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  1. Hi all, First post here. I wondered how many had recently applied to Hampshire Constabulary on the June/July 2016 recruitment drive? I understand that Hampshire conduct initial interviews prior to national SEARCH assessment. Has anyone had recent experience of these initial interviews? I can see the advantages of interviewing applications prior to paying to put them through the national process, just wondered how different this interview is to the normal 'final interview' post SEARCH. Many thanks in advance.
  2. I was just wondering if anybody has had a telephone interview with Greater Manchester Police before? Also any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  3. Dunkin Donut

    Online Apollo Tests

    A topic, which I think, may or may not have been covered before. Does anyone know of anywhere, where you can get specific help with the Situational Judgement Test that is being done by some of the forces? I am literally at my wits end here, as I have failed on this particular test yet again. It is for Regular recruitment, not to be confused with the one that is done for the Specials, as I have passed that without any problem. I am happy to relocate to another neighbouring force, but, unfortunately for me, my home force and neighbouring forces (that I share the border with) all do these o
  4. Andrew7541546082849

    My occupational Health

    I had my Occupational Health test today, I'll start by breaking it down to everyone so that new person know what to expect - but I'll end on some mid-bad news which I want advice on. Start for 1030 so I leave the house at 0900. Arrive at 1015, and begin by answering a short questionnaire stating you're happy for them to conduct tests etc. Start by Auditory test - basically checking you're not deaf. Beeps occur in the left ear, getting louder and changing in frequency - press the button when you hear it, let go when you don't - nice and simple, repeat for the next ear. Next you're taken upst
  5. Good evening! I recently applied to become a Met PC (second language pilot scheme) and completed the online assessments last week. I was quite confident I had performed well...until I got the email saying I hadn't reached the pass mark. A total reality check! I must admit I had totally underestimated the online assessments when there is obviously some kind of technique to perform well in them, something I didn't even think about. Luckily, I've been offered the chance to resit them and was wondering if any of you is/ has been in the same position? The email was quite vague and stated the Met
  6. scott jones

    Provisional acceptance letter

    Hey, I am so pleased that today I received a provisional acceptance letter from Wiltshire police as a PC! Has anyone else applied to work within Wiltshire? How long do all the checks take? They say they check: Please note that this offer of employment is subject to satisfactory medical checks (including drugs/alcohol tests), character checks, security checks, biometric vetting, media checks, finance checks, Professional Standards Department checks and references. Thanks Scott
  7. Blues&Toos

    Interview Prep

    Hi all, I said a little while ago that I would make something like this and I have finally found the time! First of all, a big congratulations on getting to the interview stage as that would more than likely mean that you have passed your assessment centre. I cannot disclose any specific information about the interview for obvious reasons, BUT I will be using information that is already in the public domain. First of all, the bare interview basics! 1) Be Confident - Make conversation, be positive, maintain a good clear voice when talking and don't be afraid to SMILE! It sounds a bit strang
  8. Hi there, I have been to two slection days. One with the met police last year which was for becoming a new constable and one with kent police as a special constable. I failed both selection days. The met was properly based on maths and the role plays. I was gutted but not suprised. Anyway I would of had to shell out cash on the CKP. The point im getting at is Kent polices selection tests for special constable confused me. Its the fact that they dont seem to follow the national framework. For example the met made me take the role of a customer service officer in a fictious centre called wi
  9. Special constable application sent off for 21st feb 2014 closing date. Anyone else in the same boat?
  10. Here is the ultimate MSC assessment day topic, no need to start a new one anymore just add you're questions and dates to this thread. Enjoy...
  11. Hello, I am applying to my local force to become a Special Constable. I am very excited and nervous but I have been hoping to pass all the tests; I am going as far to prepare properly for Interviews, the beep test and fitness test overall - I only sent off the preliminary form two days ago! lol But here is my soon to be problem; my brother was convicted of GBH when he was 14 he is currently 25 now. I just turned 18 in May and I was rejected from the cadets because I was too old (17) but the chap on the phone referred me to Special Constable after I turned 18. Which I put down on the prelimina
  12. BillyJames

    Application- Essex Specials

    Hi All, I'm new on here :new_wave: I was just hoping if anyone could answer a few queries that I have about my application form. :new_yummy: I recently (about 3 weeks ago) submitted my application to Essex Police Special Constables. I was just wondering how long it normally takes to get back to you to see weather you have been accepted? Also, not counting my chickens before they hatch, How hard is the PIRT test and interview, as mathematics isn't my forte? Any reply's will be greatly received. Thank you!!!!! :lol:
  13. Hello all! I am applying for special constable at TVP I have been given mixed responses from TVP recruitment and TVP vetting 3years ago I was given a Youth Restorative Disposal for harassment at the time the officer said this will not Effect me in the future and when joining the police. As this is not a caution or conviction will this affect me? Thanks
  14. Hi there, I have just been invited onto the above assessment day at Mount Browne and have a couple of questions. - What style of questions are they asking in a values based interview - I know that no one can discuss the actual questions but for example do they ask you to prove where you have used the values in the past and how you will use them if you get the job? -is it true that if you fail this interview you cannot apply to Surrey Police again EVER? - Am I right to be nervous about how tough they'll be or is it quite straightforward and simple to get through?
  15. Hi all, I'm new on here. I have submitted my SC application and the closing date is tomorrow. Does anyone know how long you normally have to wait to hear whether or not you're successful? Cheers guys :new_yummy:
  16. I am currently a Special Constable with The Police Service of Scotland. I will hopefully be attending my final interview for the regs shortly. Does anybody have a list of the likely questions they will ask? Many Thanks, Andy
  17. Hey all, New to the forums but a long time watcher. Just a quick post to see who's applied for Dounreay? Dunk
  18. michaelgaga

    Gay Officers

    Just wondering if there are any openly gay specials in the force? How do you feel about being a gay officer? Dose it impact on your work or are you treated differently by colleagues/public? Thanks!
  19. michaelgaga


    Can I be a paramedic and Police Special? I heard something about conflict of interest. Is anyone a Paramedic and Special and whats it like? Appreciate any responses. :new_thanks:
  20. I have just received a text from a friend who is also applying to the MSC telling me that he received an email informing him that specials recruitment has been temporarily suspended as they are focusing on regular recruitment. Has anyone else received a similar email and can anyone shed any light on this as I'm unable to access my email right now! Edit I've just managed to access my emails and found this in my inbox Really hope this doesn't last too long!
  21. ChrisTurvey

    New Special Competencies

    I have my Special Assessment on Wednesday 22nd January and I am trying to gather as much information about the positive/negative indicators in the interview. I was wondering if anyone knew any information that could help? Thank You
  22. Lornajeanx

    Interview tomorrow. Advise please?

    Hello everyone. I've visited this site a few times due to my interest in the police force. I'm now awaiting my interview tomorrow and I'm worrying. I know I shouldn't be, I'd just like to have a few tips/ a bit of advise on what to expect on the day. It is with the West Yorkshire police based in Wakefield. The main things I'm worrying about is the competency questions - Service Delivery, Working with others, Professionalism and openness to change. I've read the booklet I received over email and understand the descriptions of the competencies but can anyone advise me on how to answer in a st
  23. Bombidia

    Got an A but failed papersift

    Hello, I applied for Kent and was told 3 weeks ago that I had failed the papersift. I got my feedback today. I am confused - I got an A overall and for the competency... Question 1: Effective Communication A Question 2: Personal Responsibility A Question 3: Resilience B Question 4: Respect for Race and Diversity A The reason I failed is apparently: Although your application met the required standard in the competency assessment, the standard of written communication evidenced in your application did not meet that required. Candidates who do not reach this standard at application go
  24. Hi all, This is my first post, so I hope it's ok, and that I've put it in the right place etc! Right here goes... Ahead of making an application as a Special Constable, I'd like to do some reading into the basics of the law, and the procedures of the Police to make sure my knowledge can match or surpass my enthusiasm, as well as making sure that I am as best prepared for the initial, and any following interviews as I can be. In addition to that, if or when I pass through the recruitment process, I should imagine that having as much knowledge as possible will set me in good stead to be as goo
  25. jayjayjay

    Medical and appication question

    Hello, A couple of months now i filled out an online form for a special constable role with the met police, this included providing information about past employers and previous addressess, but it did not include specific questions that would be expected on an application form e.g. why do you want to become a police officer, describe a situation when you have had to deal with... etc. etc. I wanted to know if i have possibly missed out on completing another form which has these type of questions within it or if the online form, which is just requesting those basic answers is the normal a

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