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Javid told May blocking pay rise was 'wrong decision'
Leaked letter from Home Office is at odds with minister's public statement.

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15 August 2018
Nearly 2,000 police officers voluntarily quit the service over the past 12 months – an increase of 31% over the past four years*.
Numbers leaving each year are rising and now a new leavers’ survey by the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) provides greater insight into the reasons why. It showed:
•    More than half (52.5%) cited morale as their reason for leaving
•    43.8% said it was the impact of the job on their family/ personal life and 43.3% on their psychological health
•    And a staggering 69.4% felt the police service had failed in its obligation to provide pay increases to maintain their standard of living
In addition, 64.5% said they would never consider re-joining the police service after they had left.
Recent Home Office figures show there are now only 122,404 officers keeping the public safe, the lowest number of police officers in England and Wales since 1996, with a further loss of 738 officers over the past 12 months.
Ché Donald, PFEW Vice-Chair, said: “We clearly have a problem with the retention of police officers as the numbers leaving have risen for the fourth consecutive year. We have lost more than 21,300 officers since 2010 – that’s a drop of 15% and the numbers keep going down every year. It’s like Groundhog Day.”
“Our leavers’ survey shows that pay, morale and the effects of the job on officers’ mental and physical health are all factors in their decision to leave.
“The derisory so-called 2% pay rise awarded by the Government recently is the equivalent of around £2.50 a week – and comes on top of years of austerity. In real terms police officer pay has now decreased by around 18% since 2009/10. All we are asking is that officers are paid fairly for the dangerous job they do.”
Mr Donald also cited events like the recent Trump visit which made it harder for police officers to spend time with their families.
“Our last Demand, Capacity and Welfare survey showed the...
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High Court Judge says firearms officer should be 'commended not criticised'
PC Stuart Brown shot Dean Joseph dead when he lunged at his ex-girlfriend with a knife.


Date - 13th August 2018
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Officer 'blighted' by unexpected tragedies died after falling from viaduct
Cheshire PC struggled with stresses at work and a number of family bereavements, inquest told.

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Sussex Police only force still using chain handcuffs
Policing community astonished over continued use of old-fashioned kit.

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Chief also says he will write to officers who have recently left his force asking them if 'the grass is as green as you thought'.

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Hi everybody,
I've heard a few different ways officers have responded to being called a grass, pig, etc.
I normally just ignore them as they're just after a rise, however, I've been thinking there must be a better way of dealing with them, especially if the comment is made in front of the general public.
Does anyone have any good responses they use, especially ones that are PSD friendly?
Thank you,
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One PC knocked drug dealer off scooter, the other apprehended him.

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The then ACC said a senior investigating officer should work with a press officer to make case 'a non issue'.

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Sixth blow to the head deemed 'excessive' by misconduct panel.

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Can crowd sourced intelligence help first responders during major incidents?
Dr Dave Sloggett looks at the potential for information posted by the public during critical incidents to be harnessed in real-time.


  • 7 replies

Warning sounded over no deal Brexit risk to public safety
Home Office says it is planning for all possible scenarios.

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Head of misconduct panel says purpose of hearing is not to punish officers.


  • 25 replies

A vile police officer was jailed for 16 years for raping a baby - after being caught by his own colleagues.

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Fast track sergeant accused of using PNC to claim abandoned Mini
Officer told misconduct hearing he had resolved the issue.


  • 9 replies

Proposals include removal of chief constable which would free up funds.

  • 16 replies

Police station's rainbow flag pulled down in suspected hate crime
The flag represents 'peace, tolerance and solidarity between all communities', says PCC.

  • 22 replies

Nicholas Perry could be dismissed after incognito colleague filmed interaction.

  • 18 replies

Fed reps to discuss action over pay snub
Branch chairman says government has treated police officers with 'utter contempt'.
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Public not getting service they expect, says chief
Head of West Midlands force and PCC warn over cuts.

  • 3 replies

Law enforcement needs to recognise offenders under 25 years old may have 'stunted maturation'.


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Call for end to MOT test requirement
Tests criticised as ineffective.

  • 3 replies

Detective stole £30k from tribute donations in memory of PC
Lott was 'close friend' of late officer.

  • 7 replies

Man with no penis pretends to have sex using unknown objects
Detective sergeant says tackling domestic crime is one of force's main priorities.

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Whistleblower wins court battle against police authority
Former director of financial accountability hopes judgement will act as a 'catalyst' for change.

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