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Officer with 'highly respected' persona dismissed over offensive WhatsApp messages
'Off duty with certain friends, PC's conduct fell way below expected standards'.

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'Excessive use of force' officer gets his job back after two years
Hero to zero and back again for BTP constable after successful appeal.

  • 3 replies

Retiring chief: My force is the worst example of an underfunded service
Departing Beds chief Jon Boutcher fires one last broadside across Tory government's bows.

  • 9 replies

10,000 officers on standby to prevent Brexit unrest
MPs and campaigners must avoid inciting bad behaviour, warns new NPCC chief.

  • 17 replies

Met pours cold water on Ukip's 'policing by cannon' theory
Force ready with 'proportionate plan' as countrywide protests descend on London.

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Force urges public to report all police employees 'misusing their position of trust'
Campaign means no hiding place for those who abuse the uniform.

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'Substandard' trousers replaced over quality complaints
Many officers felt forced to buy their own in order to look professional.

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I'm in a new role at the moment. It's stressful, but not overly so and certainly not more than I have dealt with for years. It is a new challenge so in I have dived. 

For the last couple of weeks I have been irritable, angry, short tempered and generally unpleasant to be around. But I didn't notice. 

It wasn't until my other half called me on it that I realised that something was up. Some significant introspection later and I feel pretty good. Its like my irritation has been washed away. 

The reason I mention it is that I genuinely didn't realise. I like to think I'm pretty solid mentally and mental health and welfare is an interest of mine. So it was a surprise to find something awry without any obvious reason. 

So take care of yourself and listen to people concerned about you. 


The charity Mind have support specifically for emergency services.

Your local federation will have support available and the backup buddy app can signpost you to all sorts of immediate and long term help. 
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Park power rangers get mini-force status for another three years
Police renew partnership powers to help safeguard population of one of Britain's most important geological and wildlife havens.


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So, I’m sure many would have head the comments made by Phillip Hammond in relation to surging resources from other areas to tackle knife crime and moving away from lower priority crime. 

Now, this has got me thinking. This is a senior member of the government. If we then add in the obvious, 20000+ cops gone in the last 9 years, thousands of CSO’s gone, thousands of civilian staff gone and demand sky rocketing.

The reason for the post is to generate some discussion and to see what people think could/should be dropped down the list of priorities or what we should stop doing altogether. If you were a chief officer what would you be doing less of? 

No organisation in the world can lost such a huge percentage of resources and money and somehow do more, it doesn’t make sense.

If we are reaching a point where we are now breaking and struggling to deal with demand then maybe we need a drastic look at things.

Do we stop investigating offences where an allegation is made after 6 months or more after the offence? ie no more historic allegations? 

Do we completely stop responding to concern for welfare jobs? 

Do we stop looking for regular mispers? 

Can we radically reform our custody suites? let’s speed up the process. 

Do we stop dealing with low level domestic violence/abuse where the victim doesn’t support? 

Do we stop dealing with drug offences altogether (with the exception of trafficking/supply) 

Do we stop investigating summary only offences? (Record and immediately close) 

Should we signpost Mental Health calls back to the NHS / crisis teams etc and refuse to deal? 

Or, we do simply not do things in such a thorough way? Do we ignore the HMIC and the likes? 

There are probably hundreds/thousands of things people may come up with.

To make clear, I’m not necessarily saying I agree or want any of the questions I have posed, but, something surely is going to have to give. We aren’t going to be fixed and the government clearly feel that we have enough resources, regardless of the realities.

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Forces still 'too slow' on progress 20 years after Macpherson Report.

  • 5 replies

Met Commissioner: Why 'myths and stereotypes' are holding back a 50-50 gender split
Cressida Dick believes the public is '20 years behind' on women in policing.

  • 54 replies

Firefighters trained as specials in 'worrying' national first
Federation claims the scheme will cost £200,000 and could be better spent elsewhere.

  • 24 replies

Force which axed PCSOs hires civilians to guard crime scenes
Norfolk says a review shows this duty can be performed without a policing warrant.

  • 13 replies

TV star Noel Edmonds slams police in Facebook rant
He calls out Avon & Somerset Police for allegedly covering up 'corruption' at Lloyds Banking Group.


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Met officers to be given £350 bonus
Force says it had budgeted for higher pay award in 2018 so can make "recognition payment" from its existing budget.

Commissioner Cressida Dick

  • 21 replies

'Farcical state' of police IT is a 'disgrace'
Outdated kit, patchy service and incompatible computer systems are needlessly hindering criminal investigations.


  • 14 replies

Bid to increase 'medieval' age of criminal responsibility above 12 in Scotland is rejected
Children's minister urges caution with extra 'primary legislation' needed first.

  • 10 replies

'Our officers are lucky to be alive'
'Most disqualified' driver faces jail and motoring ban into 22nd century.

  • 8 replies

Hi all, i wonder if i could engage and get more thoughts on the DE Inspector Programme. A little about me first, i am a manager with the health care sector and have been for over 10 years now, i currently have a staff team of around 60 - 70 people. I am also a serving Special Constable and absolutely love the job and look forward to the weekends when i can go out on shift and assist my regular colleagues.

I wanted to gage peoples thoughts on the process and if by being a serving Special if would be looked upon any differently to say someone who had no operational experience at all. I am wanting to apply to West Mercia Police as if is the closest force to where i currently serve.

Any thoughts would be appreciated good or bad, and if anyone has gone through the process would be great to hear from you.


Many Thanks in advance. 

  • 13 replies

Force reveals fifth of all assaults on officers relates to spitting
Devon and Cornwall to introduce protective equipment in line with rest of the country.

  • 1 reply

ASCO is committed to representing the best interests of the membership, but also operating in a way that benefits the membership too. So with that in mind, this is your opportunity to give some feedback on what you think. Is there something you'd like ASCO to start doing? Is there something you'd like done differently? If you're a special and not a member, what would convince you to part with the princely sum of £10 for 12 months worth of membership?
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Home Office firearms review labelled 'shambolic'
Report is 'cold comfort for officers out there doing the job'.

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Police cuts could lead to 'free-for-all', campaigners warn.

Falling numbers: Direct correlation between cuts and crime, says report

Deep cuts in policing are being directly linked to a halving of offenders brought to justice since 2010 as anti-austerity campaigners warn of a potential crime “free-for-all”.

Victims are far less likely to see the perpetrator charged or sentenced, according to a report by Accountable that shows the decline in the number of offences reported.

The new study reveals before the cuts one in five robberies resulted in charges or court summons.

By 2018, only two out of 25 robbery suspects were either summoned to court or charged.

Robberies have increased by more than 30 per cent in 18 areas. Residents in Cumbria have seen robberies more than double while in Kent that hike is 90 per cent since government austerity measures began.

Kent has also been particularly affected by violence against the person, rates of which have more than tripled.

Across England and Wales, violent crime is also less likely to be punished.

Nearly one third of all cases of violence against the person resulted in a court summons or charge in 2010, but last year only one in ten violent criminals were brought to justice.

Accountable campaign director Emily Darlington said: “This year could see a free-for-all for criminals thanks to cuts to police forces across the country.

“Criminals now know that their chances of getting caught have been drastically reduced.

“Cuts to police have been far too deep and need to be reversed or we risk fuelling further crime waves by simply not having the police we need to catch criminals and fight crime.

“The government’s duty is to protect its citizens from crime. They are failing to catch and prosecute criminals because there are not enough police on our streets.”

The report shows that cuts to police funding have resulted in a sharp decline in numbers of...

  • 5 replies

Force's recruitment of volunteer detectives 'unacceptable'
Essex Police deny this represents 'policing on the cheap'.

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