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Return to News12 December 2017
A Barclays bank employee has been jailed for six years and four months for his role in a conspiracy to launder over £2.5 million, which had been stolen using Dridex malware.
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Forces to produce annual reports on stop and search ethnicity
Inspectorate says that reasons for disproportionate targeting of black people must be explained.

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Police officers sexually assaulted 'badly let down by investigation'
Multitude of serious shortcomings revealed including female officers being threatened.

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Ban on police retiring while under misconduct investigation lifted
Retired officers will now be able to be subject of standards hearings.

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Overtime and mutual aid bill soars as fracking protesters dig their heels in
Kirby Misperton Protection Camp has become almost synonymous with the anti-fracking movement.

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Force could soon solve crimes with app-submitted evidence
Fifty students either studying for a policing degree or Master's degree in Forensic Science participated in trial run.

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Bump stocks banned in the UK following Las Vegas shooting
The government considers there is no legitimate use for them in the UK.

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New powers approved for police and crime panels to investigate PCCs
The government said the "time is right".

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Custody cutbacks increases risk of officer assaults
Custody issues have been exacerbated following Police Scotland's decision to scrap 118 PCSO vacancies, SPF chairman says.

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Fall in numbers of drivers caught using phones after tougher penalties introduced
But it could be due to a lack of roads policing officers to enforce the law.

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Isle of Man open to exploitation from UK drug gangs, police chief warns
Police budget cuts have left the Isle of Man "open to exploitation" from UK drug gangs, the Manx chief constable has told a parliamentary committee.

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Police to see new limits on surveillance powers
It followed a legal challenge brought by Labour deputy leader Tom Watson, originally with backing of Tory MP David Davis before he became Brexit Secretary.

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WEST Midlands Police officers have allegedly been forced to wear outsized clothing and conduct riot training in jeans and sneakers because of a shortage of police uniforms

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Special Constable use of warrant card breached professional standards
He showed it to staff at the Financial Services Ombudsman.

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Heroin addict ex-officer is allowed to sue former force
Greater Manchester Police had argued the claimant waited too long to bring case alleging their negligence.

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Morale of detectives at 'all time low'
Nine out of ten detectives who had taken sick leave due to their mental health and wellbeing says problems caused or exacerbated by work.

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PCC refuses to cover Hillsborough match commander's legal costs
Staff association says decision sends a message to other officers that they might not be supported in time of need.

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Forces nationwide to employ extra officers to fight cybercrime
Chiefs and PCCs agree there needs to be new capabilities.

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Body worn video footage could be judged by public panel
Kent PCC Matthew Scott pictured at the Police Federation Conference earlier this year

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Force wants to recruit 300 volunteer PCSOs
Force wants to recruit 300 volunteer PCSOs

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Mohibur Rahman was sentenced to 16 years in jail this year for wounding two restaurant workers.

Police Oracle
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Mental health crisis highlighted by officer rescuing same woman twice in one night
Response sergeant 'scared' of what he may wake up to amid country's mental health crisis.

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Offenders whose cases are held up can claim payouts even if they are ultimately kept behind bars.

Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/PA Wire

Criminals are in line for £1 million in taxpayer-funded compensation pay-outs over delays in parole proceedings, it has been revealed.

Offenders whose cases are held up can claim payouts under human rights laws - even if they are ultimately kept behind bars.

MPs heard the Parole Board for England and Wales expects the total sum to run to seven figures this year as it works through a backlog.

A senior official said it was a "huge" amount, while a government minister admitted it was "far too high".

In 2016/17, the body made 578 compensation payments to prisoners totalling £938,000 - nearly double the £554,000 paid out in the the previous year.

Parole Board chief executive Martin Jones told the Commons Justice Committee: "For this year I expect the total amount paid in damages to prisoners to actually go up because we are making such progress on the backlog.

"The problem that we have is the point at which you claim for damages is when your case is concluded.

"As we conclude those really old cases, people are then coming forward to say 'actually my case was delayed for three to six months' and claiming the appropriate amount of money.

"I'm expecting this year probably to pay about a million pounds.

"That's a huge amount of money and an enormous concern, but I expect it to come down quite sharply next year."

The Parole Board is responsible for deciding whether prisoners can be safely released from prison, and advising on movement between closed and open prisons across England and Wales

Earlier this year a watchdog detailed how delays mean that some inmates may have spent longer in jail than they would have if their parole hearing had been held sooner.

The report, published in February by the National Audit Office, said prisoners who experience delays can claim compensation under the Human Rights Act once their case has been completed.

If they are turned down for parole they can still claim at a rate of around £50 per month of delay, which rises to roughly £650 per month of delay for applicants who are freed following a hold-up.

The Parole Board saw the number of outstanding cases jump sharply in the wake of a legal ruling in 2013.

At its peak in January 2015, the backlog reached 3,163. MPs heard this figure has now been brought below 1,300.

Referring to the £938,000 compensation bill for 2016/17, committee chairman Bob Neill suggested to Prisons Minister Sam Gyimah that it was a "waste of money".

Mr Gyimah said he would use a "different form of words", but accepted that the sum was "far too high".

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PCC: 'If I had all the money in the world I would not hire more PCSOs'
'Foolhardy' comments face backlash from union. 

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