment process. Further information will be provided in recruitment pack. Are there any occupations a Special Constable cannot hold? As Special Constables possess the powers and privileges of a regular Constable, it is necessary to minimise the risk that they may be pressed to abuse their powers whilst off duty. The Home Office has identified a number of occupations where there may be a conflict of interest with the role of Special Constables. In view of this, applicants who are employed in these capacities would not be eligible for appointment to the Special Constabulary. A full list is available upon request by telephoning our recruitment team on 01267 226294. A list of Restricted Occupations list Revised by the NPIA in 2011 What if I got into trouble in my past? A conviction or caution is not an automatic eliminator. Disclose all details, including mitigations and each case will be considered on merit. Is this a stepping stone to the Regular Police? The majority stay in the Special Constabulary to give many years of valuable service to the community. Some Special Constables find that they enjoy policing and go on to become regular, full-time Police Officers. The training and experience from being a Special Constable will stand you in good stead both in preparing your application and at the interview. Do I need to inform my employer? All Special Constables are advised to inform their employers of their appointment and the hours they are likely to perform each week so as to satisfy certain requirements under the Working Time Regulations (WTR). You may occasionally have to attend court as a witness during your working hours. If this occurs you would receive prior notice and would be able to claim for any loss of earnings, which resulted. Do you take my Fingerprints? All appointees to the Special Constabulary are required to have their fingerprints taken. These will be retained on file for elimination purposes only and will be destroyed when a Special Constable leaves the Force. If a Special Constable is successful in an application to join the regular force, this information may be transferred. If I want to apply, what should I do next? An application form can be obtained by ringing the Recruitment & Selection 24hr answerphone on 01267 226165, quoting the following reference number 323/WEB or alternatively you can e-mail Specials Recruitment stating your full name, address and date of birth. What if I want to help, but not as a Special Constable? Dyfed Powys Police are also looking for Civilian Volunteers. We give individuals the opportunity to use their skills, experience and local knowledge to make a positive contribution in their community by supporting our work. 5. Other Dyfed-Powys Police SC related videos:
  24. Allergies

    I've got a buddy looking at joining the specials. He has a peanut allergy and has to carry those epipens. I've told him I think he will be fine, but I have advised him to contact occupational health to check. So long as he made the shift sergeant aware, carried his pens, and did his usual stuff of checking the ingredients on food etc, I can't see what issue there would be. What are your opinions? Do you know of officers who have allergies and have had to carry epipens whilst on duty?

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