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Found 61 results

  1. Good afternoon, I was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me as I'm running mixed emotions with the initial application for a Police Constable with a Home Office police force. I understand that the application is assessed by the college of policing but here is my predicament and why I'm confused. Long story short, I applied to Cheshire Police in May 2016 with an overall Grade A. (Professionalism: A, Working with others: C, Decision Making: B, Service Delivery: B). The only reason I'm not currently serving as a police officer for them as in March the withdrew 30 applications from their process as they didn't "have any vacancies" so despite having my conditional offer and completing and passing the entire process, including obtaining the Certificate in the Knowledge of Policing at my own expense. In August, Cheshire police announced of social media, a bit to my annoyance, that they would shortly be opening recruitment again and they did so in September. So obviously, I got my application in (also noting that this year, Cheshire no longer require CKP, just 2 A-Levels or equivalent). Now, here is where I am at a loss. The application form was EXACTLY the same as when I applied in May 2016 and with Cheshire's Multi Force Shared Services website (MFSS), it even filled in all the boxes with my entries from my previous application. So, as I knew my application achieved grade A overall, it seemed sensible to leave the application as it was as it had passed previously and would seem silly to jeopardise my application through making alterations. Roll on to October, I get an email on the 16th October to say that my application hasn't been progress and has taken me until today to get my CBQ report. Bearing in mind my application was exactly the same, word for word, this was my result: Overall Grade: C (Professionalism: B, Working with Others: D, Decision Making: D, Service Delivery: C) So really, my question is has the marking criteria been changed year on year or have I had an individual marking pretty harshly this year, or was my marker too lenient last year? It's just when you're looking at improving and making sure you go the distance in the process, having fallen at the first hurdle this time around it has a huge knock on your confidence in what is already a pretty stressful and lengthy process. Thank you for your time.
  2. Staffordshire police

    Hi my name is Aimee, I have recently applied for staffordshire police, I handed my application form in on the 15th of September, the deadline is now 30th October, I was just wondering how long would it be until I hear anything, If I pass the application form and get into the assessment centre. I am so nervous as i have always wanted to become a police officer, could anybody possibly give me some tips?, or advice please i would very much appreciate it. Thank you .
  3. Application form

    Hi All I have pretty much completed the online application form and i must have read it like a thousand times, my family says its great but i'm worried it not enough! can you please offer advice before i press the "declare" button thank you all ryan
  4. Filling out the application form

    I'm currently filling out an application form for the regs and I have downloaded the word document from the constabulary website. If you see below it says "you should make it clear what their relationship to you is, i.e. if you are referring to your full sister you should delete brother, half and step. My problem is that I can only edit the parts in grey as it is a protected form. I've tried following a tutorial online to unlock the form and it's also password protected. Then I'm led on to a page which tells me how to remove the password protection, but surely they can't have made it this hard! I was thinking about just writing "Full brother" and then my brothers name, however it clearly says to remove the text. I think this form is the one that most forces use so I'm sure some people may have run into this problem before. Any suggestions? If anybody wants to download the application form and have a go here's the link Application Form
  5. examples from SC and day to day?

    hello every one, I'm just getting started on my application form for the regulars. Is it a good idea to use examples from being a SC or is it best to stick to day to day life? Also, do you get extra credit for covering multiple competencies in one response? A few of mine have got a bit of everything. Cheers, Matt
  6. Lost Application Form! Help!

    Hi all, Applied online and application form was all done online - there was no savable word document available etc. Therefore... I do not have a copy of my application to refer to come the assessment day! DISASTER Does anyone reasonably think that I could reasonably request a copy of it from the HR team in preparation for my assessment centre? Shall I think of completely new examples to refer to come the assessment/final interview? Or is there much chance of the panel giving me a reminder of what I wrote about? Advice much appreciated.
  7. From Special to Regular

    Hi all... I've been in the job since the end of November as a Special Constable. I've been out on as many shifts as possible so far and thoroughly enjoyed my time on each one. I'm convinced this is the job for me and am 99% sure that I'd like to apply to the regulars the first chance I get. Rumour has it that my force are recruiting twice this year, so I'd be keen on getting an application in! Really, I'm just looking for any tips at all that you guys could give me... How does the Regs application differ from the Specials; vastly, I'm sure - but it what way? Does the fact that I've only been a special since end of November help or hinder my chances? Honest answers please, as this could help determine my decision in whether or not I put in an application when recruitment opens! Thanks, Ed P.S. I recently failed an application at the paper sift stage for a student officer position with BTP (applications closed in November) - will this affect my application to any Home Office force and need I declare it on an application form?
  8. <cite class="byline vcard">By <span class="fn">Maria Antonova</span> | <span class="provider org">AFP</span> – </cite><div class="yom-mod yom-art-content " id="mediaarticlebody" itemprop="articleBody"><div class="bd"><!-- google_ad_section_start --><p class="first">A Russian court on Wednesday ordered two people to spend two weeks in jail after a protest in support of top Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, who was convicted of fraud in a controversial trial.</p> <p>About 250 people were detained at a Moscow protest called by Navalny on Tuesday after a judge sentenced him and his younger brother Oleg to three and a half years in prison.</p> <p>His sentence was suspended while Oleg Navalny was ordered to serve his term in a penal colony, infuriating the prominent opposition leader.</p> <p>Most of those detained were released after several hours but about 70 spent the night in police cells and have to face the courts in January on charges of resisting police demands and participating in an unauthorised rally, rights organisation OVD-Info said.</p> <p>RIA-Novosti news agency reported from one court that two activists were sentenced to 15 days of detention. </p> <p>Navalny, 38, himself defied his house arrest to join Tuesday's protest.</p> <p>Policemen grabbed him off the street and put him into a van before he could reach the protest near the Kremlin but took him home rather than to the police station. </p> <p>He wrote on Twitter that five policemen remain on the stairwell outside his apartment and that the drive to his apartment building has been blocked.</p> <p>The Navalny brothers were convicted of defrauding French cosmetics company Yves Rocher and embezzling 27 million rubles (more than half a million dollars at the exchange rate at the time), although the firm has said that it suffered no damages.</p> <p>News of the verdict was absent from programmes on the main television channels, where most Russians get their information.</p> <p>Police said about 1,500 people turned up for the Moscow rally on Tuesday, although Navalny's supporters gave higher figures.</p> <p>Several people braved freezing temperatures for hours after the protest was broken up by huddling in a giant Chrismas ornament sculpture on the square -- including Pussy Riot member Maria Alyokhina -- and were briefly detained on Wednesday.</p> <p>- Call for house arrest repeal -</p> <p>The United States and the European Union issued concerned messages over the verdict, but Russia's foreign ministry said Wednesday that they should mind their own business.</p> <p>"Before they issue complaints to Russia, our Western partners should better work out what is happening in their own homes," it said in a statement.</p> <p>"(They) should stop attempting to put pressure on Russian justice system and politicise a purely criminal case."</p> <p>Although observers had predicted that Navalny's violation of his house arrest would lead to a tough punishment and possibly jail, a court on Wednesday said it will not be reviewing the complaint filed by the prison service over the infraction.</p> <p>Navalny's defence has appealed the verdict and also asked the court to repeal the house arrest -- which was imposed during the fraud trial and recently extended to February -- arguing that his suspended sentence means he should be free to move around.</p> <p>Reports said the government moved to curb the popularity of FireChat, an application that allows people to communicate without the Internet and that was widely advertised by the opposition Tuesday, by adding one of its technical domains to the register of addresses with calls for mass riots that must be blocked.</p> <p>The blockage however did not affect its availability: FireChat -- which has a Russian cofounder and CTO -- said on Twitter that the application was seventh most popular download in the Russian Apple Store, overtaking even Twitter.</p> <p>Several blogs carrying information about the rally or text of Navalny's appeals were also added to the register, and several media websites were given official warning by the media watchdog for "publishing materials containing appeals for changing the constitutional regime" after writing about the protest.</p> <!-- google_ad_section_end --></div></div> View the article source
  9. Hi there, If you have seen the new member secion, you will notice that I am a new member currently applying for A&S Special Constabulary. I have just completed the SJT and will find out later this week if i have passed through to the application from stage. Can anyone shed some light on where i can find out about what training i will need to attend (if all goes to plan)? Also what can i do to prepare for the interview and assessment stages? I look forward to hearing from anyone with some light on the situation. Many thanks, BaldingDad
  10. http://www.lancashire.police.uk/Content/UploadedImages/Ext_Ad_IA_and_Vetting_Asst_S10-14.docx Although I'm due to start my Volunteering role in January, I saw this advertised on the website. I spent the night writing up my 150 words for each eligibility criteria to add on the application form and thought I would give it a go. I will still continue with my volunteering regardless. I'm assuming the role will start midway(ish) through next year which is good as I would have finished at Uni around April/May time till September. It states it's only temporary for 6 months so thought it's worth an application. Worse thing they can say is no Maybe I can do a "How I became Police Staff" similar to my PSV topic if I get past any of the stages that is.
  11. Useful books

    Can anyone recommend any books that may help with the application process for the regulars? Seem to remember a few books on the other forum, but can't remember the name of any of them. Thanks.
  12. Health background check

    Hello Everyone I would just like to ask, does one's Health background penalize their 'specials application' I mean I get bad hayfever, in summer and I take antihistamines, but recently I been having headaches and my GP sent me to have a MRI brain Scan I was just wondering will that show up on health check and if so will my 'specials' application get cancelled? PS Does anyone know any officers that got with an early stage 1 cancer/tumour? can you be a police officer with cancer? Thanks Tru
  13. Since this area is a little quiet, I thought I would add my little adventure on my process of becoming a Police Support Volunteer. I had shown previous interest in the Police service as a Special in 2005 and a PCSO in 2007/2008, the first two times I failed miserably at the interview stages. The third time however the interview could not have gone more smoothly, pending vetting and medical I was already given a start date for training and what area I would likely be assigned to (Was actually exactly where I lived). Unfortunately the "nature of the beast" that vetting is I failed and as per regulations was not told why. I wrote a letter to the constabulary possibly to the Chief Constable asking not for the reason but when should I apply again to ensure that vetting would be passable or would it be an indefinite no. I recieved a letter a few weeks later stating that I would be eligible to reapply after 2012. Fast forward a few years.. I went to visit my parents in Christmas 2013 and went shopping to Sainsburys with my father. Lancashire Constabulary had placed a wrecked car in the car park showing how drinking and driving affects lives especially over the Christmas period. At this time I am currently doing a Masters Degree at UCLan in Archaeology and thought that volunteering would be a good start to get some experience in the police service. Not feeling so confident that I would get through the specials selection, even though my life and military experience has changed me since my initial attempts I looked for another way to volunteer. I discovered PSV roles which in all honesty I had never heard of before. I do some further research, get in contact with HR and I am advised to send application forms... To be continued...
  14. Question about Credit History

    Hello Everyone I would just like to ask, how does one find out there own credit rating and can a spouse's CCJs and high debts affect someone application for specials. Thanks Tru
  15. More than 600 people have applied for the Fast Track programme in forces across England and Wales which will see exceptional candidates reach the rank of inspector in three years.   The programme, which is still open to police staff, graduates and police specials to apply, has received 657 applications across 27 police forces.   Of those, 361 are male and 296 are female. This includes 55 black or minority ethnic candidates.   Fast Track is an accelerated three-year promotion and development programme which gives the most talented graduates the skills, knowledge and experience to advance to the rank of inspector from police constable within three years.   The application process is still open for police staff, graduates and specials and you can apply online through a dedicated website.   Candidates will be expected to tackle danger head on while other members of the public turn away. They will have to justify and account for their actions to ensure they are working ethically, proportionally and to the standards the public expect.   The programme is a blend of classroom learning delivered at regional training centres, and operational training and development in the force where they have applied. Candidates will be supported to learn what it takes to become a police officer and to quickly put that learning into practice.   Chief Superintendent Nicola Dale, who leads the fast track programme at the College of Policing, said: “This is really about the high calibre candidates because it is such a significant challenge to become an inspector after just three years. “The high number of applications reflects the interest that police staff, graduates and specials have to seek a career in the highly demanding role of an inspector.   “Potential candidates have until Friday to apply and I would encourage them to work carefully through the self-selection questionnaire and high potential development tool which are on the website.”   Successful candidates will begin training in September 2015.   Fast Track also opened in October this year for serving constables to accelerate to the rank of inspector. Most forces have now closed their application windows, but officers are advised to check with the force they wish to apply to. The programme will reopen in 2015.   Notes to Editors On Friday, 12th December 2014 Chief Superintendent Nicola Dale held a Q&A with interested candidates on Twitter from 1-2pm. You can view the answers given by searching #fasttrack and viewing the College of Policing timeline @CollegeofPolice The forces taking part are:   Avon & Somerset Constabulary Bedfordshire Police British Transport Police Cambridgeshire Constabulary Cheshire Constabulary Dyfed Powys Police Essex Police Kent Police Greater Manchester Police Hertfordshire Constabulary Humberside Police South Yorkshire Police Metropolitan Police Service Norfolk Constabulary Suffolk Constabulary North Wales Police Northamptonshire Police Northumbria Police Staffordshire South Wales Police Surrey Police Sussex Police Thames Valley Police Warwickshire Police West Mercia Police West Midlands Police West Yorkshire Police   About the College of Policing:   The College of Policing is the professional body for policing. It sets high professional standards to help forces cut crime and protect the public. The College is here to give everyone in policing the tools, skills and knowledge they need to succeed. The College of Policing will enhance the ability of police forces and individuals to deliver their mission of preventing crime and protecting the public.   The College of Policing will:   • Set standards • Promote evidence-based good practice • Accredit training providers • Support partnership working • Lead on ethics and integrity View the full article
  16. In 2008/09 the RIDDOR rate (per 100,000 employees) for "Police Service employees" was 1224, compared to 502 across all industries. The "major" injury rate among police service employees was 217, compared to 97 across all industries. While the "all industry" rate will be sewed due to "low risk" occupations, the "Police Service employees" will be lower than the front line officer rate. The HSE report states: In construction the RIDDOR rate was 860, and the "major" injury rate was 150.The HSE in their report on construction calls these "statistically significant" compared to the 502 for all industries and recommended immediate review. The HSE does not believe this about the higher police figures, stating: Basically the HSE saying "it's fine if police get hurt because overall the injuries will go down as less public will get hurt.". Nice sentiment of them. The health and safety at work act states: In light of today's police of the streets and station in lock down we should question are the HO (government) or police management meeting these requirements? I don't want to turn it into "one of those" threads but isn't there other equipment such as Tasers that should be rolled out in order to full fill this responsibility and shouldn't the HSE be holding the HO and management to account? I would ask if we need to wait for a brutal murder of officers before the HSE does anything, but we've had those and in recent history and nothing has been achieved. The HSE were happy to prosecute the met for the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, but hey as long as it's only police getting injured or killed officers right?
  17. Hi all, Does anybody know: I have passed everything for the Kent application except vetting. whilst I wait for the result I would like to defer to the Met where I am a special. Do I have to cancel my application with Kent BEFORE I put in an application with the Met or do I just fill in the application form on the Met police website and state I've passed the SEARCH and wait to hear back from them? Obviously if I cancel my Kent police application then don't make it through the paper sift with the Met I'd be gutted!! Cheers all, Bongo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Fitness Training Plans

    With application hopefully coming for me in the new year I keep thinking about needing to go to the gym. I have had a gym membership for a long time now, used to go a fair bit, but stopped when I came back from a holiday (I just got too used to laying by the pool ). I have never been very good with sticking to any kind of work out routines, but I'm thinking I should probably start getting prepared for the police fitness test. Im not an unfit person at all, and I am pretty sure i shouldn't have any problems with the test. But building your self up a bit and keeping yourself fit always sounds like a good idea. So has anyone got any suggestions or work outs/plans? What you did/ are doing to prepare? Also I couldn't decide where to put this topic, so i took a guess! Please move if I'm wrong
  19. Just wondering if anyone can help. The MSC applications for PC to Inspector have opened up. Has anyone applied for this yet? If so, do you have to get a line manager's approval to apply? Cheers in advance!
  20. http://ww2.policeoracle.com/jobs/moreinfo.cfm?jobnumber=9535 Job Title: Senior Police Constables Location: Falkland Islands Salary: £22,751 Start Date: T.B.A. An exciting opportunity has arisen with the Royal Falkland Islands Police (RFIP) for positive and dynamic Senior Police Constables with recent experience to join the team. These are fixed contracts for two years and RFIP would be keen to appoint as soon as possible As an RFIP Police Constable you will be expected to preserve the peace and prevent all offences against the person and properties of Her Majesty’s Subjects in the Falkland Islands by upholding the law fairly and firmly and do so with common sense, integrity and sound judgment. The successful candidate will: Hold a current, valid driving licence Have keen observational skills, an eye for details and a methodical and organised approach to work Recognise and report criminal offences and investigate offences as instructed by senior officers. Be sufficiently physically fit enough to meet the demands of the role Be able to cope effectively with unpleasant and distressing situations Be able to work both on their own initiative and as a member of a disciplined team Have strong communication skills, both written and verbal Possess good interpersonal skills and Hold a grade C or above in GCSE English and Maths (or equivalent) It would be desirable if the successful candidates had experience as a Police Use of Force Instructor and/or Firearms Instructor. In return for this unique opportunity there is a commencing salary of £22,751 per annum. In addition the post also carries with it a shift allowance of £162.21 per month, an annual on call allowance of £542 and an annual bank holiday payment of £1,437. Payment for over time worked is currently at 1.5 times normal hourly rate. The post also attracts an excellent set of benefits which includes eligibility for a 25% gratuity upon successful completion of contract, 30 days annual leave and a relocation package, all of which are set against a favourable tax regime. For an application pack please contact Melissa Rawlinson on 020 7222 2542 or email by clicking the apply via emailbutton below. For enquiries about the job contact Superintendent Len McGill on +500 28100 or email lmcgill@police.gov.fk Closing Date for applications: 3rd December 2014 Interviews: Location to be confirmed. Expected starting date: As soon as possible All applications should be sent to Falkland Islands Government Office, Falkland House, 14 Broadway, Westminster, London, SW1H 0BH. £26500 all in (after allowances), low tax and 25% gratuity after the 2 year contract is up (a nice little £5-6000 bonus....) to move back with... Closing date is this week, but as they are contracts, there is often someone finishing a contract. If you want more info, you can PM me and I can give you some background on it.
  21. All, I am trying to transfer between TVP and Avon and Somerset, but am experiencing difficulties. A&S are refusing to progress my application until TVP releases my entire HR file - which TVP has refused to do. Has anyone here who's transferred previously experienced a similar process, and could they let me know the outcome, by PM if preferable. TIA, Adam
  22. http://www.wiltshire.police.uk/index.php/jobdetails?job_id=399 Not sure if anyone on here wants to apply: I notice it makes no mention of any operational requirement.
  23. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else has applied for BTP Specials in Scotland? Applications are open until 5th December. Any people who have been through the application process; could you spare any advice regarding the tests and interview that will come up should I pass the application stage? Cheers ML
  24. <h4>A campaign calling for talented graduates to consider a career in policing gets under way today.</h4> <p>The new fast track constable to inspector programme will see up to 72 successful applicants developed by their force and the College of Policing to the rank of inspector over three years.</p> <p>The 27 participating police forces will begin recruiting this month and successful applicants will start training with the College of Policing in autumn. After the first year they will be joined by talented serving constables to complete the development to inspector level over the final two years of the programme. </p> <p><strong>College of Policing lead for the fast track programme, Chief Superintendent Nicola Dale, said:</strong></p> <p>“This programme is designed to develop the next generation of police leaders and ensure that the service attracts the best talent from outside policing and nurture the best leaders within it.</p> <p>“We’re looking for people with the raw talent who have the capability to reach at least the rank of superintendent through the course of their career.  We will provide them with the training they will need to lead their colleagues and inspire confidence and trust of the public in communities that they serve.</p> <p>“Policing is an exciting and rewarding profession which makes a difference to thousands of people’s lives each and every day.  I would encourage anyone who<br />believes they have the talent and skills needed for this high-pressured, demanding role to consider applying to this programme.” </p> <h2>Notes to Editors</h2> <p>After an initial sift of applications by police forces, successful applicants at that stage will be invited to attend a National Assessment Centre which will run for two days in April 2015.  Successful candidates will start with their chosen force on 28 September 2015.</p> <p><strong>The participating police forces are:</strong></p> <p>Avon and Somerset, Bedfordshire, British Transport Police, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Dyfed-Powys, Essex, Greater Manchester Police, Hertfordshire, Humberside, Kent, Metropolitan Police Service, Norfolk, North Wales, Northamptonshire, Northumbria, South Wales, Staffordshire, South Wales, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Thames Valley Police, Warwickshire, West Mercia, West Midlands and West Yorkshire.</p> <p><strong>About the College of Policing:</strong></p> <p>The College of Policing is the professional body for policing. It sets high professional standards to help forces cut crime and protect the public. The College is here to give everyone in policing the tools, skills and knowledge they need to succeed. The College of Policing will enhance the ability of police forces and individuals to deliver their mission of preventing crime and protecting the public.<br /> <br /><strong>The College of Policing will:</strong></p> <p>• Set standards<br />• Promote evidence-based good practice<br />• Accredit training providers<br />• Support partnership working<br />• Lead on ethics and integrity</p> View the full article
  25. Family members

    I'm planning to apply as a special when Hampshire open up, but I have just had a thought about vetting. I live with my mum and my step dad, and it's been that way for about 13 years. I haven't seen my biological dad for about 11-12 years, I have had no contact with him my self, and the only thing we have had to do with him in that time was that he was paying child maintenance, but any contact was through csa. I assume he has never had any trouble with the police, however if he has would this affect my application, or as I have nothing to do with him will it be okay? Thanks ?

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