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  2. Let's hope that them officer recovers well and secondly that the suspect is apprehended, that the CPS charge, a jury convict and then for a Judge to pass a meaningful sentence.
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  4. Horrible to think it's possible something like this could kill an officer or leave him disabled. The suspect is lucky this is the UK as some European countries would happily fill the van with bullets during a potentially lethal act.
  5. The only way that this would mean anything would be if Central Government increased the Police Budgets by 2.5%. As ten current offer stands it means that someone else has to find the money which, could possibly mean cutting the numbers of officers to allow the pay increase to be paid. The other hidden finance item will be the Pensions which, at present, stand to increase by the CPI of 1.9%, although this may yet rise before September. Much of this is paid by the present day Pension contributions of the serving officers but, the shortfall has to be found from within the Police Budget. In GMP that figure was around the £12 million mark.
  6. Shocking isn't it, but then that's all we ever seem to do in this country - ignore urgent, pressing issues and waste money elsewhere. Take brexit for example, the money being thrown at that little project (that will only render us worse off and create monumental financial uncertainty in the end anyway) could of been spent on all manner of worthy causes. Wasting money and incorrect organisation of priorities is not just confined to Khan and London, it appears to be a prevalent theme on a national scale.
  7. Correction, I omitted the word NOT from the post. Oh how you can twist things. Boris did not pay for it and neither did his Mayoral office. He supported the idea by Johanna Lumley. None of the money came from his resources so no money was deprived from healthcare, Fire Service,Police, Military or anything else. The expenditure that you mention would NOT have come under the remit of the Mayor. Talk about false news.
  8. MajorDisaster

    Any Dyfed Powys Officers here?

    Happy to talk via private message, drop me a line. MD
  9. Because Labour spent too much of everyone else’s money.
  10. Charlie 1988

    Police Scotland Recruitment 2019

    In regards to the AC enjoy the morning part it’s actually a good laugh and meet people in the same situation as yourself. The interview is the same kind of thing as the initial just 3 different competency questions. They still asked question about your scenarios so probably to see how you react to or answer them
  11. Charlie 1988

    Police Scotland Recruitment 2019

    Yeh my medical is September so little wait around 7 weeks.. just can’t wait to get started now 😀
  12. Oh how you can twist things. Boris did not pay for it and neither did his Mayoral office. He supported the idea by Johanna Lumley. None of the money came from his resources so no money was deprived from healthcare, Fire Service,Police, Military or anything else. Many of the expenditure that you mention wo0uld have come under the remit of the Mayor. Talk about false news.
  13. Gold worth around £4 million has been seized by the National Crime Agency as part of an international investigation into a suspected South American drugs cartel. Officers from Border Force, acting on intelligence from the NCA, moved in to detain the shipment at Heathrow on 1 June. It was being transported from the Cayman Islands to Switzerland, having earlier been shipped to the Caymans on a private jet which had arrived from Venezuela. The gold is now the subject of a money laundering investigation being run by the Cayman authorities, with the assistance of the NCA. The bars and pieces of gold, which together weigh around 104 kilos, have been seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act, following a hearing at Uxbridge Magistrates in London. NCA Heathrow branch commander, Steve McIntyre, said: “We believe that this shipment was linked to drugs cartels operating out of South America. Working with partners overseas and in the UK we were quickly able to identify it and stop it’s onward movement. “The business model of many organised crime groups relies upon the ability to move money across borders, to fund further investment in criminal activity. “If we can stop that it not only causes disruption to the criminal network involved and prevents them benefiting from crime, it also stops that re-investment.” Nick Jariwalla, Border Force Heathrow Director, said: “Taking large amounts of money or gold out of the control of criminal networks hits them where they feel it most, in the pocket. “This was a substantial seizure and demonstrates how effectively Border Force works with law enforcement partners, both at home and abroad, to combat organised crime.” View the full article
  14. PaulReilly

    Vetting - Motoring Convictions

    Hi, i had 6 points and a speed awareness course all within 5 years and I was fine. The criteria for most is no more than three offences in 5 years and/or more than 6 penalty points. I would imagine you will be fine.
  15. Touchy much about the tories? The simple fact is they’ve cut the police so far that is barely recognisable to what it was 15 years ago.
  16. Yesterday
  17. jonathanf

    Police Scotland Recruitment 2019

    Congratulations! Passed mine on Thursday too. Exciting times...
  18. The Met Twitter feed was hacked at 11.50pm so to their credit the Met have deleted the offensive tweets pretty sharpish.
  19. The Metropolitan Police's computer system has been hacked in a late-night attack. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7266693/Metropolitan-Police-email-hacked-late-night-cyber-attack.html
  20. MAC ALBA

    Police Scotland Recruitment 2019

    Do you mean they don’t tell you the competencies or they don’t pick at your answers? I was really thrown off in my initial because they never probed my answers at all
  21. "In February 2019 it was revealed that the total public cost had been £43m. " It doesn't matter if his office paid for it or not, it was Boris' pushing of the project that meant £43Million, let us say that slowly FORTY.THREE.MILLION.POUNDS of public money was wasted on a vanity project. £43m that could have been spent on healthcare, fire service, police, military or something else. Unless we are in Opposite World then £43m is more than £30k.
  22. Boris ' s office did not pay for it. Other bodies provided the funding. Do you believe that Boris caused World War 1? I can understand Trump's constant retorts of False News.
  23. Appreciate your statement, but even if it was Labour, Libs or any other, not sure they would have defied that number - unless it was to recover it through other means. But we digress
  24. IrateShrike

    Vetting - Motoring Convictions

    Crack on with the process and try not to worry too much about it. No one other than the force vetting unit can say for sure but it's not likely that this will get you binned off unless there are some aggravating circumstances.
  25. Police pay has still been reduced by around 18% in real terms since the Tories came into power. Police officers could have been given 10% for all this is worth, but without any funding increase to cover it it just means is that the thin blue line is stretched even further. It's a sly insult at best.
  26. Beaker

    Do you do the investigative leg work?

    What's up @Zulu 22? What is the confused face for?
  27. So... the government are giving everyone a pay rise but not the money for that pay rise.
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