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Found 219 results

  1. Hades

    Current Recruitment

    Surrey is currently accepting Detective Constables and Police Constables as transferees. DCs must be PIP2 accredited. PCs must be Response trained drivers. Surrey officers are eligible for a £2000 South-East Regional Allowance on top of basic salary. Closing date is 7th November 2014. They're also accepting applications for Special Constables, intake dates yet to be confirmed. Apply online here: http://www.surrey.police.uk/careers/current-vacancies
  2. A total of 16 student officers took part in a prestigious Passing out Parade yesterday (Thurs 9 July) to mark their graduation into Bedfordshire Police. The event took place at headquarters in Kempston, where the new intake, dressed in full uniform, marched around the grounds and were congratulated by chief officers and the Vice Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire in front of their families. Parade music was provided by Bedford Town Band. The recent intake, inspected by Temporary Chief Constable Jon Boutcher and Police and Crime Commissioner Olly Martins, is the third to join the force since the end of Bedfordshire Police’s recruitment freeze in 2014. They will now join their colleagues in helping to protect people, fight crime and keep Bedfordshire safe. Police and Crime Commissioner Olly Martins said: “Passing out Parades are a significant milestone on the policing calendar, as they show our ongoing commitment to strengthening the frontline with additional police officers. “Through our efficiency savings and collaborative working over the last 12 months, we have been able to maintain the frontline, allowing us to better serve our communities and protect the people of Bedfordshire.” Bedfordshire’s Temporary Chief Constable Jon Boutcher added: “It’s always an honour to witness a new set of student officers at their Passing out Parade, no matter how many you’ve attended. “It’s a very proud moment not just for the officers and their families, but also for Bedfordshire Police as we welcome the new recruits into our force family.” The new officers completed 20 weeks’ training, which included on-the-job practical experience, diversity awareness, law, conflict management and first aid. Now they will make an instant contribution to policing Bedfordshire, completing a two-year probationary period before becoming fully-qualified police officers. For more information about becoming a police officer, please visit the recruitment section on the Bedfordshire Police website. Source
  3. 24 ordinary people - from a wide variety of backgrounds including lorry drivers and travel agents - are about to make a life changing decision. They are to become Police Officers. With rare, intimate access to the Lincolnshire Police, the trainees and their families, Rookie Cops reveals what it is like to be dropped into the front line of law enforcement without any experience and how this impacts their loved ones. Filmed over one year this series focuses on the ‘breaking in period’ - the toughest and most emotional part of the training process. As the new recruits venture out onto the streets under the watchful eye of an experienced veteran it is a baptism of fire. They come face to face with the area’s most violent criminals and learn to deal with an abusive public who does not respect the police. In this first episode, we see 26-year-old Jack, joining up means finally moving out of the family home and away from his worried parents; it also means he’ll be forced to do his own laundry for the first time. 35-year-old Dee finds the long unsociable hours actually brings her closer to her family – especially her estranged father. And 46-year-old Mark, one of only six black police officers in Lincolnshire, explains why his parents raised him to fear the police rather than join them. http://www.itv.com/presscentre/ep1week29/rookies
  4. Nottingham is my homeland, so I wouldn't mind moving back at some point... Currently a Special Constable in N.Wales!
  5. Hotel Juliet

    MSC Camden Borough

    Greetings to you all.I've recently applied to become a Special (again) after dropping out of training before it had commenced. So, having applied and selecting Camden as my first choice and Islington as my second, I was wondering if any of you guys are based there or are in the same position as me in terms of wanting to work there.If so, how are both boroughs on day-to-day basis? I'm presuming both boroughs have some sort of night life, and yeah, North London's biggest stadium right beside them, so there will be some sort of excitement on many days of the year without a doubt. And also, how long did it take you any of you guys to receive some sort of confirmation after submitting your applications?If any of you guys can give a bit more information than I know on both boroughs, I would be extremely grateful - thanks in advance.
  6. Hello All, Hoping this is in the right section. I'm starting training for B Division in August and am currently looking for somewhere to live throughout the training. Was just wondering if there's anyone on here who may be interested in a house/flat share for the duration. Worth a try! Cheers, Robo
  7. I will be starting my training with Warwickshire & West Mercia sometime soon. However, I am finding it difficult to get any concrete answers on the location of my training (Hindlip, Warwick)? Also, I live in Leicestershire and I'm hoping that I will be offered a post in Nuneaton, etc, and not in Worcestershire or surrounding. Can any of you shed any light on either of the issues please? I can handle the 1.5 hour commute for the 4/5 months training, but a posting in Worcestershire would mean a house move! Any info on the above and the training schedule would be really appreciated. Cheers
  8. Hi all, I recently applied to Hampshire constabulary and passed the first day assessment, but due to a review of their specials recruitment I won't be able proceed any further until the second half of next year. As I live in the very north east of Hampshire I was wondering about applying to Thames Valley constabulary. I'm pretty close to Reading. What is the recruitment situation like currently? Are there any issues with applying to two forces at the same time?
  9. Recruitment The recruitment window for Police Constable will open on the 18th May. For all recruitment enquiries please email mfss.resourcing@cheshire.pnn.police.uk There will be a PC awareness seminar held on the 28th April An Application Form, Assessment Centre and Interview workshop will be on the 6th May. You can book onto the workshop via our current vacancies page. There will also be a Seminar and Application Form, Assessment Centre and Interview workshop made available to Female and BME Applicants only. The seminar will be on the 29th April and the Application Form, Assessment Centre and Interview workshop will be on 7th May 2015 To book onto these please email positive.action@cheshire.pnn.police.uk - please be advised the Application Form, Assessment Centre and Interview workshop is now fully booked. We will also be holding live Q & A sessions for those who wish to ask any questions relating to the role or the application process. These dates are; Tuesday 12th May 12:00 - 13:00 and Thursday 21st May 18:00 - 19:30 Cheshire Constabulary currently adhere to the national College of Policing recruitment process, and would like to highlight that due to the high volume of application forms that we receive, and the initial standards that have been set, we may not be able to progress candidates who do not achieve a competency based question score of 11 and above at the application stage. Those that are unsuccessful at this stage of the recruitment process can apply to future PC campaigns, but we would recommend guidance is sought around the application form. Interested in becoming a Police Constable in Cheshire? Being a police officer is not just about having a demanding job. The public have to be able to put great trust in police officers who hold very significant powers and responsibilities. We’re Here is our commitment to the public to address the issues that they tell us are the most important to them. The commitments cover four key areas of our business: We’re Here Where You Need Us, When You Need Us We’re Here for Victims We’re Here for Justice We’re Here for Communities The Standards required of a Police Officer are laid out nationally in the Code of Ethics. Before deciding to apply to be a police officer please read the Code of Ethics and consider very carefully whether these are standards you can commit to demonstrating at all times both during and outside working hours. You should also complete the pre-application questionnaire to check your eligibility and suitability for the role of a Police Constable. If after reading the Code of Ethics and completing the questionnaire you are sure that a career as a Police Constable is for you, you should read the relevant pages on the website which will give you the information you need. Change in recruitment process The recruitment process for Cheshire Constabulary has changed. Like many other Forces, the Cheshire Constabulary has moved towards requesting that those joining the force as a police officer do so with a professional qualification. This brings the police service in line with other professions, such as teaching and health, where those applying to join must have first completed a relevant academic course. Certificate in Knowledge of Policing Cheshire Constabulary is committed to ensuring it attracts the highest calibre of people, from as diverse a range of backgrounds as possible, as Police Constables. The College of Policing has recently recommended a minimum eligibility criterion, for Police Constable Applicants, to attain the Certificate of Knowledge in Policing (CKP) The College of Policing website has more information about the CKP and independent providers of the qualification. Change to SEARCH Assessment Centre pass mark With the requirement to complete the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing qualification, Cheshire Constabulary has also reviewed the SEARCH Assessment Centre pass mark. It has aligned it with the national recommendation and has adopted the national pass mark of 50%. Anyone who has achieved a SEARCH result of 50% or more within the past 12 months is now eligible to apply to Cheshire Constabulary, subject to meeting the minimum eligibility criteria of the CKP. Policing, Law and Investigation Foundation Degree The Constabulary has joined with the University of Chester in offering a two year Foundation degree course in Policing, Law, and Investigation, with the option of an additional third year to attain a BSc. This qualification has been designed to equip aspiring police officers with the relevant skills and knowledge required for a career as a police officer and students on this course are required to become a Special Constable in order to achieve the practical learning outcomes of the course. An exciting and rewarding career Working as a Police Constable is an exciting and rewarding career with the chance to explore acadamic and vocational opportunities. Not only is the selection process rigorous and demanding, but the policing role itself asks much of officers who are appointed. The job is mentally and often physically challenging and requires personal energy, resilience and commitment. Attributes and values So you want to be a Police Constable? You'll need to have the following attributes: Honesty and integrity Physical fitness Sensitivity and tact Communication skills Drive and determination Rational decision making An ability to work independently and as part of a team But first you'll have to meet our minimum requirements for age, residency and physical fitness. The Standards required of a Police Officer are laid out nationally in the Code of Ethics, which can be accessed via the College of Policing website. https://www.cheshire.police.uk/jobs/pcs.aspx
  10. Candles

    Recruits in Training (Videos)

    The following four videos were produced by West Midlands Police and give you a glimpse of the training given to new PC recruits. Episode one
  11. Hampshire-999

    PCSO Recruitment!

    So not only is Hampshire now recruiting Special Constables, they want more PCSO's aswell! Things are looking good for now and the future for joining the Police with Hampshire! The PCSO section states this... "Candidates wishing to apply to become a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) must attend a recruitment event. This event will provide information on the role of a PCSO and the recruitment process as well as an opportunity to ask questions to the local PCSO's and higher ranking officers as well as Hampshire Constabulary employees. Applicants must check their suitability to apply to join as a Police Community Support Officer." Link​: http://www.hampshire.police.uk/internet/about-us/join-us/police-community-support-officer
  12. So Hampshire Constabulary are now opening recruitment for more Special Constables this year! From the website it looks as though more details are to come around September time. http://www.hampshire.police.uk/internet/about-us/join-us/special-constabulary
  13. Hey all, I've been invited to attend a Special Constabulary presentation event, but I'm not sure what I should wear. I'm assuming something smart-casual would be the best bet?
  14. Chief Cheetah

    Looking for a job in a Police force?

    Looking for a job within the police? Any force or a specific one? What kind of job? Police? Staff? Special Constable? PCSO? To help you with your recruitment interests we now have a completely new area dedicated solely to the recruitment status of every force. We have listed all the forces in England, Scotland and Wales and each one shows the current position on recruitment. You can see at a glance if a specific force is actively recruiting for any of the four main roles, Police Constable, Special Constable, Police Staff or PCSO. Each force specific area has a link to that forces recruitment and latest vacancies pages. If you want to actively monitor a specific force (or many if you wish) you can click the 'Follow This' button in the top right of each individual page or for the whole of the recruitment area and this will give you notifications when something changes. If you see any incorrect entries or you have some alternative information then please do let a mod know and we will update it asap. If you wish to comment in the recruitment section for a force then please feel free to do so. Our new recruitment section can be found at the top of each page under 'Recruitment' or by clicking THIS LINK. Cheetah
  15. Join The PoliceAre you looking for a career that's a bit different, where you will face new and challenging situations daily and you can help reduce crime and the fear of crime? Perhaps you are interested in a vital role supporting day-to-day police activities? In this section ...Current VacanciesPolice OfficersPolice Community Support Officers (PCSOs)Special Constables VolunteersStaff Associations / Unions
  16. lhill

    Intake 2015

    I had my final in-house interview at the beginning of August 2014 and haven't heard anything progressing my application since. I was told at my interview that they were doing two intakes, october and january. I emailed HR and they said that the next batch of fitness/medical tests will now be feb/march time. Anybody else in a similar position??
  17. Eddzz!!

    NWP new recruitment process

    North Wales Police have today opened their new recruitment process and revised application form. They have slimmed down the content and removed the competency questions from the application form (there were previously five of these to be answered). Link to recruitment can be found here: http://www.north-wales.police.uk/recruitment/special-constabulary/application-process.aspx As a recently attested Special Constable (November 2014) I am actually rather put off this new recruitment process, especially the application form... I spent a lot of time on my application form answering the competency questions - now it's just a few tick-boxes! Good for anyone that wants to join, but I can't help but feel this is a little bit of a cop-out! Anyways, recruitment for Special Constables in North Wales is now open indefinitely so get your applications in.
  18. Hey there, I was a member of Police Specials but it looks like this is the place to be now! I've got my Day 1 for the Met in December and feel pretty confident about it, but I'd really like to do some mock numerical and verbal reasoning tests if possible. Does anyone know where I can find some? I'd rather not pay for them but if there's an approved book or something somewhere I'll happily buy it. Cheers!
  19. shaunus89

    Met Day 1

    Ok so I totally screwed the maths exam. Will be lucky to get even 1% on that. Can someone clean this up for me, if you completely fail the maths, can you still pass or am I looking at another 6 month wait?
  20. Sssnakepit

    Cleveland Police 2015 intake

    Evening all. Just thought I'd get a thread started about the Cleveland recruitment drive for officers. Anyone else applied or currently serving?
  21. Goldy94

    DAY 2 MET.

    I have my day 2 for the met on 4/03/15, anyone else down on that day? Also, I've heard a few stories that the faster you get your Day 2 date the better you did on Day 1is this true as I haven't asked for my Day 1 score and think it's too late now, is it kept on record ?. Also, anyone know dates for the training, how often they take on a group etc?
  22. Cali

    West Mercia Closing Date

    The closing date for applications has been announced. http://www.westmercia.police.uk/recruitment/joining-as-a-police-officer.html Friday 19th December 2014
  23. Hi everybody, I recently passed my day 1 with the MET. but due to a change in circumstances I'm considering transferring my application. Does anybody know the pass mark for the MET? I'd heard it was 65... I need to evidence is scored 55 for the force I'm looking into.
  24. Hi everyone, I have my day 1 to become a regular in just over a week, I'm already a special. I just need a bit of advice regarding the interview. It says the interview will be based on the competencies, I'm just really wondering if our examples should be from being a special or just everyday life? And any helpful ways to layout/write my examples up, such as SOAP? Or if anyone has any other advice to help get through the day would be brilliant! Thank you!
  25. You work in recruitment/HR as a day job. You're out working NTE in your local town centre and you nick a lad for drunk and incapable or breach of the peace or another relatively minor offence. He's not violent or offensive towards you and comes along quietly so to speak. You then come into work on a Monday morning and lo and behold, the first person you interview is the lad you nicked from Saturday night. He doesn't recognise you. What do you do? Do you use your policing knowledge to reject this candidate from the position or do you remain impartial?
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