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Found 330 results

  1. This is link to the west Mercia staff vacancies page for anyone who fancies a look. Very regularly updated https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/4893/Police-staff-vacancies
  2. After having been closed for the last few months, external recruitment for regulars will be re-opening shortly for the MPS. An exact date is not known yet however it's anticipated to be late January 2016. However, of note is that the MPS have opted to KEEP the 2nd language requirement following it's trial last year but they have extended the list of accepted languages from 16 to 25. These are; Arabic • Bengali • Bulgarian • Cantonese • Estonian • Farsi • French • German • Greek • Hebrew • Hindi • Italian • Lithuanian • Polish • Portuguese • Punjabi • Romanian • Sinhala • Somali • Spanish • Tamil • Turkish • Urdu • Vietnamese • Yoruba (Nigeria) This is in addition to the standing requirements of having lived in London for 3 of the last 6 years, and also holding a CKP qualification prior to attestation. However, the MPS do now deliver this internally for those who do not have one, so having it prior to application is not required. Those interested, keep an eye on this link; http://www.metpolicecareers.co.uk/newconstable/
  3. Benjamon1991

    West Midlands Police PC recruitment 2015

    I thought I'd start this thread due to the lack of WMP forum activity. I had my final interview two weeks ago and I am currently waiting to hear back. I was told there were a number of intakes from November 2015 all the way though to early 2017 depending on how well candidates performed throughout the recruitment process - higher scorers starting first. Is anyone else in a similar position? It seems to me that they're leaving it very late to inform people of success with a potential November intake considering most employers will require a months notice and candidates will need to find living arrangements pretty soon! Anyone currently training with WMP may be able to shed some light on this?
  4. Full article: https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/16794/Police-cadet-applications-close-in-one-week
  5. I wrote this back in November and this was originally published on https://cccupolicingandcj.wordpress.com/2015/11/02/a-bsc-in-service-policing-service-discusses-what-it-is-like-to-be-a-special/ Reading back there are definitely a few bits I would've redrafted! However all criticism welcome Special. Are you? Could you? Easter will bring the fourth anniversary of when I walked through the hallowed gates of Hendon Police Training College to begin training as a Special Constable for the Metropolitan Police Service. Many shifts and some unbelievable experiences later this blog is a welcome opportunity to reflect on what has been a whirlwind of a journey so far and perhaps provide some insight to those who are considering embarking on voluntary warranted service. Holding the Office of Constable is a privilege that I struggle to equate to anything else in life. It can be incredibly nerve wracking, but also exciting and rewarding in a multitude of different ways. The Special Constabulary can trace its beginnings to before the time of Sir Peel and have a rich history of serving the community. Charged with the same duties, responsibilities and role as a regular officer, Special Constables have the same powers and equipment and are required to complete a minimum of two shifts per month supporting force priorities. This could range from high visibility patrol in night time economy areas, or assisting an often short staffed neighbourhood or response team. Often confused with Community Support Officers, Specials are not paid, but perform key roles such as arresting suspects. Even now, some of my friends are still shocked when they see handcuffs and a baton on my belt, let alone finding out that I arrest people! There aren’t many roles where after about five weeks of training you could be attending the home of a male wanted for a serious domestic assault, who has strong links to gangs and firearms, for your first arrest as I did, and all in your spare time. People join for different reasons, some use it to boost their CV, for many it was and still is in some forces the only route into regular service and are therefore using it as a stepping stone into policing as a career. Others still, known as career specials have no aspiration to join full time, but it is the opportunity to serve the community alongside their normal day job. Whether you want to join the regular service or not, the Special Constabulary is a fantastic way to ‘try before you buy’. For those considering a career in policing, for example those studying at university or currently working full time it enables you to experience the world of policing to enable you to make an informed decision about your future without having to change job. However regardless of intention, so long as you fulfil the eligibility criteria set out by the College of Policing and the force you are applying to and apply with good intent, all are welcome and it is a challenge that I couldn’t recommend enough. As a Special Constable, you will encounter the best and worst of society on a frequent basis. Although events such as the recent public order in Lambeth show, that it is not without its risks. During my time I’ve been punched, kicked, spat on, had surgery after being assaulted, been on crutches twice and been called every name under the sun and some I didn’t even know existed! Not to mention countless threats made against my life and those that I care about; not a role for the faint of heart but it is something you soon learn to take in your stride. Some of the highlights have been having the opportunity to make a difference and sometimes had a real impact on someone else’s life. Having done so in the knowledge that had you not been there it would’ve taken longer for officers to attend; potentially meaning that a particular incident could have escalated during that time, or in some cases they wouldn’t have attended at all due to an ever expanding demand combined with a continual reduction in resources. More and more forces are depending on specials out of necessity and with that comes a greater expectation and the willingness for regular colleagues to work with you and assist with your development. As I look back at what has been a busy, but short service so far, I will never forget racing across London to save a teenage girl stood on the edge of a multi-story car park who saw jumping to end her life as the only option she had left. From the panic of getting closer units to attend as quickly as possible, to the sheer emotional relief of being notified she had been found and the sadness as you looked into the eyes of someone so empty, sad and young as you arranged for them to be assessed for treatment at the local mental health unit. Policing can be an emotional roller coaster and it was an honour to be able to help, but she is one in a long line of faces and stories I will never forget. When I first joined, a friend asked me what an average shift consisted of; a few years later, I am still trying to answer that question. Whether you are supporting a traffic operation focussing on road safety, or arranging for the coroner to collect a body you’ve had to inspect after someone’s family member has passed away or looking for a vulnerable missing child who has wandered off there is such variety you will always be learning and experiencing something new. Upon joining, you are provided with a portfolio detailing a wide range of competencies that you are trained to do and then supported by tutors to demonstrate out on the street until you are signed off as having achieved the capability to patrol independently. Once you have completed this there is then the opportunity to progress whether that is to specialise with a particular unit or tutor newer officers or progress through the rank structure to manage other volunteers. Having spent the last year working on fraud and interviewing suspects, I now split my time between working on the night time economy and with an emergency response and patrol team. If you ever thought, you could do the right thing under pressure, keep your head whilst those around you lose theirs, be that support for those who are struggling and need help at their most troubled time then being a Special Constable could be for you. It is an opportunity like no other to experience the world of policing and intricacies of upholding the law. Special. Are you? Could you? For details of the College of Policing eligibility criteria please visit: www.recruit.college.police.uk/Special/Pages/Eligible.aspx For any queries regarding individual forces contact the respective force HR department, or you can visit this forum for informal advice about applying, and more information about being a special: www.police.community
  6. AtreidesZ

    Essex Senior Interview

    Hi guys, Anyone else currently part of the recruitment process for Essex Police? I'm not sure what is going on. I passed my assessment and awaiting the senior interview stage, but have heard nothing from recruitment in 2 months at the time of this post. Have I perhaps missed something? Does my current situation resonate with anyone else? Is continued patience all I require? I am a little surprised that no other candidates have taken to this forum to get a feel for how normal this is. I'm usually the one reading about someone else's concerns and being comforted by the fact that I'm not alone. At the very least, I hope my post might comfort somebody else out there who is also waiting.
  7. It looks like things are looking up in the north. Humberside, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire are all expecting to recruit 100+ bobbies in 2016.
  8. Adamski

    Transferring in

    All, I have just submitted my transfer paperwork - I shall let you know how I get on :)
  9. Tony Wilson

    GMP start recruitment drive

    Shame it's only current PC's "Greater Manchester Police start first recruitment drive http://bit.ly/1WRKRNx"
  10. KW1

    100 + new PCs

    I saw in the news a few weeks ago Hampshire are looking to recruit 100+ officers over the next year. Does anyone know if: The recruitment will be internal only or external Will you require the CKP qualification before applying Thanks
  11. JohnSmith

    CKP before applying?

    Ok I tried to create a post in the Recruitment forum but it did not work. Must I have completed the ckp before I apply online for Surrey police?
  12. https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/15973/Special-Constabulary-Recruitment-Team-at-City-of-Wolverhampton-College
  13. Chrish229

    HELP !

    Hi guys ! Basically I'm trying to make this decision but everytime I mull it over I can't choose ! So I asked Kent Police if I could transfer my assessment centre results (ticket) and sent a photocopy of my results, I never heard back ! So I said "I'm not waiting any longer !" And went ahead applying to MOD Police with my ticket ! They received my application and today emailed me and said I will be given s vetting form nearer the time of my firearms assessment which is March 2016 ! At the same time Kent popped an email as well :'( They said my results were fine and gave me a link to fill in an application form and once I had done that they would invite me to an interview in October 2015 (next month !) and that if I passed the interview I would be put on an intake in Feb 2016 ! Need advice ! I'm pulling my hair out :'( Do I pick MOD and get in without an interview so that means no stress ? Do I pick Kent, have to WITHDRAW my application with MOD and hope I pass the interview ?! I am aware what MOD is like by the way. Any advice would be amazing !
  14. Anthony190

    Finding TVP Training Centre

    Hi All, Im in the process of finally going through the recruitment process to join Hampshire Constabulary after 6 years of being a special. The final parts of of my SEARCH recruitment centre is being done at the TVP Training Centre in Sulhamstead, Ive been given a map but it doesnt help in the slightest and I've been told if you follow your satnav you get sent in to random parts of the establishment. Can anyone help me and advise me which is the best way to go in to get to the 'white house' reception. Thank you in advance
  15. Policeman123

    Surrey police recruitment living costs

    I am currently waiting to here back from surrey, to hopefully start next summer. the problem is I understand it's expensive to live there. Is this true? And also has anyone else found ways of overcoming this? Is there a better wage to live in an expensive part? Is there anyone else waiting to hear back from surrey?
  16. Does anyone know of there are plans for recruitment of BFOs in 2016?
  17. The Warrior


    I was wondering if anyone knows of any decent books I could read up on before my interview. I feel I have the examples from real life situations to use but am not hitting key words or positive indicators as I have failed 2 interviews
  18. I will try to update this thread with the status of special constable recruitment within merseyside. Merseyside are currently recruiting special constables. If you wish to become a special constable, please try to attend one of the following events for more information Special constabulary recruitment open evening - 28th July 2016 Special constabulary recruitment open evening - 30th August 2016 PLEASE NOTE IF YOU HAVE NOT REGISTERED YOUR APPOINTMENT VIA THE ELECTRONIC SYSTEM, YOU WILL NOT GAIN ENTRY TO THE EVENT. If you require any more information, feel free to ask. FAQs Leaflet
  19. Special Superman

    MDP Recruitment

    Hello Was wondering if anyone else on here is in the recruitment process for the MDP PC recruitment? where you're up to etc etc :)
  20. SergeantAngel

    Met Pol HR Tel

    Morning, Could someone PM me the current MET HR Telephone Number. Unable to find it anywhere, would prefer tel to email. Would be appreciated, Thank you
  21. https://btp.tal.net/vx/lang-en-GB/mobile-0/channel-1/appcentre-3/brand-3/xf-055689927869/candidate/so/pm/6/pl/1/opp/1627-New-Special-Constables/en-GB Special Constable force wide recruitment now open until 1st July
  22. WishfulThinking

    On Hold following Assessment Centre

    Hi all. I recently attended an assessment centre, scoring between 50-60% - not enough to secure a final interview above the other candidates. I am beyond gutted, but now I have to be ready in case of an interview slot becoming available. I'm finding it really, really difficult to apply myself and prepare for this, in a motivational capacity. For those who know a bit more than me about this kind of situation - how often do you see candidates who are on hold get a call up for interview? For context, this was my first assessment centre, and no existing officers helped me. I did read some books, so I had an idea of what to expect.
  23. james1clarke

    Should I Join?

    Hello All, So I've got a few questions that may be better suited to experienced officers, PCSO's or specials but I'd be grateful for anybody who's interested insight. It's a bit of a long one so bare with me. After a quite a long process I am now on the waiting list to begin initial training to become a Police Officer within West Mercia & Warwickshire Police. This is something I've wanted to do for many years now. However, I currently work for a properous young company with a lot of potential. I wouldn't say I love the job but I certainly don't hate it and I'm looked after there and it's highly doubtful I'd ever lose my job through redundancy or anything similar to this. It's worth noting that I applied to become a police officer before getting this posistion. Now, In the coming weeks/months I'm expecting an offer of employment from my chosen force. So as I mentioned, I'm looking for some insight. With all the negativity floating around a career In the force now what are your opinions on it? (preferably people with experience). I know things vary from force to force, but Could anybody tell me the realistic potential of promotion. And, is it a job for life? Are redundancies gaining to become an issue in coming years? I don't mean to be negative but I want to know the full picture before joining. Any advice, experience, insight would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, James.
  24. POL_SC

    SC recruitment

    Hi As there is not much happening here (in Beds section), I have decided to start new topic. I have my assessment for SC role on 17th July, morning session. Anyone else?
  25. We are pleased to announce that we are currently recruiting for Special Constables to work at locations across the Force area. Follow the links below to find out more about becoming a Special Constable with West Yorkshire Police. New : Are you a Student? Could you join us and #BeSpecial? Find out more here. Special Constable - Blog http://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/bespecial

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