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Found 65 results

  1. Hi all, hope everyone is safe and well during this time. I had applied to GMP as a special constable and had passed all of the assessments. Interview, situational judgement test, written exercise, fitness and medical. I was given an offer and a start date. Unfortunately I had moved to London by the time my start date was given as I had waited such a long time for a start. When I moved to London I attended an open day for the Met to ask a few questions regarding applications and if I would need to do everything from the start, assessments etc. I was told that because the specials assessment is the same across all UK forces, I would only have to do the medical and fitness this time around. Should I clarify this with the college of policing? I have applied to the Met as a special and have been given dates to go for assessments. I asked them the same questions just to be clear and they have said that I would have to do everything all over as they do not know how GMP carries out the assessments as it could be different to the met. I'm a bit confused after being told other information. Any information/input anyone could offer? I would be very grateful. Kind regards, Brian.
  2. Ben_Spencer


    Passed my Assessment Centre for Warwickshire Police Specials!:) Just waiting to hear back from then for the next stage of the process.
  3. I am a former BTP Special Constable. In these increasingly difficult times I want to help in any way I can. I am a trained first aider and remember much of my original police training. Does anyone have any thoughts on what I can or should do?
  4. Hi all I am due to start my training as a Special Constable for my local force in the next 6-8 weeks. I have been thinking about how I may be perceived given my views on being a career Special. I have always wanted to join the police since my early teens, and applied as soon as I turned 18. I applied as a PC with many different forced throughout the UK, including the Met, BTP, all the Welsh forces etc, however, I was always unsuccessful at the vetting stage due to family history (none of which I have any contact with). This process lasted for around 4 years until I reached age 22. I then felt that I wasn't getting anywhere, and started to focus on another career in financial services. I am now 29 with a very good job working for a global financial services organisation, of which, being rewarded very well, especially for my age. I have left it 7 years since last applying, but had applied as a Special in July and have now been given an offer! I am absolutely delighted and cant wait. Throughout the recruitment process, I was always being asked whether my ambition was to join as a regular, especially as there is a recruitment drive on at the moment. Although it would be an absolute dream to join as a regular, it would be impossible for me to continue my current lifestyle as I would be taking a pay cut of around £45k. I have had a long conversation with my wife and weighed it up financially, however, it would result in me having to sell our home, change our family plans etc which really isn't feasible. However, I am so keen to start as a Special and would want to continue that with no ambition to join as a regular. My genuine reason for joining is to actually give something back, get involved in making a difference. My Employer has an ESP (employee supported policing) scheme which allows me paid time off work to complete training and special duties. So basically, I am having my cake and eating it so to speak. My main concern, is that during training, as well as once I've been posted after training, could this come across as derogatory and maybe somewhat insulting? Usually, as soon as I say what I do and who I work for, a lot of judgements and assumptions are made which are totally incorrect. When being asked already, I try to be a politician about it and dodge the question or not really answer it. The last thing I would want to do is offend anyone but this is what I am worried about. I know it is probably down to how it is explained and to be mindful with my words, but any tips would be gratefully received!! Thanks all PS - I cannot wait to start!!!
  5. Hi Guys, due to start my special training in February was wondering if anyone knows what kit they Issue out and what I would need to get in preparation for training. Although I am aware boots need to be purchased by myself is there anything else I would need Frosty
  6. A police officer has been sacked for having sex with a "vulnerable" teenager after "inappropriate" contact with the person through Instagram. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/police-officer-sacked-for-having-sex-with-vulnerable-teenager/ar-AAr3ZRm?li=AAmiR2Z&ocid=spartandhp Would he have used his own personal account for instagram in the first instance or do some forces have accounts with all these social media portals? How can someone in this day and age be so stupid as to go down this road?
  7. So this time last year I made a big life change and moved from the Midlands down to London. It was something I'd been thinking about for a couple of years but for some odd reason (comfort zone/it was a scary thought) I just hadn't done it yet. Cue falling in love at the end of 2015 and she then moves to London, becoming my catalyst to do so as well. In November of 2016 I decide to get out of my comfort zone again and do something else I'd been thinking about for years, join the Police! Unfortunately I discover that to join the MET you need to have lived in London for 3 out of the last 6 years... damn. A friend of mine advises me to go down the Special route, as this isn't a requirement and it's also a great way to test the waters. I apply after Christmas and eagerly wait a response. Sadly, during this time my girlfriend decides things just aren't right anymore and ends it. A week after that my Nan passes away... I really need some good news right now! At the end of January I receive an email and I'm successfully through the paper sift. Let the revision being... along with the first entry into this series of blogs... 27th March 2017: My alarm goes off at 0600, although in reality I’ve already been awake for the past hour. The amount of thoughts and questions running around in my mind is starting to make my head hurt. What if the tube is delayed? What if I forget my passport? What if I’m the only one to fail? Maybe I’m not fit enough to do the bleep test. I shake it off and clamber out of bed. Damn, it’s cold. Why has my flatmate turned the heating off? I’m 27 and I don’t want to live like a student! Into the bathroom and look in the mirror. My pathetic attempt at a shave from the night before is embarrassing. I hate shaving in the morning. My inability to, and lack of often shaving always leaves me with a hot, sunburn looking rash. I shower, grab a protein shake, brush my teeth and then get dressed. Suited and booted I grab my duffel bag – not before checking that I have all the documents I need again for the 5th time. Onto the tube I know where I need to go. The dry run I did the week before to the assessment centre helps to ease my mind. At the very least I know how to get to the building! Wow the Tube is hot. All of a sudden I want to live like a cold student. Sweat patches before I even arrive, fantastic. Off the Tube with 45 minutes to spare. Grab a coffee and start to go through my revision notes one last time. Nothing goes in and before I know it I’m walking into Empress State Building. I take a seat next to a bunch of other nervous looking individuals. We’re all here for the same reason. We get chatting and discuss who has revised what, which study books people have purchased, who wants to be a regular and so on. We’re called up to collect our name badges and then whisked off upstairs. First up is the written test. Half an hour to complete, read the question and off I go. 15 minutes in and I’m breezing through… hang on a second, I’ve misread the question! Damnit! No time to go back and restart so I course correct my answer. “And stop writing”. What? That wasn’t 30 minutes, surely the clock’s fast. Pens down and papers collected we’re asked to leave the room and await the results which will be ready shortly. My heart is racing. I sit down with the others and we discuss our answers. Thankfully my confidence is boosted slightly when we all seem to have written the same thing. My name is called along with the 3 other guys I’ve just been chatting to. We’re lead out into a separate room. Either my heart is racing so quickly that I can no longer feel it or I’ve actually died… maybe that’s it, that’ll be better than the rejection I’m surely about to face. “I’m happy to tell you, you’ve all passed. You’ll be heading into your interviews shortly”. We’re all grinning from ear to ear and suddenly I notice my heartbeat again. “Does anyone need the toilet?”. Everyone goes except for me. I get stage fright at the best of times, there’s no way I can go now! I’m lead into a room on my own as the others head off to use the toilets. Within 30 seconds of sitting down a tall chap walks into the room grinning. “Simon? Follow me”. I jump up and he introduces himself. He’s a full time PC. We head into a different room where there is a Special SGT waiting. He introduces himself and I stand there remembering not to sit down yet. I’m politely asked to take a seat and I thank him. For the first few minutes we sit and have a light hearted chat, I’m already at ease. The questions start and I reach into my memory bank of answers, the revision is paying off! Before I know it the interview is over and I’m back in a room with the others. 10 minutes go by and I’m called out of the room with the same guy who I was with when we passed the written. “Congratulations, you’ve both passed the interview”. Smiles all around. The next couple of hours are different documents and checks with the nurse. All is good and then it’s off to the bleep test. One of the guys with us hasn’t got his sports kit. He says he wasn’t told to bring it. Instead he borrows a pair of trainers from an instructor and does it in his shirt and trousers. Fantastic. The bleep test is over before it even feels like it started. Easy. Everyone in the group passes, although I’m fairly sure one person didn’t cross the line on one bleep but the instructor misses it. Ah well. That’s it. It’s 1530 and the day is done. I head back to the Tube along with another guy. We chat for a bit, exchange numbers and then head our separate ways, agreeing to keep in contact throughout the process, which we have so far. I’m back in my flat by 1615. I realise I haven’t eaten since my protein shake. I grab everything I see in my cupboard, collapse in my room and just lie there. I’m absolutely drained. I manage to message my family and a couple of mates to tell them I got through. I go over the day in my head. It’s the furthest I’ve been out of my comfort zone in years, and I’m so happy I did it. I smile, grab my laptop and pop an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on. I proceed to gorge on my snacks and decide I deserve pizza for today’s efforts, it’ll be the perfect way to fuel tomorrow mornings gym session. TBC… Thank you for reading if you made it this far. I'm currently into my second week of training so will do some more writes up soon. I haven't written like this since school so apologies if it's a bit sloppy!
  8. A man has been charged with the attempted murder of a special police constable after an assault at Plymouth railway station on Friday. http://m.plymouthherald.co.uk/man-has-been-charged-with-attempted-murder-of-police-constable/story-30165829-detail/story.html
  9. Ever considered becoming a Special Constable? Can you give up 16 hours a month (4 hours per week) to help safeguard your community? Dyfed Powys Police is looking for enthusiastic people who have a special quality and are willing to volunteer their time to join the force as Special Constables in Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Powys. Working as a Special Constable can be done alongside studying, other employment or in retirement. You can use your experience from jobs and life to provide a different perspective and way of looking at some of our policing challenges. You will receive the necessary and appropriate training to allow you work alongside full-time police officers. You will have the same powers as a police officer whilst on duty, and help provide a link between the police and local communities. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn, gain new experiences, work with others and give something to the community. An application pack and further information about the role is available on our website:- https://www.dyfed-powys.police.uk/en/join-the-police/special-constables/ To apply, please complete and return the Special Constable Application form prior to the deadline date. Deadline Date: Friday 6 January 2017
  10. Finners

    Specials Kit Issued

    I thought I would start a new thread with an Updated kit list I got issued mine yesterday! · 1x Short sleeved Under Armour black shirt · 1x Long sleeved Under Armour Black Shirt · 1x Short Sleeved white shirt · 1x Black tie · 2x Black Trousers · 1x ¾ hi Viz Waterproof (Mines Pending) · 1x Hi Viz Blouson Waterproof (been issued the wrong one so I need to sort it.) · 1x Lightweight Hi Viz · 1x Leather Belt · 1x Utility Belt · 1x CS Spray holster · 1x Maglite Holder · 1x Cuff Holster · 1x Steel Hinged cuffs (with 2x small keys) · 1x Long handcuff key · 1x HIV protection pouch (Gloves, Ventaid and Clinical waste bags.) · 1x Maglite · 2x Maglite batteries · 1x Custodian Helmet B Baton and Radio issued after OST and Comms Training. Warrant card issued after Attestation. £100 boot allowance
  11. PCW

    PSU Medic

    Is anyone out there a PSU Medic, as a special or reg? I only ask as it's something I am interested in
  12. Tempo

    Protecting the vulnerable

    Rank: Special Constable Length of service: 6 Months Duty time: 1700-0200 All times are estimates due to PNB not being handy... 1700: Get kitted up and head down to briefing. Say hello to early turn who are now finishing up. Begin briefing, one in the bin who was arrested by the night turn for drink drive who blew 162 on the intox machine… he is still unfit for interview! The section I am on with are good and always make me feel welcome, I supply the cakes for the briefing…with some tesco finest belgian cookies! (I highly recommend) 1745: After checking emails etc we head out. I am crewed with a regular who I have been with a number of times and have a good laugh with while on duty. 1900: Comms shout our callsign up for a job concerning a young girl with learning difficulties who lives out of our patch with foster parents. The foster parents have called in worried for her welfare as she has not returned home from school as expected. Her sister has said that she was seen getting into the vehicle of her biological parents, who we find live on our patch. We are made aware there is an order against any contact from the biological parents with this girl and under no circumstances should she be with them at this moment in time. A history of abuse between the father and the young girl is uncovered and seems a very complex situation, all we know is that we have a duty to protect this young girl and she will be coming with us no matter what tonight. After conducting some research on the address we go code 5. My colleague says to me under no certain terms the young girl will be coming with us out of that house no matter what and asks if I am okay if it does “go” as it has potential to do so. I nod and respond “not a problem!” and swiftly throw my bag into the back of the car. We turn up to the address and a male no taller than 5’2 answers the door, This we establish is the biological father, the mother is in the living room with the older brother of the young girl all sitting on the sofa watching television. I introduce myself and my colleague and ask if we can come in to have a chat. He responds with “I have been expecting you lot!” He continues as we enter into the house explaining how there is a ongoing court case concerning where this young girl will be living. We knew all of this already after being checking the log but listen to his side of the story. My colleague brings the male into the kitchen which is at the rear of the property to talk to him in further out of earshot of the rest of the family as I sit with the young girl and begin to talk to her…the living room is taken up by only her and myself now as the older brother has gone upstairs to his bedroom and the mother exited the house in tears claiming to go to her friends house as she can’t deal with this ass we “are taking her little girl away again” This worries me, who is she going to come back with? but I focus on the young girl and begin to talk to her about what is on the television. She says she wants to be a police officer one day… She repeats what the biological father says that she took a bus directly from school to get here, all of her own accord and she wants to live with her biological mother father and brother and how her foster parents are awful to her. I hear the male in the kitchen begin to raise his voice to my colleague as he sets the kettle to boil “I only want a effin cuppa!!!" he states all I can imagine is this male throwing this boiling water at either me or my colleague, lets move this conversation into the living room. My colleague has explained what will be happening this evening… This young girl is coming with us and there is no two ways about it and we believe he has taken her here today from school. He refutes this and becomes aggressive again “bloody ask her!! she said how she got here didn’t you love?!” the young girl looks frightened and just says "yeah, I got the bus like I said" At this point I hear an almighty smash from upstairs…where the older brother has been for the past 20 minutes in relative silence we hear him scream out “You are not taking my sister again!!! you scum!” My colleague draws his captor and I draw mine in the living room as we hear him make his way to the stairs. We anticipate the worst and I ready myself for a roll around, my captor drawn I shake it and hold it behind my right leg, I glance to my right to see the little girl looking terrified…I give her a smile and reassure her things are going to be okay… well I hope they will be at least. A nearby unit with taser shouts up and asks if we need assistance we gladly accept the shout and they make the 10 minute ride over. Things begin to die down just before the back up unit arrives. The older brother makes his way downstairs and apologies for his behaviour saying he is just upset and doesn’t want to lose his sister again…I take him into the kitchen to talk one to one and explain there is a way to go about these things and this isn’t it as there is a court process to follow, he nods in agreement and sips on his tea. The female officer explains to the young girl what will happen tonight that we are here to protect her and she has to go back to her foster parents. The male is standing behind the female colleague looking at the little girl and begins to but in and it is clear he is trying to influence her. No more, we are leaving. The male begins to rant at how we are scum and worse than peadophiles he tries to stop us leaving and promptly receives a shove out of the way… we get out of the front door and the girls mood changes immediately. She is no longer the scared little girl who we saw in the living room in the house that is behind me she becomes cheery and I got a sense of relief from her to be out of there. She explains how she was picked up from school, and how the whole story about the bus was what she was told to say. It also becomes apparent that there has been contact through social media from the male for a long time now which constituted grooming. This will all be followed up but right now our priority was the safety and wellbeing of this young girl. 2230: The girl is now safe at her foster parents house. We make our way back to our patch to get some well needed food! We bump into a male on the main street of the town we patrol he is sleeping on the side of the road. I get out and begin to talk to him and run him through the system. He is well known and came out of prison that day. He has been released to the nearby probation accommodation but is unsure where it is so we give him a lift over and wish him all the best in his new beginning as he put it. 0200: Book off duty after sorting paperwork etc from the main job of the evening. Hope this was a good read, A duty which left me with real satisfaction and has stuck out to me as a highlight so far in my time as a special. Tempo.
  13. Metropolitan Special Constable (MSC) recruitment 2016 (Continuous) Special constables are volunteer police officers who play a pivotal role in the Met. Becoming one gives you the chance to work alongside regular police officers, bring skills and experiences from your day job and give something back to this world-class city. As of 1 July 2015, all new special constable applicants will be offered an assessment date within two weeks of submitting their online application form. If applicants attend and pass all the relevant tests, they will receive a conditional offer* on the same day confirming the start date of their training. Who are Special Constables? Special constables are volunteer police officers who play a pivotal role in the Met. Becoming one gives you the chance to work alongside regular police officers, bring skills and experiences from your day job and give something back to this world-class city. Same uniform, same powers Based across each of the 32 boroughs that make up the capital city, Specials wear the same uniform and carry the same powers and responsibilities as regular police officers. They’re involved in all aspects of policing London, enjoying a variety of roles and carrying out duties such as: Foot and vehicle patrols Anti-Robbery initiatives Working in schools to talk about safety and crime Assisting in the event of accidents, fights and fires Road safety initiatives House-to-house enquiries Helping ensure public safety and security at both local and major events Presenting evidence in court Taking part in 'Hotspot' operations to tackle underage drinking, criminal damage and nuisance/public disorder Offering crime prevention advice and promoting property marking initiatives To be eligible Special constables must have resided in United Kingdom for a minimum of three years prior to applying Who we're looking for To become a Special Constable, you need to meet our eligibility requirements and have the right personal qualities for the role. For more information please visit the Met Police careers website. http://content.met.police.uk/Site/specialconstables To Apply: https://secure.met.police.uk/specials/main/logon.action Your London, Your Met. Policing one of the world's most vibrant cities can be challenging, exciting and, with a supportive team around you, incredibly rewarding.
  14. The thread name is a reference to what I've been told my a lot of PCs who describe the difference between being a Regular and a Special. This thread is directed towards those who started off as Specials then became PCs. Apart from the obvious, what are the differences for both roles? From the PCs I've spoken to, I've gathered a collective opinion as follows: 1) Getting used to shift work whereas Specials can obviously choose when to volunteer 2) A lot more responsibility for following through on jobs 3) A lot of paperwork Does that sum it up? I have opinions from some who work in the service who say that they know Specials who then became PCs. These SC to PC individuals then realise that it's ''so different'' that they don't like Policing anymore. I am a Special btw keen to become a PC.
  15. Essex police car ends up on roof during chase in Wickham Bishops 9 hours ago From the sectionEssex Image copyrightTwitter Image captionEssex Police tweeted photos of the crash and appealed for information about the stolen car A police car has ended up on its roof in a field while it was chasing a car which was believed to have been stolen. Essex Police had a call about an Audi RS3 being driven erratically at Wickham Bishops near Witham on Friday evening. Shortly after the police car began its pursuit, the driver lost control, hit a telegraph pole and crashed into the field off Maldon Road. The two male officers inside the car had minor injuries. The Audi has yet to be located. Essex Police said the Audi was believed to have been stolen from Allectus Way in Witham on Friday evening. The squad car, which crashed at 18:45 GMT, contained a police constable in his 30s and a special constable in his late teens, Essex Police said. Special Inspector Jo van Zanten tweeted photographs of the crashed car and called it "a lucky escape for two Braintree officers". http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-35449820
  16. https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/15973/Special-Constabulary-Recruitment-Team-at-City-of-Wolverhampton-College
  17. Sorry if this has been discussed before, if so please feel free to delete. What is the training required if you are successful as a Special with IPS joining as a regular? Do you still undertake the full training package or is it a streamlined version? Many thanks.
  18. jayhoop82

    1 year on

    Just over a year ago since I attended my interview to become a Special with Sussex Police. It's been a fantastic life experience, and although I am still very new to the job, I've really had my eyes opened since attesting in August. I've seen sons taking a knife to their mother over Internet access, I've been kicked, I've been "racially abused", I've been moaned at for harassing an elderly driver, who was driving the wrong way up a one way. I have nothing but respect for our police. I continue to learn, and feel more determined than ever to be as helpful to the regulars as I possibly can be. Absolutely love the job! Jay
  19. Otee


    Farewell, I have meticulously enjoyed every shift as a special constable, giving back to the community and protecting the values and oath to the service and public. It has been a total ride, through arresting to making the best brews. I tendered my resignation as of last night and now moving onto the Met to join the regulars, starting tomorrow. I will miss City Plan and the drunken nights, shifts with RPU from Smithdown Lane to my neighbourhood at Speke/Garston. Above all, stay safe and stay in school. In Memory of 6554 Phillips and 6944 Doyle whom both I have worked with as a colleague. Kindest regards, Otee
  20. danswans

    All kitted up and ready to go..

    So I arrived at the station for my first ever shift as a fully attested special constable. Although my rank still stands as "trainee" special constable, it still feels good to finally be allowed out on the streets. So it was a Sunday afternoon at 14.45. I made my way to the second floor of Maidstone police station and knocked on the LDPT (local district police team) sergeants office. I informed the SGT who I was and he told me to go wait in the office in the next room. 10 minutes went by, which felt like an hour. He called me into the briefing room and my first ever police briefing had begun. Who got told of some potential wanted people and I got told who I'd be crewed with. We got a vehicle and off we went. My crew mate was a regular PC and a great one at that. Very funny and welcoming. We done a bit of "hunting", as he liked to call it, and mainly went to the more rougher parts of Maidstone to see what we could find. To sum up the evening, I carried out a s23 MDA persons search, s1 Pace persons search and assisted my colleagues in the vehicle searches for both the above. We also had a failure to stop however this didn't make off at speed. When the guy finally stopped he blamed it on the blue Xmas lights hanging off his mirror and claimed he didn't see us. (Ok then!) After a stern warning, we could smell alcohol coming from him and noticed a can of Stella in the driver side door. A breath test revealed 23mgs of alcohol in his breathe, very lucky indeed. Overall, a very good first shift and looking forward to my morning shift on Tuesday.
  21. Newcastle Falcons' Rob Hawkins becomes special constable 20 November 2015 From the sectionTyne & Wear Image copyrightNorthumbria Police Image captionRob Hawkins is a hooker for the Newcastle Falcons A professional rugby player will try to tackle crime in his new role as a special constable. Newcastle Falcons player Rob Hawkins has completed his first shift as a volunteer officer for Northumbria Police. The 32-year-old hooker, who previously played for Bath and Leicester Tigers, said he is considering a career in the force when he retires from rugby. Northumbria Police said they hope he will inspire others to volunteer. Ch Insp Sarah Pitt, said: "We're really pleased that Rob has joined us as a special constable and we hope it encourages other people to think about getting involved. "Our volunteers are a vital link between us and the communities we serve and we welcome the different skills they bring from their own professions." Stats of a special constable Rob Hawkins in numbers 85 Appearances for Bath Rugby, Leicester Tigers and Newcastle Falcons 5ft 11 in (1.8m) tall 15.7 stone (100kg) weight 32 Years old 2 Trophies won, the Aviva Premiership in 2011 and LV= Cup in 2012 Source: ESPN Getty Images SC Hawkins said: "I'm probably in my twilight years with my rugby career, so I'm starting to think heavily about the transition into the real world and I've always been interested in the police. "Whilst I've got the opportunity to give it a whirl as a volunteer I decided to try it. "I've played in front of 80,000 people before but I don't think I was as nervous then as I was starting my first shift. "I've been getting a bit of a ribbing. I'm not looking forward to seeing a few of the boys in town when they've had a couple of jars as I'm sure they will probably try to steal my hat and other pranks, but I've told them they'll be in trouble." Image copyrightGetty Images Image caption Rob Hawkins previously played for Bath and the Leicester Tigers before joining the Newcastle Falcons in 2014 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-34878360
  22. South Wales Police is currently recruiting Special Constables. Applications will be available from 09.00 on Wednesday 18th November 2015 The closing date for applications is 09:00 on Wednesday 25th November 2015 Click here for further information. South Wales Police is a dynamic, diverse organisation with over 5,000 employees working across the South Wales area. Working for South Wales Police is challenging yet rewarding, with the opportunity to progress and take on specialist roles within the Force. We are a public funded body that provides a 24 hour, seven days a week service and to achieve our mission of ‘Keeping South Wales Safe’ we expect high levels of performance from all staff and officers. When you join South Wales Police you may be required to work anywhere in the force area, and therefore need to have a flexible approach to your working hours and access to a vehicle or be able to travel around the Force area. You will also need to effectively engage with internal and external customers at all levels, in order to provide a high quality standard of service, and display the necessary qualities to work in an organisation with minority groups. Vetting clearance is a pre-requisite for joining South Wales Police, and you will need the required standard of vetting for the role in question. Please note that vetting will also be carried out on family members and others living at your address. Within this section of the website you can find out more about the key roles within the Force including opportunities to volunteer with us, what qualities we are looking for in our officers and staff, and access our current vacancies. If you wish to apply for a role/s, you will need to register for an account and complete the electronic application form. No CVs or hard copy application forms will be accepted. To apply please click on this current vacancies link. For further information, please contact the HR helpdesk on 01656 305870 or email: HR.HELPDESK@south-wales.police.pnn.uk
  23. Tempo

    Life and Death

    Rank: Special Constable Length of service: 3 months Duty time: 1500-2200 All times are estimates: 1500: all kitted up head on down to the briefing room. Say Hi to the skipper and a few of the guys who are in and ready for briefing. Find who I am crewed with, Ive been with him before and he is a good laugh 1540: First call of the day…comes through as an assault so make our way towards on blues. 1550: Arrive. Greeted by a large group of people in the street claiming the male who has been assaulted was attempting to steal from a near by building site and the workers did not take to kindly to this so decided to give him a bit of a pasting for it. I take some details of some witnesses in case they are needed. Turns out the male has had a bit of an accident during the whole incident and managed to soil himself. He claimed that he was only in the building site to go to the toilet but the workers claim he was seen trying to take a drill from the site. Long story short neither party wanted to take it any further so colleague got a signature from the male who was assaulted and have a few words with the builders. All in order so we are on our way! 1740: Asked to make our way to a sudden death. This would be my first call of this nature. 1750: Arrive at the address. Friends of the deceased are there and are understandably upset after finding their friend deceased. We make our way inside and are greeted by a paramedic who arrived before us and has confirmed the male has passed away. Paramedic passes us the paper work we needed and he is on his way. Colleague lets me take the lead on the job and I complete the relevant paper work for the coroner as he called for the undertaker to come, I placed the tag onto the male and made some enquires as to who was the next of kin. 1845: Undertakers arrive. Give them the paperwork they need and then gave them some assistance with moving the deceased into the bag so he can be transported. Undertakers make their way off. We secure the property with a friend of the deceased and make our way off too. 1910: Refs break, I was starving! got myself a nice curry and a fanta. 1930: Back at the station to email the paperwork to the coroners office etc… 2200: Book off duty! Hope this was a good read Tempo.
  24. Tempo

    Finding my feet

    Rank: Special Constable Length of service: 3 months Duty time:1800HRS-0115HRS 1800: Get to the station and say hi to the skipper and a few of the guys who are on this evening. I had never been on with the section who were on, but they all seemed nice and welcoming! Go and kit up and get crewed with a regular. About to check briefing but we are called up to deal with a disturbance at a property nearby. Arrive to the property to find a female at the door who is angry about claims she is due to be a grandmother which when she has arrived to the address of her son and his girlfriend the claims have been denied...among all this she has claimed to be assaulted where the other party are claiming she has forced entry. Female is advised to move along as there are better ways to get to the bottom of her questions. Told she can make a allegation if she so wishes but can expect one to come straight back at her if thats the case! She duly agrees to move along and is escorted to her home by her son. 1910: Respond to a call of a male who claims to have people outside his address who are being threatening...Colleague says the male is known to us and has a a history of MH issues. Arrive to the address and first thing that I see is a stanley knife by where the male was sitting...that can move straight away! He explains how he is hearing males outside his house at all hours saying his name and explaining in great detail what he is doing in his home, the stanley was there incase anybody tries to get into his address. Reassure the male that there were no males outside his property when we arrived and say we will make sure to patrol around the area. Explain that he is to call 999 if anybody tries to gain entry to his property and we will be right around. The male claimed to be taking his medication due to be a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and explained how he was not going to harm himself or others. My colleague put in information to the MH team in regards to the male to follow up with him. 2000: Back at the station briefly as colleague needed to follow up some crimes he had...I used the time to update my PDP. 2030: Called to respond to two males being detained by security staff at a supermarket after being caught shoplifting. One of the males was said to have assaulted a member of staff and is being highly aggressive Blue light run to the call(adrenaline running a bit :P)...arrive to one male being cooperative and being supervised by two of the store staff in a side room. The other male was being detained on the floor with three staff lay on him to make sure he was going nowhere! myself and my colleague take control of the male who is swearing an awful lot but is begining to calm down now we are dealing with him, result! my colleague cuffs him and we bring him to another side room. My colleague places him under arrest on sus shoplifting, the male takes a disliking to a female officer and is promptly told to shut up and is swiftly lead to the back of the van! We talk briefly about the second male and decide to bring him in also. Another officer asks if i wish to make the arrest and i gladly oblige! we make our way in and I place the male under arrest on sus shoplifting, he comes without issue and is placed into the back of a car and escorted to custody. 2130: Arrive to custody and book my prisoner in. 2230: Complete a arrest statement with the help of a awesome regular officer who was really helpful! print it off and hand to my colleague who will be heading up the interviews. I am asked if i wish to sit in on the interview of the male I arrested to which I say yes. 2300: Section have their meal for the evening...I just have some water as I had ate before coming out to shift but quickly regret this as the kebabs smelt so good! 0010: Interview begins with the male who I arrested, He fully admits the offences and the interview lasts no longer than five minutes. It was still good to see how the interview process works though and how my colleague put questions across to the male. 0030: Decision is made on both males on how they will be dealt with. The male who was at first aggressive is RJ'd along with a cannabis warning after a further search at custody found the smallest amount of cannabis on his person know to man, it was found out a bit later on he had not assaulted any of the staff but "looked like he may assault someone!". Male 2 is cautioned for the offence as he had similar previous so could not be RJ'd. I found this a really good experience as it was the first time to see a crime through from arrest to the end...even if it wasnt the crime of the century All in all a pretty productive shift 0115: book off duty. hope this was worth a read! Tempo
  25. Tonge16

    Medical done today

    So I had my medical today and the lovely occupational therapist explained every test result and said if everything was OK once checked by someone else there, I wouldn't hear anything, any problems they will ring and then it would be passed on to recruitment and I probably won't hear anything until drugs test results and vetting are done at which point I will be invited to attend training, so just a waiting game now, yay fingers crossed
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