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Found 50 results

  1. Simon Macartney was employed by South East Ambulance NHS Trust as Driving Standards Manager and was responsible for the driving standards of Ambulance drivers who attend 999 calls. https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/man-who-lied-qualifications-job-14449837
  2. A Special Constable who is awaiting sentencing for a string of serious criminal offences has been dismissed without notice. Met Police News This is Local London News
  3. Cori

    Special Constable Assessment

    Hello, before applying to The Met as a Special, I would like to gather all possible information about the assessment process. There is a lot of different information out there, which are raising more questions than answers. As mentioned my force of choice is The Met as I’m aware the assessment process is not standardised across the UK. I have tried to contact The Met a few times directly, but got no answer. I have bought books, but they seem to be for ‘normal’ PCs. I wonder if the tests are identical or does it differ for Specials. I would like to prepare myself as good as possible, therefore I really appreciate any answers by anyone who went through the process specifically with The Met lately. What are the tests to take on Day 1? Are there roll-plays for Specials, if so, how many? Thanks a lot for your help! Cori
  4. trigger8392

    Written Exam Special Constable Met Police

    Hi Guys, Can anyone guide me as to what written exams I will face, for the the written exam for a Special Constable for the Met Police ? Many Thanks Simon
  5. I'm unsure where this post would fit best, so please move it as you see fit, Moderation Team. This question I am sure has come up time and time again, however I have been recently asked this by a friend of a relative who is a serving Special in a shire force in the South - and I'm completely confused myself so cannot answer! With regard to 'Travel Concessions' which most police officers get (subject to a nominal fee via the Fed on a monthly basis), why is this specifically excluded for Specials? I understand the legislative part surrounding joining the Fed (although only just!), however I am told the Fed extend olive branches have come to 'understanding of representation' extending to Specials without fee, also extending to those not in company of a regular officer. I asked them to check with their respective Force and their policy. The question was asked and they were told you have to be a 'police officer' to qualify and it was an agreement with their local rail operators. After various Google searches, some rail operators and the TfL does indeed say 'Police Officer' - with some then going on to say "except Special Constables". I understand there is a fee payable and there was once an argument about Specials not wanting to pay the fee (?) so they couldn't join officially - however what if this individual does want to join for full membership, and have the travel concession? I guess, most importantly, when is a Special Constable a Police Officer, and when are they not a Police Officer? Surely it would be easier to say 'Police Constables' only, rather than the exclusion.
  6. MSC to PC application process is now open - 03 April 2017 (IPS) confirmed by August 2017 to be eligible to apply. The deadline is Tuesday, 18th April at 16.00hrs. Good luck to all.
  7. This is the current uniform issued to Special Constables in A&S. If this changes, please leave a comment and I will update the list. Likewise, if someone can provide me with a list of uniform issued to regulars then I will update this original post. At the start of training you will be issued with: x2 White Shirts (long or short sleeve) x2 Black Trousers x1 Police Fleece x1 High-Vis Coat x1 High-Vis Tabbard x1 High-Vis Trousers x1 Pair of Leather Gloves x1 Custodian and x1 Patrol Cap (Male) x1 Bowler Hat (Female) x2 Sets of Epaulettes x2 Sets of Collar Number Slides x1 Clip-On Black Tie x1 Trosuer Belt x1 A&S PNB Cover x1 LED Lenser Torch in pouch x1 Duty Belt with the below pouches: BatonCS SprayHandcuffsSmall Medical PouchLarger Document PouchDuring training, you will be issued with: x1 Stab Vest x1 21" ASP Baton x1 Handcuffs with key x1 Radio Case x1 Radio Earpiece (G Shape) x1 Set of Limb Restraints in a pouch x1 Resuscitation Shield Boot allowance is £75. You are expected to have all kit avaliable to you for each module.
  8. Hello Folks, i recently went through the WYP recruitment process but sadly was unsuccessful at the final interview phase as you can imagine im devastated. I was wondering what are my best options now? I got into the specials with WYP and training begins in February is my best option to stick with it and try and join "internally" if so what happens when you join internally? I have also read up on people transferring there A/C scores to other forces? I suppose im just looking for some advice on what to do? Id be so grateful for some comments. Thank you.
  9. Hi guys, so I thought I'd move over the thread I created originally on PS.com and bring it over here, enjoy! CKP in general: Information taken from College of Policing website. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CKP regarding Metropolitan Police: Do I need CKP to join as a Police Constable with the Metropolitan Police? Yes, if you want to become a Police Constable with us then yes, you will need CKP with one of the approved providers that can be found through the College of Policing website. You will need to have COMPLETED the KFC course prior to starting training. Will the CKP guarantee me a job as a Police Constable with the Metropolitan Police? No. You will still need to pass Day 1, Day 2, Vetting/References AND Training. Remember CKP does not guarantee you a job, it just makes you eligible to start training. Do I need CKP to join as a Police Constable if I am a Special Constable with the Metropolitan Police? Nope, you don't need CKP if you are in the Metropolitan Special Constabulary to join as a Police Constable with the Metropolitan Police. I am a Special Constable with another force, do I need the CKP to join as a Police Constable in the Metropolitan Police? Yes. This is because if you are with another force you are deemed as an external candidate. There are no rumours or any news of this changing any time soon and I think this will probably stick. Will the Metropolitan Police be getting rid of the CKP? Not for the foreseeable future. If you have heard rumours, please for god sake ignore them. If anything official is released I'm sure it will be on the Metropolitan Police website and here. Will the Metropolitan Police providing funding for the CKP? I believe if you are a successful candidate in passing the SEARCH assessments then the funding comes in the form of an interest free loan, paid back from your wage once you're in service. However, confirm this with MetHR as there could be certain requirements and/or the information could have changed. I have already attained a SEARCH assessment pass in the last 2 years, do I still need the CKP? Oh yes. I have attained the PLC in the last 3-4 years, do I still need to do the CKP? As it stands, and as far as I'm aware you will not have to do the CKP - but like most things, I would confirm this with MetHR. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are all the questions I could think of. If you have any more questions, please ask below. If anyone thinks I am missing any information or any information is incorrect please add below and I will add or correct . As it stands, this is a thread for External Met PC applicants. Hope this helps! Useful links: College of Policing Metropolitan Police Careers Bluelight Other approved providers
  10. mastermind21970

    Blue Light Use Off Duty

    Hi all After numerous debates with both other regulars and specials at the nick, no one seems to know the actual legislation with regard to blue lights off duty. Attesting as a police officer both in regular and special constable capacity, enables you to step in if you feel comfortable off duty, become a reliable witness etc. Basically going back to the "if you have your warrant card on you, you are never theortically off duty." So far I have been a special for 9 months and stepped in three off duty events. 2 of which were dealt with myself, and were resolved quickly. The third was a large punch up, where I watched and called it in, then assisted when other officers arrived. I am aware only a constable in uniform has the power to stop any vehicle, and all the different driving levels. But similarly, if you bought those blue flashing LEDs offline and from some car retail outlets what is the legislation surrounding these? If they are being used by an off duty special/ regular? For example, not to use them to speed or chase, but merely use them to pull people over who are driving in a completely stupid and eratic manner. Then present your warrant card and warn them to stop driving like idiots and call it in if the situation becomes worse. Being a level 4 driver enables you to do just this, but not pursue in a chase or speed through red lights etc. But you are still able to activate blues to pull a car with a level 4. So being Level 4, and as no one else seems to know the actual rules with this other than civilians arent allowed too. Any input people?
  11. I may be taken for granted, but there's nothing like being a special constable I’ve been a volunteer cop for more than 20 years, often without thanks from the public or regular officers – but I get a real kick out of making a difference... http://www.theguardian.com/public-leaders-network/2016/feb/27/special-constable-volunteer-police-officer A good little read from an anonymous SC I stumbled across today. I think a lot of the words will resonate with many of us who give up our time. Hopefully the writer is with us here!
  12. Newcastle Falcons' Rob Hawkins becomes special constable 20 November 2015 From the sectionTyne & Wear Image copyrightNorthumbria Police Image captionRob Hawkins is a hooker for the Newcastle Falcons A professional rugby player will try to tackle crime in his new role as a special constable. Newcastle Falcons player Rob Hawkins has completed his first shift as a volunteer officer for Northumbria Police. The 32-year-old hooker, who previously played for Bath and Leicester Tigers, said he is considering a career in the force when he retires from rugby. Northumbria Police said they hope he will inspire others to volunteer. Ch Insp Sarah Pitt, said: "We're really pleased that Rob has joined us as a special constable and we hope it encourages other people to think about getting involved. "Our volunteers are a vital link between us and the communities we serve and we welcome the different skills they bring from their own professions." Stats of a special constable Rob Hawkins in numbers 85 Appearances for Bath Rugby, Leicester Tigers and Newcastle Falcons 5ft 11 in (1.8m) tall 15.7 stone (100kg) weight 32 Years old 2 Trophies won, the Aviva Premiership in 2011 and LV= Cup in 2012 Source: ESPN Getty Images SC Hawkins said: "I'm probably in my twilight years with my rugby career, so I'm starting to think heavily about the transition into the real world and I've always been interested in the police. "Whilst I've got the opportunity to give it a whirl as a volunteer I decided to try it. "I've played in front of 80,000 people before but I don't think I was as nervous then as I was starting my first shift. "I've been getting a bit of a ribbing. I'm not looking forward to seeing a few of the boys in town when they've had a couple of jars as I'm sure they will probably try to steal my hat and other pranks, but I've told them they'll be in trouble." Image copyrightGetty Images Image caption Rob Hawkins previously played for Bath and the Leicester Tigers before joining the Newcastle Falcons in 2014 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-34878360
  13. POL_SC

    SC recruitment

    Hi As there is not much happening here (in Beds section), I have decided to start new topic. I have my assessment for SC role on 17th July, morning session. Anyone else?
  14. We are pleased to announce that we are currently recruiting for Special Constables to work at locations across the Force area. Follow the links below to find out more about becoming a Special Constable with West Yorkshire Police. New : Are you a Student? Could you join us and #BeSpecial? Find out more here. Special Constable - Blog http://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/bespecial
  15. https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/13611/New-opportunities-for-ocal-people-to-become-Special-Constables
  16. Otee

    Shortest Tour of Duty

    The following recollection is purely approximate and occurred several weeks ago. Facts and certain details may be altered or omitted due to memory constraints and data protection. The following what I did on duty post is short and unique to a situation about an off-duty intervention. Rank: Special Constable Length of Service: 1.5 years Type of Shift: Unplanned Location: Merseyside Police 1240 Booked off-duty after completing a module for the PNC from my training centre. It was a hot summers day and I was driving my personal vehicle back home. Visibility was great and I had my windows down with soft music to complement a rare weather event. 1250 No more than ten minutes into my drive, in the far distance I caught a mobile patrol van blocking the opposite oncoming lane of the road with blue lights on. Traffic was light and on a semi-residential street with two-lanes in each direction; the nearside lane was blocked on each side by parked vehicles. Focusing on a distant object, I can sort of make out the infamous body armour and white shirt of a police officer, sprinting. I slow down on the brakes, checking my rear mirrors before doing so and analyse the situation. It was clear now, an officer was pursuing a male who was running in the middle of the road. At this time there were no vehicles on the road apart from the police van and my vehicle. I flipped the hazards on and It didn't take long before the foot pursuit of the suspect was within a 200 meters. At this point made a decision to decamp and assist but before doing so I did contemplate using my vehicle to block the path of the running suspect. This was not within my powers and policy to take this action after dynamically risk assessment based on the NDM. I quickly turned off the engine and decamped to assist, not forgetting my keys. My adrenaline was in full-release mode and I started sprinting towards the suspect shouting "OFF-DUTY POLICE OFFICER. STOP NOW!" The uniformed officer was about 15 meters behind the male and as I closed in on the male after yelling my warning, head on in the middle of the road, I went in for a tackle. I grappled onto his rucksack, which slipped away unfortunately and began to spring after him. Without any kit or body armour to slow me down, I felt like Usain Bolt. A second grapple was successful and I tripped the male to the asphalt onto his back. Screaming like a maniac, ordering him to stop resisting and face the floor. At this point he was reaching for something in his waistband. Before he could get anything, the officer decided to do a rugby dive and saddle his back like a horse and the both of us restrained him. He was subsequently handcuffed to the rear and after a brief conversation between the both of them, I gathered that the male fled after being detained section 1 PACE search. The officer continued with GOWISEL(Y) and a PCSO came running over out of breath and started to record details on their PNB. Forgetful me, forgot to show my warrant card and informed everyone that I was a police officer. I noted the time down on my wrist with a pen and the collar number of those present. The search ended with a lock-knife being discovered in his waist-band (yes the one he was reaching for), several ID documents, credit cards and about £700 in cash. He was arrested for possession of an offensive weapon and suspicion of possession of articles used for fraud (s4 fraud act). 1330 Trip to custody involving a lengthy MG11, use of force statement and a full PNB entry. Shortly followed by a phone-call to the duty special supervision to inform them of my actions and emailing my supervision briefly explaining circumstances. Couple weeks later, I was invited to a meeting with my supervision. Discussed at length not to obstruct public roads with my vehicle according to my MG11 and not to intervene unnecessarily whilst off-duty due to threat to police officers.
  17. Hi all, If it's alright with the mods, I'd like to leave a link to my blog post here as it'll probably be more easily found by those who it'll be helpful to. I am an interviewer for SC assessment days in my force and have written a substantial blog post about a few common issues and some do's & dont's which lead to people failing their interviews. Anyone who is applying or thinking about it, please feel free to have a read, you may find it helpful. Please also read the top introductory section of the blog, I am an interviewer for SCs in one force and as such what I say may more, less or even not at all helpful as things differ around the country. Anyway, hopefully some of you will make use of it. Any general questions about interviews feel free to leave a comment on the blog or PM me. Thanks HPE
  18. Special Constable Martin White joined in 2009 and volunteers around 60 hours a month for the force. In this blog post he tells us about an eventful day on duty shortly after becoming independent… Before I joined the Specials I thought that they did little more than police village fetes. How wrong I was! Today I start duty at 5:30am with another Special. He is 19 and I’m 60 but we get on well. It’s an early start as we are aiming to arrest someone who’s wanted under a court warrant. At 6.30am we arrive at the address of our man. He has moved but we are given a phone number and call him to ask him to come to the police station. To our surprise he agrees so we head back to the station to be there when he arrives. 15 minutes later we’re despatched to deal with an injured, and very angry, swan causing traffic mayhem at rush hour. We shoo it behind a fence to await someone from the swan sanctuary to collect it. While we’re waiting we get a call to say that our chap turned up at the police station and was arrested. At 9 am we arrive back at the station for a CID briefing. We are required at the execution of drugs warrants at two properties, and an hour later we’re at the locations. One had been used as a factory but was abandoned, leaving just the remnants behind. But at the other, we find Class A drugs and the occupant is arrested. We head back to the station to book in our evidence and type up our statements. Off then to grab some food and take it back to the station to eat while I continue my paperwork. But I’ve only had one bite when a call comes in – there’s a hostage situation in town and the firearms units are despatched. I drop the food and off we go. We arrive seconds after a regular officer, who is talking to a chap with a knife at the entrance to a building. The force control room calls me to give an assessment of the location and situation over the radio so I can prepare the firearms officers before they arrive. Fortunately the regular officer manages to talk the hostage taker into a position where an arrest can take place. On the way back to the station we see someone who we suspect is wanted for a serious crime. He runs but we catch up with him and although it turns out he is no longer wanted, he smells strongly of cannabis. Before I can search him, he puts his hand into his pants, pulls out a couple of deal bags and slaps them into my hand! He gets cautioned. Finally we head back to the station for more statements and to clock off. I throw away my uneaten lunch and go home for dinner after 13 hours of duty. What a day! Being part of a hostage situation was the last thing I expected when I turned up for duty. Not every day is this action packed, but the beauty of being a Special is that you really have no idea what is going to happen when you arrive in the morning, and doing this as a volunteer makes it all the more rewarding. To find out more about becoming a Special Constable, come along to one of our information evenings. Find out about our information evenings. Source
  19. For some obscure reason I cannot start a new topic so I thought I'd mention it here. Good news for Met, BTP, and CoLP Specials. Boris has announced a £150 Council Tax "cut" for London's Specials. I can't post the link or story for some reason so have a look on the Mayor Watch website or a simple search on Google for Special Constabulary in "News". Edit to add: Also a lot more details on the London.gov.uk website in News. Looks like it can be backdated 3 years!!!!
  20. Hades

    Current Recruitment

    Surrey is currently accepting Detective Constables and Police Constables as transferees. DCs must be PIP2 accredited. PCs must be Response trained drivers. Surrey officers are eligible for a £2000 South-East Regional Allowance on top of basic salary. Closing date is 7th November 2014. They're also accepting applications for Special Constables, intake dates yet to be confirmed. Apply online here: http://www.surrey.police.uk/careers/current-vacancies
  21. Hotel Juliet

    MSC Camden Borough

    Greetings to you all.I've recently applied to become a Special (again) after dropping out of training before it had commenced. So, having applied and selecting Camden as my first choice and Islington as my second, I was wondering if any of you guys are based there or are in the same position as me in terms of wanting to work there.If so, how are both boroughs on day-to-day basis? I'm presuming both boroughs have some sort of night life, and yeah, North London's biggest stadium right beside them, so there will be some sort of excitement on many days of the year without a doubt. And also, how long did it take you any of you guys to receive some sort of confirmation after submitting your applications?If any of you guys can give a bit more information than I know on both boroughs, I would be extremely grateful - thanks in advance.
  22. What it’s like policing London as a volunteer police officer? Special constables are volunteer police officers who play a pivotal role in the Met. Becoming one gives you the chance to work alongside regular police officers, bring skills and experiences from your day job and give something back to our great city. Based across each of the 32 London boroughs, Specials wear the same uniform and carry the same powers and responsibilities as regular police officers. Watch and listen to some of our Specials talk about their experiences and about what it’s like volunteering to police London. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer police officer? To find out more and apply online visit www.metpolicecareers.co.uk/specials
  23. So Hampshire Constabulary are now opening recruitment for more Special Constables this year! From the website it looks as though more details are to come around September time. http://www.hampshire.police.uk/internet/about-us/join-us/special-constabulary
  24. Chief Cheetah

    Looking for a job in a Police force?

    Looking for a job within the police? Any force or a specific one? What kind of job? Police? Staff? Special Constable? PCSO? To help you with your recruitment interests we now have a completely new area dedicated solely to the recruitment status of every force. We have listed all the forces in England, Scotland and Wales and each one shows the current position on recruitment. You can see at a glance if a specific force is actively recruiting for any of the four main roles, Police Constable, Special Constable, Police Staff or PCSO. Each force specific area has a link to that forces recruitment and latest vacancies pages. If you want to actively monitor a specific force (or many if you wish) you can click the 'Follow This' button in the top right of each individual page or for the whole of the recruitment area and this will give you notifications when something changes. If you see any incorrect entries or you have some alternative information then please do let a mod know and we will update it asap. If you wish to comment in the recruitment section for a force then please feel free to do so. Our new recruitment section can be found at the top of each page under 'Recruitment' or by clicking THIS LINK. Cheetah

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