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Found 18 results

  1. A Just Stop Oil protestor running on to the M25 today caused a lorry crash and left a police outrider hurt as swathes of Britain's busiest motorway were shut for the third day running. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11406739/Just-Stop-Oil-return-M25-Protester-manages-scale-gantry-day-row.html
  2. Police have broken up an illegal rave in a field attended by around 200 people. Essex Police said officers were called to Theydon Bois at around 11pm on Saturday after reports of the music event. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/newslondon/objects-thrown-at-police-as-officers-break-up-illegal-rave-in-essex/ar-AAKKMwm?ocid=msedgntp
  3. image copyrightPA Media image captionPC Christopher Philpott has been dismissed for gross misconduct A police officer who fired a Taser at a colleague's leg inside an airport police station has been dismissed for gross misconduct. PC Christopher Philpott discharged the device at Stansted Airport station on 16 March, a misconduct hearing was told. Essex Police Chief Constable Ben-Julian Harrington said there was "no justification" for the use of force. He described PC Philpott's actions as "completely reckless". PC Philpott was found to have breached police standards of professional behaviour relating to the use of force and discreditable conduct. 'Completely reckless' Mr Harrington, who chaired the hearing on 6 November, said: "While PC Philpott was of previously exemplary character there is no justification for the use of such force. "His actions were completely reckless. Use of a Taser is a significant use of force. "Officers trained to carry and use one are entrusted with the highest levels of responsibility to ensure they are only used where it's believed to be absolutely necessary to resolve a dangerous situation." PC Philpott has also been placed on the College of Policing's barred list. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-54917293
  4. A POLICE officer joined a plot to steal cash being handed between crime gangs, a court heard. PC Kashif Mahmood, 31, was allegedly at two incidents where hundreds of thousands was taken. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12070838/police-officer-organised-crime-gang/
  5. BP98

    SEARCH Assessment

    Since applying for the role of a Police Constable with Essex Police in March 2020, I've been checking emails every day for updates and to keep an eye out for any announcements regarding my application. I recently took part in the telephone briefing in preparation to attend the SEARCH Assessment on 8th April 2020. Following from the Governments announcements of lockdown and introductions of social distancing as a result of COVID-19, I was very disappointed, but understood the reasons, to find out that my SEARCH assessment day had been cancelled until further notice.
  6. BP98

    Shortlisting & Briefing

    Today I received an update on my application to confirm that I had been successful at passing the shortlisting stage of my application. I was then invited to take part in a telephone briefing for the next stage of my application which would be the SEARCH Assessment day. I was very excited by this and felt that my application was moving at a good pace. The invite for the briefing was to take place on 2nd April 2020...so, I added it to my diary and started to conduct my own research into the SEARCH Assessment stage
  7. BP98

    Application complete

    From as young as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a Police Officer. From watching almost every Police TV programme possible to watching Police Officers at work, it has always appealed to and been the dream career of mine. After previous discussions and failing to be successful, this evening I spoke with my partner again about my thoughts of applying to Essex Police... this evening, we agreed that it was the right time to make this change!
  8. Five police officers will face gross misconduct proceedings after a man lost his fingertips when they were trapped under a toilet rim at an Essex police station. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/essex-police-misconduct-man-fingertips-chopped-toilet-seat-a4128996.html
  9. Interesting news report but you'd think if they were threatening the crew with violence to take it over they would have been arrested and investigated for more than just immigration offences.
  10. HEAD We want our pre-1969 force back, say campaigners Calls to remove borough from county force as austerity takes toll on policing budget. Councillor Martin Terry Politicians are preparing a case to send to the Home Office to ask for their borough to be withdrawn from its force area. A group of independent councillors in Southend-on-Sea has called for the area to have its own force carved out of Essex – reverting to pre-1969 arrangements. Spokesman Martin Terry, who unsuccessfully stood for the Essex police and crime commissioner role in 2016, said his area doesn’t get the resources it requires. “We’re saying to the PCC that unless we see a dramatic increase in the level of policing in Southend, we will apply to the Home Office,” he said. “Southend has by far the highest crime rate but doesn’t get its fair share. When the PCC put the precept up this year he got 150 officers back from the 800 we lost but distributed them right across the piece - based on crime stats we should have got them all.” He added: “If we re-establish a single borough police force we will be able to establish much more local control of the precept and deliver the policing we need.” Mr Terry, who rubbished Theresa May’s contention that there is no link between officer numbers and crime, said the group would not favour having a local PCC. He added that the large police station in Southend-on-Sea could be a force HQ, while specialist resources could be shared across the county. The non-party political group is the unitary authority’s opposition, having previously led it in coalition from 2014-16. Several major local businesses have spoken to the Southend Echo newspaper in support of the idea. But their chances appear remote, as a spokesman for the Home Office said any application for a change of force boundary needs the support of the area’s PCC. He added: “An application for a police force boundary change would need to be locally led and supported by the police and crime commissioner. “Such an application would need to be accompanied by a robust business case demonstrating how the change would be in the interests of economy, efficiency and effectiveness.” Deputy police, fire and crime commissioner for Essex, Jane Gardner, said: “Working with the police we identified the rise in crime at an early stage and have been lobbying the government on behalf of policing nationally and specifically for the people of Essex.” She said 15 of the new officers will be specifically for Southend and PFCC Roger Hirst has been in recent contact with Southend Council about policing and crime. View On Police Oracle
  11. Hricardojh

    Essex police trousers - where to buy?

    Hello, I am a new recruit for Essex police and want to purchase some more uniform but can't find an exact match for the trousers - has anyone else found them somewhere? If so, where did you find them? Thanks in advance!
  12. Essex Police is encouraging volunteer officers to join CID. Ian Weinfass spoke to two of those who have joined up to see what they think so far. Special constables Michelle Hill and Luke Howard Date - 7th September 2018 By - Ian Weinfass - Police Oracle Two specials recruited into CID teams are providing a valuable contribution, their force says. As reported earlier this year, Essex Police is encouraging volunteer officers to become detectives. It has recruited two specials to the roles so far, though it was aiming for six, but says both investigators are doing well. A force spokesman said: “We will continue to recruit to the remaining posts and hope that the positive experience of our two current special detectives will help us attract others to the role.” The idea is the detectives undertake investigation work, attend incidents, take statements, become officer in the case, and eventually take the national investigators’ exam. Special Constable Michelle Hill started with CID in Southend in April, having first become a special in 2008. She had previously had a spell with detectives in nearby Grays from 2014, and hopes to take her NIE in November. She told Police Oracle: “What I particularly enjoy about working in CID is that as a special generally we stop at the point of handover. “When we’ve been at an incident, we arrest somebody and take them into custody and we never hear about it unless it goes to court. You don’t get the conclusion you only get part of the story. “I think the benefits of being a special in CID is you see the start of it and then you see it all the way through to charge to court as well, the whole process.” SC Luke Howard, a train driver in his full time job, has been a special for four years and started as a detective in Harlow in July. “It’s great being out on the street but I never saw what was going on in the background and processing people through and seeing it through to the end,” he said. “I’ll go out there and nick people, that’s great but I want to take ownership of it. I want to see real bad people taken off the streets and that’s the reason why I joined.” He is learning for his PIP1 accreditation. Both detectives remain warranted officers and keep up with their accreditation in different uniformed specialisms too. The special detectives do juggle their duties with full time jobs, but SC Hill, a consultant in strategy and commissioning for vulnerable adults points out that her day job is flexible and enables her to come in even when her shift. How do they think the regular detectives in their teams have taken to them? “They had a lot of questions,” said SC Hill. “I think going up the chain the DSs and DIs realised that with resources reducing having extra resources to add resilience to the team was a good thing. “We also bring in outside skills as well, fresh in with a different set of eyes. We had another special in [2014] from an IT background, I come from a vulnerable adults and strategic background and we could use those skills in our work.” SC Wilson added: “The team I’m with are brilliant. Other teams [in the building] have asked questions: they don’t know and they want to know." But overall: “They know it’s an extra body for them, they know I’m not there to take their job away they know I’m there to support them.” I View On Police Oracle
  13. Police had been responding to an entirely unrelated report. A car crash has been referred to the police watchdog despite the fact officers’ presence in the area was a coincidence. On Sunday two teenage boys were arrested in connection with a car crash in which five pedestrians were seriously injured the day before. The collision happened at 4.10pm on Saturday afternoon in Furtherwick Road, Canvey, Essex when a blue BMW 120D was in a collision with five men. The BMW driver and passenger abandoned the car, which turned out to be stolen, and fled the scene. Five men in their early 20s were treated at the scene for serious injuries before being taken to hospitals across Essex and London. Three remain in hospital while they receive treatment and two have been released. But none of the injuries are described as life threatening. A statement from Essex Police said initial reports there had been a police pursuit were incorrect. “Officers were in the area responding to an unrelated incident at the time and not to the presence of the BMW,” a spokesman said. But the matter has been referred to the Independent Office for Police Complaints “under the criteria of there being an indirect link between police being in the area and the incident.” The spokesman refused to comment further. Max Maxwell, 18, of Small Gains Avenue, Canvey has been charged with four counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving, one count of aggravated vehicle taking and one count of driving without insurance. He is due to appear at Basildon Magistrates' Court today (Monday). A 17-year-old boy from Canvey was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, failing to stop after an accident, driving while unfit through drink or drugs, aggravated vehicle taking and causing serious injury by dangerous driving. He has been released on bail until May 5, pending further enquiries. View On Police Oracle
  14. Officer hurt knee following workplace 'banter' from sergeant. A detective who claims her career was ruined when she was injured in a prank is suing the force for £500,000 in compensation. Rebecca Jenkins, fell and hurt her left knee as she retrieved her phone, which had been hidden by her sergeant in the ceiling of Grays police station, in Essex. There is a “culture of pranking” at the station and as a trainee detective and new arrival, she was the butt of practical jokes, Ms Jenkins claims. The 33-year-old said she joined in the “banter” and would “give as good as she got”, but her detective career was sabotaged when the prank by Sergeant Alan Blakesley ended in disaster. Ms Jenkins discovered her phone was hidden in the void above the ceiling after hearing it ring. She then climbed onto a desk to retrieve it but slipped and hit her knee. Ms Jenkins suffered depression, acute pain and an “adjustment disorder” after the incident in July 2012, her barrister said. She had to quit frontline work and eventually lost her job with Essex Police in October last year after eight years with the force. Ms Jenkins, from Wickford, Essex, conceded that Sgt Blakesley had played the joke to “raise the spirits of the team”, telling the court the office pranks were “good-humoured”. However, her barrister argued Ms Jenkins was “under pressure to conform” by joining in the “culture of practical joking” because she was a junior member of the team. Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh is contesting the compensation claim, disputing the extent of Ms Jenkins’s injuries and arguing the sergeant carried out nothing more than a “good-hearted workplace prank”. His barrister, Laura Johnson, claimed Sgt Blakesley told her not to climb onto her desk and offered to retrieve the phone himself. The hearing continues at Central London County Court. View On Police Oracle
  15. Experienced special constables will be deployed by constabulary looking to boost their numbers. A force looking to hit a target set by its PCC for specials numbers is bringing them into its criminal investigation department. Superintendent Simon Anslow, who leads on the special constabulary for Essex Police, announced the new policy on social media. He said: “We've just advertised new opportunities for independent patrol specials to work alongside regulars in detective roles. “Officers will get additional training in investigation and interview and a national accreditation. Help out in new ways.” The force is looking for six of the officers who will undergo a “number of trial duties” which will be monitored by a detective sergeant. More may be taken on in future. They will have the opportunity to take the national investigators’ exam and will be PIP1 and potentially PIP2 trained. Questioned about the caseload taken on by investigators and the officers having their own full time jobs, the superintendent said: “We’ll tailor the work to the volunteer, one of ours worked 2,120 hours in 2017 so he would be able to do it.” Essex Police has been set a target of doubling its specials numbers from around 300 to 600 by its Police, Crime and Fire Commissioner Roger Hirst. Last year it announced it was deploying some to firearms licensing duties, while declining to rule out job cuts in the department. There is a national shortage of detectives, which HMIs have warned is risking a crisis in policing. Other forces, including Hampshire Constabulary, have previously brought specials into their investigation teams. Last year the Met recruited former specials into CID via a direct entry scheme, but they switched to paid roles when they were taken on. Ian Miller, chairman of the Association of Special Constabulary Chief Officers, told Police Oracle: “It seems to be a very sensible thing to get specials to do. They’re doing things that nobody else would be doing and we know it’s a major issue for public confidence if things aren’t investigated.” But some responses have been more sceptical regarding Essex’s plan. One Twitter user said: “Once they complete the NIE (and taken that opportunity from a regular) they can leave and get an investigatory role in the private sector with a qualification paid for by the police. There are so many issues with this scheme.” Police Oracle asked Essex Police why warranted specials are preferred to help with investigations rather than other volunteers, if a larger number of minimum volunteer hours will be required from the recruits, and if they will manage cases from start to finish. A spokesman was unable to answer our questions before this article went live. View On Police Oracle
  16. Essex police have apologised to alleged victims of child abuse after uncovering problems with the effectiveness of 30 investigations. Ch Con Stephen Kavanagh said he was “very disappointed” to discover the failings and said the cases had been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. “I was very disappointed to learn of this and I am now determined that we find out exactly what has happened and to rectify things quickly, not least for the victims,” he said. “The force is working hard to put in place new systems to stop this from happening again. If individuals have failed in their duties then they will be held to account, but we will also look at all possible aspects of why this has happened.” Most of the 30 investigations relate to the work of the child abuse investigation team that covers north Essex, the force said. New officers had been put in charge of all 30 investigations and a senior retired detective had been brought in to review the ongoing child abuse investigations, it added. “We have contacted the families of those involved in these investigations to let them know what is happening and apologise for the undoubted distress this has caused them,” the force said. Essex police force was criticised last year after it emerged that officers failed to investigate teacher Martin Goldberg for 10 months after receiving allegations about him from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Ceop) centre. Goldberg, 46, secretly recorded thousands of images of naked boys at Thorpe Hall school in Southend before killing himself a day after police visited him on 9 September. Information about Goldberg was passed to Essex police in November 2013 after it was handed to Ceop, now part of the National Crime Agency, by Toronto police in July 2012. The intelligence, dubbed Project Spade, was an international sting that caught people attempting to purchase child abuse images over the internet. Information about 2,300 suspected paedophiles in the UK, including Goldberg, was not disseminated to forces around the UK until November 2013 after it became part of the National Crime Agency. View the full article
  17. A man who was sprayed in the face with CS gas by police officers has been awarded a £21,000 compensation pay-out. Essex Police agreed the out-of-court settlement to Alan Lethbridge but has not apologised. Mr Lethbridge, 34, of Romford, said he has had mental health problems since being sprayed during his arrest in Brentwood High Street in 2009. The former builder said he hoped to "rebuild his life" with the money and work again. Mr Lethbridge bought a van with part of his compensation money and is about to return to work, as a delivery driver, for the first time since his arrest. "The money just doesn't do it justice and it wasn't about the money," he said. "It was about the principle that I hadn't done anything in the first place. "It's just a relief that it is all finished with, but it's disappointing that I never got an apology." Defensive skills training In 2010 the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigated and decided Mr Lethbridge's arrest was lawful, but the two people who were sprayed with CS gas should have been given a clear warning. A TV cameraman filmed the CS spray being discharged close to Mr Lethbridge's face. Following the IPCC inquiry, the three police officers involved went on a defensive skills training refresher course and the officer who deployed the CS spray was given advice on its use. The Crown Prosecution Service had previously decided the officers should not face any criminal charges. Mr Lethbridge was convicted for spitting in the face of a paramedic in April 2010, but it was quashed after an appeal. Charges of being drunk and disorderly and using threatening words or behaviour were dropped. "For the five to six years I've been on anti-depressants, the doctors diagnosed me with post-traumatic stress disorder and I've been having counselling," said Mr Lethbridge. "My life has been complete hell for the past five years." Essex Police told BBC Look East it would not issue an apology as Mr Lethbridge's complaint to Essex Police was not upheld by the IPCC. Source here with video
  18. Shocking footage that has emerged online shows the moment when a cyclist was knocked off his bike before being attacked by a van driver. The cyclist's head camera captured the event, which begins with the van travelling alongside the cyclist. In the footage someone can be heard shouting "get off the phone you muppet". It is not clear whether that comes from the cyclist or from inside the van. Soon after, the van steers close to the cyclist and knocks him to the ground. The driver of the van can then be seen leaving his vehicle and confronting the cyclist, who at this point is still on the ground. Both men start shouting and a fight breaks out between the two - soon after that the camera fell to the ground. A fight breaks out between the two men (YouTube) The police say they are aware of the incident - which they believe took place in Hornchurch, Essex - and want to speak to the cyclist who was assaulted. Essex Police ✔ @EssexPoliceUK Follow We're aware of a You Tube video of a cyclist being assaulted + would advise the victim to contact police on 101 so it can be investigated 4:07 PM - 15 Jan 2015 Taylor Landscaping - the name shown on the side of the van - declined to comment when contacted. The company is a member of online trades portal TrustATrader, which vets companies based on the quality of their work. A spokesperson for TrustATrader said it had suspended Taylor Landscaping's membership pending a police investigation into the incident. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/the-filter/virals/11349859/Watch-Cyclist-knocked-off-bike-then-attacked-by-van-driver.html Nice folks out there!
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