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Found 11 results

  1. I thought this would be a fun thread to get going as every so often we seem to find another old/obscure piece of legislation that has been forgotten about that enables a council or private authority the ability to appoint constables outside of 'general' acts and statutes. It seems useful to post a definitive list of acts that we know of enabling this power that still exist and are active today in law. Here are the ones I know of: *BTP* s.24 of the Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003 *CNC* s.55 of the Energy Act 2004 *MOD/Defence* s. 2 of the Ministry of Defence Police Act 1987 s.3 Special Constables Act 1923 (Special Constables Appointed by Defence Council) *Port Police* s. 79 of the Harbours, Docks, and Piers Clauses Act 1847 (Most Port Forces are established under this act.) Mersey Docks and Harbour (Police) Order 1975 (Port of Liverpool Police attested under this act.) s. 51 of the London Gateway Port Harbour Empowerment Order 2008 (Not currently in use - likely the most modern statute that enables appointment of non-HO Constables.) Part X of the Port of London Act 1968 (Was the basis for the former Port of London Police to be sworn in. Also covers the current Port of Tilbury Police. Interestingly, it includes a provision for establishing a Police Federation for the force.) *Local Authorities, Forest, Open Space & Parks Police* Article 18 of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government Provisional Order Confirmation (Greater London Parks and Open Spaces) Act 1967 (Vast Majority of London Borough Park Constabularies are attested under this act - only available to London Councils - Byelaw Enforcement.) s. 77 of the Public Health Amendment Act 1907 (Not currently in use, available to ALL councils - Enables Byelaw Enforcement in Parks & Open Spaces - Confusing piece of legislation, poorly written - Seemingly extended by S. 52 Public Health Act 1961 "shall be enforced throughout the district of every local authority.") s. 90 of the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Act 1871 (Allows the Conservators to have Constables attested for enforcing the Act. Interestingly, they were originally proposed to be Special Constables with full police powers but there was an outcry at the time about the Earl Spencer having his own private police force.) s. 16 of the Corporation of London Open Spaces Act 1878 (Allows the City of London to designate Officers with the powers of a constable in the open space that they are based. However, they would not be sworn Constables.) s. 43 of the Epping Forest Act 1878 (Grants a power to appoint Forest Keepers with the Power of Police Constables.) s. 3 of the Park Regulations 1872 (Before the legislation was amended this is what the Royal Parks Constabulary were sworn in under, now believed to relate only to the Botanical Gardens.) *Cathedral Constables* Common Law Appointment by Magistrate - (Historical Appointment that grants full powers of a constable on church grounds, only known use of Common Law Constable Appointment still used today without a written statutory empowerment.) *University* s. 1 University Act 1825 (Allows Oxford and Cambridge Universities to appoint Constables. Interestingly, it is probably the only piece of legislation that allows someone who isn’t a Magistrate (i.e. Vice Chancellor of university) to swear in a constable.) *Tunnels* s. 105 of the County of Merseyside Act (1980) Mersey Tunnel Police originally appointed under local authority legislation however no longer the case. *Environment & Fisheries* Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975 (Grants full powers of a constable to Fisheries Bailiffs.)
  2. Hey guys and gals, I've been toying with the idea of transferring to MOD from a HO force, I just have a few questions that I can't find the answers to - any replies would be greatly welcomed and appreciated - What is it like working for MOD Police in relation to staffing, morale, duties, etc? - What is the current pay scale for a PC? (Namely Portsmouth if this effects the pay - as I'd assume London will have more weighting). - What is the transferee induction course like as well as the firearms course? - Is there a good pass rate? And what happens if you fail to achieve AFO status? Many thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great week! Marke
  3. AHussain

    Joining the MDP Police

    Hello, I am back lol, I have had time to think and reflect on my failed attempt to join Police Scotland. I am now attempting to join the MOD Police. I had applied but I made a silly error in the application, I was supposed to send a photocopy of my driving licence and DVLA. I bad forgotten to do so. I am now needing to wait 3 months before I can reapply. It is not all bad, this means I have more time to prepare. I am running outside more and improving my fitness, I am aiming to get 3 miles in 30 minutes. After this my target will be 1.5 miles in 12 minutes. Once my fitness levels is good enough then the bleep test should be achievable. It is a 7.6. The highest level I have reaches was 7.2. I will hire a tutor as well to prepare myself for the written tests. I am also focusing on the presentation and competency based intevrview. I am hungry and driven. I can only try but if it not meant to be then I can say I tried.
  4. will97k

    MDP Assessment Centre

    Hi, I've got my assessment day coming up in July and was hoping I could get some tips on preparing for the written assessment where you're shown a 2 minute video clip twice and the verbal reasoning ability test? Any help would be greatly appreciated Many thanks
  5. Hi all, Apologies if this question has been asked before I only ask as I have thoughts of applying to MDP if my current application with my own force goes south. Upon starting your training with MDP can anyone confirm the process when it comes to the firearms training aspects. I realise that this is a public forum so information will be very limited but I'm hoping to clarify the situation in terms of not meeting the needs of the course. I'm fully aware that should you undertake a firearms course with a home office course and you fail then you are returned to district and told to reapply at a later stage however I'm wondering how this would work with the MDP as the main part of the role is being a firearms handler? If you don't meet the grade are you dismissed from the force? Any assistance would be appreciated! XA84
  6. SnowBall

    MOD Police transfers 2019

    Has anyone heard anything about whether MOD police will open up transfers again in the near future? Understand this is a bit of a crystal ball question but I know on a sister forum you have a member MDPREC whom may peruse this forum under a different username. JD
  7. Concerns have been widely reported by the press this week that MoD Police are not passing fitness tests. Eamon Keating Sickness levels and injuries among the Ministry of Defence Police will spiral if the government fails to address the retirement age disparity, the federation has said. Data published in MoD Police's annual report shows just 1.52 per cent of serving officers and 12.6 per cent of new recruits had passed the tougher new 7.6 firearms fitness test by March 2017. Last year the MDP ran “without consequence” fitness trials as the force prepared to move towards regularising fitness standards across armed policing in the UK by 2020. At the time, a quarter of officers had not yet taken the test. But the MDP has confirmed 98 per cent of officers had met the standards required of their individual roles - 100 per cent have taken the tests and only two per cent have failed. Defence Police Federation chairman Eamon Keating said of greater concern is the force’s ageing talent pool and the extended retirement rules. MoD Police and the Civil Nuclear Constabulary officers cannot retire at 60 like their Home Office colleagues as they were left off the exemption list when the government set its retirement age for the public service at 67/68 years old. Mr Keating said: “Policing morale is very low at the moment and that is true of the MoD as it is across the service. “We expect short term sickness levels to fluctuate but the main issue is that we can expect to see higher levels of medical absences in the future as officers are forced to work into their late 60s if the Cabinet Office will not relent on the retirement age. “What is absolutely not correct is that we have officers carrying firearms who are not fit to do their jobs. You will never have 100 per cent pass rates for firearms roles but we now have 100 per cent engagement and 98 per cent of our officers have passed.” The committee’s report echoed his concerns, stating understaffing problems had been “exacerbated by rising levels of sickness absence and officers unfit to perform the full range of duties”. “The age profile of the force is still heavily weighted towards over 50’s. “In the longer term, the effect of recruitment of new officers, the roll out of fitness standards to satisfy the College of Policing requirements for armed officers, and the introduction of annual medical checks for officers should result in improved attendance. “In the short term, the problems are likely to get worse during 2017-18 because of the number of officers who may fail the fitness standard or health check. “The Committee has placed on record its disappointment in the Treasury’s decision to decline the MOD’s proposal for an Enhanced Effective Pension Age of 60 for MDP officers. We remain firmly of the view that this decision should be re-visited at an appropriate stage in the future.” The MDP achieved its long term sick and permanent ‘non-capable’ officers targets (60 and 19 respectively for March 2017) but its shorter term conditions, illness and injury levels increased (81 in March 2016 and 152 in March 2017). Nine per cent of the workforce was assessed as not being capable to carry a firearm or on Long Term Sick leave. The force is 200 officers short and although it recruited 265 officers last year, 257 left the MDP and the force was asked to make £15M savings mid- year “delivered at the expense of policing and security services to the department”. The recruitment figures for women and BAME continue to be very low. According to the report 25 women and five BAME officers were recruited in 2016-17. Exit survey data showed 22 per cent of leavers had completed less than two years service and 11 per cent left to join another force or government department and “suggests that a significant number of leavers mentioned lack of job satisfaction or feeling undervalued.” Mr Keating said the fact MoD officers may be based hundreds of miles from their family and support group may deter BAME and female officers from applying. “In all honesty, firearms do not appeal to everybody. The best we can do to address these issues is to engage with these groups to find out the answers.” An MOD Spokesman said: “Over 98 per cent of officers available for testing have met our high standards and support is available for those requiring extra help to boost their fitness levels. “It is a condition of police service that our personnel must be fit and healthy and nearly all those who take a regular fitness test pass them.” View On Police Oracle
  8. Poor management of legislation which lacked proper consultation with the people actually doing the work. We have had a few issues with mental health recently that has left us fudging arrests for offences just to justify getting them to a safe place. To be fair I complete many Home Office/CoP courses and I could easily drop in to a DC role if a force would accept me. There is a massive Service Justice review beginning, I wouldn’t be surprised if much of the service system isn’t disbanded and some elements amalgamated. The review is well overdue defence wastes so much money on policing MDP are in the chopping block at the min, Defence are struggling to see the point in them and they are having to provide some much more comprehensive justification for their existence. Truth is we may see a new Defence policing organisation that is far more police and deployment orientated. I let people assume what they want, I spend my working life in nicks all over the country explaining I am actually a real cop as well.
  9. Hi there, As an applicant; anyone have any details on what this is exactly? Thanks.
  10. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3113330/Security-alert-laptop-MoD-employees-details-stolen-contractor-s-car-M5-service-station.html Fuss over nothing? Encrypted laptop stolen.
  11. What is included in the MoD police 33 week training course? I know it's the IPLDIP version, so i assume 15/16 weeks is IPLDIP and then 15/16 weeks firearms or something? (altogether, weather it be split up ect)?

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