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  1. Move to victims-based model sees change of direction for Kent Police. In the eye of the beholder: Kent weighs up options after puling the plug on predictive policing scheme Date - 27th November 2018 By - Nick Hudson - Police Oracle 2 Comments A pioneering force’s switch of emphasis in its policing model has brought the curtain down on a five-year project to predict and prevent crime. Kent Police quietly binned Predpol eight months ago – after being the first in England and Wales to introduce a system that used historical data and an algorithm to assist law enforcement in identifying public spaces that would benefit from patrols. The force is now evaluating its options for predictive policing – looking at the potential of going it alone, or with a partner, as it saves an estimated £100,000-a-year on the cancelled contract with the California-based company. The surprising development comes as campaigners called for urgent government action to stop, limit, or safeguard the rapid increase in prevalent police surveillance technologies they claim are infringing on individuals’ fundamental rights. Independent cross-party body Brotherhood Watch told the Commons’ Home Affairs Select Committee’s Policing for the Future inquiry in the summer that “police forces naturally seeking to acquire technology they believe will improve public safety or save them time and money” were “outpacing the law”. But the decision by the Kent force to scrap the scheme, despite an innovation that had produced a “good record of predicting where crimes are likely to take place, was entirely due to a change in direction – not brought on by any outside pressure. Kent Superintendent John Phillips told Police Oracle: “We became the first force in England and Wales to introduce predictive policing in December 2013 and using historical data and an algorithm it allowed officers to identify public spaces that would benefit from patrols. “While it did not predict crime, it was used as a preventative tool and supported the force’s focus at the time on neighbourhood policing. “The launch of a new policing model that places victims and witnesses at its centre, has led Kent Police to evaluate alternative options which will support a focus on both traditional and emerging crime types. “Therefore Kent Police has not renewed its contract with the current provider of predictive policing.” The force – which saw the new technology was piloted in the region in December 2013 after a successful, four-month trial in Medway resulted in a six per cent drop in street violence – admitted it stopped using the system on March 31 this year, after an extensive review looked into the cost and overall effectiveness. Several forces in the UK – Greater Manchester, West Midlands, West Yorkshire and the Metropolitan Police – have been following Kent’s lead in trialling predictive policing tools. The Met says it does not use person-specific data to make predictions while Durham Constabulary has worked with researchers to develop a programme that predicts the likelihood of an arrested individual re-offending, based on factors including previous criminal history, age and postcode. Predpol chief executive Brian MacDonald says his company is talking to other UK forces and hopeful that Kent Police – which had not been using the most recent version of its system which tracks officers using GPS to make sure they follow the paths suggested by the algorithm – is just “on pause” at this juncture. The doubters on predictive policing – such as Big Brother Watch – are seeking an immediate end to the UK police use of automated facial recognition in public spaces; the introduction of a policy of automatic deletion of the custody images of unconvicted individuals from police databases, and removing of all historic images of unconvicted individuals; safeguards in relation to police use of AI, algorithms and other automated systems to protect fundamental rights and prevent the use of AI to make decisions which engage fundamental rights, and restrict the use of predictive policing systems which have the potential to reinforce discriminatory policing; and a ban on the “indiscriminate tracking and monitoring of UK citizens” via the national ANPR network. The organisation said in a statement to Parliament: “There is an increasing trend of police forces acquiring, developing, and operationally deploying new, intrusive, and untested technologies that are likely to be incompatible with people’s fundamental rights.” view On Police Oracle
  2. Five go volunteering together. Date - 23rd November 2018 By - JJ Hutber- Police Oracle The first police force in the country to give volunteers PCSO powers has recruited five volunteers against its vision of 300. In November last year Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott announced plans for VPCSOs were well underway. A spokesman for the force said Chief Constable Alan Pughsley’s aspiration is there will be approximately 300 in total. A recruitment drive for Community Policing Volunteers was launched in early January, advertising opportunities to specialise in horseback visible policing, dog walking and skill based investigation support in mental health, restorative justice and cybercrime. They hoped CPVs would “play a vital role in solving local problems and gathering useful evidence about criminal activity and anti-social behaviour”. But Kent Police has confirmed so far only five people have successfully signed up for the scheme. A Kent Police spokesman said they have all exceeded their “required hours”. Citizens in Policing Chief Inspector Jason Wenlock said: ‘Kent Police has recruited five community policing volunteers (CPVs) as part of a pilot in the Maidstone area to help promote community safety and increase support for vulnerable people. “These volunteers will have a varied role in supporting the vital service that PCSOs already deliver, including helping to provide advice and reassurance to local residents around issues including anti-social behaviour. “They were recruited as part of a county-wide campaign which we aim to expand further later this year.” Two years ago the then Home Secretary Theresa May announced she would extend the powers that chiefs can give volunteers – opening the door to create new roles such as volunteer police community support officers. The subsequent introduction of the Police and Crime Act 2017 gives chief constables the power the power to bestow the limited powers that PCSOs have on volunteers for the first time. View On Police Oracle
  3. Financial system doubled invoices for up to seven years. PCC Matthew Scott By - JJ Hutber- Police Oracle 6 Comments Discovering a fiver down the back of a sofa is a smug feeling like no other. But few people will experience the mixture of horror and joy Kent Police auditors must have known when they uncovered £1 million - hidden by a “technical glitch”. For between five and seven years, every time a Kent Police employee altered an invoice the system was charged double for accounting purposes. The money never left force accounts, meaning the force has racked up almost £1m extra. An eagle-eyed auditor spotted the discrepancy while Kent Police finance team was putting its end of year accounts together. Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott told his police and crime panel he decided to describe the issue in his annual report “in the interests of transparency”. The extra funds will be added to Kent Police reserves. Councillor Fay Gooch said at a meeting of the police crime and panel she was “baffled” the mistake went unnoticed for so long. “In local government we are the best at managing money so happy to come along and give advice at any time but I do think that you need to rack up the accuracy a bit more because something’s going wrong,” she said. Mr Scott responded: "Because it was an unqualified opinion I didn’t have to [highlight the error]. I could have just said there are the accounts go find it yourself. “But I wanted to highlight that to the panel of where I’m holding to the force to account. “We didn’t lose £1m in cash. It was there, it was always there. "I bring that forward for that very reason because sometimes these things do happen and I don’t think always that agencies should hide behind unqualified opinion saying that everything’s fantastic.” Mr Scott’s chief finance officer Rob Phillips added the problem is “clearly unacceptable”. “It was an error in the way that we’d been using the financial system that meant that effectively this money was double counted to a certain extent and is over a period of a number of years. “So it’s happened over the last five, six, seven years clearly. That’s not right. "We need to makes sure the systems we’ve got are working perfectly fine. "So with the commissioner’s agreement and approval we are now going to engage an audit firm to come and have a look and to make sure we are using the systems correctly, that we’ve got to ensure that there aren’t any other of these things that are slipping.” View On pOlice Oracle
  4. bongo

    Home visit

    Anybody able to give an insight into this for reg recruitment? Anything I need to prepare?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Kent Police to patrol with guns at Canterbury Cathedral and other locations 19 September 2016 Kent Image captionCanterbury Cathedral is one of the places armed police will protect Police armed with guns are to patrol routinely in Kent, in locations including Canterbury Cathedral, Dover port and the Bluewater shopping centre. The move comes following recent terrorist attacks in Europe, but is not in response to specific intelligence. The armed presence is intended as a deterrent and to allow an immediate response in an emergency, police said. The Kent force's approach has been criticised as being likely to worry people rather than reassure them. The move comes amid high national threat levels and Deputy Chief Constable Paul Brandon said it would enable police to react quickly if necessary. 'Get used to it' "Tragically, what we have seen in France and other areas that it's in the first hour that there is large numbers of casualties," he said. But Frank Furedi, professor of sociology at the University of Kent, said there were better ways to police the county. "I have been to Belgium recently where there are armed police everywhere, but when you talk to Belgians they are far more scared than previously. "I would rather Kent Police had a more low-key approach. The real deterrent is always behind-the-scenes, intelligence-led policing." Image captionArmed officers will be carrying Tasers as well as firearms Mr Brandon, who has described the terror threat facing the county as "unprecedented", said officers were currently being redeployed from other tasks and the number of firearms officers would be increased over the next 12 to 18 months. "There are officers at this moment going through a very stringent selection process," he said. The British police on routine armed patrol Kent Police has not said how many armed officers it will deploy but the government announced in April there would be an extra 1,500 across England and Wales and the Metropolitan Police has said the number of armed officers will go up in London by 600 to 2,800. Kent Police Federation said the deployment was an unprecedented increase for the county. But its chairman Ian Pointon said the public were used to seeing armed officers at airports and London railway stations and would get used to this. Kent Police to patrol with guns at Canterbury Cathedral and other locations - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-37404915 Image captionThe number of armed officers has yet to be confirmed
  6. Kent PC Nicholas Reeves dismissed over restraint death - 6 years to make a decision? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-37039170
  7. Chrish229

    HELP !

    Hi guys ! Basically I'm trying to make this decision but everytime I mull it over I can't choose ! So I asked Kent Police if I could transfer my assessment centre results (ticket) and sent a photocopy of my results, I never heard back ! So I said "I'm not waiting any longer !" And went ahead applying to MOD Police with my ticket ! They received my application and today emailed me and said I will be given s vetting form nearer the time of my firearms assessment which is March 2016 ! At the same time Kent popped an email as well :'( They said my results were fine and gave me a link to fill in an application form and once I had done that they would invite me to an interview in October 2015 (next month !) and that if I passed the interview I would be put on an intake in Feb 2016 ! Need advice ! I'm pulling my hair out :'( Do I pick MOD and get in without an interview so that means no stress ? Do I pick Kent, have to WITHDRAW my application with MOD and hope I pass the interview ?! I am aware what MOD is like by the way. Any advice would be amazing !
  8. http://www.courier.co.uk/Investigation-dropped-Kent-Police-Crime/story-26077091-detail/story.html
  9. A man is in a critical condition after being shot by police who were called to an incident in a Kent village. Firearms officers and police negotiators were sent to a house in Hersden, near Canterbury at 11.20pm on Sunday. A young woman inside the house suffered stab wounds and a 40-year-old male relative was shot by a police officer. Kent police said the pair were taken to hospital, where they are both in a critical condition. A police spokesman said the case had been voluntarily referred to the police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission. View the full article
  10. Hi all, Does anybody know: I have passed everything for the Kent application except vetting. whilst I wait for the result I would like to defer to the Met where I am a special. Do I have to cancel my application with Kent BEFORE I put in an application with the Met or do I just fill in the application form on the Met police website and state I've passed the SEARCH and wait to hear back from them? Obviously if I cancel my Kent police application then don't make it through the paper sift with the Met I'd be gutted!! Cheers all, Bongo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. H-H

    July '14 Recruitment Drive

    Hi guys, Currently getting my head down getting ready for my senior interview for a PC job at Kent next Monday! Was wondering if there is anyone else on the forum who is at the same stage as provided all goes well we could end up training together for 20 weeks!
  12. Kent Police are currently recruiting for Regulars Closing date is Tuesday 25th November 2014 - 4pm Good luck for those who apply! http://www.kent.police.uk/join_us/police_officer/pol_off.html

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