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Found 8 results

  1. Many drivers are breaking the law without even realising https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/how-you-could-lose-your-14377497 There's a poll on our Twitter feed on the same subject:
  2. XA84

    Vodafone Network

    Hi guys and girls, I'm currently looking to upgrade my to Vodafone wondered if you guys had any advice of what they are like as I'm currently with EE. Any advice would be appreciated. XA84
  3. Can anyone recommend any legislation to charge suspects with for when they refuse to provide their PIN or password for their mobile phone? I have found that S.49 RIPA won't be authorised unless the offence is very serious. The sort of related offences I am having trouble with are Possession With Intent to Supply Class A. The quantity of drugs is usually around 50-100 deals. The S.49 criteria requires larger quantities, i.e several kilos. Typical scenario: Stop search, 50 wraps of class A found, 2 mobiles phones. Suspect claims for personal use, as cheaper to buy in bulk. Refuses to provide PINs for phone. All the supply evidence is on the phones that we cannot access. Thanks in advance.
  4. DodgeRam

    "Police Entrapment"

    When I find myself at a loose end on a particularly "Q" shift one thing I like to do is park up my shiny stickered up police car and look for motorists that are doing things they shouldn't be. Such as using their phone, not wearing a seatbelt, going too quick etc etc. I have a few favoured spots that I like to park my bright police car in as there always seems to only be a short wait in these places till someone doing something naughty passes me. My favourite place at the moment is at the side of an A road between two major towns in a 40mph limit. Its essentially a short driveway at the side of the road which leads to an unused gate into a farm. The hedgerows either side of this driveway mean it is not possible to see my shiny police car until you are passing it meaning that drivers are in my full view before they realise I am there. I guess that is why I catch so many mobile phone offences. Now, having had a good think about it I can't come up with any problems with this way of working. However, I'm aware there are rules you have to abide to when it comes to speed cameras and their visibility. So I just wanted to check I'm not leaving myself open to critism or cries of "entrapment" by carrying out my own little road safety campaigns in my sneaky hidden police car way. Just to clarify I don't stick people on for speeding as I don't have the required calibrated equipment for evidencing the offence.
  5. SC Plod

    Involvement in RTCs - Off Duty

    Hi everyone, I'm a new Special...loving it but still a lot to get to grips with! A friend of mine was involved in an RTC recently (no injuries, thankfully), where the driver of the second car was using his mobile phone when the collision happened. Afterwards, my friend said to me 'If only you'd been there with me!' which got me to thinking: If I was involved in, or came across, an RTC while I was off duty, and stopped to offer help before other emergency services arrived, and one of the other parties had been on their phone, or were evidently drunk, or I suspected they'd been committing an offence... what would my powers be? Bearing in mind that I'm off duty and not in uniform. Could I detain on suspicion of anything, until other units arrived? What can I do to stop the other party leaving if they wanted to? I feel like there's an obvious answer to it, but our training never touched on it so I'm not so sure... any advice or information would be appreciated!
  6. DodgeRam

    Mobile Phone Whilst Driving

    Some mixed information came from training staff around this subject last year when I was in the PDU stage of training; your opinions would be greatly welcomed! Guy is driving his car today along the dual carriageway. You're on duty and are going about your patrol when you overtake Guy and notice he is talking on his mobile phone. You drop back behind Guy and when there's a parking lay by you pull him over. Here's the bit that caused some disagreement; do you need to interview Guy in relation to the offence? Some were of the opinion that asking Guy if the phone call he was making was a 999 call would be classed as an interview whilst others thought that it was simply a question to ascertain wether an offence has been commited or not. The same can apply to Guy failing to wear a seatbelt. Does asking him if he has a medical exemption certificate count as an interview and therefor require a caution? Or is it simply establishing wether an offence has been commited? Your thoughts?
  7. cookyy2k

    Theft of information

    I went call out a while ago and there was some debate between me and the regular (neither of us knew for certain), as it was we dealt with it but I've been wondering ever since... Late one Friday evening we got sent to a domestic. The male (whose house it was) had taken the female's mobile phone when she wasn't looking and locked himself in the bathroom with it. He said he had full intention of returning it to her after he had read her messages (suspecting infidelity), she did not want him to see certain messages she had been keeping secret (for whatever reason). There was no argument or altercation, he had just quietly taken it and her first reaction was call the police because he had "stolen" her phone. She wanted to go home and wasn't leaving without her phone but seemed more upset about the texts being read. Obviously there is no theft of the phone as he was going to give it back to her and there wasn't an assault or the like either. The discussion me and the reg were having is can the information (or confidentiality of) be "stolen". In the end we negotiated the return of the phone and gave her a lift home, intel was submitted but no further action taken against the boyfriend. So what offenses have been committed here and what would you have done in real life (since academic discussion of offences is all well and good but we have discretion for a reason!)?
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