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Found 15 results

  1. I was recently successful at the assessment centre for South Wales Police (55%), however due to the high number of applicants, I’ve been told that it’s unlikely I will be included in the next Officer intake and they cannot gaurantee my a place on the March 2020 intake. They have offered to transfer my application to Gwent Police for intake in either March or September 2019, but they do not have similar arrangements with Dyfed Powys Police. I am aware Dyfed Powys Police are opening the recruitment window on the 28th January, but have stated that to transfer my assesment cnetre score, I would need to have achieved 60%+ to be considered. If I were to withdraw my current application from SWP would I be be able to submit an application for Dyfed-Powys Police and resit the assessment centre? It has been more than the requisite 6 months since I submitted my application to SWP (July 2018) and I anticipate that 6 months would have lapsed since I passed the SEARCH Assessment Centre (October 2018) by the time my application were to reach that stage with Dyfed-Powys Police if successful.
  2. Footage of a row between a London cyclist and a Met Police officer over riding in the middle of the road has sparked a fierce debate online over who was in the right. Full Story - Evening Standard
  3. An attempted murder inquiry has been launched after a driver reversed, dragging a police officer down the street. The incident happened in the Sighthill area of Glasgow at about 13:00 on Tuesday. The officer had been speaking to the driver of a red Vauxhall Astra when he suddenly threw the car into reverse. He then got out of his car in Alford Street and fled on foot. The police officer was unhurt. A Police Scotland spokesman said: "The officer did not require medical treatment and resumed duty following the incident. The man in the car then ran off. "Police are following a positive line of inquiry." The Scottish Police Federation has been made aware of the incident. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-39433018 Sounds bad, but I understand the police officer was left shaken but unhurt.
  4. An attempted murder inquiry has been launched after a driver reversed, dragging a police officer down the street. The incident happened in the Sighthill area of Glasgow at about 13:00 on Tuesday. The officer had been speaking to the driver of a red Vauxhall Astra when he suddenly threw the car into reverse. He then got out of his car in Alford Street and fled on foot. The police officer was unhurt. A Police Scotland spokesman said: "The officer did not require medical treatment and resumed duty following the incident. The man in the car then ran off. "Police are following a positive line of inquiry." The Scottish Police Federation has been made aware of the incident. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-39433018 Sounds bad, but I understand the police officer was left shaken but unhurt.
  5. This is the shocking moment a police officer appeared to drag a terrified 13-year-old girl in handcuffs across the ground 'like a piece of meat' Full Story - Daily Mail
  6. This is the moment an axe-wielding robber wearing a crash helmet smashed a glass display cabinet full of luxury watches worth tens of thousands of pounds Full Story - Evening Standard
  7. My first of two ride-alongs I took part in during the application process for Thames Valley Police for the role of Police Officer. A cold Friday evening in February 15:00 - 24:00 13:30 - Arrived at station, supposed to be collected at 13:40 for safety briefing. 15:00 - Actual start time, accompanying officer had a shift change and I was forgotten about. Oops! 15:30 - Signed the indemnity document, policies and a quick overview of the night's plan of action. Tonight would be an operation to combat Anti-social behavior in the town centre and identifying and arresting a few individuals from a serious assault on a young girl the previous week. 15:45 – Meet and greet the local officers and walk into the neighborhood policing office, nervous at first but very friendly bunch. 16:00 - Briefing room - Situation and aim of the evening to arrest outstanding individuals, Intelligence and local contacts assigned and distributed by the sergeant. Section 35 authorization is given to disperse youths in the town centre if necessary. 16:30 – Patrols are a dispersed on foot and in cars. Sergeant will be in the van. We are on foot. 7:00 - Arrive at bus station with two PC’s, due to half-term and it being a crossroads for kids at the local secondary schools there is a large crowd of probably 25 teenagers milling around the area. Identified youths are told to vacate the area of be section 35’d. A few huffs/puffs as people leave and are told to go home. One individual is identified by local security contacts as possibly being a person of interest, false alarm. Teenagers find ‘Civilian Observer’ tag on the front of the high-vis a laugh and liken it to work experience. Embarrassing but expected. "So are you like, a work experience bobby"? Area is saturated with high-vis and locals are concerned something serious has gone down. Locals are reassured and then it quietens down. 17:30 – 19:00 - Continue to patrol on foot around the area, liaise with contacts at a local fast-food restaurant who have posted security guards for the purpose of trying to combat youths. We Stop and talk to local people who are happy to see the area saturated with police. Story of troubles in previous weeks given by McDonalds staff. E.g. banging on the windows, large crowds of rowdy teenagers etc. Security staff are advised to stay in contact via radio to local police and assured that the issues will be dealt with. Speak the local shopping centre security guards who share some Information regarding people of interest. Back to the bus-station and the remaining teenagers are told to scoot. We go back to the station to get some better quality images from the CCTV regarding people of of interest and compare the footage to what was seen earlier in the day. 19:30 – Grab a tactical burger/kebab and chips on the way back to the station for a break. 20:00 - Follow-up meet with the rest of the NPT, as the town is quiet (cold weather) the teams are given new call signs and dispersed further out from the town centre and told to keep an eye out for the group of interest. 20:30 – A home visit is made to a person who tried to purchase an imitation firearm off the internet which was intercepted by RM. Details are exchanged and informed that the gun has been seized by customs. There is no fuss by the homeowner who is told the gun will be destroyed. No further action to be taken. 21:00 – 22:30 – Patrol in the car and observe a bus laden with kids leaving the area. Bus is followed to make sure they leave the area and do not try to come back to the town centre. They successfully leave the area. Continue to patrol around the area. I am about to say it is a ‘quiet’ evening and then one of the officers I am with remarks that the word is banned in the station in case I jinx it! 23:00 – Arrive back the station for the end of the shift as paperwork needs to be filled. Shake hands and thank the two PC’s for the evening. Overall a very standard evening. Was a good experience and was able to ask a lot of questions and got some good nuggets of information!
  8. Templum999

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  9. A frustrated Met police officer has live-tweeted their six-hour battle to find an available mental health bed in London for a man who was a “danger to himself”. Full Story - Evening Standard
  10. The officer was rushed to the virology department at St Thomas’s Hospital for tests. Police believe the man may have had a transmissible infection, but would not disclose details. Full Story Truly repulsive
  11. But dozens have come to the defence of the officer's decision to play, saying it shows his willingness to engage with all sectors of the community – Tell us what you think A policeman photographed playing badminton in full uniform with homeless protesters has been praised for building community relations after coming under fire. The officer was snapped playing the sport at the homeless camp and the images were uploaded to the Manchester Angels Facebook page. A comment was posted alongside the images, slating the force for ‘wasting taxpayers’ money’. Well intended – the officer's actions praised for building bridges with the city's homeless It said: “£88,000 is what GMP are saying via the MEN that they have spent ‘policing’ the #HomelessCampMCR. "And this is what the taxpayers money is being spent on. #BobbyBadminton!? "When people are dying on the streets of Manchester... We believe that the police shouldn’t be wasting time playing around.” They asked people to share if they agreed – but this met a wall of criticism with many siding with the officer’s friendly nature. Russell Hampson’s comment was liked almost 40 times. He wrote: “Don’t you think community integration with the police is important? “People need to be able to see individual officers as a person and public servant, not part of a big scary machine that’s here to kill everybody’s fun. Things like is are important.” Kelly Hopkins wrote: “I think you will find it costs more to police football matches and edl protests than this. Most police officers sympathise with these homeless people and want them to be safe, what’s more disgusting is the public library banning them from using the toilet. McDonald’s stopping people buying them food.” Steavi D’Arienzo commented: “Leave them alone, they’re required to police the event and if they behave in a human way like and help build community/police relations then good on him, what’s more disgusting is the sheer number of homelessness in the city yet the actions of the bobby is what’s upsetting everyone. Get a grip people.” Chris Glover wrote: “Do you think the police have wanted to spend 88,000 on policing this? Or put the resources into more serious issues? They have to have a presence there, most likely directed from Manchester council. “On a whole the police do a fantastic job with very few resources in tough times. Why not spend your time thanking them for the brilliant job they do instead ey?!” http://linkis.com/co.uk/2AFvM
  12. AN enraged man attacked a police officer with an axe during a road rage incident outside a police station in Derby. Mohammed Rashid swung the axe down towards PC James Poulton's head after the officer tried to stop him smashing the rear window of a car in Cotton Lane. PC Poulton, who had rushed out of the police station when he heard a collision, managed to deflect the blow but the axe caused 9cm and 4cm grazes to his right arm. The attacker raised the axe again and tried to strike the officer's chest but missed. Rashid, 25, of Sale Street, Derby, was one of four men attacking a Volkswagen Bora with weapons. Derby Crown Court heard that the men inside the Bora had their hands over their heads trying to protect themselves from the onslaught. The officer shouted for them to stop and two men – Haroon Tariq and Zahid Mahfooz – ran back to the other car involved in the collision, a Volkswagen Passat. But Rashid took another swing at the windscreen before running off, heard the court. Then, as the officer caught up with him, Rashid turned and attacked him with the axe. After Rashid had swung at him twice, the officer pulled out his baton and Rashid ran to the car. PC Poulton went after him and snatched the car keys away, at which point Rashid tried to swing a punch at him. Three other officers then came to PC Poulton's assistance and they managed to restrain Rashid and take him inside the police station. Tariq and Mahfooz were also arrested. When police searched the area they found the axe, a crowbar and a meat cleaver. Sentencing the three men, Recorder Stephen Thomas said: "It's difficult to think of a more serious assault than one that involves an axe and upon a police officer carrying out his duty." Recorder Thomas said the background to the attack was related to something that had happened earlier that day. "It was, therefore, a revenge attack led by you Mr Rashid with your axe," he said. Recorder Thomas said the officers had run outside the station after hearing the noise of the collision and saw the passengers from one car attacking the other. He said: "In particular, you, Mr Rashid, had equipped yourself with an axe and were seen to be smashing the rear window of the vehicle." Rashid admitted assault causing actual bodily harm on August 1, 2013, and was jailed for two years. Haroon Tariq, 23, of Pelham Street, Derby, admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour and was given a four-month jail sentence suspended for 18 months, with 200 hours of unpaid work. Mahfooz, 29, of Clarence Road, Derby, also admitted the public order offence, as well as possessing cocaine with intent to supply and possessing cannabis, and was jailed for a total of three years. Julia Farrant, for Rashid, who had no previous convictions, said: "The references speak of a hard-working young man. he plays a large role, both in his family and in his employment. It is an offence which is completely out of character. "Mr Rashid says he is shocked and ashamed by what he did. It was committed in anger after the collision altercation with the people in the other vehicle." http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/Men-jailed-PC-hurt-road-rage-axe-attack-outside/story-26872825-detail/story.html
  13. Senior officers have spoken for the first time about how they trapped London’s most corrupt policeman with a listening device in his car. Mesut Karakas was jailed for 13 years in 2010 for attempting to kidnap a bank manager in front of his family and force him to hand over cash. But the bug revealed every detail of the plot and police moved in on his gang before they arrived at the bank manager’s house. They were even heard discussing TV series The Wire and the “golden rule” not to openly talk about their plans. Five years on, Detective Superintendent Chris Robson of the Directorate of Professional Standards — dubbed the Met’s “ghost squad” — remains baffled as to why Karakas went bad. “He was a uniformed officer, a beat officer, and he moved around a couple of stations ending at Greenwich,” said Mr Robson. “There was nothing about him. I would not say he was a truly exceptional officer — pretty much your average police officer.” He added: “It’s a very difficult set of circumstances to explain and I think it is something which will puzzle me for the rest of my service.” By 24, Karakas had served four years as a Pc but was already suspected of links to two major drug dealers and Turkish organised crime in London. Doubts were raised in 2007 when there were suspicions he had injured himself with scissors to frame a suspect. Then he and his gang launched a serious baseball attack on a man outside a pub in Islington. The following day Karakas took down details of the investigation from the police computer and bribes and threats were made to the victim to drop the charges. Corruption probe: Detective Superintendent Chris Robson led the investigation Mr Robson said: “When (allegations) are made it’s extremely important they are taken seriously so we employed a number of covert tactics and part (of that) was planting a probe in Karakas’s car — a listening device.” They spoke of what they would do to the bank manager and his family — “will the female scream?” — and set aside 90  minutes to make him co-operate in full. The five men planned to stage a roadworks scene near the victim’s home as a distraction for the kidnap. When they moved in police uncovered false registration plates, industrial gaffer tape, dust masks, a balaclava, plasti-cuffs, industrial ear protectors and the van to be used in the plot. “We heard them planning the route, what time they should commit the offence when there would be less police on the street and what CCTV cameras would be looking at them,” said Mr Robson on Channel 5 programme Breaking The Law: Bent Coppers. “I was fully aware that there was a real chance of violence being involved. The victims would have their mouths taped over and hands tied and people with balaclavas would be coming through their door. “I didn’t let them get near the victim as the consequences could have been far too grave. The people he committed the offence with are nothing to do with Turkish organised crime — they were his friends from schooldays. They were clean skins, they had no previous criminal convictions against them.” Karakas pleaded guilty at Blackfriars crown court to assault, conspiracy to kidnap and misconduct in public office. Three members of his gang also received major sentences. Breaking The Law: Bent Coppers will be broadcast at 9pm tomorrow on Channel 5. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/revealed-how-londons-most-corrupt-police-officer-was-snared-by-bug-in-car-10127166.html
  14. Dundee man John McIntosh near where the incident happened and, inset, burns to his face.D C Thomson A 21-month criminal investigation into the conduct of a Dundee police officer has been dropped — less than 48 hours after the Tele raised the case with the Crown Office. For nearly two years, the national Criminal Allegations Against Police Division had been looking into allegations made against the male officer after Dundonian John McIntosh, 39, was injured with CS spray. The injuries came during his arrest back in May 2013 and a probe was launched days later. The Crown Office had previously told the Tele it was still investigating the matter. But on Thursday, less than 48 hours later, it changed its statement to say that the case was no longer being pursued. The decision to drop the case has left Fintry resident Mr McIntosh “very disappointed”. He said: “I’ve been chasing this case up myself for 21 months not hearing a thing and as soon as I get the papers involved they drop the case. “I’m very disappointed in this. The injuries I suffered that day have had such an impact on my life. “The amount of spray used has left me with permanent disfigurement.” A spokesman for the Crown Office said: “The procurator fiscal has received a report concerning an alleged incident involving a police officer said to have occurred in Dundee on May 5 2013. “After full and careful consideration of the facts and circumstances of the report by the national Criminal Allegations Against Police Division of COPFS, which independently investigates all criminal allegations made against police officers in Scotland acting in the course of their duty, Crown Counsel decided that there was insufficient evidence to raise any proceedings.” Police Scotland said it had submitted a report to the procurator fiscal on the matter but would not comment further. Mr McIntosh claimed that he suffered burns to his face, head and arm after being sprayed by the officer while he was being arrested on Aberlady Crescent. He also said he had received cuts to his head and injured his shoulder when he was tackled to the ground by police. Following the statement, he said he would continue to pursue the case. He added: “They think this is going to go away, but I’m not going to let them just sweep it under the carpet.” http://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/news/local/dundee/dundee-policeman-suddenly-cleared-of-cs-spray-assault-after-tele-raises-questions-1.841260
  15. A poor puppy left battered and bruised after being used as 'bait' in illegal dog fights has been given a new lease of life by the police officer who rescued him. Named 'Phil' by his new family, the 10-week-old pooch was found badly wounded with a hole in his skull and another in his neck, thought to have been caused by a bite from another dog. Brian Scott and Matthew Preuninger were the two officers on patrol when they found the puppy abandoned on a street in Anniston, Alabama. Horrifying: Vets predict Phil was used as a 'bait' in illegal dogfighting But after calling animal control officers and finding they were all out on other jobs, the two men decided to rescue the puppy themselves. After speaking to a vet, it appeared likely that Phil had been used as bait to train larger dogs to kill during illegal dogfights. Both officers agreed to split the cost of Phil's treatment but for Matthew Preuninger and his family, that wasn't enough. Dog fighting gangs breeding "Frankenstein" animals to kill After hearing about the poor pooch's horrific treatment, Matthew's wife demanded that the office bring Phil home so he could be cared for by their family. Facebook / Operation Phil Relaxed: Phil is now on the road to recovery in his new home "It was our mission at that time that Phil was OK, and the more we interacted with the vet and his staff, the more Phil was a part of our lives," he told the Anniston Star newspaper. Thankfully, after his tough start in life, Phil is now on the road to recovery. Matthew and his family share Phil's daily updates on a Facebook page called Operation Phil , in the hope that they can raise public awareness about illegal dogfighting and urge people with information to come forward. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/defeated-dogfight-puppy-deaths-door-5102589
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