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Found 5 results

  1. Stephen Maize

    leniency on sentences

    Why is there a two strike law? Meaning if I was carrying a knife in a public place on the first offence, the magistrate can set that aside, while the second and third time, the magistrate can send me to mandatory sentence. Why are magistrates allowed to show such leniency on the first offence?
  2. Three suspected rioters walked free from court yesterday despite refusing to reveal their names. They whooped with delight when a magistrate let them go, only making them promise to come back next year. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3307965/Laughing-law-Rioters-refuse-names-police-court-set-free-asked-come-year.html
  3. One for the legal beagles amongst us... A question I've wondered for a while is whether a court which felt someone had been inappropriately charged or their conduct fell short of the offence they had been charged with but met another, can convict them of that alternative offence for which they haven't been charged or not? A bit of research tells me that a jury can by virtue of S6(3) Criminal Law Act 1967, but how about a magistrates' court trying purely summary offences - can they decide that the defendant isn't guilty of using violence to secure entry but is guilty of being found on enclosed premises, or that his conduct falls short of causing harassment, alarm or distress but that he was certainly drunk and disorderly? If it is permitted, has anyone ever heard of it happening?
  4. plainmad

    Claiming Expenses for court

    Hiya, I've been given a warning that I need to attend court (will be my first time ) so obviously I need to get time off work. Now as far as I understand it, work has to give me the time off but don't have to pay me. I claim back my loss of earning from the police. I'm just wondering what the process is regarding this in Wiltshire. Is there any particluar form I need to fill in? Thanks Handscombmp
  5. Hello, This is my first post on this forum so please be kind! I am currently a special constable, however about a year ago, before I became a special, I witnessed a crime (rape, as it happens) I have now been asked to go to court as a witness. My question is, do I wear uniform or not? My initial thought was no because I witnessed the crime as a civilian, but would like to get some clarification, maybe someone has been in this situation? Also on the same topic if a special were to witness a crime whilst off duty then would they wear they're uniform to court. Look forward to your replies Thanks, James
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