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Found 20 results

  1. sierragolf95

    Personal Vehicles

    So in my current job with my miserable pay rate I'm currently sharing a car with another family member. It's a new car on finance, stereotypical for young girls who have just passed their driving tests, I bloody hate it! With my plans of moving jobs into a police staff role, I'm looking into what car I'd possibly get since by the time I'm offered the job I won't have too much time, especially if I'm relocating. For my preferred location I'm looking at commutes from 45 minutes to an hour, mostly urban and motorway driving. I'm needing something substantial that won't drop dead once the bad weather starts next winter, but also something that won't make me drop dead with the price since I'll be on 26k after enhancements before tax and NI. Don't mind whether it's new on finance or used, just looking for some suggestions and what you've got.
  2. InspectorJavert

    New Vehicles

    Saw this on twitter the other day, and was wondering what people reckon. (Mods, know it's a news story, but it seemed to fit better here- feel free to move as appropriate). Not so bothered about where they're made, more interested in whether they're fit for purpose. Only ones we use are the Vivaro vans, which are pretty decent tbf- the 15 plate one that my station got recently feels more purpose built rather than having EWE and radio just bolted into the cab. SOURCE: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/11804048/Ministers-under-fire-for-allowing-half-of-Britains-police-forces-to-order-3000-foreign-made-vehicles.html Ministers under fire for allowing half of Britain's police forces to order 3,000 foreign-made vehicles Police forces said they were powerless to offer the contracts to British car factories because European Union procurement rules meant they had to go to the cheapest bidder A West Midlands police patrol car in Birmingham city centre Photo: Alamy By Christopher Hope, Chief Political Correspondent 6:00AM BST 16 Aug 2015 22 Comments Ministers are under fire for allowing a multi-million pound contract for thousands of new police vehciles to be handed to foreign car firms which will make them outside of the UK. The deal is the first time that so many police forces have joined together to buy cars at the same time to try to secure a cheaper deal for taxpayers. It will see Ford, Peugeot, BMW and Vauxhall provide 3,000 new vehicles worth tens of millions of pounds for over half of Britain’s police forces over the next two years. Police forces said they were powerless to offer the contracts to British car factories because European Union procurement rules meant they had to go to the cheapest bidder. Mike Penning, the Policing minister, said he would examine whether more could be done to encourage British police forces to buy British-made cars. The news has come just as the Metropolitan Police – the country’s biggest force – is running its own procurement process to replace thousands of police vehicles. The deal – worth £34million – was announced without fanfare last month by West Yorkshire police, which was the lead force in the negotiations. Buying in bulk saved the forces £5million. The main vehicle supply contract was awarded to Peugeot, while Vauxhall was awarded a separate deal to supply vans using the same process. It includes for Peugeot’s 208 and 308 cars, and the Partner, which are made in France, BMW's 3 and 5 series, which are made in Germany. The Peugeot factory in Sochaux, France Also included in the deal are BMW's X5 which is made in Spartanburg, USA and Ford's Kuga, which is made in Valencia, Spain. The only British-made cars in the deal are for the Astra 1.6 diesel, made by Vauxhall in Ellesmere Port, and for the Vivaro van, which is made in Luton. The 22 forces involved in the deal include the British Transport Police, Cleveland, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Police Scotland, South Wales, Surrey, Sussex and West Yorkshire. For years British police forces would only buy British cars until concerns about reliability crept it. But there was controversy when 1965 the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary put an order for Volvo estate cars from Sweden. That was followed by a decision by Thames Valley police to order BMW cars in 1972. Labour criticised the decision pointing out that police and France and Germany are never seen driving around in British-made vehicles such as Nissan’s or Toyota’s models. Jack Dromey, the shadow policing minister, said Home Secretary Theresa May “must not let London down” and intervene to ensure the vehicles were British-made. He said: “The Government is guilt of a lamentable failure to use taxpayers’ money to buy British for British bobbies. “No French police minister would ever buy British cars for French gendarmes. Buying British would also boost British manufacturing.” Chris Matheson, Labour MP for the City of Chester, accused the Government of “betraying” the British car industry by not buying British-made cars. He said: “No other major EU country would betray one of its leading industries in this way.” It was very hard “to go to Germany and find a police car that is not an Audi, a Mercedes, or a Volkswagen or to go to France and find a police car that is not a Peugeot, a Citreon or a Renault”. Britain is the fourth largest vehicle manufacturer in the EU, producing 1.6million cars and commercial vehicles every year. Mr Matheson said awarding the contract to Peugeot was a “double insult” because the French car maker had closed its plant near Coventry in 2006, with the loss of 3,000 British manufacturing jobs, and outsourced the work to Slovenia. He added: “In times of austerity it cannot be right that we are potentially taking millions of pounds of British taxpayers’ cash and posting it across the channel. Does that really represent value for money for British taxpayers?” “I simply cannot understand why the Government, or other public authorities such as the consortium or police and crime commissioners, are so keen to open the doors to foreign corporate bidders and hand over huge public sums to globalised companies that hold no loyalty to the UK.” A UK motor industry source said forces were unable to choose to buy British-made vehicles now because of the UK’s literal interpretation of European Union procurement rules. The source said: “In the old days a lot more police forces tended to buy British. “Other countries can opt out from EU procurement rules to support their local manufacturers, but Britain does not. In the old days a lot more police forces tended to buy British.” The National Police Chiefs’ Council, which sets policy on policing matters, said that it could not choose British manufacturers over foreign ones because of EU procurement rules. David Wilkin, the Council’s lead for Vehicle Procurement and Standardisation, said: “The vehicle purchase consortium contract was awarded after suppliers were invited to bid under European procurement laws. “The award criteria looked at the whole life cost of vehicles rather than just the purchase price; taking into account ongoing costs such as fuel usage and servicing to ensure police forces get the best value for money. “The police are committed to getting best value for money for the taxpayer while obtaining high-quality goods and services to keep officers and the public safe.” A spokesman added that the cars would be converted into police cars in the UK, so that would ensure that British workers benefitted more from the contract. Mr Penning promised to examine British treatment of EU procurement rules to see whether forces could demand to buy British made vehicles. But he said: “The key is having the right vehicles for the right people doing the right jobs.” Mr Penning pledged that more forces will be combining in the future on large procurement programmes to save money. Mr Penning added: "There remains more to do. That is why I have decided to publish key police procurement information on the prices that forces currently pay for the most common items of uniforms and equipment, like shirts, handcuffs, batons and helmets." Manufacturer Model Where are they made? Peugeot 308 Mulhouse and Sochaux, France Vauxhall Astra 1.6 diesel Ellesmere Port, UK Peugeot 208 Poissy and Mulhouse, France Vauxhall Vivaro Luton, UK BMW 3 series Munich, Germany BMW 5 series Dingolfing, Germany BMW X5 Spartanburg, USA Ford Kuga 4X4 Valencia, Spain
  3. Kev627

    Reg Plate Question

    Last week I saw a truck with the local area code JM, despite my searches I can't find any reference to which area J corresponds to. Can somebody here help?
  4. Apologies bit late in posting this, but great family day out tomorrow in SURREY. Just a quick heads up all that the Annual Brooklands Emergency Services day, Weybridge, SURREY will be 2nd May this year. It's the Bank Holiday Monday.The day comprises of lots of vehicles from the emergency services, both past and present. For an idea of what the day is like check out this video from previous event: http://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/index.php?/events/details/emergency-services-day4/ Hope to see you all there (in a civi capacity this year)
  5. I assume that the Lancashire officers are familiar with the case of Andrew Blades, one of your officers who has lost his job following a manoeuvre with a vehicle that resulted in a minor damage only collision according to news reports. If not, see here:- https://www.policespecials.com/forum/index.php/topic/150876-mp-slams-scandal-of-special-convicted-of-dangerous-driving/#entry2683796 I see the media is reporting that his case is being raised at various levels of government, including with the Director of Public Prosecutions. My question is, do you know of anything being done to help him and challenge the madness that has happened regarding this offence?
  6. I have noticed of late that there are a lot of old and badly maintained vehicles on the fleet. I have also noticed that there are a lot of new St John Ambulance vehicles which have been seen on priority runs. Other private ambulances have also been in abundance of late too. Am I missing something, or is Yorkshireland resigned to accepting this change in service provision permanently?
  7. Adamski

    Interesting Vans

    Hullo! so I've just driven to my parents along the M5 and couldn't help but notice some interesting vans on blue light runs on the way. There were five in total, one well ahead of a group of three, then another following a couple of miles behind. Each of the vans was a large, mostly white van with blue lights (on). The only markings consisted of red/fluorescent diagonal stripes on the back, and a horizontal strip of black and white battenburg (non-reflective) along the bonnet. Has anyone seen these before that would be in a position to tell me what they are? PM if you'd rather - I am a verified officer... Cheers, Adam
  8. Just a quick heads up all that the Annual Brooklands Emergency Services day, Weybridge, SURREY will be 4th May this year. It's the Bank Holiday Monday. The day comprises of lots of vehicles from the emergency services, both past and present. For an idea of what the day is like check out this video from previous event: http://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/index.php?/events/details/emergency-services-day4/ Hope to see you all there
  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2987698/Car-enthusiast-banned-roads-driving-heavily-pregnant-sister-death-trap-BMW-faulty-brakes-bald-tyres-weren-t-right-size-wires-dangling-glove-box.html Apparently it's the police making an example of him with the sentence he got, maybe he was stopped by Judge Dredd, because last time I checked the courts sentenced offenders...
  10. I thought this was interesting... Apparently a motorists insurance premium is lightly to increase after a no fault collision at a higher rate than after a fault collision When inquiring about this, apparently statistics back up the insurance companies. A driver who is at fault in a collision is more lightly to improve driving, therefore less lightly to be involved in another collision. Whereas a driver who is not at fault can believe his driving is good and not in need of improvement, and more lightly to be involved in another collision.
  11. Just had a look at the tax rates in Sweden, ouch!
  12. JuDgE mEnTaL

    What does everyone think of this?

    thought the officers dealt with it well though the guy dragged it out big time. part 1. part 2. part 3. and here's a video of him explaining in a little detail how he apparently gets around the whole inconvenience of playing by the rules. Where has this "freeman" effect come from and to what degree is there an element of truth in what they believe in? Until i had visited this site i had never heard of it and am surprised at how many times it crops up.
  13. Hi all! So I was strong-armed by my girlfriend last night into watching "Barely Legal Drivers" on BBC3 - here's a link if anyone hasn't seen it - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01rs1tz Apart from being appalled by some of the drivers (I'm sure some of you serving in the force have some stories about bad driving!) there was a clip where it showed the passengers in one car drinking bottles of beer whilst on the motorway. Now, I was always told (as a citizen) that it was illegal to have open containers of alcohol in the car but the programme never alluded to any wrong-doing. Is there any specific offence which the passengers have committed or is it totally legal? I assume that the driver would be committing an offense such as driving without due care and attention or similar if they were to consume alcohol, assuming they were under the limit? Thanks! James
  14. sierraoscar1

    Best Everyday Police Car?

    If you were in charge of choosing your force's Beat/Response car, which would it be. Taking into account: Price Reliability Practicality ect
  15. Image at the link, looks quite serious.
  16. StJohnAmbulanceCadet

    St John Ambulance Cadets

    Welcome to the St John Ambulance Cadets Topic... Share things about yourself and your division on the discussion... Feel free to start new discussions about uniform, duty's and anything else... This topic does has no association to St John Ambulance and anything said on this discussion is not the view or opinion of the Charitable Organisation St John Ambulance.
  17. There's a Panorama on tonight regarding response times. Be prepared for some tasty statistics! Here's an accompanying article for BBC News: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-19455784 8:30pm, be there.
  18. It's good to see the topic (or should I say issue) of Specials and response training come to light in the latest edition of frontline as per edition 171 page 16. The reply from the Superintendent John in my opinion is weak and somewhat misses the point though. Firstly, the officer submitting the letter Mike Elkins makes reference to TPT/RPU officers only been given response training. Superintendent John in his reply states that he is not aware of Specials in RPU been trained in response - SC Elkins clearly didn't mean that. Secondly, I was under the impression that training I have received and experience I have gained over my career of years has equipped me to deal with incidents, including grade ones. Superintendent John's assertion that "we need to be sure the officer has received the level of training to be equipped to deal with the appropriate incident" makes me question otherwise though: what has all the training and experience been for? My training and experience allows me to deal with grade ones and be the first on the scene where I work in the city centre by foot (or occasionally by vehicle if I am close by). However, put me in a vehicle that is some distance away and could benefit from been driven on a response run and all of a sudden I am not equipped to deal with the appropriate incident or had the right training? I know I have simplified the argument somewhat, but that's what it boils down to and it infuriates me. If Superintendent John feels we aren’t trained and equipped to deal with incidents why don't the Constabulary remedy this? The need to make sure implies some kind of test/ judgement is needed? Why not discuss and create what such a judgement would involve – how can we ensure that we are trained and equipped? I agree and I recognise the cultural change and improvement that has been the allowance of Specials to complete the five day initial car course. However, this is only a step in the right direction. Bring us in line with other police forces and offer the initial response training. In fact, bring us in line with other emergency services that allow their volunteers to respond to incidents: retained fire fighters respond on blues and so do the NHS voluntary co responders. Likewise do mountain rescue volunteers who respond in an ambulance capacity. Come to think of it so do BASIC’s doctors! Of course in the financial climate things need to be carefully considered, but the initial response course for specials can still work out. As per the initial five day course, specials are required to agree and affirm their long term commitment to the role etc. The courses could involve board interviews to ensure that only those that are most committed to the constabulary get a course. Furthermore, if the force was that worried about the financial returns I'm sure most specials would be happy to pay a deposit of x amount, to only be returned to them after say x amount of months of passing the course. Right, I've sounded off now. I best get back in the box before the powers that be silence my tongue!
  19. On my way back home the other night there was an Audi R8 behind me with only its daytime running lights on......Just wondering what the law is on this? Any offences committed and are they classed as side lights only!? They are bright but being LED's they don't project the light far, people can see him but surly he can't see the way properly in the dark? Anyone have ideas/opinions on this? Cheers!
  20. Damsel

    Red Diesel

    Right then, a bit of a daft question, which is why it's in Locker Room rather than anywhere else.... As we all know, apart from a small number of exceptions, it's illegal to run a vehicle on red diesel... However, it's legal to run a diesel generator on red diesel. Ignoring the fact that it would probably be really inefficient, would it be legal to run a totally electric vehicle fitted with a diesel generator (to keep the batteries topped up) with that generator running on red diesel? The law says that red diesel can't be used to power the vehicle, but would charging the batteries be classed as powering the vehicle? I personally think it'd be legal, but please feel free to discuss.

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