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Found 44 results

  1. Sierra_Bravo

    West Midlands Regs second intake ?

    I intend to apply for West Midlands Police Force for the Regs, could anyone tell me when the second intake is coming round... I thought it was around about now but i've had no email :/
  2. bongo

    Home visit

    Anybody able to give an insight into this for reg recruitment? Anything I need to prepare?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. LosingGrip

    Dorset Police Officer Recruitment

    Fifth of January 2015 PC recruitment opens again for Dorset. More information here. Good luck to those that apply!
  4. Heard lots of different things, what has everyone heard? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. AmIObligedtoAnswerThat


    Hello I have been on the forums (t'other place included) for just over a year now. I am 17 and am aiming to become an SC then hopefully a Police Constable. In September this year I was diagnosed with depression and prescribed antidepressants until January/February. I have asked my GP about it stopping me from joining and he said it wouldn't be an issue if I was not on them when I applied. I do have a question though; Would it prevent me from becoming an AFO or SFO (it isn't the only area of policing I would be interested in). I suspect it would be another hurdle to jump over in terms of interviews etc, that is totally justified and I am not moaning about it.
  6. Special Superman

    MDP Recruitment

    Hello Was wondering if anyone else on here is in the recruitment process for the MDP PC recruitment? where you're up to etc etc :)
  7. Hi all, I have just had an email confirming that my final interview for PC with West Mercia in a couple of weeks, does anyone on here have experience of the WMP final interview? what to expect or any tips on what they are expecting? Looking to do as much research as possible before this so any help is appreciated!! I am currently a PCSO with another force so have got a bit of job experience and competancy examples to put forward at the interview. Does anyone else have an interview coming up??
  8. Transferee Police Officers - Constables West Yorkshire Police, the fourth largest Force in the UK, is committed to delivering a world class policing service to the public of West Yorkshire making our communities safer and feeling safer. To deliver a world class policing service we are recruiting experienced police constables. Applications are welcomed from those officers with both a neighbourhood policing and detective background, especially officers with experience in the adult and child safeguarding environments. Officers will be required to serve anywhere within the Force area. You must have successfully completed your probationary period with your force prior to submitting your application. Applications are particularly welcomed from officers from a BME background, who are currently underrepresented at this rank. All appointments will be made on merit. Successful candidates will embody our purpose and values. The online application form may be accessed through the following link The online application form may be accessed through this link Closes 16/11/14
  9. shaunus89

    Met Day 1

    Ok so I totally screwed the maths exam. Will be lucky to get even 1% on that. Can someone clean this up for me, if you completely fail the maths, can you still pass or am I looking at another 6 month wait?
  10. Cali

    West Mercia Closing Date

    The closing date for applications has been announced. http://www.westmercia.police.uk/recruitment/joining-as-a-police-officer.html Friday 19th December 2014
  11. Hi everybody, I recently passed my day 1 with the MET. but due to a change in circumstances I'm considering transferring my application. Does anybody know the pass mark for the MET? I'd heard it was 65... I need to evidence is scored 55 for the force I'm looking into.
  12. Avon and Somerset currently looking for PC to transfer. https://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/about-us/recruitment/transferees Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hi everyone, I have my day 1 to become a regular in just over a week, I'm already a special. I just need a bit of advice regarding the interview. It says the interview will be based on the competencies, I'm just really wondering if our examples should be from being a special or just everyday life? And any helpful ways to layout/write my examples up, such as SOAP? Or if anyone has any other advice to help get through the day would be brilliant! Thank you!
  14. KnightRider_MC

    Local Interview Stage Advice / Tips?

    Hi all, Am currently about to undertake the local force interview stage of the regular police recruitment process. As this is after initial psychometric testing but before the National Assessment Centre - can anyone advise if this type of interview might be more geared towards local force knowledge than the 6 core policing competencies style answers? In my mind's eye, I think this could be a 'lets see whether you fit our force' type of interview - before they actually spend money on potentially putting me through the National Assessment Centre...but am not really sure what more I can do to ensure success at this stage? Any last minute tips / advice would be greatly appreciated!
  15. The BTP are once again recruiting for Student Officers. Closing Date: 14 Nov 2014 12:00 GMT Location: B Division, C Division View vacancy here Details:
  16. Sssnakepit

    2015 Police Officer intake

    Thought I would get an active thread for the 2015 intake. I've just submitted my application. Info here: http://www.cleveland.police.uk/careers/Police-Constable-Opportunities.aspx I believe it's open until 2000 applications are received. I think they are pushing for a September start date and a further May 2016 one if I remember rightly.
  17. http://ww2.policeoracle.com/jobs/moreinfo.cfm?jobnumber=9535 Job Title: Senior Police Constables Location: Falkland Islands Salary: £22,751 Start Date: T.B.A. An exciting opportunity has arisen with the Royal Falkland Islands Police (RFIP) for positive and dynamic Senior Police Constables with recent experience to join the team. These are fixed contracts for two years and RFIP would be keen to appoint as soon as possible As an RFIP Police Constable you will be expected to preserve the peace and prevent all offences against the person and properties of Her Majesty’s Subjects in the Falkland Islands by upholding the law fairly and firmly and do so with common sense, integrity and sound judgment. The successful candidate will: Hold a current, valid driving licence Have keen observational skills, an eye for details and a methodical and organised approach to work Recognise and report criminal offences and investigate offences as instructed by senior officers. Be sufficiently physically fit enough to meet the demands of the role Be able to cope effectively with unpleasant and distressing situations Be able to work both on their own initiative and as a member of a disciplined team Have strong communication skills, both written and verbal Possess good interpersonal skills and Hold a grade C or above in GCSE English and Maths (or equivalent) It would be desirable if the successful candidates had experience as a Police Use of Force Instructor and/or Firearms Instructor. In return for this unique opportunity there is a commencing salary of £22,751 per annum. In addition the post also carries with it a shift allowance of £162.21 per month, an annual on call allowance of £542 and an annual bank holiday payment of £1,437. Payment for over time worked is currently at 1.5 times normal hourly rate. The post also attracts an excellent set of benefits which includes eligibility for a 25% gratuity upon successful completion of contract, 30 days annual leave and a relocation package, all of which are set against a favourable tax regime. For an application pack please contact Melissa Rawlinson on 020 7222 2542 or email by clicking the apply via emailbutton below. For enquiries about the job contact Superintendent Len McGill on +500 28100 or email lmcgill@police.gov.fk Closing Date for applications: 3rd December 2014 Interviews: Location to be confirmed. Expected starting date: As soon as possible All applications should be sent to Falkland Islands Government Office, Falkland House, 14 Broadway, Westminster, London, SW1H 0BH. £26500 all in (after allowances), low tax and 25% gratuity after the 2 year contract is up (a nice little £5-6000 bonus....) to move back with... Closing date is this week, but as they are contracts, there is often someone finishing a contract. If you want more info, you can PM me and I can give you some background on it.
  18. Sir Penguin

    Filling out the application form

    I'm currently filling out an application form for the regs and I have downloaded the word document from the constabulary website. If you see below it says "you should make it clear what their relationship to you is, i.e. if you are referring to your full sister you should delete brother, half and step. My problem is that I can only edit the parts in grey as it is a protected form. I've tried following a tutorial online to unlock the form and it's also password protected. Then I'm led on to a page which tells me how to remove the password protection, but surely they can't have made it this hard! I was thinking about just writing "Full brother" and then my brothers name, however it clearly says to remove the text. I think this form is the one that most forces use so I'm sure some people may have run into this problem before. Any suggestions? If anybody wants to download the application form and have a go here's the link Application Form
  19. It's the big question of the year...does anybody have any idea (based on experience of course) when they MAY open recruitment for 2015, MSC-PC? I ask this realising nobody ACTUALLY knows, however based on previous recruitment drives etc. Thanks all!!
  20. scragg29

    Gross Misconduct - Help

    Can anyone help me out. I am a special and also was a call taker in the FCR working for g4s alongside lincolnshire police. G4S has sacked me over gross misconduct for misusing police computer systems. Long story but I am appealing the decision. I am applying for the regs but I fear with this gross misconduct charge over my head it is pointless as when it comes to the employment check they will bin me off. My question is what will they ask in terms of a reference from my previous employer? Thanks to all those who respond in advance.
  21. http://www.westmercia.police.uk/recruitment/joining-as-a-police-officer.html West Mercia police recruitment have had their doors open for the longest amount of time in a while and they now announced that this recruitment campaign for this year will end. If you haven't got your regulars application in yet, get a move on!
  22. police1078

    Recruitment for 4 years

    Been informed that the MDP will be recruiting 300 per year for 4 years. This is from a recruit who started on the 5th Jan. I am surprised by this as I thought it was 100 per year for 5 years. Has anyone else been told this?
  23. LosingGrip

    Useful books

    Can anyone recommend any books that may help with the application process for the regulars? Seem to remember a few books on the other forum, but can't remember the name of any of them. Thanks.
  24. Good morning all, I once again find myself in the wonderfully mysterious and intimidating world of Police recruitment. Does anyone happen to know how strict the assessors are with regards how long the interview lasts. I remember for my specials assessment being somewhat hung up over making my responses last for the full five minutes, although I feel like I can provide much better examples this time round RE the competencies due to my time as a special, I feel as if making them last 5 minutes would just make me come across as "waffly" as it were. Also, does anyone know what a force interview actually consists of (particularly for Dorset), as a Hampshire special I have never previously done one before. Many thanks, Matt
  25. Teddy93

    I have no payslips, help!

    Hi everyone, For my day 2 I've been asked to bring 2 payslips or a letter from HMRC, showing my NI number. The problem being I dont get any payslips! Ive been harrassing work to sort it out but they haven't, I've sort of given up hounding them because I can't be self employed anyway and it'll be them left with a bill when it catches up. I've rung HMRC and asked them to send me a letter confirming my NI number, will this be enough? I'm really worried I'm not going to get in because my boss is too lazy to sort my pay properly!

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