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Found 53 results

  1. Eebs

    2018 recruitment;

    Greetings, it's been a while since any posts and I've posted; To start it simply, has or is anyone applying or thinking of applying for the 2018 year? I'm aware the last application stage began November 2017, is anyone in for the January assessment centres? Any other news, many new recruits or specials around?
  2. Good day all, Just thought I’d see if there is anybody else attending the AC next weekend and to see how your preparation is going? What is you biggest worry about the AC and which Div have you applied for. I am applying for C Div, I’ve managed to arrange half an hour with an PC at my local station today which will hopefully help with the presentation to get a better understanding daily life. Beat regards and good luck DSMGP
  3. TangoSeirra17

    SEARCH results.

    Hi guys, I did my SEARCH assessment centre with Northumbria Police on the 25th of January and we were told results would be in approximately a week after that date. We were given information that the final interviews are between the 5th of February and the 14th of February. How long did people wait for their results? Has anyone else who did the assessment on the same day for Northumbria heard anything yet? T
  4. Olivia Rutherford


    Hi there. Has anyone applied for BTP in the latest recruitment drive? Was wondering what I should be looking at revising and swotting up on, other than the competencies. Cheers
  5. The last 4 working days have felt like 4 working years, filled with endless refreshing of emails and irrational Google hunts as to how long for SEARCH results... This morning I got the call that I had been waiting eagerly for/dreading, I've passed the assessment centre! Ecstatic is not the word! Whilst I'm under no illusions that the final interview is far from a formality, I'm confident after my past experience was that it was a much less robotic and unfriendly assessment environment than the AC. I'm booked in for the interview next Friday morning, so it feels like the journey is slowly but shortly coming towards its end - hopefully not too abruptly. Congratulations to all those who got good news today, and commiserations to those who didn't, I know how it feels to be dumped out of this process but, to use a cliche, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get back on that horse in 6 months time. Cue garbled panicking post on Friday around 1pm, it's time for a beer...
  6. So today was the day I've been counting down for over a month. After meticulous preparation, I was still apprehensive that I would get caught out by something! Things started to go awry at about 0230 this morning when my darling son decided to scream the house down - and then continue to wake up shouting every hour until I got up at 0600. It's the first time he's done it in months and it's almost like he knew I needed my sleep! As for the Assessment Centre itself, obviously I can't go into too much detail about the content but I'm cautiously happy with how I performed. I can remember a few points where I waffled or lost my trail of thought which will mark me down, but I didn't freeze and I'm hoping that will carry me through! To anyone reading this a week or more before your Assessment Centre, I would 100% recommend Brendan from Blue Light Consultancy's courses. I was added to his support group for free 4 days before my Centre and so didn't have enough time for his course to be fully useful, however he was fantastic and I would say that for the extra resources available, £120 is definitely value for money - especially as it will be 1/15th of your first pay packet if you get through! He won't give you all the answers, but he'll teach you to understand the centre and what they're asking of you so that you can work them out yourself. I guess now all I can do is twiddle my thumbs and check my emails for the anxious wait - I've already naively checked them twice hoping to see good news - even though I'm fully aware that the reports don't get sent to the CoP til tomorrow! Hopefully I'll have the news I want next week, but until I've seen that email and read it 5 times to make sure it's not a cruel joke, I'm not counting my chickens!
  7. Hello everyone my name is Craig and I have a SEARCH assessment with the MOD Police on the 6th - 7th September. I'm been reading every post regarding the MOD police on this forum. A lot of members have provided some great information about this subject and I would like to thank everyone for sharing. I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice in regards to the SEARCH assessment. I covered most of the areas myself but I may have missed somethings. Any advice would be welcomed and much appreciated. If I can increase my chances of success in the slightest it will be worth it.
  8. Evening all, next week I will be attending the West Mercia Special Constable Assessment Centre and lets just say I am pretty nervous, I know they are trialing a new system at the moment, and I was wondering if anyone had some useful tips for the group and written exercises, and what to expect ? And help appreciated, Thanks.
  9. Hey guys new on here, I have my AC in the next couple of weeks and just wanted some clarification regarding the interview piece. I have heard they still ask you 4 questions, but 2 of them are now motivational / values questions? Can anyone shed any light on this at all? Many thanks in advance
  10. Passed interview and PIR test in January, recently been to have fingerprints and DNA taken and undergoing vetting at the moment, anyone else who is in the same situation as me or any advice on what happens next? Cheers
  11. kibster891546082850

    It's a waiting game!

    HI All, Well Friday was an experience. kicking off the day with a bleep test followed by written exams but the most exciting part was getting fitted for the uniform. Putting it all on makes it really exciting. Now though its a waiting game to find out hopefully by Friday i will know the outcome!!
  12. Andrew7541546082849

    My occupational Health

    I had my Occupational Health test today, I'll start by breaking it down to everyone so that new person know what to expect - but I'll end on some mid-bad news which I want advice on. Start for 1030 so I leave the house at 0900. Arrive at 1015, and begin by answering a short questionnaire stating you're happy for them to conduct tests etc. Start by Auditory test - basically checking you're not deaf. Beeps occur in the left ear, getting louder and changing in frequency - press the button when you hear it, let go when you don't - nice and simple, repeat for the next ear. Next you're taken upstairs, more tests here. 1. Lung Capacity - quite easy. This is the one I was worried about, yet I scored 106% 2. Blood Pressure 3. Eyesight - near distance and long distance, with and without glasses as necessary 4. Colour Blindness test 5. Urine sample for drugs testing 6. Medical Background, family history etc 7. Hand over medical forms from Attachment 6 on Police Emails Now you go and wait in the hallway to be called by a doctor. This is where they break down your results to you - then you'll need to strip off. Few excercises, checking muscle movements, clothes back on. Ears, Eyes, Mouth and Neck checked. Kidneys, Abs, Legs, Reflexes checked. Then you get to leave, once you've filled one more form. NB - this stage I wasn't successful at. I haven't failed the Medical but I also haven't passed - I've a previous standing medical condition which hardly affects me, but apparently puts me slightly more at risk of a seizure - the general public is around 2%, and I'm closer to 9% - apparently this is the only factor they're unsure of Now I have to wait for them to discuss among themselves, and contact my GP - all before deciding whether to pass me. They will send this to me a few days before they send their decision to the police etc. Now, the advice I'm after - has anyone else been through this and failed, or come close to failing - what's my next step? Who's been through the training? Will this slightly higher risk of seizures at some point in my life matter too much? Thanks for reading!
  13. miffy

    Assessment Centre Jitters

    So I have my assessment centre coming up this week with Kent. Was told this: Your assessment will consist of the following: Competency Based Interview – lasting approximately 45 minutes Written Examination – lasting 1.5 hours I'm super worried now, because reading on all the info, Im super confused what the written exam consist of.Is it the verbal and maths, or is it verbal, maths and the report?
  14. I've got a copy of The Definitive Guide To Passing The Police Recruitment Process (2nd Edition) and The Testing Series: Police Tests for sale if anybody is interested in them? I found both books really helpful for taking on the assessment centre, and used both for preparation. Mint condition, and paid £13.99 each for them on Amazon. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I don't think eBay is the right sort of marketplace for them!!
  15. danno86

    assessment centre day

    hi everyone I've got my assessment day 3/9/15 anyone in the same boat hopefully this will be the one. The confusing thing is they told me 2 weeks ago there wouldn't be anymore assessments.
  16. luke4387

    Recruitment Help...

    Hello all, I have failed my final interview at my second attempt, despite studying like a demon! My question is this: I passed my A/C on 10 February 2015 so have until that date next year until that score is irrelevant. Does that mean that should West Mercia recruit again in six months, do I have to complete an application form and if successful go straight to interview? Do I need to fill out the competency parts of application as I would have my A/C result? Finally, how is the six months calculated? Is it six months multiplied by four weeks (6x4 = 24 weeks which would be 29 January) or is it date to date i.e. six months from now would be 14 February 2016? I used the STAR acronym last time and failed, with my structure and interview technique needing work - anyone have any tips or courses to improve this? I revised the competencies rigorously but the questions were phased in a way that made my examples not fit! Any help would be appreciated!
  17. Hi, does anybody have an assessment centre upcoming or recently passed one and willing to discuss? :)
  18. BravoAlpha


    Hi everyone, I have just received my invite to an Assessment day on the 31st of July. Is there anybody else who is on this one? Cheers
  19. shaunus89

    Met Day 1

    Ok so I totally screwed the maths exam. Will be lucky to get even 1% on that. Can someone clean this up for me, if you completely fail the maths, can you still pass or am I looking at another 6 month wait?
  20. Hi everyone, I have my day 1 to become a regular in just over a week, I'm already a special. I just need a bit of advice regarding the interview. It says the interview will be based on the competencies, I'm just really wondering if our examples should be from being a special or just everyday life? And any helpful ways to layout/write my examples up, such as SOAP? Or if anyone has any other advice to help get through the day would be brilliant! Thank you!
  21. Pilot scheme being launched in Brecon South Powys, we're looking to recruit a specialist team of SC, to be fully trained to work with partner agencies in rural locations. Please follow us on Twitter @SpecialsSPowys or check out the recruitment section www.dyfed-Powys.police.uk
  22. CD15

    Failed assessment centre

    So I failed my assessment centre with West Mercia police which is quite upsetting, but whats bothered me more is that I passed on all the things I thought I hadn't done very well on. I actually passed the overall mark too with more than 60%. I failed because I failed to achieve 50% on working with others, I got 44% on that, which apparently means I fail. Is it a requirement in all forces ACs to achieve 50% in working with others?
  23. Hi there, I have been to two slection days. One with the met police last year which was for becoming a new constable and one with kent police as a special constable. I failed both selection days. The met was properly based on maths and the role plays. I was gutted but not suprised. Anyway I would of had to shell out cash on the CKP. The point im getting at is Kent polices selection tests for special constable confused me. Its the fact that they dont seem to follow the national framework. For example the met made me take the role of a customer service officer in a fictious centre called windosor or something similiar; I had to write two reports. Kent police actually made me take the test as an officer and expected me to write a proper police report X2 which I hadn't practised for. I thought I was going to be a customer services officer again. None of the police books you can buy tell you how to structure this in a genuine police report fashion. I still don't know how to properly structure a police report. The senerio I was given was actually audio instead of being written on paper like the met. I had to write down information and then shape this into the report. I found this dishearting because I had been training for something what wasn't as discribed in the books. I thought the tests where universal across all forces. A lot of my time was taken up preparing for maths but I wasnt even tested for that. I could of spent more time actually writing reports. I properly would of still failed. Has anybody else had an experience like this? Any reponse would be greatly appriecated. Thankyou
  24. Hello all. Happy New year! I've heard some rumours that the current score needed to join as a PC has been further reduced below 50%. Does anyone know if this is true or if it's just the usual grapevine rubbish?
  25. Vanessa_SLR

    Assessment - 31st August

    Through to assessment process!! YAY! After putting in my application, HR had to check there was no conflict of interest with my current job; I work alongside partner agencies and humberside police is one of them. Thought they'd forgotten about me but none the less I came back from leave with an exciting email!! Just wondering what to expect, awaiting all the documents to come through the post, but I'm too eager to prepare. I have a tendency to babble on about nothing if I dont prepare enough! Any tips or advice? Thanks, V!
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