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Water cannon finally sold for scrap after £300k waste of taxpayers' cash
Devices purchased under Boris Johnson were not approved for use in mainland Britain.

  • 14 replies

PC dismissed for 'feeding gossip' about colleague to relatives of suspect
The chairman called his behaviour 'disgraceful'.


Date - 2nd October 2018
  • 6 replies

Met PC pushed probationer on police car bonnet and 'simulated sex', hearing told
Junior officers endured daily sexual bullying, misconduct panel told.

  • 18 replies

Number of special constables falling towards all-time low
Decline in number of volunteer warranted officers has been increasing in last two years.

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  • 10 replies

National 'trans tool kit' for police launched
Guidelines educate officers on 'generally unfamiliar' topic.

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Automated interviews to save police time when recruiting specials
'Our systems rely too much on people,' says inspector as he outlines new, high-tech, system.

  • 20 replies

Train officers or risk more choking deaths, says coroner
Several officers have faced IOPC investigations after suspects swallowed drugs and died.

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  • 7 replies

Vast majority of watchdog-directed hearings result in no finding against officer
Some 71 per cent of cases ordered by the IOPC were unproven or dismissed before they could finish.
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Coming to an advertising hoarding near you . . . Brand Met
Force hopes licensing its marque will act as recruitment drive to 'inspire future generations'.

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'It made my blood boil': No one wants responsibility for presentation branded 'racist'
Presentation allegedly implied unborn child would become a criminal.

  • 6 replies

Ex-detective used job as 'recruitment centre' for his own sexual gratification
A total of 21 women came forward to make allegations about his conduct.

  • 1 reply

Restraint of drug-swallower was proportionate, says watchdog
Edir Frederico Da Costa lost consciousness after his arrest and died a week later. Violence erupted at protests that followed.

  • 1 reply

MDP struggling to address firearms training problems because of lack of resources
The College of Policing standards licence was restored in May.


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  • 16 replies

No funding lifeline for chiefs in Autumn Budget
Chancellor announces cash for counter-terrorism but police funding settlement will not be revealed until December.

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Force admits health and safety breaches over restraint belt death
Thomas Orchard died after an emergency response belt was placed across his face.

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Staff association is calling for change in the law to help make police more representative of communities.

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  • 21 replies

Police need to acknowledge 'unconscious institutional bias' towards gypsies and travellers
Former TVP officer says police enable 'overt' racism towards the gypsy, roma and traveller community.

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  • 9 replies

College of Policing releases barred list figures
Record should not taint reputation of incredible police service, says Fed.


  • 4 replies

New watchdog guidelines say officers should be separated after serious incident
Personnel banned from re-watching body worn video footage.

  • 21 replies

We want our pre-1969 force back, say campaigners
We want our pre-1969 force back, say campaigners

  • 20 replies

'Like rats with good PR': PCC cuts into rival force
CC Barton feels the sharp side of Holloway's tongue.

  • 3 replies

Things going wrong is not misconduct, chief stresses
Force threatened police watchdog with judicial review over directed misconduct hearing.

  • 4 replies

'The idea of a pot of gold to make our problems go away is wishful thinking', HMI warns
Little to no hope funding pressures on police will be alleviated.

  • 2 replies

Ex-sergeant settles race discrimination case for £95k
Former officer was subjected to unconscious and direct discrimination due to his ethnic origin.


  • 15 replies

Traffic policing powers given to PCSOs
Lincolnshire Police is granting extra powers to its uniformed police staff.

  • 15 replies

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