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  1. Yesterday
  2. I believe the PIRC report made the comment that the PAVA appeared to have taken effect. The STO went for the arrest and on the male jerking his shoulder up she has then discharged the Taser. I can see why it’s disproportionate if the PAVA had been taking effect and they’ve then gone for the Taser. The problem is that cops are notoriously poor at spinning the NDM and justifying their use of force. All that PIRC have to go on is written use of force forms and possibly op statements. If you can’t justify it then how can they? I’ll qualify this by saying I’ve armchair policed this at its finest and the quality of the video is so poor on my phone I can’t even tell who they’re trying to jail.
  3. For crying out loud, I should move back to China, At least the police there are feared.
  4. TW1404

    Police Scotland Recruitment 2019

    Yeah i wore business dress. Glad I did. I passed the set. Still waiting on an interview date. I better get prepared.
  5. Cathedral Bobby

    BBC: Extinction Rebellion protest: 100 arrests as London roads blocked

    I think you might find it is the London STICK Exchange now. What we should do is offer them the opportunity to stick themselves to trains, buses and lorries and then drive them home. If they happen to be on the outside, well it was a decision they made and would be held to, literally.
  6. The main organisers are reported to be all from the same Cotswolds village. I wonder what would happen if those aggrieved by the actions descended on the same village, sealed it off and brought it, and them, to a standstill for a week. The organisers are responsible for their completely unreasonable actions and should be held to account.
  7. Cathedral Bobby

    BBCPolice officer's use of Taser 'not reasonable or necessary'

    What is good to see is the Scots PolFed pro actively and publicly challenge a decision by the PIRC and not just accept the verdict. Having spent a number of years in a national inspection and regulatory body, which was very good at telling people what they got wrong, and never giving an opinion about what would be the right course of action in the circumstances, purely looking and applying written standards and regulations without much notion of the reality in practice, it is good to see challenge coming forward.
  8. Cathedral Bobby

    BBCPolice officer's use of Taser 'not reasonable or necessary'

    Who are the same old posters?
  9. Over a thousand arrests made. Untold damage caused. Chaos bought to the transport networks in and out of London. Major disruption caused to haulage firms, travel firms with lost revenue and even job losses. People unable to get to work and business unable to trade. Still, could be worse, could be a Brexit protest.
  10. Beaker

    Does "knife" size matter...

    Locking and folding are both mentioned seperately. https://www.gov.uk/buying-carrying-knives
  11. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment 2019

    Wear business dress, you'll look smart and presentable, the recruitment team notice that kind of thing
  12. It has in various ways and forces around the country. It usually led to unfairness in other parts of the country, even the same force. A few years ago Hampshire trialled paying the Council Tax for Specials living and and policing in the Southampton area which led to unfairness to those living in the same county but a few miles away. It was unfair for several reasons in that not everybody paid Council Tax (the unemployed/retired/living at home etc) so, despite being unpaid, it was being argued they enjoyed a real-term cut compared to those who were paying the tax yet who then enjoyed it being paid. Then there were those who paid the tax but didn't police the Southampton area, and those living outside the designated area but policed it. Aside from that, there have also been other versions of a 'bounty' here and there around the country. What's been touched on though I don't think fully appreciated that an SC isn't always freely available to collect statements or attend court due to their day job, unlike a Regular who will try and fit court round their duty days or be able to swap rest days, kind of thing. In any event, as has already been said. SCs are meant to support and bolster the Regulars, not become a substitute for them,
  13. Ish. If they don't ringfence department budgets they'll eventually get picked at across the board. I've seen it happen way too often in private business to think it wouldn't happen.
  14. Lee Jasper has named the officer in his tweets and is asking people to sign a petition demanding the suspension of the officer. Fantastic response by Bullshire
  15. Funkywingnut

    Does "knife" size matter...

    Where does it state it must fold out to be classified as locking? I may be wrong but I believe it only states a locking mechanism, and doesn’t mention folding.
  16. That’s like saying all MoD funding is from the same pot, it isn’t it’s split. Either way, it’s surely worth trialling new things, the current system isn’t working.
  17. You won’t be surprised that I’ve seen a tweet from David Lammy demanding answers from the met about this. I suggest that people research what has happened post this incident and maybe that is why Lammy and Co have crawled back under their rocks and haven’t made a big furore out of it. As usual the “usual suspects” regarding commentary on this have made a knee jerk reaction before knowing the full facts.
  18. SD

    Does "knife" size matter...

    It would have to fold out AND lock for it to be deemed ‘locking’. In the case of a Stanley knife it’s a retractable fixed blade.
  19. Chief Bakes

    BBC: UK warns against all but essential Sri Lanka travel

    25 April 2019 Sri Lanka has revised down the death toll from Sunday's blasts by more than 100, to "about 253", health ministry says. The ministry blamed a calculation error. Suicide bombers struck hotels and churches in the Colombo area and the eastern city of Batticaloa on Easter Sunday. View the full article
  20. Zulu 22

    Off Duty Police Officer Stabbed on His Doorstep

    Police Officer shouts at man would be news. Police Officer stabbed would not be worthy of news. It just shows how standards both in society and the press have sunk to the depths. What ever the circumstances let us all hope that the officer recovers well.
  21. SimonT

    Off Duty Police Officer Stabbed on His Doorstep

    I hope there is more to this. It has barely made the news so far
  22. UK warns against all but essential Sri Lanka travel 25 April 2019 The UK is advising against all but essential travel to Sri Lanka after the Easter Sunday bombings in which more than 350 people died. The Foreign Office says terrorists are very likely to try to carry out indiscriminate attacks there, including in places visited by foreigners. Eight Britons are known to be among those killed in the attacks on churches and hotels in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa. More than 500 people were injured. The Foreign Office has issued advice to any Britons in Sri Lanka: Remain vigilant, keep up to date with developments and follow the advice of local security authorities and hotel security staff Keep a low profile, avoid crowded public places, large gatherings (including religious gatherings and places of worship) and any demonstrations. Avoid travelling during periods of curfew (other than to or from the airport) Keep in touch with family and friends and make them aware of any plans you may have View the full article
  23. Andrew Whiddett paid to watch a nine-year-old be abused 25 April 2019 A former lieutenant colonel in the British Army spent thousands of pounds paying for and directing live-streamed child sexual abuse from the Philippines. Andrew Whiddett, 70, also discussed flying to the country to commit contact child sexual abuse himself. In conversations with one woman between September and October 2016, Whiddett made it clear he wanted to sexually abuse a child when he visited the Philippines that October. In a 25-minute conversation with the woman on 28 September 2016 he asked if the girl will be with her and he said: “need to do more teaching” and “Look forward to touch”, “yes darling, need to open her mind” and “lots of teaching before I arrive”. Travel records show he flew to Manila, Philippines, on 21 October 2016. National Crime Agency investigators were able to prove that he paid this woman a total of £8,584. He made 31 payments to her totalling £6,425 between January 2015 and January 2016. And he made another 18 payments to her totalling £2,158 between April 2016 and July 2017. At Croydon Crown Court, Whiddett admitted live-streaming offences and making indecent images of children. Whiddett, who after leaving the Army was employed as a private contractor as head of security at the British Embassy in Baghdad, will be sentenced on 22 May. His offending was carried out from the UK after he had retired from the Army and private security work. Whiddett, of Portsmouth, Hampshire, committed the live-streaming abuse over Skype with known Filipino child sex abuse facilitators. The NCA passed intelligence to Filipino counterparts who arrested one facilitator and safeguarded six children aged between three and 14. NCA investigators were able to show that on 21 November 2015, Whiddett paid £31.41 to watch a nine-year-old girl abused. Officers discovered other messages between Whiddett and abuse facilitators. In one he said “nice pics” and another states “do you think I bad asking for them”. He also asked: “If I visit would you let me see daughter” and “If I visit what you allow me to do”. Whiddett, who has no previous convictions, was arrested on 31 October 2017 at Heathrow Airport. In interview he admitted sending 158 payments to the Philippines but claimed they were for live adult sex shows. Whiddett was interviewed again in March 2018 and declined to answer any questions. NCA senior investigating officer Gary Fennelly said: “Andrew Whiddett was directly responsible for the soul destroying abuse of children thousands of miles away from him. “He thought he could get away with abusing Filipino children from the comfort of his own home. Anyone like him should realise the NCA and UK police will never give up our pursuit of offenders who commit these horrific crimes. “The NCA does important work with international law enforcement partners in the Philippines to combat these sorts of crimes.” View the full article
  24. They have to refer all their incidents where PAVA or Taser are used?!
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