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  1. sierragolf95

    Personal Vehicles

    So in my current job with my miserable pay rate I'm currently sharing a car with another family member. It's a new car on finance, stereotypical for young girls who have just passed their driving tests, I bloody hate it! With my plans of moving jobs into a police staff role, I'm looking into what car I'd possibly get since by the time I'm offered the job I won't have too much time, especially if I'm relocating. For my preferred location I'm looking at commutes from 45 minutes to an hour, mostly urban and motorway driving. I'm needing something substantial that won't drop dead once t
  2. A driver who started an argument with two cyclists only to discover they were off-duty police officers has been fined £200. Joseph McCarthy, 50, had pulled in front of the cyclists before braking unnecessarily in Larbert's Bellsdyke Road, causing them to brake. McCarthy was later identified, reported and charged by the officers. He was convicted of careless driving at Falkirk Justice of the Peace Court and had three points added to his licence. A Forth Valley Division spokesman said: "The moral of this story is our officers regularly cycle to work and you never know when yo
  3. Sergeant Julia Martin-Jones had just watched her daughter tie the knot. An off-duty officer showed her dedication to her role when she detained a suspected burglar on her daughter’s wedding day. Gloucestershire Sergeant Julia Martin-Jones was returning home after watching her child – who is also an officer with the force – tie the knot when she spotted someone leaving a neighbour’s house acting suspiciously. Without hesitation she leapt into action to apprehend the figure and called colleagues to the scene. “It was around 1am on Sunday morning and I’d just returned hom
  4. mastermind21970

    Blue Light Use Off Duty

    Hi all After numerous debates with both other regulars and specials at the nick, no one seems to know the actual legislation with regard to blue lights off duty. Attesting as a police officer both in regular and special constable capacity, enables you to step in if you feel comfortable off duty, become a reliable witness etc. Basically going back to the "if you have your warrant card on you, you are never theortically off duty." So far I have been a special for 9 months and stepped in three off duty events. 2 of which were dealt with myself, and were resolved quickly. The third was a large pun
  5. The following recollection is purely approximate and occurred several weeks ago. Facts and certain details may be altered or omitted due to memory constraints and data protection. The following what I did on duty post is short and unique to a situation about an off-duty intervention. Rank: Special Constable Length of Service: 1.5 years Type of Shift: Unplanned Location: Merseyside Police 1240 Booked off-duty after completing a module for the PNC from my training centre. It was a hot summers day and I was driving my personal vehicle back home. Visibility was great and I had my windows down with
  6. So, in the spirit of the 'what I did on duty' blogs, I thought I'd fill you in on perhaps my shortest duty ever which occurred only yesterday. I've no doubt that some of you will feel that I acted unnecessarily but I'm satisfied with my actions.All times are approximate as I really wasn't expecting to keep track of time: 15:45 - I've been out for a walk with the dog. We went for a wade in the river and I'm a passenger in the car on the way home. I've just finished looping up her long lead and hoop it over my shoulder so that I don't have to carry it and fight with the dog when we get her out t
  7. Collar

    Out Of Work Activities

    What do other members on here do out of work that the feel compliments their role within the Police Service? Quite a vauge question but I'm just looking for some ideas.
  8. The other evening while driving home, i spotted this girl in her car texting away, looking down at her phone. We were both in traffic and we're rolling along at below 10mph. The line of traffic occasionally comes to a total halt. Now in the actual real life situation, we got to the junction where the traffic cleared, she put her phone down, and off we both went on our merry ways separately. However, it got me thinking. Say I'm off duty, and have spotted her texting. She's all stop start, and then she goes into the back of the car in front. What would you do? Would you pass on by think
  9. MrDSP

    Stella Can!

    You are a Special Constable and IPS (independent / lone patrol etc). Whilst driving to your non-police day job at 8.15am in the morning, whilst coming around a corner in the town centre you notice a young lad come out of his house shaking a can of Stella. Without warning or provocation he throws it at your car hitting the nearside front wheel/alloy. It makes a bump as it is full. What would you do?? Me: Made mental note of description, pulled over and inspected damage (none, but made a bloody bump!). Went to work and called 101 Waited 9 mins, got a rude operator and thoroughly disappoi
  10. jviney


    John Smith is a Special Constable with Independent Patrol status who has a day job in a shop. One day whilst John is at his day job Dave the security guard catches a shoplifter. Should Dave detain the shoplifter himself under S24A, or must/should John step in and perform the arrest? Obviously if Dave doesn't know that John is a Special he is well within his S24A rights, but what if Dave knows John is a Special? Would it not therefore appear to Dave that John can reasonably make the arrest (assuming that John is not otherwise engaged at the time), therefore rendering Dave unable to do so hi
  11. SC Plod

    Involvement in RTCs - Off Duty

    Hi everyone, I'm a new Special...loving it but still a lot to get to grips with! A friend of mine was involved in an RTC recently (no injuries, thankfully), where the driver of the second car was using his mobile phone when the collision happened. Afterwards, my friend said to me 'If only you'd been there with me!' which got me to thinking: If I was involved in, or came across, an RTC while I was off duty, and stopped to offer help before other emergency services arrived, and one of the other parties had been on their phone, or were evidently drunk, or I suspected they'd been committin
  12. Purple Parrot

    Off Duty Arrest

    If you're off duty and someone needs to be detained/arrested, can you arrest them under S.24A PACE, thereby avoiding getting sucked into the arrest process as an arresting officer? So uniform can turn up and arrest them "properly" and you can get on with what you were doing/where you were going? (And provided that you can't just stand there and be a credible witness because an old lady is getting assaulted, for example) The Section does provide that "A person other than a constable may arrest without a warrant..." So do you forfeit the use of this section by becoming a police officer? Or d
  13. http://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-news/2015/01/01/off-duty-policeman-has-nose-broken-in-wolverhampton-street-attack/ Shame that this isn't headline news across the country - another off-duty officer beaten to a bloody pulp but apparently it's more important that we know that somebody got married to somebody else. The internal police contact who put me onto this one reports that he understands the off-duty officer was specifically targeted. Beaten with knuckle dusters and got very lucky that on-duty backup arrived just in time before the Samurai sword could be used.
  14. Hi guys Can someone answer a question that came up in our training at Middlemoor this weekend? We were going through GOWISELY and the need to show warrant card came up to ID yourself if you were off duty at the time. With regular officers they can put themselves on duty, but our instructors couldn't say if the same applied to a Special if they were off duty but had their warrant card on them. Can they place themselves on duty to respond to a particular situation?
  15. Dazednconfused

    A cautionary tale

    I'll start by saying I'm not looking for advice, this is my story of how I was forced out of the police over something I eye as rather silly, and something I know people do all the time. Be aware, the federation seem like they aren't always as much help as they should be. Let's go back a few months, I've moved a long way from friends and family to pursue the career of my dreams. I'm 6 months into my probation with a police force. After serving 8 years as a special in my local force I had a fair idea what to expect, however this force at the other end of the world did seem to do a lot differen
  16. michaelgaga

    Gay Officers

    Just wondering if there are any openly gay specials in the force? How do you feel about being a gay officer? Dose it impact on your work or are you treated differently by colleagues/public? Thanks!
  17. michaelgaga


    Can I be a paramedic and Police Special? I heard something about conflict of interest. Is anyone a Paramedic and Special and whats it like? Appreciate any responses. :new_thanks:
  18. So it's not long until Christmas is here! That time of year when you end up eating far too much food and spend the entire month of January looking in the mirror and asking yourself how you put on so much weight over Christmas... again! Aside from the dry turkey, awful hand knitted jumpers from your aunt and someone setting fire to their hand instead of the Christmas Pudding Christmas also brings with it the PS.com Festive Meet Up. The last meet up went really well and I know a few of us have been chatting lately about having another one so I've decided that I'm just going to get on with it a
  19. hannah1981


    Hi all, I work for West Yorkshire Police currently as a SC, however I don't get issued with a BB (some SC's do get issued them (of the same rank as me) but i don't) I was just wondering if you can use your own BB and get force email set up on that because i'm only at my station to check emails twice a month or so! If not can you request one? I don't want access to anything more than me email, but i have no idea if you can get this set up on your own BB or whatever. Thanks in advance, Hannah x
  20. Did anyone else watch Charlie Brooker's mini-series Black Mirror? There are three drama-comedy episodes, each of which deals with certain aspects of modern society and its relationship with technology. They deal with the subject matter quite cynically - as you might expect from Brooker - but there is a good balance between the drama and comedy. I thoroughly enjoyed the series anyway and thought I'd bring to the attention of folks who may have missed it (as I did, praise be to 4od!). In order of best to worst (in my opinion), episode number... 3. 'The Entire History of You' - "In the near
  21. StJohnAmbulanceCadet

    St John Ambulance Cadets

    Welcome to the St John Ambulance Cadets Topic... Share things about yourself and your division on the discussion... Feel free to start new discussions about uniform, duty's and anything else... This topic does has no association to St John Ambulance and anything said on this discussion is not the view or opinion of the Charitable Organisation St John Ambulance.
  22. Gone

    Proof of God!

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-21009301 I repent my heathen ways. Where do I sign up?
  23. Tonight, 2200 hours. Heads up for a new mockumentary which follows officers of the newly-formed PSoS. Further heads up that one of the characters is "Volunteer Officer Ken Beattie" (featured below) and, judging by the clips, he is wrong in all sorts of ways. http://www.bbc.co.uk...rammes/b01nx339
  24. Sailor

    STOP reading Daily Mail

    If you are a reader of Daily Mail or a visitor to their website, STOP. Watch this video and if you continue to visit their website or even glance at the newspaper, you SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. Send this link to everyone you know.

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