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  1. Israelruth

    Fitness test

    Hi all, I am due to sit the police Scotland fitness test soon and was wondering if I could get any hints/tips from anyone as to what to expect on the day? I’m incredibly nervous as I’ve been waiting for an intake for a while. It is either the 1.5 mile (most likely) or the bleep test dependant on the weather as there has been some snow and ice. Any tips would be greatly appreciated
  2. image copyrightPolice Scotland image captionOfficers Hiep Nguyen (left) and Duy Nguyen (right) from the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security Police Scotland have recruited two Vietnamese officers to tackle a rise in trafficking victims from the country. Home Office figures show that 214 victims between the age of 15 and 35 arrived in Scotland from Vietnam last year alone - the figure 66 in 2018. Officers Hiep Nguyen and Duy Nguyen, from the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security, arrived in Scotland at the start of October.
  3. Image copyright Getty Images Additional police officers trained in combating cyber crime are to be deployed in Scotland. Police Scotland has also announced plans to establish a "centre of excellence" for cyber crimes, with at least 150 specialist staff. Its focus will be on offences such as child sexual abuse, fraud, and the sharing of indecent images. The force has said online sexual crimes against children have increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. June was the busiest month ever for reported child sexual abuse. Police Scotland recorded 226 crimes, an increase
  4. image copyrightPA Media image captionThe cluster is linked to the driving school at the Police Scotland training college Seven people with links to the driving school at the Police Scotland training college in Tulliallan have tested positive for coronavirus. NHS Fife said the seven people included household contacts and all were experiencing mild symptoms. The health board said there was no evidence of transmission within the wider facility. Contact-tracing is being carried out and contacts are being asked to self-isolate pending further tests.
  5. Two officers were injured and a police car was damaged as a man wielding an "axe" was arrested at an Asda store in Fife, Scotland. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/asda-fife-man-axe-police-officers-injured-arrest-a4485876.html
  6. A serving PC was spared jail and will not resign despite smashing her £40,000 BMW into a roundabout after a police chase which ended in her refusing to give a breath test. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7468369/Police-officer-30-avoids-jail-wont-resign-smashing-40-000-BMW-roundabout.html Cant see her keeping her job after this. Hate people who drink and drive👎
  7. emanuel garcia

    Police Scotland Initial Interview

    Hi Guys, I am currently a special constable for Hertfordshire Police and I am living in London , I decided to apply for Police Scotland, passed S.E.T. and have my initial interview at the end of January - quite nervous as I am quite bad with interviews. Wanted to ask if anyone knows the questions I will or may be asked, and what should I study for the interview/expect. Any tips would be much appreciated. Want to feel more confident in passing. Many thanks
  8. Hi Guys, I am currently a special constable for Hertfordshire Police and I am living in London , I decided to apply for Police Scotland, passed S.E.T. and have my initial interview at the end of January - quite nervous as I am quite bad with interviews. Wanted to ask if anyone knows the questions I will or may be asked, and what should I study for the interview/expect. Any tips would be much appreciated. Want to feel more confident in passing. Many thanks
  9. THE top cop who claimed female firearms officers shouldn’t be on duty without a man has been unveiled. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/3439671/police-scotland-firearms-female-email-row-sergeant-keith-warhurst/
  10. Police officers took almost 40,000 days off work last year due to stress-related illness. The Scottish Police Federation say some members have taken their own lives because of pressures they faced at work. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/scots-cops-anxious-suicidal-stress-13530271.amp ”Kennedy said: “One officer had a manager try to serve discipline forms on him the day after he tried to take his own life.” Did the manager know he’d tried to take his own life? If so what a ...... 😡
  11. Dizzydee

    Lego policeman

    Long time since I've posted here, but wondering if anyone can help. I'm trying to get hold of a Lego mini figure with a likeness to a typical Police Scotland/UK police officer. I've tried looking online at the likes of eBay and other sites, but can only find cops done up like SWAT or with a custodian helmet or police of different countries. Anyone got any idea where I can get something more routine?
  12. My wife's parents are potentially retiring to Dumfries in the not too distant future and the idea of transferring north of the border has come up. It would help with child care and allow us to be near them as they get older. I'm not 100% convinced by the idea but I can see the merits in moving: there would be the added bonus that I could either be mortgage-free or upgrade to a much nicer house compared with what I have in the London-area. This is a very early fact-finding stage and I'm not set on the move - indeed, before this morning I didn't even realise a transfer was possible. I'm cur
  13. Laura1988

    Police Scotland March Intake

    Hi everyone, I’ve just received my final offer and will be heading to Tulliallan on 26th March 2018. Just wondering if there is anyone else on here doing so and if there are any specific forum groups on the go already that I can be directed to? Thanks, Laura
  14. Complaint handling procedures at Scotland’s police oversight body are “neither effective nor efficient”, according to an audit report. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/news/scotland/police-complaints-procedures-ineffective-and-inefficient/
  15. Allekoren


    HI all, I'm currently going through the application process at the moment but I was wondering what sort of opportunity there is for overtime during probation and whether it comes with extra pay at all (and if it does, how does that work)?.
  16. MSPs have passed legislation aimed at merging railway policing north of the border into Police Scotland. The Railway Policing (Scotland) Bill is the first step towards the national force taking on the role of British Transport Police (BTP). There had been a lengthy debate over the plan, with police bosses warning it could be "massively complicated" and "a real challenge". The bill passed by 68 votes to 53, with the Greens backing the SNP. Labour and the Conservatives have opposed the merger and the bill throughout, and the Lib Dems - who had supported the legislation in the
  17. Just thought I would update people and ask a question. So I sent off my application for police scotland specials on 22nd of august, I received a e-mail today to say that I had been invited to attend an initial fitness test up in Jackton on the 3rd november at 9 am lol. I was hoping if someone who has done it up in Jackton could tell me what to expect? They also request that I bring photo id is there like lockers there, since I dont really want to be jogging/running with my drivers licence in my pocket in case it comes out. Thanks
  18. sierragolf95

    Police Custody & Security Officer

    Hi folks, have just applied for the above position, while I know it is similar to a detention officer type role in England, could anyone give me a bit more information about it? I'm currently event security and nightclub door staff looking to explore new opportunities.
  19. RANK-and-file cops have hit out amid threats they’ll be fired unless they declare any contacts to journalists and politicians. Full Story - ScottishSun
  20. Police Scotland has outlined plans to cut officer numbers by 400 as part of its 10-year policing plan. Chief Constable Phil Gormley said recruitment levels would remain unchanged in the current year, but would begin to slow between 2018-20. He said resources would be re-directed to frontline operations, amid big financial challenges. Last December, the spending watchdog said Scotland's police service was facing a £188m funding gap by 2020-21. Mr Gormley said officer numbers had been at historic highs but said some staff had been used for corporate, rather than community rol
  21. Activists have accused officers from Police Scotland of a " brutal response" to protests held against the removal of a Kenyan man by Home Office services in Glasgow. Full Story - CommonSpace The protestors are complaining about the police tactics, but forget to mention that is was their own appaling behaviour which led to the police response. What did they expect to happen when they tried to block in the van?
  22. Fresh fears have been raised that cutbacks are forcing frontline police officers in Moray to spend much of their days filling-in forms instead of catching criminals. Full Story - Press & Journal
  23. Shock new figures have revealed ethnic minority applicants are being frozen out of careers as officers with Police Scotland. The Press and Journal has learned that no Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, African or Caribbean candidates were accepted to divisions in the north and north-east in the last two years. Full Story- Press & Journal The media might see it is a shock, but how can you get more ethnic minority applicants without lowering the standards?
  24. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-35840702 A man has been arrested near a Glasgow private school after he was seen carrying two machetes. Eyewitnesses said the man was wearing a balaclava and running back and forth by St Aloysius College on Hill Street at about 08:30. One police officer was slightly injured during the arrest but no members of the public were hurt. There were reports the man threatened a lollipop man and tried to attack a janitor at the Glasgow School of Art. St Aloysius has both primary and secondary school pupils. A police spokes
  25. This is a documentary following US Police use of lethal force and US Police Chiefs visiting Police Scotland to learn about UK unarmed tactics after the tensions around US Police Tactics in 2015 It's very interesting.

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