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Found 10 results

  1. Some of you may have seen the tweet below: https://mobile.twitter.com/metecoban92/status/1140297204898439170 His tweet has been lambasted by what appears to be 99% of people. However In the name of debate has he got a point overall? He seems to think questioning people whist they are being stop and searched is a good thing which seems rather idiotic approach for a politician to take. Do these councillors do more harm than good?
  2. A teenager has been locked up after assaulting two police officers who found him with a hunting knife during a stop and search operation at a London Tube station. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7119081/Teenager-assaulted-two-police-officers-caught-hunting-knife-stop-search.html
  3. https://news.sky.com/story/sajid-javid-hints-at-cash-injection-for-london-police-amid-surge-in-violence-11547774 "The home secretary has told Sky News the police need more funding to help tackle knife crime as he hinted the chancellor would be stumping up the cash in the coming weeks. Speaking exclusively to Sky News in the wake of five fatal stabbings in the capital in just seven days, Sajid Javid said he was "deeply worried" about the spiralling violence and said he was in discussions with the chancellor to make sure the police had the financial resources they needed." Mrs May won't be happy, she and Amber RUDD have continued to deny that cutting police resources has impacted on the rise in violent crime, and the Fed were scaremongering. #cutshaveconsequences
  4. Britain’s most senior police officer has been urged to rethink her support for stop and search as race relations experts warn that an increase in its use will further alienate communities and make it harder to tackle the knife crime epidemic in London. Full Story - Guardian Simon Woolley seems to be saying the police are to blame for black youths/young men not trusting them, he argues increasing the use of stop and search on black males will likely increase resentment towards the police. Is it not time people started taking responsibility for what is happening in their communities instead of blaming the police all the time?
  5. New ONS stats show more violent crime alongside 5.4 million fraud and computer misuse offences. Posed photo by Katie Collins/PA Wire Knife and gun crime incidents recorded by police rose by more than 10 per cent last year compared with 2015, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has said. Police recorded 32,448 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in 2016 - a 14pc rise on the year before - bucking a recent trend for falling knife crime. These include rapes, sexual assaults and robberies in which knives or sharp instruments were used. Firearms offences increased by 13pc to 5,864, largely driven by a rise in crimes involving handguns. Overall, police recorded 4.8 million offences in 2016 - a 9pc increase from the year before, which was "thought to reflect changes in recording processes and practices rather than crime". However, the ONS said there had been "smaller but genuine increases" in homicide and knife crime. Overall, there were about 11.5 million incidents of crime in England and Wales after fraud and computer misuse offences were included for the second time. It makes 2016 the first calendar year to include fraud and computer offences, making up 5.4 million of the total, meaning year-on-year comparisons cannot be made. Stripping out the two categories gives a tally of 6.1 million, which the ONS said was not a "statistically significant" change from the previous year. Even though they had "substantially increased" the total, it was still 40pc below the 1995 level when crime figures peaked at 19 million, the ONS said. Rachel Almeida, head of policy for the charity Victim Support, said the figures made "startling reading". She said: "The latest crime survey for England and Wales shows 21pc of the population fell victim to crime last year, that 800,000 of these are children, with more than half suffering violent crime, and that gun and knife crime have seen sharp rises. "More must be done for victims of crime and that is why we are demanding all political parties seize the golden opportunity of the June 8 snap election and put victims at the centre of their policies for crime and policing when they release their manifestos." The National Police Chiefs' Council lead for crime and incident recording said the figures showed crime levels were "broadly stable compared with recent years". Chief Constable Bill Skelly added: "There are some genuine increases that police forces across the country are responding to, particularly with regard to a 14% rise in knife crime and 13% increase in firearms offences. "The trend - which had been declining for many years but has now begun to climb more sharply - is a key priority for the police service. "Forces will continue to target habitual offenders and conduct wide-ranging proactive operations to seize thousands of illegal weapons before they can be used to cause harm." View on Police Oracle
  6. I was looking at the Home Office section and the Ministry of Justice sections of the gov.uk website, and found some interesting statistics. Here are some interesting points I picked out regarding knife crime: Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/459534/knife-possession-sentencing-bulletin-q2-2015.pdf There are some interesting points in this article about sex offences: Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/sex-offender-sentences-hit-record-levels
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-35840702 A man has been arrested near a Glasgow private school after he was seen carrying two machetes. Eyewitnesses said the man was wearing a balaclava and running back and forth by St Aloysius College on Hill Street at about 08:30. One police officer was slightly injured during the arrest but no members of the public were hurt. There were reports the man threatened a lollipop man and tried to attack a janitor at the Glasgow School of Art. St Aloysius has both primary and secondary school pupils. A police spokesman said: "At around 08:30 on Friday, police responded to reports of a disturbance on Hill Street in Glasgow. "A man has been arrested in connection with the incident and no members of the public are believed to have been injured. "One officer sustained a minor injury during the arrest. "Inquiries are ongoing to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident." A school spokeswoman said: "St Aloysius College can confirm that an incident did take place on Hill Street near to the school before 9am this morning. "All pupils and staff are safe as the situation was identified and quickly diffused by police. "The safety and wellbeing of our pupils is, as always, paramount and staff have met with pupils to reassure them. "The college, along with other local businesses and residents, are now assisting Police Scotland with their inquiries." A Glasgow School of Art spokeswoman said: "The Glasgow School of Art can confirm that a member of our staff did encounter the individual described, whilst parking his car near to a GSA building. "The member of staff is shaken, but unharmed." Bravo to the officers involved, can't imagine much worse than a machete-wielding maniac. Swift recovery to the officer injured.
  8. A customer has been stabbed to death in a Poundland store in Oxfordshire. Witnesses said a man carrying two knives was Tasered by police after running from the discount shop in Bury Street, Abingdon, at about 11:20 GMT. Staff at a nearby Spar store said they barricaded themselves inside as the man tried to gain entry, before he was restrained by the police. A 36-year-old man, who is from Abingdon, has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Updates on this story and more from Oxfordshire Kash, who works at the Spar shop, said after the stabbing a man tried to push his way into the store. 'Terrible incident' He said: "He approached with two knives in his hands and he tried to enter. He said 'I just want to shake your hand' and we held the door closed. "Then a policewoman caught up with him and Tasered him." Poundland chief executive Jim McCarthy said he was "shocked" that one of the company's customers had been killed. He said: "Our sympathy and thoughts centre on the family of the deceased and of course with other customers and colleagues who were in the store at the time of this terrible incident." Supt Rory Freeman said: "Members of the public will understandably be shocked and upset by this incident today, which has happened in a very public place. "At this stage, this is not being treated as a terrorist incident." A second man nearby suffered a minor injury to his thumb. Thames Valley Police are investigating whether the incidents were connected. Joanna posted on Twitter: "Watching everything that happened today in Abingdon from my office window was terrifying. Rest in Peace." The leader of South Oxfordshire District Council John Cotton said on Twitter it was "dreadful news" and praised the quick response by police. A local trader, who did not want to be named, said: "People are absolutely devastated. Normally it's a very busy vibrant market, but everyone has gone home." BBC: Full story
  9. Not sure this will surprise many. Knife crime across England and Wales has risen for the first time in four years, official figures have revealed. Police recorded 26,370 offences in 2014/15, up from 25,974 the previous year - breaking a downward trend since 2010/11. The Office for National Statistics said the increase was "real" and was unlikely to be due to changes in police recording practices http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33547806
  10. 'We held the heart of a young boy in our hands and willed it to beat and to survive. We could not save him': London surgeon pleads for knife crime to halt after yet another killing Call for change: surgeon Tom Konig           A doctor who fought to save the latest teenage victim of London knife crime today pleaded for an end to the killing, saying: “Enough is enough.” Tom Konig performed open-heart surgery on student Shaquan Sammy-Plummer in the back of an ambulance after he was stabbed in the chest during a fight at a house party in Enfield. He had the task of telling the 17-year-old’s mother that her son had died. Shaquan was the fourth teenager killed in London this year. Today, in a message to attackers, Mr Konig pleaded: “Enough is enough. It is time to put your knives down.”   The trauma surgeon was part of London’s Air Ambulance fast-response team that intercepted the ambulance as it rushed Shaquan to hospital on Friday night.   In an extraordinary insight into the efforts made to keep such stabbing victims alive, Mr Konig told how they cut through his rib cage and massaged his heart after he went into cardiac arrest.   “We held the heart of a young boy in our hands... and willed it to beat and to survive. We continued to hospital but our efforts, and the efforts of the hospital team could not save this young man. “Another victim of the awful epidemic of senseless knife crime that is causing the death and disability of too many young men.” Stab victim Shaquan Sammy-Plummer Today friends paid tribute to the “smart, ambitious” boy from Finsbury Park who was a pupil at LaSWAP Sixth Form College in Camden and had a part-time job at Waitrose.   Mr Konig said he had been motivated to speak out after having to break the news to Shaquan’s mother with “brutal honesty”. Recalling the scene at the Royal London Hospital, he said: “If only we could have brought him back, we tried, oh how we tried.” He told the Standard today: “It was me breaking the bad news to a mother who had no idea. Here is her young son going out to work at Waitrose on a Friday night and he is gone. His life is over. It’s the utter futility of it.”   According to City Hall statistics, the number of knife assaults causing injury increased six per cent between 2013 and 2014, from 3,208 to 3,405. In a separate incident, a 24-year-old man died after being shot at a party in Thamesmead. Clive Massi, 24, was a student engineer whose family fled Congo’s civil war a decade ago. Related stories   Enough is enough, put your knives down, says surgeon sickened by senseless deaths " LAST night, a team consisting of myself and two London air ambulance service paramedics was one of two duty teams providing advanced trauma care to the people of London. After we had finished handing over one patient to the team at St Mary’s hospital we were alerted to another job. The information we were given was of an adult male, stabbed to the chest. The London Ambulance Service teams, already with the patient, needed our help. We donned our protective stab vests and plotted a route to the scene. It soon became apparent that the patient was very sick and they wanted to move to hospital. Our paramedic in ambulance control co-ordinated both teams so that we met seamlessly. We had made a plan of what we would do if we were faced with the worst scenario, namely a patient in cardiac arrest with a stab wound to the chest.   What we found was the all too familiar scenario of a young boy with a single stab wound to the chest, who was in cardiac arrest. Our teaching is to make a very quick assessment and then proceed to attempt to repair the damage that has been done.  We performed a resuscitative thoracotomy — immediately opening the chest to gain access to the heart and lungs to simultaneously diagnose the injury and treat it. In this instance the sac around the heart was tense and filled with the blood that had leaked from the stabbed heart deep within it. The heart struggled to beat again and as it did it bled from its wounds and a significant wound from the aorta, the main artery that leaves it to take blood to the rest of the body.    The wounds were sutured, warmed blood was transfused directly into the heart and adrenaline infused to stimulate it to beat again. We held the heart of a young boy in our hands and willed it to beat and to survive. We continued to hospital but our efforts and the efforts of the hospital team could not save this young man. Another victim of the awful epidemic of senseless knife crime that is causing the death and disability of too many young men with the whole of their lives ahead of them.   Not long after, I was notified of the arrival of the victim’s mother in the emergency department. Someone would need to tell her that her young son was dead. How best to break this awful news? Do we talk about the injuries sustained, our efforts to treat them, how we hoped that we had been successful, our optimism? No, this occasion called for brutal honesty. “I’m sorry but I have awful news. Your son is dead, he was stabbed in the chest and died. We tried our very best, we really did, we operated, we gave him blood, we held his heart in our hands and willed it to beat on its own, but it was badly damaged and he had bled terribly. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”    She heard little of what followed after I told her he was dead. If only we could have brought him back, we tried, oh how we tried. Another teenager killed by the hand of another on the streets of London.  Another life lost, another family torn apart, another perpetrator set to spend time imprisoned to dwell on their crimes.   No one wins, everyone loses. Many have been blamed for what some believe is an epidemic — the broken families, the schools, the politicians and police — but ultimate responsibility lies with the hand holding the knife. The person who decides to carry a weapon that they are sadly all too ready to use to resolve a dispute. Enough is enough. It is time to put your knives down. Find another way to argue and to fight, now, before it’s too late."   http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/surgeon-plea-knife-crime-end-boy-17-stabbed-in-heart-house-party-enfield-london-ambulance-knife-deaths-10017828.html    

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