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Home Office firearms review labelled 'shambolic'
Report is 'cold comfort for officers out there doing the job'.

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Police cuts could lead to 'free-for-all', campaigners warn.

Falling numbers: Direct correlation between cuts and crime, says report

Deep cuts in policing are being directly linked to a halving of offenders brought to justice since 2010 as anti-austerity campaigners warn of a potential crime “free-for-all”.

Victims are far less likely to see the perpetrator charged or sentenced, according to a report by Accountable that shows the decline in the number of offences reported.

The new study reveals before the cuts one in five robberies resulted in charges or court summons.

By 2018, only two out of 25 robbery suspects were either summoned to court or charged.

Robberies have increased by more than 30 per cent in 18 areas. Residents in Cumbria have seen robberies more than double while in Kent that hike is 90 per cent since government austerity measures began.

Kent has also been particularly affected by violence against the person, rates of which have more than tripled.

Across England and Wales, violent crime is also less likely to be punished.

Nearly one third of all cases of violence against the person resulted in a court summons or charge in 2010, but last year only one in ten violent criminals were brought to justice.

Accountable campaign director Emily Darlington said: “This year could see a free-for-all for criminals thanks to cuts to police forces across the country.

“Criminals now know that their chances of getting caught have been drastically reduced.

“Cuts to police have been far too deep and need to be reversed or we risk fuelling further crime waves by simply not having the police we need to catch criminals and fight crime.

“The government’s duty is to protect its citizens from crime. They are failing to catch and prosecute criminals because there are not enough police on our streets.”

The report shows that cuts to police funding have resulted in a sharp decline in numbers of...

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Force's recruitment of volunteer detectives 'unacceptable'
Essex Police deny this represents 'policing on the cheap'.

  • 18 replies

About us

ASCO was first established in 2005 as ASCCO (the Association of Special Constabulary Chief Officers) and has been acting as the ‘voice of Special Constables’ in development of national policing strategy, policy and legislation since that time.

This year we are proud to become the first national charity to represent and celebrate the role of Special Constables across the UK – a recognition of the public benefit provided by the skills, effort and thousands of hours that Special Constables contribute to policing each year.

We are recognised as the professional body for Special Constables by the Home Office, College of Policing, National Police Chiefs Council, Association of Police and Crime Commissioners and Independent Office of Police Conduct. We also work closely with the Police Federation of England & Wales and the Police Superintendents’ Association to improve the experience, support and recognition of Special Constables in policing.
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Staff association to represent all specials
Former chief officers group open to all volunteer officers.

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  • 27 replies

University private police funding 'sad reflection of today's society'
Others queuing up to join trailblazing scheme.


  • 8 replies

Officer who killed man in crash told his job will be waiting for him
'Exemplary' record weighs heavily in chief's decision to allow death driver to return to police ranks.

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  • 8 replies

39 people held over murder bid knife attack following 'minor argument'
Some 60 per cent of London's decade-high homicide total stems from fatal stabbings.

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DI 'caught having sex' with a solicitor in a police station holds onto his job
Gross misconduct decision at behind-closed-doors.


  • 6 replies

Paper lays bare impact of no-deal Brexit on security
Scenario risks increasing pressure on law enforcement.

  • 8 replies

Commissioner: There is no better time to be a woman in the Met
Recruitment drive set in motion as force celebrates 100 years of women in policing.

  • 10 replies

'Boobgate' ACC still on secondment a year after 'important' project
ACC Sutcliffe harangued a female colleague for getting a boob job.

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Water cannon finally sold for scrap after £300k waste of taxpayers' cash
Devices purchased under Boris Johnson were not approved for use in mainland Britain.

  • 14 replies

PC dismissed for 'feeding gossip' about colleague to relatives of suspect
The chairman called his behaviour 'disgraceful'.


Date - 2nd October 2018
  • 6 replies

Met PC pushed probationer on police car bonnet and 'simulated sex', hearing told
Junior officers endured daily sexual bullying, misconduct panel told.

  • 18 replies

Number of special constables falling towards all-time low
Decline in number of volunteer warranted officers has been increasing in last two years.

  • 10 replies

National 'trans tool kit' for police launched
Guidelines educate officers on 'generally unfamiliar' topic.

  • 7 replies

Automated interviews to save police time when recruiting specials
'Our systems rely too much on people,' says inspector as he outlines new, high-tech, system.

  • 20 replies

Train officers or risk more choking deaths, says coroner
Several officers have faced IOPC investigations after suspects swallowed drugs and died.

  • 7 replies

Vast majority of watchdog-directed hearings result in no finding against officer
Some 71 per cent of cases ordered by the IOPC were unproven or dismissed before they could finish.
  • 0 replies

Coming to an advertising hoarding near you . . . Brand Met
Force hopes licensing its marque will act as recruitment drive to 'inspire future generations'.

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'It made my blood boil': No one wants responsibility for presentation branded 'racist'
Presentation allegedly implied unborn child would become a criminal.

  • 6 replies

Ex-detective used job as 'recruitment centre' for his own sexual gratification
A total of 21 women came forward to make allegations about his conduct.

  • 1 reply

Restraint of drug-swallower was proportionate, says watchdog
Edir Frederico Da Costa lost consciousness after his arrest and died a week later. Violence erupted at protests that followed.

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MDP struggling to address firearms training problems because of lack of resources
The College of Policing standards licence was restored in May.


  • 16 replies

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