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Chief: Service keeps failing to learn the lessons of history
Ahead of the National Black Police Association conference in Belfast next week, CC Jon Boutcher says forces cannot afford to rest on their laurels on race and diversity.

Bedfordshire Chief Constable Jon Boutcher

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Financial system doubled invoices for up to seven years.

PCC Matthew Scott

By - JJ Hutber- Police Oracle



Discovering a fiver down the back of a sofa is a smug feeling like no other.

But few people will experience the mixture of horror and joy Kent Police auditors must have known when they uncovered £1 million - hidden by a “technical glitch”.

For between five and seven years, every time a Kent Police employee altered an invoice the system was charged double for accounting purposes.

The money never left force accounts, meaning the force has racked up almost £1m extra.

An eagle-eyed auditor spotted the discrepancy while Kent Police finance team was putting its end of year accounts together.

Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott told his police and crime panel he decided to describe the issue in his annual report “in the interests of transparency”.

The extra funds will be added to Kent Police reserves.

Councillor Fay Gooch said at a meeting of the police crime and panel she was “baffled” the mistake went unnoticed for so long.

“In local government we are the best at managing money so happy to come along and give advice at any time but I do think that you need to rack up the accuracy a bit more because something’s going wrong,” she said.

Mr Scott responded: "Because it was an unqualified opinion I didn’t have to [highlight the error]. I could have just said there are the accounts go find it yourself.  

“But I wanted to highlight that to the panel of where I’m holding to the force to account.

“We didn’t lose £1m in cash. It was there, it was always there.

"I bring that forward for that very reason because sometimes these things do happen and I don’t think always that agencies should hide behind unqualified opinion saying that everything’s fantastic.”  

Mr Scott’s chief finance officer Rob Phillips added the problem is “clearly unacceptable”.

“It was an error in the way that we’d been using the financial system that meant that effectively this money was double counted to a certain extent and is over a period of a number of years.

“So it’s happened over the last five, six, seven years clearly. That’s not right.

"We need to makes sure the systems we’ve got are working perfectly fine.

"So with the commissioner’s agreement and approval we are now going to engage an audit firm to come and have a look and to make sure we are using the systems correctly, that we’ve got to ensure that there aren’t any other of these things that are slipping.”

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Judge hits out after officer put on trial accused of barging colleague
Neither the 'victim' nor the defendant were even aware of the incident at the time.


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Expect less from service unless government acts, says chief
More cuts to officer and staff numbers are on the cards, according to the man in charge of Linconlshire Police.

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'Silent mental health police culture is killing officers'
Ex-sergeant's poignant talk about his battle with PTSD, depression and his call for better treatment after being let down by his force.
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Scottish police officers secure 6.5% pay increase

26 September 2018

The award will be backdated to 1 September and applies until 31 March 2021.

Scottish police officers are to receive an immediate 6.5% pay increase.

The Scottish Police Authority confirmed the award will be backdated to 1 September and applies until 31 March 2021.

The move will see all officers below the rank of Assistant Chief Constable receive an immediate and substantial increase in their salary. 

The SPA said the deal will represent an additional £125m in officer wages over the period.

A mid-point constable will receive a salary increase of £2,300 and the equivalent of an additional £6,000 in pay over the next 31 months.

The announcement comes on the eve of the SPA's monthly board meeting in Stirling.

In addition to an immediate pay award, the agreement will also address issues of inequality and anomalies in relation to pay progression. 

It also contains a commitment to resolve working practices in relation to court and night shift.

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His motives were described as 'confusing'.

Date - 26th September 2018

A retired assistant chief constable told a misconduct hearing today he could not understand why a PC accused of persuading a suspect to have a criminal interview without a lawyer would later call to alert his father to evidence potentially proving his innocence.

This week a misconduct hearing was opened into allegations Metropolitan Police PC Clifford Fox, based in Hackney, used his influence to dissuade Joey Doherty from asking for a lawyer on February 23, 2014 and making improper contact with Joey’s family to incite them into making a complaint against a colleague.

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Good morning,

I’m considering applying to West Midlands Police but have noticed they now require a route of training while studying to achieve either a Degree or a Graduate Diploma in Policing.

This is the first time I’ve seen this entry route personally from a force but my question is generally with regards to the starting pay as the force website is a bit vague stating that the pay starts between £18,000-£23,124 and upon contacting the recruitment team, they don’t appear to know but have told me to assume it would be the lower end as I would be starting as an apprentice, should my application be successful.

Has anyone ever joined via this route? I personally do not have a degree but I have my A-levels along with the CKP so I would assume I’d be joining as an apprentice student constable upon success. Whilst it is a long term ambition of mine to get into the police, I sadly cannot live on the lower end of the pay scale they’re suggesting and don’t want to waste their time if it turns out to be the lower end of the pay scale mentioned - I am 30 with a young family and even the higher end of the suggested starting pay would be a pay cut but I could manage, however the lower end would sadly mean a no go for me ☹️.

If anyone could shed any light on this I’d be extremely grateful. 🙂 Like I said I would love to get into the job but don’t want to get my hopes up in applying to only turn the job away based on the starting pay.

Thanks for your time
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A police officer was “not acting in the execution of his duty” when he wrongly arrested a Bristol man in Castle Park

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Super recognisers step in to snare cat killer after Met's 'ludicrous' outcome
Serving and former MPS officers think force's story does not stack up.

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One-handed life-saving kit issued to force
Rise in vicious attacks sparks need for tourniquets used by army.

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Cleared PC finally back to work after seven years
Officer acquitted of assault in 2013 but misconduct proceedings finished this year.

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Force to roll-out 'banter training'
It says there have been occasions where actions of some have caused offence to others.

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Police advice to pubs to look out for "young black males who look as though they are intent on committing disorder" has been branded inflammatory.

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Loose-fitting uniform introduced in bid to increase number of Muslim female recruits
New clothing made available for officers.

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Merseyside police 'welcomes retired officers back with open arms'
Force announces police reserve project.

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BBC series could lead to new counter-terror recruits
Bodyguard series is most watched British drama in more than a decade.

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Force claims response to appeal for non-crime hate incident reporting was 'manipulated'
South Yorkshire Police accused of undermining case for increased funding for police and threatening freedom of expression.

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Hard-to-fill job bonuses approved by Home Secretary
Home Secretary rubber-stamped long awaited skills shortage incentive.

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IOPC director general: Low threshold in misconduct case to answer 'not helpful'
Michael Lockwood wants to move away from a 'treadmill' approach.

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Our prison crisis worsens
Independent researcher and consultant and qualified probation officer Russell Webster says today's news could spell bad news for Prisons Minister Rory Stewart.

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The Metropolitan Police has been accused of dropping tens of thousands of investigations into serious crimes, such as sexual assault and arson, within hours of them being reported by members of the public.

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Policing on verge of crisis' Supers' President will say
Gavin Thomas will voice "genuine fears" for the service.

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Police surveillance is having a 'chilling effect' on democratic freedom, activists say
Facial recognition technology could 'damage the very fabric of a free society'.


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Offenders 'wanting to reform' should visit super prison, police federation told
Seconded officer lifts the lid in tales from the inside.

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