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  1. If a large proportion of our officers are not suitable to carry firearms, yet 99% of other police officers in the world are...we have a serious problem.
  2. 3 weeks split over the initial 22 week training course in the depot. Boils down to a week of handling classes, classroom based learning and experiential shoots, a week of assessed shoots which leads to getting the qualification and then a week of tactical training. Initial long arm course is 3 days. I think anyway it may be 2 days I can't remember. 2 days per year requal/continuation training, encompassing both handgun and long arm. Our weapon systems are "peeler proof" which means they're forgiving and easy to train on. Not what I would personally like, but that's another matter. The debate has changed, most on this forum will know my views by now. Unarmed policing should be a thing of the past, it is negligent not to equip officers with the tools to defend themselves and the public. In relation to the Manchester bombing, armed policing would have offered no/very little deterrent or changed what happened in my eyes so it's a moot point.
  3. Mission, vision and values. These can be found on Kent police website. Learn learn learn these! Also, have some good questions ready to ask the interviewers at the end of the interview as these are senior members of staff so always good to have some well thought out questions to ask them afterwards! Nothing worse when they say, "have you got any questions for me?" And you say no lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Swearing is a tactical option that often works. "Guys can you please move on?" Followed by, "Guys **** off before start getting nicked!" Can be surprisingly effective. Not swearing comes across as very 'nicey-nicey' which doesn't really create any sort of inclination to follow instructions. I think more harsh language would suggest 'you're pushing your boundaries now, move or we'll make you.' Although you'll always get those members of society who think they can't act how they want and say what they want but as soon as police officers do and say what they want it's 'not on.'