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Found 31 results

  1. A teenager has been charged after a pig's head was left on a female police officer's car in south-west London. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/pig-head-man-arrested-police-car-a4406591.html 😠 what is wrong with teenagers today doing stupid like this.
  2. Hi all, was wondering if anybody knew how long it would be after you’ve had your medical that you’d be offered a formal offer. I assume that I’ve had my medical because they want me to start soon and surely I wouldn’t have had my medical and then be made to wait for months and months. I was wondering what others experiences are with this situation and how long everybody else waited after completion of medical. Also wanted to know whether there are people who are still waiting for a start date who have been waiting a long time for C division.
  3. pete c

    Assessment Day

    Hi Just had my date through for the assessment day and not got long to prepare, can anyone give any advice on the numerical testing? Regards Pete
  4. sparkydale

    Rail Cops -

  5. Quartermaster

    Boarding school and the BTP?

    Hello, This may seem like an odd question, but I shall ask it nonetheless. How would someone who has spent most of their life in a boarding (private) school and moving around the country, so an unusual but very enjoyable and privileged upbringing, fit in with the police? Have always been keen to serve others and work hard for good causes (I currently volunteer quite a lot), am quite normal and down to earth, and yet my background is so vastly different to everyone else that I have met (outside it) that is in the public service and the public, I wonder if it would suit me/one. Have been looking at the BTP's recruitment as this force greatly interests me and it got me thinking. Any comments would be appreciated and yes I have heard most of the boarding school jokes... Thank you, fbo
  6. Marty McFly


    As one of the relative few to have seen the system I must say I am very very impressed. I preferred (met police) CAD over NSPIS no questions asked, however, ControlWorks is a totally different ball game.
  7. Just because we were clogging up the topic about response times I thought I'd start this one as a 'general queries' thread Any photos yet or is it basically just a black PDA vest with everything on klikfast?
  8. Home Office response to BTP jobs has always been a prickly subject, but is mostly based on anecdote and personal experiences rather than cold hard fact. To that end I put in a FOI request to BTP to see what the situation actually is in reality. The request asked for numbers of incidents requiring police attendance and the number attended by HO forces. It was not possible to determine the reasons why HO attended, whether because they were requested by BTP or attended off their own initiative. Bearing that in mind here is a link to the data by HO force area. Key points: Intersetingly, jobs requiring a response on the railway in 2014 increased by 14% compared to 2013 On average, HO forces did not attend 85% of railway jobs (this is up from 84% in 2013) The best HO force area was Greater Manchester, with 4% (85) of jobs attended by GMP. The worst HO force area was Wiltshire, with 53% (85) of jobs attended by Wilts Police. Interestingly, for Police Scotland where BTP is very spread out, the results were better than the average with Police Scotland not attending 88% of BTP jobs Full data is shared here
  9. Hi everyone, The aim of this post is to be a single resource for all of the Railway Byelaws that are in operation in Great Britain. What Railway Byelaws create offences that specifically apply to the railway. Railway Byelaws cover a wide range of areas, but have a particular focus on safety, behavior and ticketing. They are dealt with in Magistrates Court and are punishable by a fine of up to level 3 on the standard scale (i.e. £1000). Who Railway Byelaws can be enforced by a range of people. ANY constable - in the course of their duties. It doesn't matter if you belong to BTP or a Home Office force. Being in uniform or plain clothes makes no difference either.BTP PCSOs in the course of their duties have the power to enforce Railway Byelaws.Any employee/agent of an Operator (basically a train company) in the course of their dutiesAnyone else authorised by an Operator. For example, security staff that are subcontracted by a train company might be authorised to enforce Byelaws.Each individual set of Byelaws will say who is able to enforce them. For example, the TfL Byelaws also allow enforcement by Home Office PSCOs. Enforcement The Railway Byelaws provide several options for Enforcement. Firstly, in general terms you must make the person aware what they are doing is a breach of the Railway Byelaws. Then you have several options. Take their name and address - and report them for the offenceArrest them if they fail to provide a name and addressAsk the person to leave the railway. If they do not comply they can be removed using reasonable force. This means that, if the force was reasonable, rail staff could remove someone from a train and/or station for failing to have a valid ticket. If you do remove someone from the railway, they can still also be reported for the offence.It is worth noting that for a handful of Byelaws, mearly attempting to breach them if an offence on it's own (safety, ticket fraud/touting). Scope Each individual set of Railway Byelaws explain the area they apply to. Broadly speaking each set covers: TrainsStationsDepotsTracksOther associated buildings and equipment Byelaws National Rail railway-byelaws-2011.pdf These Byelaws have the widest scope of all. They are the bread and butter for BTP officers, applying to the majority of railways in Great Britain! It is easier to say what they don't cover. They do not apply to heritage/persevered railways, trams, light rail or anything listed below that has its own set of Byelaws. Transport for London TfL_Railway_Byelaws.pdf These Byelaws apply to London Underground, Docklands Light Railway and London Overground services. It is worth noting that London Overground refers specially to the TOC of the same name. Do not confuse trains that run on the ground, but operated by other train companies with London Overground! These Byelaws are similar to National Rail Byelaws, however they have some differences concerning prohibition of alcohol and can be enforced by Home Office PSCOs. Emirates Airline (DLRL) byelaws http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2012/472/schedule/made These byelaws apply to the DLR London Cable Car (Emirates Airline) operated by TfL and may be enforced by any constable or PCSO acting in the execution of their duties. Croydon Tramlink Croydon-tramlink-byelaws.pdf Despite coming under the TfL umbrella, there are a separate set of Byelaws for Croydon Tramlink. Edinburgh Tram EdinburghTramByelaws.pdf These Byelaws cover the recently opened Edinburgh Tram system. Interestingly, the Byelaws can be enforced by "any member of the emergency services acting in the execution of his duties". Glasgow Subway http://www.spt.co.uk/corporate/about/our-services/glasgow-subway/glasgow-subway-byelaws/ No PDF is available for the Byelaws, however they are available to view on the SPT website. The Byelaws changed significantly a few years ago. These Byelaws require those enforcing them to produce identification, if asked by a passenger. Manchester Metrolink ManchesterMetrolinkByelaws.pdf Byelaws for the Manchester tram system. Merseyrail Merseyrail Byelaws.PDF The National Rail Byelaws used to apply to Merseyrail, however they now have their own set. They are similar to the National Rail Byelaws, but there are differences concerning alcohol. Midland Metro MetroByelaws.pdf Byelaws for the Midland Metro tram system. Nottingham Express Transit NottinghamExpressTransitByelaws.pdf Byelaws for the Nottingham Express Transit. Tyne & Wear Metro There are Byelaws for the Tyne & Wear Metro, however I can't find these online. A copy are available on PNLD. I hope these are of use!
  10. BTP's annual report for 2014/15 has recently been released. Haven't seen it posted on here so here it is for anyone interested... The report itself - http://www.btp.police.uk/pdf/BTP AnnualReport 2014-15.pdf Stats bulletin - http://www.btp.police.uk/pdf/BTP- Statistical Bulletin 2014-15.pdf Report's page on BTP website - http://www.btp.police.uk/about_us/your_right_to_information/publications/annual_report_2014-15.aspx
  11. The Specialist

    Council Tax Cut for Specials

    For some obscure reason I cannot start a new topic so I thought I'd mention it here. Good news for Met, BTP, and CoLP Specials. Boris has announced a £150 Council Tax "cut" for London's Specials. I can't post the link or story for some reason so have a look on the Mayor Watch website or a simple search on Google for Special Constabulary in "News". Edit to add: Also a lot more details on the London.gov.uk website in News. Looks like it can be backdated 3 years!!!!
  12. Hi, does anybody have an assessment centre upcoming or recently passed one and willing to discuss? :)
  13. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else has applied for BTP Specials in Scotland? Applications are open until 5th December. Any people who have been through the application process; could you spare any advice regarding the tests and interview that will come up should I pass the application stage? Cheers ML
  14. The BTP are once again recruiting for Student Officers. Closing Date: 14 Nov 2014 12:00 GMT Location: B Division, C Division View vacancy here Details:
  15. Fry

    Night Tube

    So what do we think the likely impact of the Night Tube is going to be on BTP and policing London?   Is the BTP panicking and recruiting unnecessarily, or is the combination of alcohol fuelled idiocy and high voltage electricity propelling heavy metal boxes at speed through enclosed spaces going to be a recipe for disaster?  
  16. Hey I know that there was a thread in the other place for those who had applied in this intake - so just starting one here for everyone to join in.   I think you have your assessment centres today / tomorrow  - the best of luck !
  17. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2955393/Injured-policeman-waited-two-hours-ambulance-colleagues-called-LIFEBOAT-instead.html Unable to post full story as I'm on my mobile and the DM site is playing up
  18. Pcplodwales

    Training help

    Hey guys new on here. Basically I have passed my medical and have a start date provisionally for march/April for a PC intake. The problem i am having is that my fiance will be due to give birth towards the end of training and I will obviously need to be there. Will this be allowed? What's the procedure for getting the time I need off as annual leave is built into the training schedule. Any help would be appreciated :)
  19. TCambs

    Response Time

    Interested to see this tweet from Ch Supt Brogdan: Pretty decent response times across all of London. I know out of London its likely to be very different, however with the investment of new police posts on B Division (don't know what it's like on C division) at Stevenage, Luton, Maidstone and Pitsea response can only improve.
  20. Quite interestingly I've just come across the draft Infrastructure Bill which includes a couple of minor extensions to BTP powers and as a non-BTP officer (yet) it raised a question to me. It's currently in House of Lords Committee stage but they've already approved the clauses in respect of BTP Powers. 2 of the extensions are amendments to the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001. Namely: - Amendment of Section 100(2)(b) to include preventing damage to property as well as the existing life and personal injury clauses - Removal of Section 100(3)(a): requirement to be in uniform or have your warrant card on you in order to exercise powers. It also includes the ability for the BTP to require the identity of a driver suspected of committing a moving traffic offence. http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/2014-2015/0124/cbill_2014-20150124_en_3.htm#pt2-l1g19 Now the section in regards to requiring drivers identity is obvious but given the fairly broad 'jurisdiction' in Section 100(2)(a), in relation to using powers in regards to suspects having committed, committing or about to commit crime, does the change to 100(2)(b) allowing extended powers in respect of property damage make as much of a difference as the MPs seem to think? Though it was interesting reading the transcript of the discussion as it showed that they were considering removing the requirement to consider whether to wait for 'the locals' to attend and to just effectively provide all of the powers, all of the time but they didn't want to do it as part of this bill so they can look into whether that would unduly hinder BTP from their primary remit (by drawing BTP into every petty issue near to stations but not related to the railways) but maybe look at it as part of further discussion alongside discussions about BTP Scotland and Police Scotland.
  21. jonnybasildon

    long service medal

    Hi guys, Does anyone know how BTP issue these? Is it an annual ceremony or done locally?
  22. Toms

    The Future Of BTP

    This always seems to come up when any officers are discussing BTP. Where does the future lie? Is it as we are now, the specialist police force that just police's the railway (the added aspect of should we police the building of HS2, the public order demands will be massive) or do we become a more generic Transport Police, policing the road and Airports or do we do away with BTP altogether and amalgamate into the Home Office forces? All opinions, rumours and conjecture welcome.
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