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  1. Yesterday
  2. skydiver

    Promotions as a PCSO

    No although you can move sideways into other PCSO roles depending on the force, or you can consider applying to be a PC.
  3. And RM the point I was making was in response to the CC's comments and I was saying that there are already loads of ways to avoid criminalising teenagers, so its not as if we need to find more ways to avoid criminalising them.
  4. No discipline, no respect and no fear of the justice system because they know it is loaded in their favour. We should never be making any apology for hauling some poor deluded juvenile criminal before the courts. I Believe that Lone Wolf got it spot on.
  5. Beaker

    Brexit Discussion

    I'm trying to feel sorry for the poor Neo-Nazis, but I can't seem to care they're covered in dairy product.
  6. Fedster

    Brexit Discussion

    Is throwing milkshakes at racist bigots a thing now? Tommy Robinson had a few thrown at him as well. Does this kind of activity actually give Farage more support because people might feel sorry for him?
  7. I was not being sarcastic. I was pointing out the other end of the argument/discussion. There’s plenty of condemnation about being soft on the 16/17 year olds with an offending history but every one of those started somewhere. What I was (maybe clumsily) putting across was, at which point should the CJS so ‘something’ about the offending by juveniles? We have had years of ideas. Borstal and the ‘short sharp shock’ didn’t work, now ideas to not criminalise young people is being condemned. You are right in that I have no convictions because I don’t know the answer. Somewhere between the 11 year old committing his first offence and that same person being 17 committing his 50th offence something has to be done. But what and when? Those are the things the CJS hasn’t sorted out in the last 100+ years so what chance have I got?
  8. SL1710

    Initial interview

    Thanks very much.
  9. So, why is DICK not show casing the reality that a considerable amount of police resource is being spent on complex investigations- of which, female applicants might be better applicants to become direct entry Detectives than men? Please frame my comments above within how I posed a question. Nonetheless, we don’t need the Commissioner blaming terrorist attacks for putting off female applicants. Rather, we need to encourage suitable applicants into the ‘direct detective’ who are out off by the machoness.
  10. ParochialYokal

    Joining the CNC police

    The CNC are a specialist police force- they are security police, as opposed to territorial police. It must be an amazing experience for a probationer to become a specialist AFO straight out of training but, likewise, if you have a ‘thief taker’ mentality then you would have made a pee poor choice in joining a force where you are unlikely to EVER make any arrest. Quiet literally, you are unlikely to ever make an arrest during your entire police query. As a Special, my ‘maximum score’ was three separate arrests in 6 hours. I am sure that such a role would be a great job for an ex military type, but I struggle to understand why anyone who aspires to be a ‘proper copper’ would apply for such a role? I think that you asked the wrong question. Rather, you need to consider how you can reapply to Police Scotland in order to be successful, as opposed to pigeon whole yourself into a role within the CNC. Whilst they do good work and should be respected, they are not a ‘plan B’ or a ‘runner up prize’. You must really want to join them because you understand their role and what they do. They really won’t want you because you wasn’t good enough to get into Police Scotland. Take the hint from Police Scotland and reapply with a more robust approach.
  11. A-91

    Joining the CNC police

    My advice to you is do not use CNC as a fall back option as you were unsuccessful for Police Scotland. If your heart is in conventional policing persevere with PS and reapply.
  12. Mac7

    Plain Clothes Operations

    You don’t need a RIPA authority to conduct plain clothes patrols. Are you sure the look over the glasses was not in relation to the nature of operation and not the dress code for the op?
  13. Funkywingnut

    Plain Clothes Operations

    Yeah pretty much, the surveillance has to be targeted or directed at a subject(s). Style of dress certainly isn’t mentioned in RIPA.
  14. Sierra Lima

    L2 Training, The do's and do not's

    November is a good time as it's not to warm. Practice putting your kit on beforehand. Drink plenty of water. Enjoy it, it's good fun. It's not difficult, it gets hot and sweaty but otherwise you just need to listen and do as you're told. Only 2 days?
  15. Strathy-SC

    Initial interview

    Don’t be nervous, use the water to give you time to think, don’t go in with prepared answers, get talking to other candidates waiting for their interview. Make sure your job knowledge is up to a get standard. They might try and push your buttons, it’s a test don’t fall for it and good luck!
  16. Whilst it is a great book, I am still somewhat haunted by the content. I will never get the following anecdote out of my mind’s eye: The case of the drunk 18 year old lad that decided to descend from the top of a bus stop shelter by shimmying down a lamp post ‘Bat Man style’. Unfortunately, the lamp post was coated with a fiercely prickly anti-stick surface to deter affixing stickers and also graffiti. Apparently, gravity was not his friend and the momentum that he descended with culminated in his proud 18 year old manhood ended up as, to use the medical term: a ‘de-gloved penis’, that was apparently akin to a piece of ‘canned spaghetti’. Try putting ‘de-gloved penis’ into Google images and you will see my horror. Can you imagine someone making you read that without putting in a ‘health warning’ upfront? If someone is going to write such a thing, you would at least think that they would include a word of caution before others read it and also get exposed to the shocking image with no means to ever wipe the image from their head. Once you imagine it, the horror will never escape you... At least now I have shared that you with, you have received a ‘health warning’, so that you do not have to read this for yourself in the book. As an aside, the author is now a successful screenplay writer, which includes writing for Mrs Brown’s Boys.
  17. Why do you feel the need to make a grossly exaggerated and sarcastic response, is it because deep down you lack in your own convictions on the matter? Did you stop to think that the significant majority of 11 year olds don't commit crime, and do not go on to commit crime? The system works in as much that plenty of young people have a level of decency and respect for others in that they understand the difference between right and wrong, and subsequently demonstrate the responsibility to make the right choices. All criminals start somewhere... the hypothetical 11 year old found committing crime for the first time and held to account for their actions cannot be the result of a flawed criminal justice system if they've never been part of it, can they?
  18. Whether or not a young person is ‘criminalised’ is merely the outcome of a process. When young get cuffed and / or put in the back of a police car, the majority poop themselves. I also worked in Youth Offending and saw how many ‘hard’ young offenders were in tears when I used to go down to the cells to assess them after being sent down. I have also come across young people whom I said that I was going to take home and that they would have to explain what they did to their parents before I made a decision about how to proceed with them. Many begged me to get nicked- perhaps knowing that their parent(s) would immediately jump to their defence and claim that they were picked on. But when little Johnny made a confession in front of his parent(s) it was a very different encounter indeed. The same parent(s) whom would have claimed that little Johnny got treated unfairly then turned on me moaning that I didn’t arrest him. There is a level of nuance here. Bad acts need to be criminalised but one off incidents of making poor decisions that have a limited on communities shouldn’t be criminalised as a matter or course.
  19. Billy Blue Tac

    Plain Clothes Operations

    https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/742041/201800802_CSPI_code.pdf @Scottie_340 See section 2 on page 10. You may wish to give a copy to your colleague so s/he can learn a thing or two about how the law actually works
  20. Scottie_340

    Plain Clothes Operations

    This was my exact response but I got the look over the glasses and of pure anger.... My understanding is that you are able to patrol local areas and areas of crime in plain clothes as long as your not conducting surveillance on persons or property? I tried reading the full RIPA legislation however it could take me days....
  21. jaykay91

    Police Scotland Recruitment 2019

    I can confirm these are indeed excellent. 👍
  22. Funkywingnut

    Plain Clothes Operations

    Whoever suggested that needs to re-read RIPA.
  23. Radman

    Plain Clothes Operations

    We used to regularly conduct plain clothed patrols around hot spot areas to detect criminality. Amazing the kind of things you run into. No need for RIPA authority unless you're conducting some kind of surveillance.
  24. Reasonable Man

    Plain Clothes Operations

    Read RIPA. Is it directed surveillance?
  25. Reasonable Man

    Code Zero - Channel 5 10pm

    The broader discussion has been had on another thread and as the level of educational achievement has, arguably, no purpose in this single element of policing why even raise it. As much as having a degree doesn’t necessarily help in a violent situation neither does it hinder and, equally, people without degrees are not better at dealing with violence than those with.
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