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Found 533 results

  1. What's the story behind your handle

    I am often amused by the handle people choose for themselves on the site. A few people use their real names, whereas most, myself included, use a made up one. Mine, Cathedral Bobbie is based on my job as a Cathedral Constable. What's behind your handle, do tell.
  2. Over moderation

    I sometimes feel PC is over moderated and although in policing you need a sense of humour to get you through, there is little recognition of the fact with moderators taking an over sensitive approach. Having a sense of humour and posting humorous posts is still being on topic. I firmly believe there is over censorship. Being told there is only one area on the site where humour is acceptable and told to post there seems OTT. Just wondered what colleagues views are.
  3. #PolComGiveaway

    We're running a twitter competition to give fellow tweeters the chance to win a £30 voucher for @Police-Supplies and VIP membership on the forum for 1 year. It's free an easy to enter all you need to do is retweet the tweet and follow our twitter account. Good luck!
  4. Our 1st Birthday

    Good Evening This time last year I opened the doors of Police Community for the very first time and welcomed each and every one of today's membership to join in our new forum. Since embarking on the journey to create the forum I have been overwhelmed by the level of support and engagement our members have had. In that 12 month period we have been supported by our sponsors @Gladstoneboots LTD and @Police-Supplies who had the foresight to see the true potential of Police Community and were quick to offer up their sponsorship which has allowed us to deliver on some projects and developments that we wanted to bring to our members so I thank both of them and hope to continue working in partnership for the foreseeable future. Of course, to make a forum like Police Community a true success there are some key individuals that help both on the frontend but also in the background. The moderation team led by @Cheetah have been truly fantastic in the time, commitment and support they have shown myself and @Chief Rat. Without that support we would not be able to keep the forum focused, the content fresh and relevant and ultimately give the forum the edge over our competitors from our forum descending into chaos. They ensure we have a sense of purpose and for moderating over 10,000 posts per month, a huge thank you from me to each and every one of the team. Lastly, where do I start, Over 1800 Members, Over 120,000 posts and Over 45,000 topics in the last 12 months our members have truly grown Police Community to be a very successful 1st year forum. You have welcomed new members, been supportive of others looking to join the police service and have created some very interesting debates along the way. Those of you that were given your VIP status for year one have already started to show your support by renewing your subscription and starting to support Police Community financially. Clearly I hope many more of you will continue to show your support in whatever way you can. As we move into our second year and start to grow even larger I am sure we will all enjoy the use of the forum, continue to engage frequently and let's maintain that robust debate. My commitment to you is that in return I will continue to develop, build and enhance your user experience as collaboratively we work to make Police Community the leading police forum in the UK. Happy Halloween and Thank You Chief Bakes Founder of Police Community
  5. Latest Forum Software

    As you should all have noticed the forum software has now been updated to the latest version. There have been one or two changes and these have caused a couple of issues for some of our members. With this in mind this blog post should hopefully help you out with a couple of things. Notifications As some of you will have noticed you may have started receiving more notifications (emails). This is in part to how the site was originally set up by the authors of the software and it was automatically set to receive notifications when you contributed to a thread, whilst you may have been subscribed it didn't send a message. This was amended some time ago so that you don't by default automatically follow threads you contribute to. Because you may have historically been following some and it has all been sorted with this latest release you may have found that you are now receiving a number of emails/notifications. If you want to stop this with just a couple of clicks then that is easy. Go into your profile and click on your notifications settings, once the screen opens you need to uncheck the two buttons as shown below Make sure you then check or uncheck as necessary the buttons for what you receive notifications on That's it, you should no longer receive the notifications. We apologise if this has caused you some problems. New Content New content has changed extensively and is now referred to as an Activity Stream. Just as before you can change what appears in your activity stream but unlike before once you leave the site and come back it will have gone back to the default. This is where you can now create your own activity stream and set that as your default. At the top of the screen click on Activity, then select the Activity Stream drop down and at the bottom of here select 'Create New Stream' From here you can give you stream a name and choose the settings you want Once you have made your choices and saved it you can go into your stream from the drop as shown above, whilst in there you will see a circle with a tick in it beside your streams name, click this and it becomes your default, it even gets added to the top of each page for ease So that is a stream for me to use, however, you can share a stream with anybody simply by letting them know the number in the url or by sharing the url (if you have some enhanced permissions then only you will see those, you can only see what you are entitled to see). So with that in mind if you want to know what my Activity Stream is like then here it is for you to save as your own http://police.community/discover/7/ If you have any comment or questions regarding this then please feel free to make comments below. Cheetah Team Police Community
  6. Free Chat Room Weekend

    Pleased to announce that for the duration of the Bank Holiday weekend our chat room will be open for all members of the site. Come along and say hello to other members in real time conversation. http://police.community/chat/
  7. Police Community Premier League Table

    Points make prizes. I present to you the Police Community Premier League Table Another new feature we are presenting to you is a league table. At the end of the month a member wins our member of the month award for their overall contribution to the forum in that month, this premier league table is for the same purpose except that we will be awarding the prize of 'Member Of The Year'. So how do you win points? Easy, just enter and win our competitions, including the daily threads and you'll get a point, become the member of the month and you'll get a point, win the monthly photography competition and you'll get a point, make a great post or create a great thread and you can win a point. If you do something good on the forum you'll win a point and the member with the most points at the end of the year will become our member of the year. We have already populated the points table from January through to May for the competitions and the last couple of daily threads have also received their points. You can see in each of the member threads what the points were awarded for. The league table is available from the members drop down menu at the top of the forum pages so keep your eye on it and if you think you deserve points for something then contact a mod and we'll look into it. The Police Community Premier League Table can be found in that link. P.S. We are in no way affiliated with FiFA and we are not susceptible to bribes so don't even think about sending doughnuts. I like the Jam filled ones.
  8. Looking for a job in a Police force?

    Looking for a job within the police? Any force or a specific one? What kind of job? Police? Staff? Special Constable? PCSO? To help you with your recruitment interests we now have a completely new area dedicated solely to the recruitment status of every force. We have listed all the forces in England, Scotland and Wales and each one shows the current position on recruitment. You can see at a glance if a specific force is actively recruiting for any of the four main roles, Police Constable, Special Constable, Police Staff or PCSO. Each force specific area has a link to that forces recruitment and latest vacancies pages. If you want to actively monitor a specific force (or many if you wish) you can click the 'Follow This' button in the top right of each individual page or for the whole of the recruitment area and this will give you notifications when something changes. If you see any incorrect entries or you have some alternative information then please do let a mod know and we will update it asap. If you wish to comment in the recruitment section for a force then please feel free to do so. Our new recruitment section can be found at the top of each page under 'Recruitment' or by clicking THIS LINK. Cheetah
  9. Damaging food in Supermarket

    I've just been shopping and experienced something that has me wondering. Whilst wandering the aisles I found three frozen meals sat on a shelf. Obviously someone had selected them from the freezer compartment and then likely changed their mind later,instead of returning them to the freezers they've left on a shelf. I pointed the three boxes out to a nearby member of staff and she said they would have to be binned as she had no idea how long they had been there. So is it a criminal damage? Negligent damage? Civil matter or not (likely dependant on intent)? Thoughts?
  10. Use Of Force Crests As Avatars

    Use of force crests as avatars Unless you have express written permission form the force in question we are not able to use any force logos, crests or insignias in any back ground pictures or as avatars etc. If you do get written permission from a force then we will need to see a copy of that. This isn't me being a killjoy as we have in fact in the past been asked to remove them by forces, it is their property and they are protecting it. If any forces want to come on board with us that will always be welcomed but in the meantime we have to respect their property. Cheers
  11. What else can we add?

    What else can we add? Could there possibly be anything else to add? It's just a mere two weeks since we upgraded the site, originally it was going to be this weekend but wanting to be the best and most up to date UK Police related site we grasped an opportunity to upgrade sooner. The upgrade wasn't without it's hiccups but nothing we couldn't cope with and everything should be working now. We are so confident with the site and the new platform that we are adding things all the time, some of them small tweaks that you can see, some of them bigger things like the communities and some of them in the background to keep us safe and secure. One of the biggest changes to any iteration of the site is the new Force Communities. Areas that are designed as a one stop shop for everything about a specific force. Our wonderful Community Leads are beavering away in the background to create new and interesting content for the Force Communities some of it you can see and some of it you can't. That's right, you can't see some of the content in a force specific community. You can't see it because you aren't a member of that force, that's how specialised the Force Community areas are, they can even make private areas for verified members of a force. This is something we don't believe that any other site offers and is quite unique to us. The communities are proving to be so popular we are looking at ways of expanding these to other parts of our forum so keep your eyes peeled for any new announcements from Chief Bakes. So just two weeks into the new software and we have ensured we keep as up to date as possible with forum software and all the apps and gadgets that we can. To answer my opening questions, yes there is more we can add so as the site continues to grow and grow and get better and better stick around, keep watching, because who knows what may be coming next.
  12. Spread the word

    Some might remember our poster competition last year won by Valdore. For newer members please find it >here where it can be freely downloaded and printed out for your notice boards, kitchen, canteen, even the back of the carrier.
  13. Hello Remember the Met making a big deal about recruiting 5000 new PCs? I had a look at the notices on the intranet and saw that the latest PCs to join have 240 warrant numbers. Now, people who joined at the start of the recruitment tap being turned on have 234/235 numbers. Therefore, would this indicate that we've taken on everyone we plan to recruit?
  14. Empty Property

    Wish it was for me but genuinely asking for a mate.   Buying a house that is empty.  There is a generous reduction in tax if it has been empty for 2 years or more and you are refurbishing to bring it back into use.   Looking for advice on how to prove it's been empty for two years or more.   Spoken with council, very unhelpful although not given up with them yet but any more suggestions are very welcome.   Cheers   Cheetah
  15. A video has been released online purporting to show the beheading of Japanese hostage Kenji Goto by Islamic State militants. The video comes less than a week after news of the beheading of another Japanese man, Haruna Yukawa. Mr Goto, 47, is a well-known freelance journalist and film-maker who went to Syria in October, reportedly to try to secure Mr Yukawa's release. Japan said it was trying to authenticate the video. The video, which bears the same symbols as previous IS videos, shows a militant with a British accent beheading Mr Goto. Japanese government spokesman Yoshihide Suga said Japan was "outraged" by the video, adding that the cabinet was meeting to decide a response to it. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Japan "would not give in to terorrism". He said Japan would work with the international community to bring those responsible for Kenji Goto's apparent murder to justice. US National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan said: "We have seen the video purporting to show that Japanese citizen Kenji Goto has been murdered by the terrorist group ISIL [iS]. "We are working to confirm its authenticity. The United States strongly condemns ISIL's actions and we call for the immediate release of all remaining hostages. We stand in solidarity with our ally Japan." Sunset deadline Japanese officials had been working with Jordan to secure the release of Mr Goto and a Jordanian pilot, Moaz al-Kasasbeh, who was shot down over Syria in December. However, earlier on Saturday they said negotiations had become deadlocked. An IS video released on Tuesday said Mr Goto had "only 24 hours left to live" and Mr Kasasbeh "even less". They later gave a deadline of sunset on Thursday for a deal by which Mr Goto would be freed in return for Jordan releasing captured Iraqi militant Sajida al-Rishawi. But the deal may have been complicated by Jordan's demand that Mr Kasasbeh also be released. It has also emerged that the militants had exchanged emails with Mr Goto's mother, who has pleaded publicly for her son's release. IS had initially demanded a $200m (£130m) ransom for the two Japanese hostages. View the full article
  16. Police urge TV stations to scale back live coverage of any London terrorist siege Television news organisations are to be asked by Scotland Yard to consider not broadcasting live images of police or special forces preparing to storm any terrorist siege in London to avoid jeopardising the lives of hostages or armed forces trying to rescue them. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan police commissioner, said on Thursday he feared live coverage could hamper the ability of police or the military to respond. Recent terrorist sieges in Paris and Sydney were accompanied by extensive live coverage on television. The fear is that hostage-takers may be tipped off about an impending rescue mission, with the authorities losing any element of surprise. Metropolitan police officials held initial meetings with the UK’s major broadcasters last week, specifically about broadcasting after the Paris attacks. In previous terrorist incidents in the UK, police have had a voluntary agreement with broadcasters, under which they agreed not to show live pictures of police or special forces preparing to storm a site. In return they were permitted to keep filing for broadcast afterwards. Hogan-Howe said: “We do have plans already but we have reviewed and refined them, in consequence of what we’ve discovered of the French experience, and also the way that we work with the press, as obviously what we all saw was live coverage of an ongoing event. “That’s something the public want to be informed about. Of course we as the police want them to be informed … to make sure they are protected – but equally, when the police and the security service and sometimes the military respond, we want to make sure that our ability to respond is not restricted by things like live coverage. We have ongoing discussions with the media about how that happens.” Senior counter-terrorism officials in Britain fear an attack is a matter of when, not if.   One news executive said: “This is not something new but the events in Paris have concentrated minds.” Talks have been taking place between the police and broadcasters more frequently since the terror attacks in Mumbai in 2008, which were covered live on television, highlighting the problems facing broadcasters and the authorities. Planners of the Mumbai attack, based in Pakistan, watched live TV coverage of the crisis and gave instructions via mobile phones to the terrorists who were holding hostages. Indian intelligence intercepted those calls and recorded them. In a statement Scotland Yard said: “We have regular dialogue with news organisations and broadcasters about policing matters. These can cover a wide range of issues, including the security of police operations where a risk to life is involved. “We’re grateful to the media for listening to the challenges we face and for helping us understand their issues, such as safety and security, in fast-moving situations. Recent discussions have included terrorist incidents and their implications for police and the media.” Chris Webb, Scotland Yard’s head of news in 2005 when London was hit by two terrorist attacks, said a voluntary agreement was hammered out with broadcasters. When those behind the failed bomb attacks on 21 July 2005 were holed up days later and cornered in a west London flat, surrounded by armed officers, broadcasters were permitted to film but agreed not to transmit images live. Webb said: “It is a difficult balancing act for the authorities. They have to look at how to protect life, especially if taking executive action [sending armed police or special forces in to end a siege]. “Images giving the bad guys prior warning can impact on the fate of the hostages inside, and get hostages or officers killed.” Webb warned that the massive growth of social media as well as the increase in the number of news channels makes avoiding coverage that tips off the terrorists much harder: “You can ask broadcasters to use discretion, you can’t do the same with social media.” Senior news executives involved in the discussions say that while broadcasters are sensitive to the need to not put police operations at risk, there is also an imperative to safeguard editorial independence. Any editorial curbs or restrictions the police might put forward will be considered, but not automatically adopted by broadcasters. A spokesperson for Sky News said: “Last week Sky News attended a meeting with the Metropolitan police at their request. At that meeting we discussed reporting potential terrorist incidents in the wake of the Paris attacks.” An ITN spokesperson said: “We are in regular and ongoing discussions with the Met police around a wide range of issues, including the security concerns and challenges presented by the current heightened terrorist threat.”   Source The Guardian
  17. Every frontline uniformed police officer should be offered a Taser stun gun to fight off possible murder attempts by terrorists, says the leader of the body representing rank and file officers.   Steve White, who chairs the Police Federation, said the availability of Tasers needed to be expanded because of evidence of terrorists’ plans to kill officers, who are traditionally unarmed.   In an interview with the Guardian, White said: “The terrorist ideal to get attention no longer relies on an attack being in a place of note. It could be in Cheam high street, in any town, in any part of the UK. We know there are more dangerous people out there, preparing to attack police officers and we need to be able to respond to that threat.”   Tasers use an electric current of up to 50,000 volts to incapacitate people and critics say the weapon is too often lethal. It has been linked to at least 10 deaths in England and Wales over the past decade. In 2013, the factory worker Jordan Lee Begley, 23, died two hours after a Greater Manchester officer targeted him with a stun gun at his home after police were called to reports of an argument.   Police Federation leaders will vote next month on a proposal that every uniformed frontline officer should be offered training in the use of Tasers. Some may choose not to carry one.   A fortnight ago, the terrorist threat level for police was raised to severe. Since then, police chiefs and representatives of Britain’s 127,000 rank and file officers have been considering how to counter that threat. White said the elevated threat of an attack on police, assessed by the intelligence services as being highly likely, meant that every officer was a potential target. “Talking to them with a cup of tea and a biscuit is not going to work,” he said.   If the federation decides to formally call for an expansion in Taser availability, that would present a dilemma for police chiefs. If they or the government opposed such a move and an officer was then attacked, it would damage the already fragile confidence officers have in their professional and political leadership.   Some senior officers are believed to support the idea in theory, but one police leader said chief constables would be mostly opposed. The police chief, speaking anonymously because of the sensitivity of the issues involved, told the Guardian that the plans risked jeopardising public confidence and changing the face of British policing.   “The idea of arming every police officer with a Taser is alien to 200 years of police culture. It is a stepping stone to arming the police; something strapped to your hip that looks like a firearm is a huge shift in what we stand for.”   Oliver Sprague, Amnesty International UK’s arms programme director, queried whether there was evidence that such a move would be worthwhile. “We’d ask the question: where’s the evidence that a terrorist will be deterred by the knowledge that police officers have Tasers at their disposal?” he said. “And who on earth thinks that if there’s a real instance of terrorist activity that Tasers would ever actually be sufficient for our law enforcement officers?   “We’ve always said that Tasers can have a part to play in policing operations where there’s a clear risk of death or serious injury to police officers or members of the public – but Tasers should be used sparingly and only by highly trained officers.”   The threat level for police was raised by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre based within MI5 after the terrorist attacks in Paris in which three police officers were killed, followed the next week by the thwarting of a plot in Belgium where police were the target.   British counter-terrorism officials believe they have uncovered plans to attack officers and Islamic State propaganda earlier this month renewed a call for followers to attack the police.   Tight gun control in Britain means the biggest danger comes from a terrorist with a knife or machete, similar to the fatal May 2013 attack on a soldier outside Woolwich barracks in south London. “As [the] Lee Rigby [murder] demonstrated, you don’t need to have a gun to create terrorism,” White said. The veteran firearms officer denied the idea amounted to arming officers: “It is a defensive tool and a tactical option. We have a largely unarmed service and the service wants that to remain.   “The alternative is to have an officers out there without anything at all. We have to do something. The sector threat [to police] has gone up by two levels and we need to make sure everything is done to protect officers who protect the public.”   In announcing the heightened alert to police earlier this month, calling on officers to be extra vigilant and take extra precautions, the national policing lead for counter-terrorism, assistant commissioner Mark Rowley, said further measures to enhance police safety were under consideration. “Chief constables across the country are reviewing how to strengthen the protection of their officers from attacks.”   At present, about 10% of officers are trained to use Tasers. The training takes two to three days and costs £1,000 per officer. View the full article
  18. Earpiece

    To anyone who uses an earpiece similar to the one below. http://www.patrolstore.com/G-Shape-PTT-and-Mic-Motorola-CP040.html I've only tried using it once but the wires seem to end up everywhere so I just end up sacking it off. Is there a specific way it should be worn and where do you clip the mic?
  19. Home Office response to BTP jobs has always been a prickly subject, but is mostly based on anecdote and personal experiences rather than cold hard fact. To that end I put in a FOI request to BTP to see what the situation actually is in reality. The request asked for numbers of incidents requiring police attendance and the number attended by HO forces. It was not possible to determine the reasons why HO attended, whether because they were requested by BTP or attended off their own initiative. Bearing that in mind here is a link to the data by HO force area. Key points: Intersetingly, jobs requiring a response on the railway in 2014 increased by 14% compared to 2013 On average, HO forces did not attend 85% of railway jobs (this is up from 84% in 2013) The best HO force area was Greater Manchester, with 4% (85) of jobs attended by GMP. The worst HO force area was Wiltshire, with 53% (85) of jobs attended by Wilts Police. Interestingly, for Police Scotland where BTP is very spread out, the results were better than the average with Police Scotland not attending 88% of BTP jobs Full data is shared here
  20. QuikLite X v Peli Versabrite

    So i'm wondering which of these 2 to get. Too many times have I attempted to fill out a stop form whilst holding a torch or in complete darkness and it doesn't go down well. You guys have any preference? I am tempted into the QuiqLite X as it is USB rechargeable and has both white and red LED so I can use the red to preserve night vision. I am also unsure about its waterproofing... However the Peli Versabrite is the most popular around and has a life time guarantee, oh and it is cheaper! Here are the links to both the torches with the Klick Fast attachment: QuiqLite: http://www.niton999.co.uk/shop/product_view_QuiqLite-X-Rechargeable-Personal-Light-And-QuiqFlare-Attachment_code_QLITEX.html Peli: http://www.niton999.co.uk/shop/product_view_Peli-VB3-Light-Bundle---With-Free-Niton-LiteDock_code_PL2220OFF.html Thanks!
  21. First Aid Kits

    Following on from the discussion on Trauma Kits, what do the different forces issue in the way of FAKs? Vehicle or Personal Issue? Kitted properly (in the area I live in, I was told some officers do and don't have one, but cars do).
  22. Just because we were clogging up the topic about response times I thought I'd start this one as a 'general queries' thread Any photos yet or is it basically just a black PDA vest with everything on klikfast?
  23. Hi, I recently applied for an apprenticeship as a Operational Support Officer with GMP, If accepted would I be able to apply to become a Special Constable whilst doing the apprenticeship or would that be ruled out? I tried looking on the threads for special recruitment, but I couldn't find any relating to an apprenticeship with the Police. Thanks, Rob.
  24. Police say the number of arrests for suspected Syria-related terror offences in Britain increased sixfold last year. Officers made 165 arrests across the country for offences including terrorist financing, commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism, and attending a terrorist training camp, Scotland Yard said. This compares with 25 Syria-related arrests in 2013. The number of arrests for terrorist offences of all kinds totalled 327 last year, a 32% year-on-year increase. Helen Ball, senior national coordinator for counter-terrorism policing, said: “We have been running exceptionally high numbers of investigations, the likes of which we have not seen for many years. Several attack plots have been disrupted, of various sophistication, from individuals planning to carry out lone attacks to more complex conspiracies, the majority seemingly directed by or inspired by terrorism overseas. “The partnership between police and MI5 is very effective, and we are experiencing very strong support from the communities. We will continue with this vital work to protect and work with the UK public to combat terrorism in all its forms.” The terror threat level in the UK was raised from substantial to severe last August against a backdrop of increasing concerns over hundreds of aspiring British jihadis travelling to Syria and Iraq to learn terrorist “tradecraft”. Fears of an attack on Britain’s streets have heightened in the wake of the rise of Islamic State, the extremist group that has taken over large swathes of Iraq and Syria and attracted thousands of foreign jihadis to its cause, including more than 500 Britons. Last May, father-of-two Mashudur Choudhury became the first person in the UK to be convicted of terrorist offences in connection with the Syria conflict. The 31-year-old went to the Middle Eastern country with the intention of joining a terrorist training camp last October. View the full article
  25.   London's policing supremo is demanding an extra £20 million of police counter-terror funding to keep the public safe after a rift with the Government over “penny-pinching” in the wake of the Paris attacks.   Deputy Mayor Stephen Greenhalgh said that the money currently earmarked for counter-terrorism policing was “not enough” to cope with the increasing threat posed by returnees from the Syria conflict and other extremists.   He said that at least £20 million more was needed instead and that it was a “scandal” that the Home Office was planning to retain a large chunk of the £130 million of additional terror funding promised by David Cameron.   He warned that the police’s ability to protect the public would be weakened without the extra cash.   Mr Greenhalgh’s criticism follows a warning by the Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer, Met Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, that police and Jewish residents could be at increased risk of attack by Islamist extremists. The police presence in Jewish areas of London has been stepped up as a result. Officers will also patrol in pairs, rather than alone, in some parts of the city.   Mr Greenhalgh said that the Home Office was gaining £35 million agencies of the money promised by Mr Cameron, but that only £5 million of that had initially been earmarked for police.   That sum had now been raised to around £9.4 million after protests from him and Boris Johnson. But the rest of the money was being retained in Whitehall to fund the Home Office’s “Prevent” counter-radicalisation programme and other Government work.   The Deputy Mayor said that meant the money going to the Met was inadequate and added:  “I think that’s a scandal. We are having an arrest nearly every day, 50 per cent of the undercover counter-terrorism work is here in London and half of the people returning from Syria are in London so there is a huge volume of activity that needs to be carried out. The police’s ability to keep us safe will be harmed if they are not getting the money to do the job. The pie doesn’t seem to have been split fairly and the cops are unhappy about it.”   Mr Greenhalgh also expressed concern that an attack would have a devastating effect on tourism. He said that was the capital’s third largest source of revenue. “We make more than £11 billion a year from our tourist industry. That is massive. I went to New York two months after 9/11 and the plane was empty. We can’t afford to be penny wise and pound foolish about this when billions would be lost if we had a terrorist outrage.”   The Home Office said that it did not discuss precise funding levels and that a final decision on the allocation of the £130 million had not yet been taken. A spokesman said: “While all public services must constrain their spending, we have protected funding for counter-terrorism policing.”   The total budget for counter-terrorism policing for the financial years 2014/15 and 2015/16 is £564.3 million.   http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/london-needs-extra-20m-to-fight-parisstyle-terror-attack-9997940.html  

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