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  2. BTP Student Officer Recruitment 2017

    I’d say take it if you want to gather evidence to become a police officer a PCSO in BTP is a good place to start. Not bad money either! this happened to me in 2013 and now I’m a qualified PDO, Taser and DEO Officer - best start for me I found
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  4. Yup... I love my BWV, when it's used correctly... I just don't like the idea of other people with no policing knolage watching it and pulling it apart frame by frame...
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  6. BTP Student Officer Recruitment 2017

    Would very much recommend accepting the PCSO role. You can apply after 11 months and you will be able to gain plenty of experience that will aid you when you apply for the student officer role again. You can get involved in policing and get a great operational grounding before becoming a PC. As a BTP PCSO you can report people for process, issue penalty notice for disorder, take victim and witness statements. You'll be able to do the community side of the role and police events such as low risk football fixtures.
  7. Police are reluctant to make arrests because the closure of custody suites has led to hour-long trips to the nearest cells. Officers are now letting suspects go “and hoping for the best”, the chairman of the Police Federation told The Daily Telegraph. Full Story
  8. Because there's already not enough people chipping in with their hindsight.
  9. Surely the most expensive cops are those in senior positions?
  10. West Yorkshire Police seeks voluntary leavers

    West Yorkshire bosses not the sharpest tools in the box.
  11. Combat trousers

    When I wore uniform I always took pride in my appearance. Polished boots, ironed shirts and trousers etc. Even when we moved to T-shirts and combats I still took pride and looked after my uniform. Half the problem about cops looking like pants is the quality of the uniform purchased. It’s off a poor quality as the job chooses price over quality and longevity. As a result it’s not long before uniforms look tired, shabby and dirty. Another problem is that supervisors don’t enforce uniform standards anymore. I was always of the mindset that if I was professionally turned out it was half the battle won.
  12. so theoretically someone on 20 years could agree to this, take a huge payout and then simply join another force? no brainer!
  13. West Yorkshire Police seeks voluntary leavers

    Can't see what this will achieve at all, especially as like Mac7 says - the costs of training replacements need t be factored in. I can only guess that not all officers who leave will actually even be replaced, sounds about right in the current climate, sadly.
  14. “There are clear benefits to this approach.....” Do they think the public are stupid. This is a decision based on saving money alone. Why else would they incentivise long serving officers to leave and replace them with officers on 19k? Another sad reflection of policing today. However, this appears to be a form of voluntary redundancy. If people are made redundant it means the role is surplus to requirements. How can they kick the old folk out of one door and then recruit their replacement through the next. I would be interested to see what the net savings are when the pay offs have been made compared to the cost of recruiting and training new officers. I imagine it would be negligible. Thanks for your 20+ years service to the public and the endless sacrifices you’ve made but you’re only fit for scrap heap now. I just wish they could be honest with the public.
  15. The police settlement comes in December But given the state of policing budgets, they probably should have announced something in the budget speech! A great reply, to Nick Hurd’s tweet, is below!
  16. Post your incapacitant spray or baton

    Have a like for use of the verb Bimble, rarely heard outside military cirlcles.
  17. I was playing the footage of a rather epic fight I'd had which involved PAVA and going through a garden fence when one of the lads started laughing - on upping the volume I could clearly be heard to mutter (as I finally got him to ground and the cuffs on) 'Too old for this s**t'. It also allowed me to determine that despite it seeming a lot longer, it was actuallly only three minutes between me shouting up for assistance and the arrival of the cavalry! Personally I think it's great and a real bonus.
  18. BTP Student Officer Recruitment 2017

    Did any one have their assessment last Sunday. I failed mine for student officer but got offered pcso instead. Did that happen to any one else.
  19. BBC: Police alert at Oxford Circus Tube

    Looks like everything is ok. Thankfully.
  20. Although I personally don't have any real concerns about such an idea, it's the equivalent of watching an episode of Great British Bake Off and then telling Mary Berry how to make a cake.
  21. BBC: Police alert at Oxford Circus Tube

    Reports of gunshots being heard, Met police treating this as a “possible terror incident”
  22. 24 November 2017 From the section UK Police have told people to take cover inside buildings, while officers respond to reports of an incident at London's Oxford Circus Tube station. British Transport Police said officers were at the scene and warned people to avoid the area, in London's West End. "Oxford Circus Station is closed while we investigate a customer incident," Transport for London said. BBC reporter Helen Bushby said she had seen a "mass stampede" of people running away from the station. People were "screaming and crying", she said. View the full article
  23. Bad idea... How many time have you looked at your own BWV after the event and cringed thinking... "Oh why did I say that" or "why didn't I do that then"... It's far easyer for the would have, should have, could have group to scrutinise an incident from their arm chair after the event...I would prefer that they were in the thick of it and report back from the real thing.

    We're the Met Police. It's what we do.
  25. I can't disagree there. Though some that are using it as a way to get in as a Reg are less motivated than those who aren't. I was having the p*** taken out of me for cut hands and bruises because "you shouldn't go hands on". Stuff that, if I'm in uniform I'm not going to run away when things are less than optimal.
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