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Attacked, vilified, exhausted: Is the world's finest police force sinking to its knees?
Retired Met Officer Chris Hobbs says, at the time of writing this article, one of the most distressing YouTube videos he has seen was still showing footage of a man dying on a London street having been stabbed.


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Met PCs will be given option to choose between 40, 24 or 16 hours a week.

Pounding to a new beat: Part time policing for Met officers

Date - 12th June 2019
By - Nick Hudson - Police Oracle



Policing is to sweep aside its “inflexible” image to a work versus family-life balance by allowing part-time constables into its ranks.

The Met Police will recruit part-time PCs for the first time as the force tries to "break down barriers" deterring women from joining.

From November, all new constable recruits will get the option to choose from full-time, part-time 24-hour or part-time 16-hour working patterns.

The Met believes it is the first force in the UK to offer these part-time positions and it follows research that shows full-time working hours deter women from considering a career in policing.

It hopes the change will make police work more attractive to both men and women with family commitments.

It comes in the same year the Met is celebrating 100 years of women serving in its force.

Commissioner Cressida Dick said: "The case for doing this was clear – we know that one of the obstacles stopping people from fulfilling their dreams of becoming a police officer has been the lack of flexibility in how they have to train and balance their family life.

"We will continue to break down barriers where we know they exist as we strive to open up a career in policing with the Met to even more people."

Commander Catherine Roper, force lead on professionalism, said: "I am thrilled that the Met is now able to offer this opportunity.

"Many people wish to join our incredible organisation but have other responsibilities that make a full-time commitment extremely difficult."

Previously, all new police constable recruits were expected to complete their training and then their probationary training period on a full-time basis before they were able to apply for part-time working.

The first intake of constables to be offered part-time positions will begin training in November.

The working patterns available are:

Full time (working 40 hours per week and earning a base salary of £30,372)

Part-time officers working an average of 24 hours per week or 240 hours over the 10-week cycle (earning a base salary of £18,223) 

Part-time officer working an average of 16 hours per week or 160 hours over the 10-week cycle (earning a base salary of £13,149).

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Disabled association demands review to end 'appalling statistics for badly let down police workforce'
World-first conference tells chiefs: Today we are where women were in policing 30 years ago.

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Police suicide – the numbers
This article has been submitted by the blogger Retired and Angry.


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'Enormous value' new technology can bring to policing
Geocoding app divides our world into 3m x 3m squares.

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'May's contempt and disdain for policing no secret'
PFEW chairman launches blistering attack as PM steps down.

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New 360 degree picture system gives policing 'extra pair of eyes'
Seamless service with fully integrated body worn video and in-car cameras and digital evidence platform.

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Football fans are 'stigmatised' by laws based on lies, says PCC
Wrexham fan Arfon Jones calls for police to change how they treat football fans.

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Federation releases photos of 'decrepit' state of police buildings in shaming exercise
Force admits historic underfunding and failing to match investment with its size.

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£250 Forum Giveaway
Today we are launching our brand new "Clubs" and in doing so giving away £250 to our members for their support with this new addition. 

So what are Clubs?

Clubs are a brand new feature within the Police Community forums where members are put in control of the content, structure and more. The Club area is a section of our site where you can create your very own forum, gallery, blog, download library and more within a club on a subject or hobby that interests you and that you feel others will be interested in also. SO you have an interest in motorsport, why not be the one to create and run your own motorsport club for other like minded members. You control the members, your own moderators, the content and more.

Clubs are a little like Facebook Groups but from the membership here on the forum.

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Officer welfare a 'priority' during 2019 Trump visit
Around-the-clock hotline will also cater for any food or accommodation issues.

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Prison can wait as offender allowed summer holiday before sentencing
Tenerife break for man caught carrying Taser, baton, ecstasy and cocaine.

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Many public services do not understand autism well enough'
MP says her legislation would see all policing given awareness training.

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Let us not criminalise ever more groups of young people, chief pleads
His 'be careful' intervention comes as UK fatal stabbings total hits 100 in 2019.

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Signing up to police learning programme that 'professionalises the professionals'
University to work with five forces to provide officer education.

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Culture of corruption will have spread over the border into Scotland, SNP conference hears
TV drama portrayal 'not far fetched', warns former undercover officer.

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Officer with 'highly respected' persona dismissed over offensive WhatsApp messages
'Off duty with certain friends, PC's conduct fell way below expected standards'.

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'Excessive use of force' officer gets his job back after two years
Hero to zero and back again for BTP constable after successful appeal.

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Retiring chief: My force is the worst example of an underfunded service
Departing Beds chief Jon Boutcher fires one last broadside across Tory government's bows.

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10,000 officers on standby to prevent Brexit unrest
MPs and campaigners must avoid inciting bad behaviour, warns new NPCC chief.

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Met pours cold water on Ukip's 'policing by cannon' theory
Force ready with 'proportionate plan' as countrywide protests descend on London.

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Force urges public to report all police employees 'misusing their position of trust'
Campaign means no hiding place for those who abuse the uniform.

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'Substandard' trousers replaced over quality complaints
Many officers felt forced to buy their own in order to look professional.

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I'm in a new role at the moment. It's stressful, but not overly so and certainly not more than I have dealt with for years. It is a new challenge so in I have dived. 

For the last couple of weeks I have been irritable, angry, short tempered and generally unpleasant to be around. But I didn't notice. 

It wasn't until my other half called me on it that I realised that something was up. Some significant introspection later and I feel pretty good. Its like my irritation has been washed away. 

The reason I mention it is that I genuinely didn't realise. I like to think I'm pretty solid mentally and mental health and welfare is an interest of mine. So it was a surprise to find something awry without any obvious reason. 

So take care of yourself and listen to people concerned about you. 


The charity Mind have support specifically for emergency services.

Your local federation will have support available and the backup buddy app can signpost you to all sorts of immediate and long term help. 
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Park power rangers get mini-force status for another three years
Police renew partnership powers to help safeguard population of one of Britain's most important geological and wildlife havens.


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