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  1. Equinox, complete nonsense. We have seen the ability of the general public to show how they will please themselves. If you are anywhere near to a University Campus you would see for yourself the illegal gatherings. The Government release restrictions for night clubs from midnight at at that hour night clubs opened being filled with reckless abandonment of people without any form of protection shoulder to shoulder, face to face, drinking themselves into oblivion. The Euro's with crowds attending and hardly a mask in sight except for the players and officials. British Grand Prix with a crowd of 140,000 and, again, hardly a mask in sight. As for the subject you cannot have a law where people are compelled to assist as, many would be incapable of assisting. Members of the public will in may cases automatically assist if it is within their capability. You only need to think of the incidents in London, Westminster Bridge etc to see that.
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  2. Is that really the case though? From what I've seen people have generally complied quite well given the extreme restrictions placed on their liberty for such a long period of time. Most of the violations seem quite minor, people meeting a friend for a coffee, that kind of thing. Some of the covid regs were utterly absurd, self defeating, contradictory and made no sense whatsoever. The law said it was fine for me to spend 8-10 hours a day working right next to someone (social distancing impossible at work) but we weren't allowed to go and eat lunch together, and if we started walking home together we were suddenly expected to stay 2 metres apart. The idea that we weren't at risk while working together but as soon as we went for a sarnie we'd suddenly risk infecting each other is so ridiculous that eventually we stopped really bothering with distancing in practice. You can pass a law and tell people they are obliged to do something, but if the law is completely absurd then a lot of people just won't do it. I think a rule requiring people to assist in any way they can without putting their own safety at risk makes is fairly rational, it would probably have widespread acceptance among the public and not be seen as a ridiculous expectation.
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  3. Cheers again for all the above. useful to know I’m not just bitter and that lot of people have same views on management etc. After a Few more days of settling on it I just think it’s a case of seeing if the new job has more pros thans cons. Early days but already been asked how I’m doing by managers more time than I ever did in the police however still lots of doubts and negatives. I get points made about closing chapter but when I left it was always in my back of my mind I’d consider coming back if try alternative wasn’t substantially better (maybe a unhealthy of doing it but it is what it is) Have a lot of sympathy for you Jack, I probably wouldn’t go quite as far as you in my view of job but understand where you are coming from. having left now I’ve realised how much of a blur the last few years have been. If anyone is reading this thread I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a break and reflect, even if you love the job. Whilst I’ve been fairly lucky in the sense I’ve kept semi healthy, kept my friends (even though it was frustrating how little they understood my job) etc etc I’ve really noticed how much the job can take over your life. Obviously any job can lend itself to rat racing but I think the 24/7 nature of the job, coupled with the way you view your experience I’m terms of how many years you have in is scary. I’ve realised that I was trying to survive for 6 days, knackered on 2 rest days and spent 2 rest days trying to cram in social activities with taking them in and actually enjoying them. I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom but I’d just advise people to slow down and take stock. I have so many mates who worried about getting through their two years, then worried about courses and permits now worry about that side way move or promotion but for what? Despite all the doubts and overthinking I’ve already done more meaningful activities and enjoyable with friends and family in last few weeks than I probably did in last few years. Maybe it will wear off and the pay cut may eventually become an issue but my point is the job gives you tunnel vision.
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