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  1. Hi folks I've finally got my Transit course booked for MK in the coming months. It's been a while since my last response course so I wondered if anyone had the pre-start vehicle checklist somewhere? It starts with the "I'm aware of the layout and function of the controls of this vehicle" and ends with choosing a gear to drive off in. Also, as it's a 4 day course, can anyone shed some light on how they're structured? Thanks!
  2. Chris Warren

    Use of FPN for traffic

    In my Force, it seems the use of FPNs for traffic offences is largely limited to graduated FPNs for foreign drivers/rest period offences etc. Strikes me that they're a good alternative to TORs (resulting in points) for minor offences e.g. opening a car door dangerously, parking obstruction etc. Do other Forces use these for traffic offences? Am also not quite clear on "acceptance" of these by the MOP ie. I understand if they don't pay and want to go to court, but otherwise does "acceptance" simply mean they take receipt of the FPN (policy states they have to accept it). Obviously if
  3. Not a situation that I've come across, but seen this on the Ask the Police website. I have always thought that you would have to hold a UK Driving Licence in order to supervise a learner driver 😯 Does anyone know where this is stated in legislation?
  4. Call to review law after court ruling on driver who filmed crash scene on phone. Mobile phone use: Campaigners want an update to legislation Date - 1st August 2019 By - Nick Hudson - Police Oracle 3 Comments High Court judges who overturned a police prosecution of a man caught filming behind the wheel have said their decision is not a “green light” to use mobile phones while driving. Lawyers and safety campaigners called on the Government to review legislation following yesterday’s ruling. Builder Ramsey Barreto was convicte
  5. Jeebs

    Asylum seeker driving

    You stop a vehicle, which contains an asylum seeker. They produce a licence from their home country along with a UK provisional. They have been in the county since 2016 and were granted permanent residence in 2018. The vehicle is all in order. Is the asylum seeker/resident driving legally?
  6. Road to new legislation is far from smooth for campaigners The chaos that has engulfed Parliament amid Brexit may hinder the progress of eagerly awaited draft laws which would enhance legal protection for officers who pursue helmetless moped riders. The Police Federation for England and Wales (PFEW) cautiously welcomed the news last May that the Home Office was drafting legislation to ensure skilled police drivers are “protected”. PFEW was awaiting the results of the government’s consultation when it received the news there will no longer be time in the parliamentary diary
  7. Confusion over why money has not been spent after three years. One million pounds of government roads policing funding has been gathering dust for three years. Concerns were raised about what had happened to the money, approved in 2015, at a roads policing conference in January as “equipment only gets more expensive”. Delegates were later told the cash had been transferred to Surrey Police. A department for transport spokesman told Police Oracle there had been no delays in handing over the funding to the police and it had been transferred from Sussex to West Mercia P
  8. An interesting blog from WMP Traffic Unit about research they have completed on Killed or Serious Injury RTC involving cyclists and why they are now going to be prosecuting more drivers for 'due care and attention' offences https://trafficwmp.wordpress.com/2016/09/09/junction-malfunction-and-a-new-dawn/#comments
  9. XA84

    Advanced Driving

    Hey guys and girls, Just wondering whether officers can take their standard driving course or advanced drivers course if they have speeding penalty points? Thanks XA84
  10. A SWAN was taken into police custody (sort of) by officers last week after it was seen running along a busy motorway The bird was spotted near junction 10 of the A1(M) for the A507 at Stotfold last Wednesday (March 9) trying to take off by using the road as a runway – much to the surprise of drivers who had to swerve to avoid it. Full story
  11. Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-35472617 Clearly, there appears to be a gap here - the person(s) in charge (or probably more correctly; had possession) of the vehicle at the time of the incident should be held liable, but appears keeping quiet saves you from the more serious prosecution. Is it possible for a civil claim of damages to be made against those individuals who had possession of the vehicle at the time (if they are known)? i.e could it be argued that witholding the details of the driver on the day renders them liable?
  12. I saw this on Facebook (tyre pressures are always a fun topic on the camper van groups, especially when you drive a Japanese import): From 19/11/15: Mr X (names have been changed to protect the innocent...er... guilty) was fined £80, witha £20 victim surcharge, £100 costs, and three penalty points added to his licence. He had been foung guilty of using a vehicle with an underinflated tyre. and then this: A man has been given three points on his licence for having an illegal back tyre. Mr X (again) was found guilty of driving his car with an over-inflated back tyre at
  13. Eebs

    Roads policing specials

    I was wondering what specific training roads policing specials get if they're specifically attached to traffic in your force (if any), and if they have any requirements, ie certain hours. ive tried looking it up but there isn't much, and I cannot find the 'checklist' if you want to call it that, that they get when they join (like re-doing your safe and lawful checklist) apolgoises if if this made no sense, thanks
  14. Chewie

    Our remit...

    Don your white cap, wind your window down an inch, stroke your beard (they're pretty much compulsory on traffic, aren't they?), and tut disapprovingly as you post your RPU related question and comments... 
  15. TheFlomeister

    Blog: Drive to Arrive

    ‘Any available traffic unit for a likely to prove RTC?’ came the message over the radio. Likely to prove means someone is seriously hurt, and could lose their life in a road traffic collision (RTC). I activate my blue lights and sirens and make my way to the scene which could be anywhere in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, or Hertfordshire. What is involved? Who is hurt? Is it just one injury or are there more? What other units are available to support? Just a few of the many things that flash through my mind. Having fought my way through the traffic I arrive at scene and realise I am first here.
  16. Candles

    VIDEO - Lane Merge road rage

    The following video appears to show a road rage incident on the M58 approaching a closed lane... The comments seem to show a wide gap between views on what the rules are. I know what the rules are - interested to hear what others say on here!
  17. SC Plod

    Involvement in RTCs - Off Duty

    Hi everyone, I'm a new Special...loving it but still a lot to get to grips with! A friend of mine was involved in an RTC recently (no injuries, thankfully), where the driver of the second car was using his mobile phone when the collision happened. Afterwards, my friend said to me 'If only you'd been there with me!' which got me to thinking: If I was involved in, or came across, an RTC while I was off duty, and stopped to offer help before other emergency services arrived, and one of the other parties had been on their phone, or were evidently drunk, or I suspected they'd been committin
  18. I notice CMPG has been quite active recently seizing foreign registered vehicles which should be registered here. I understand most seizures have been on behalf of DVLA for no VED. My question is how are they doing this? How do they prove the vehicle has been in the country too long? Or is it a simple case of person A driving round in foreign vehicle but being obviously resident here (electoral roll, has permanent accommodation etc)? There are loads of foreign vehicles knocking around here, I'd be interested in what I could do about them.
  19. Luke

    Roads Policing Guide

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good traffic/roads policing manual or guide? Ive seen these two below http://www.amazon.co.uk/Blackstones-Police-Manual-Policing-Manuals/dp/0198719000/ref=sr_1_10?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1422918022&sr=1-10&keywords=blackstones+police+manuals+2015 and http://www.amazon.co.uk/Road-Traffic-Blackstones-Practical-Policing/dp/0199559759 The first seems to indicate it is ideal for those going for the OSPRE exams so not sure if it is more just practice questions for this? The second was published in 2009 so could po
  20. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/dramatic-rise-in-road-deaths-as-numbers-of-traffic-police-fall-10016058.html
  21. I have seen in other threads with regards to use of display of amber lights: (i)a road clearance vehicle; (ii)a vehicle constructed or adapted for the purpose of collecting refuse; (iii)a breakdown vehicle; (iv)a vehicle having a maximum speed not exceeding 25 mph or any trailer drawn by such a vehicle; (v)a vehicle having an overall width (including any load) exceeding 2.9 m; (vi)a vehicle used for the purposes of testing, maintaining, improving, cleansing or watering roads or for any purpose incidental to any such use; (vii)a vehicle used for the purpose of inspecting, cleansing, m
  22. Chief Rat

    Specials and Specialisms

    Here's one for you folks... How many Special Constables does it take to change a lightbulb.... Eh hang on wrong question With all of the austerity cuts that affect the servuce at the moment many departments have been reduced in size. I know our Roads Policing Unit has sustained a number of cuts with staff who have either retired , not replaced or alternatively moved back to district policing. To some degree not completely their places have been back filled by the use of Special Constables which in the case if my force is a new move towards further integration of regs and speci
  23. Theruffellator

    What do you carry in an FPN Holder?

    This may sound like a bit of an obvious question and before anyone says FPN's.... [emoji23] Which traffic related tickets do you guys keep in your FPN holder/paperwork folder?
  24. Special Steve

    Powerful videos on Youtube

    I'm attaching a link for one of a series of videos that have been produced by an organisation called Learn2live and published on you tube. They take the form of vox-pops where traffic officers or members of victims families talk straight to the camera about real incidents they've been involved with. I don't know what the background is but I recommend them as a training tool, especially for young drivers. Here's the first which covers an officer talking drink driving: Here's the second which talks about a FLO and dealing with the family: finally here's the third that dea
  25. Hi all, I've got to go to court next week in relation to someone I reported for driving without insurance. He's pleaded guilty but is claiming special reasons why he shouldn't be given the relevant penalty points (he's subject to New Drivers Act 1995) - I've been called as a prosecution witness, does anyone know what sort of stuff I'll be asked? Thanks very much, F&V

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