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Police advice to pubs to look out for "young black males who look as though they are intent on committing disorder" has been branded inflammatory.

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Loose-fitting uniform introduced in bid to increase number of Muslim female recruits
New clothing made available for officers.

  • 28 replies

Merseyside police 'welcomes retired officers back with open arms'
Force announces police reserve project.

  • 2 replies

BBC series could lead to new counter-terror recruits
Bodyguard series is most watched British drama in more than a decade.

  • 12 replies

Force claims response to appeal for non-crime hate incident reporting was 'manipulated'
South Yorkshire Police accused of undermining case for increased funding for police and threatening freedom of expression.

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Hard-to-fill job bonuses approved by Home Secretary
Home Secretary rubber-stamped long awaited skills shortage incentive.

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IOPC director general: Low threshold in misconduct case to answer 'not helpful'
Michael Lockwood wants to move away from a 'treadmill' approach.

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Our prison crisis worsens
Independent researcher and consultant and qualified probation officer Russell Webster says today's news could spell bad news for Prisons Minister Rory Stewart.

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The Metropolitan Police has been accused of dropping tens of thousands of investigations into serious crimes, such as sexual assault and arson, within hours of them being reported by members of the public.

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Policing on verge of crisis' Supers' President will say
Gavin Thomas will voice "genuine fears" for the service.

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Police surveillance is having a 'chilling effect' on democratic freedom, activists say
Facial recognition technology could 'damage the very fabric of a free society'.


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Offenders 'wanting to reform' should visit super prison, police federation told
Seconded officer lifts the lid in tales from the inside.

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Increasing police diversity to be treated like critical incident
Police Oracle speaks to one of the chief constables behind the new police diversity strategy.

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Council bankruptcy could change force response to some incidents, says chief
The new man in charge of Northamptonshire Police spoke to Police Oracle about the challenges facing his force.

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Spit guards could make officer safety worse at times, says commissioner
Head of Met Police claims rank and file is more concerned about other issues.

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Police chief defends dress code branded 'draconian'
New dress code bans tattoos and introduces facial hair rules.


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PCC to take on race equality consultant
£30k contract open to tender.

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Special detectives: 'You see it all the way through to the end
Essex Police is encouraging volunteer officers to join CID. Ian Weinfass spoke to two of those who have joined up to see what they think so far.

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The victim was attacked with a machete.


Date - 5th September 2018
By - South Beds News Agency


A teenager accused of a machete attack in Watford town centre had the case against him dropped on Tuesday after the judge ruled police had broken rules on CCTV identification.

The 17-year-old from Edgware was charged with attempted murder following a stabbing near McDonalds in Watford High Street at around 2pm on Thursday March 8.

After two police officers viewed the CCTV he was arrested. 

The dreadlocked teenager told the police he was at his family's home in Watford that day saying: "I ain't the only black person with long hair."

During the attack the 23-year-old victim was punched, a large machete was produced and he was repeatedly struck. He fell to the ground, crashed into a market stall and was chased for a short while into an alleyway, where he was found bleeding.

In hospital he was treated for a very deep wound to the left wrist that went through to the bone. He refused to make a complaint to the police or give his name.

During five days of legal argument at St Albans Crown Court, defence barrister Mark Kimsey argued evidence from officers who looked at CCTV footage in a control room at Watford police was unsafe.

They had not signed in and out of the control room and no contemporaneous record was kept of the officers'  identification of the suspect.

In her ruling, Judge Marie Catterson said the officers had made "flagrant and wholesale" breaches of the rules. 

She said there had been a "total disregard" for the code on CCTV identification under the Police and Criminal Evidence rules.

She asked for a transcript of her ruling to be sent to Hertfordshire Chief Constable Charlie Hall saying the situation regarding CCTV identification at Watford police station last March "leaves a lot to be desired."

The judge said: "An important training issue about...

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Policing's 'sick blue line' turns to civvy street
Record number of civilians hired by forces.

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Chief: Public can 'do their bit' by videoing assaults as they happen
Chief says worrying level of violence 'completely unacceptable' after bank holiday battering of officers.

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Snowed under force struggling to manage high-risk sex offenders
Backlog having 'serious impact' on sex offender management, HMIs warn.


  • 8 replies

Programmes are not currently living up to claims government has made about their impact.

  • 8 replies

Officer sues force for 'PTSD damages' after being shot at in training
Firearms exercise incident saw live ammunition 'miss by inches'.

  • 13 replies

Call to recruit magistrates as justice system too 'pale and stale'
Take on more justices with criminal records to help improve diversity, industry body suggests.

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