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Found 19 results

  1. Image caption A BBC freedom of information application found 19 officers from Avon and Somerset Police have a criminal record A police force has been criticised for employing officers who have broken the law. A BBC freedom of information (FOI) application found 19 officers from Avon and Somerset Police have a criminal record. The force said the suitability of those convicted of an offence to keep their job would always be reviewed. Steven Smith, who was assaulted by an officer from Avon and Somerset, said he wanted a change in the law. The force said nine of the convictions came before the individuals joined the constabulary, while 10 were committed by serving officers. The force, which employs 2,771 officers, said the offences included burglary, assault and deception. Image caption Steven Smith was assaulted by an Avon and Somerset police officer in 2014 PC Mark Foster was convicted of assault after placing Steven Smith in a hold outside a Bristol pub in 2014. He was found guilty of assault at Bristol Crown Court in 2016 but the judge said he would still be "an asset to the force". Following a police misconduct hearing, PC Foster was permitted to keep his job. Mr Smith thinks the force should not employ anyone with a criminal record. 'Excessive force' "If it's violence or excessive force I do think maybe a law change could be a good idea," he said. Avon and Somerset Police said: "When officers are charged with offences, they will be subject to open and transparent court procedures and could then face internal misconduct processes. "The suitability of those convicted of an offence to remain employed by the constabulary will always be reviewed and the circumstances relating to their conviction will be taken into consideration when a decision is made." The Police Federation said officers were "human", adding "does one mistake mean that they're no longer a value to society?" In 2012, figures released by 33 of the 43 forces in England and Wales after FOI requests, found more than 900 serving police officers and community support officers had a criminal record. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-48498333
  2. PC caught out following complaint over comments including calling travellers "f****** scumbags". A well-respected officer has been dismissed without notice after making and sharing offensive posts on her social media account. PC Jeanette Cadden, who had a 13-year career with Avon and Somerset Police, made various discriminatory posts via her personal account including "social houses in Britain should be for British born only, share if you agree." Another post stated: "Ex-serviceman living in a car. Share if you think he should be housed before any refugee." While a third said: "Migrants will be charged by A&E: Foreigners to be filled for emergency treatment." A fourth post carried CCTV footage of two women allegedly stealing a charity box including the words: "The two Romanian gypsies pelted with eggs yesterday are at it again, this time stealing a charity box." Beneath it, she had added: "F****** scumbags - Bring on Brexit." The posts surfaced when someone complained to the force. A misconduct hearing panel found the posts were discriminatory, that the officer had not acted impartially and had shown negative and discriminatory views about certain demographic groups. Her unblemished career, the fact she was an “operationally effective and respected officer” and the commendation she received in 2015 were taken into account. PC Cadden was praised after stopping a woman from jumping to her death at notorious suicide spot, Avon Gorge, by grabbing her by the hair. Her mental state was also taken into consideration at the hearing as she has been experiencing a difficult family situation, involving illness and bereavements. However, after weighing-up all the facts it was determined public confidence in the force could not be restored and maintained if PC Cadden continued to serve. She was dismissed without notice. Misconduct panel chairman Stephanie Beazley said: “She has demonstrated that, despite a lengthy career on frontline duties, encompassing relevant training on Equality and Diversity, she is not capable of exercising due care and attention in respect of her privately-held views. “Unfortunately, there is little we could envisage by the way of remediation that would overcome this; the damage to the public’s perception of her specifically, and the police service in general, has already been done. “Our outcome must therefore demonstrate that police officers always act impartially and do not hold or condone discriminatory views. For that reason, it is necessary to dismiss PC Cadden without notice.” View On Police Oracle
  3. Response sergeant 'scared' of what he may wake up to amid country's mental health crisis. “I love my job and I love helping people but far too often I go to bed fearful of what news I might wake up to.” These are the words of an officer who had to assist the same suicidal women twice in one day. On Friday night, Avon and Somerset Police Sergeant John Shaddick stopped a woman from jumping from the fourth floor of a building in Bristol. He took her to hospital and waited whilst a mental health assessment was carried out. She was released after two hours. Just 30 minutes later, Sgt Shaddick was again called to reports of a female about to attempt suicide, from the same floor of the same building. It was the same woman. The incident highlights the reality of what officers face up and down the country on a daily basis and how the NHS is buckling under pressure. Sgt Shaddick took to Twitter after his nightshift to share his experience which has since gone viral with 1.7million views and 20,000 likes. The popularity of the tweet has encouraged others to discuss the pressing topic, share their own personal experiences, and show support for the sergeant. One woman suffering from depression spoke of her experience last year which saw her similarly turned away from A&E despite pleading for help. Whilst others debated whether or not dealing with people with mental health issues is a job for officers. In response to the publicity Sgt Shaddick wrote: “I've just awoken from my night shift to see how many responses there are to my tweet. “Thank you to everyone for your comments and support. I love my job and I love helping people but far too often now I go to bed fearful of what news I might wake up to. He added: “Mental health is an emotive subject and the politics around it should be discussed at length by others. “I'll just continue to do my best.” View on Police Oracle
  4. This is the current uniform issued to Special Constables in A&S. If this changes, please leave a comment and I will update the list. Likewise, if someone can provide me with a list of uniform issued to regulars then I will update this original post. At the start of training you will be issued with: x2 White Shirts (long or short sleeve) x2 Black Trousers x1 Police Fleece x1 High-Vis Coat x1 High-Vis Tabbard x1 High-Vis Trousers x1 Pair of Leather Gloves x1 Custodian and x1 Patrol Cap (Male) x1 Bowler Hat (Female) x2 Sets of Epaulettes x2 Sets of Collar Number Slides x1 Clip-On Black Tie x1 Trosuer Belt x1 A&S PNB Cover x1 LED Lenser Torch in pouch x1 Duty Belt with the below pouches: BatonCS SprayHandcuffsSmall Medical PouchLarger Document PouchDuring training, you will be issued with: x1 Stab Vest x1 21" ASP Baton x1 Handcuffs with key x1 Radio Case x1 Radio Earpiece (G Shape) x1 Set of Limb Restraints in a pouch x1 Resuscitation Shield Boot allowance is £75. You are expected to have all kit avaliable to you for each module.
  5. Sharman99

    Vetting timescale?

    So how long did everyone have wait for there vetting clearance to come through? And do they tell you that vetting is about to start, or after the medical they just do it?
  6. Heard lots of different things, what has everyone heard? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Adamski

    Transferring in

    All, I have just submitted my transfer paperwork - I shall let you know how I get on :)
  8. Avon and Somerset currently looking for PC to transfer. https://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/about-us/recruitment/transferees Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. A police helicopter went on a 40-mile round trip after reports of a cry for help – only to discover it was a goat and her kid.   A member of the public dialled 999, saying they heard screams for help inside Cheddar Gorge, Somerset.   The National Police Air Service helicopter, which is fitted with video-imaging equipment, was scrambled to the popular tourist attraction from its base at Filton near Bristol, 20 miles away.   But, within minutes of arriving over the scene on Wednesday, the crew realised the sounds were coming from a goat and her offspring.   The National Police Air Service, tweeted from its NPAS Filton account: “1205 Cheddar Gorge reports of cries for help. We located a goat and her baby believed responsible for the calling. We’re not kidding!”   An Avon and Somerset Police spokeswoman said: “We had a call on March 4 at 11.08am. The caller reported hearing cries from the cliffs. Any concern for welfare is taken very seriously, particularly in areas where walkers can fall and injure themselves.   “Our search and rescue team were in the area and checked the cliffs using video and thermal imaging. We couldn’t find anyone in distress. However, there were a number of goats on the cliffs and it is possible the member of public misheard. View the full article
  10. Goldy94

    Why the met.

    I am down to begin training with the met in the summer, I was due to start last year but had it delayed to finish my degree. Is anyone else starting in the June to August period ? My main question is, I have the option to transfer my application over to Avon and Somerset and I wanted to know, is the met a better force for things such as career progression, a diversity of roles and an overall better force to work for? Would love some feedback on this from anyone, love to here from people already working in the met. lastly, I have seen people asking about which forces are recruiting and A&S are taking on now and want to recruit 120 new PC's.
  11. Hello, I had a conversation today with I believe HR and the lady said that for the Specials they don't do an Assessment Centre. Is anyone able to confirm? I am at the JST stage of my application. Sorry if I am not meant to be on here yet! Thanks
  12. Hello all. I'd like to know where the best places are on the internet to find footage relating to the Avon & Somerset Police (other than force's youtube account). I was aware of Neighbourhood Blues (season 5) on telly a while ago, but that isn't available (not from episode 1 at least) anymore on IPlayer. Other links I have tried on the web to these episodes haven't worked either. And I know about attending ridealongs etc for first hand experiences (I did one a while back and have singed up for another) but that's a waiting game. So, I'm just hoping some of you might know of some good sources... Many Thanks, Adrian
  13. All, I am trying to transfer between TVP and Avon and Somerset, but am experiencing difficulties. A&S are refusing to progress my application until TVP releases my entire HR file - which TVP has refused to do. Has anyone here who's transferred previously experienced a similar process, and could they let me know the outcome, by PM if preferable. TIA, Adam
  14. Hi fellow A&S-ers. I'm really struggling with my belt kit at the moment. Been issued new style armour which means PPE is carried on the belt. However, I'm rather slim which means if I wear it for longer than an hour I end up in quite a lot of discomfort and suffer the next day with achey hips. A few options... 1. Put on weight. 2. Man Up. 3. Ask on here and if see if anyone has had similar problems and solutions. Can I just email corporate support and cross fingers? I know A&S aren't a huge fan of privately purchased vests (from what I've heard). Help greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi there, If you have seen the new member secion, you will notice that I am a new member currently applying for A&S Special Constabulary. I have just completed the SJT and will find out later this week if i have passed through to the application from stage. Can anyone shed some light on where i can find out about what training i will need to attend (if all goes to plan)? Also what can i do to prepare for the interview and assessment stages? I look forward to hearing from anyone with some light on the situation. Many thanks, BaldingDad
  16. Hi all, According to HR, regular recruitment is supposed to open up towards the end of this year or early next year. I plan on applying, and I think it would be nice to chat to some potential applicants on here as well. Anybody else plan on applying?
  17. hey guys I have my fitness and medical on the 13th of December, I have the fitness part at worle school, then if I pass have to travel to portishead for the medical straight away, Of which they give us the forms already for the docters to fill so we can take with us on the day. At the interview they said they was trying to get us through it as they was a little short on the January training corse, any idea of when the next one after that starts? As I don't think I'll be passing the vetting within a couple weeks! ??
  18. Hello, I was sent the A&S specials application form today and I'm a little confused on "Section 2 About your Employment". It asks me to account for any employment gaps but there's no room to do so - Should I just include an additional piece of paper? Thanks.

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