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  2. TBH, you'd only likely see MDP around Whitehall, Horse Guards, Regents Park, or occasionally a bit further afield on Op Servitor patrols. Unless Op Temperer gets called again.
  3. As a retired recovery driver I was stopped by 2 plain clothes at night and I asked them for their warrant cards and the ones they showed me are the same as the photo shows unless they have changed that is the one i recognise not the tinpot ones on Ebay.
  4. I'm battling to get to the moon at the moment. I'm doing literally nothing about it, but I'm thinking hard.
  5. I did miss the City didnt I? Well they're only in a square mile... As an aside I don't Police London but my point still stands, numerous different cops and outfits about the Met wasting who knows how much money on this is seemingly ridiculous.
  6. You’re missing the obvious ‘City’, with their shiny gold badges. Unless they’ve changed theirs...?
  7. Radman

    Covid prosecutions or not?

    I'm sticking to the education route firmly. I've told numerous cops it pays to read the legislation itself rather than relying what is briefed to you and from day one it was clear the lockdown legislation was relatively 'weak' as alot of modern legislation tends to be to try and cater to every eventuality rather than the traditional method of common sense being applied. So easy these days to get drawn into very public arguments with people which has the potential to ruin reputations that it simply isn't worth it in my opinion.
  8. BizzieBee

    Covid prosecutions or not?

    Aren’t we all. Neither do I. And I am one...
  9. That is one tatty warrant card 😆 It's wrong to suggest this is what a warrant card looks like though, there are numerous policing bodies that operate within London, off the top of my head: Met, BTP, MoD Police, NCA, numerous Local Authority Parks Police, Tilbury Port Police, Border Force (whatever they're calling themselves), Enviro Agency Bailiffs etc. Met may be changing their badges and ID cards but to my knowledge no other agency is and as I've said previously there isn't a real need to. If someone in plain clothes stops you, they should be fine with you calling the police c
  10. Equin0x

    Covid prosecutions or not?

    Thanks. I'd prefer them to have said look local is hereby defined as being 10 miles from your place of residence. Would make it a lot simpler whereas now I'm just having to guess would this be seen as reasonable. I think going somewhere nearby for a walk and a sarnie is but I have no idea if the police would feel similar.
  11. I thought Met had / having a change of Warrant Card? I’m sure I saw it online somewhere.
  12. More recent than that thread is Sobczak v DPP (2012), where it was held that an officer was entitled to pat someone down for weapons in order to prevent crime under S3 CLA so long as the requirements in S2 PACE are met. Given that a warrant doesn't include any implicit power to search the occupants unless named - King v R (1969), TVP v Hepburn (2002) - there can't really be any argument that a S18 authority could. If they were suspected to be concealing something, then the safest option would be to arrest them for possession of whatever it is or for obstruction and search under S32.
  13. POLICE chiefs are battling a "steep and troubling" rise in officers quitting as the job drags down their mental and physical health. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1404387/police-force-uk-quitting-mentally-physically-stress
  14. In London this is a real warrant card to look out for with badge. as shown on website.
  15. @Radman + I only had two people who actually asked me for my warrant card and that was in all time that I was a special constable,of course I did show it numerous times when I was doing something in mufti, speaking with shopkeepers , shoplifting stuff, obs, that sort of thing. But I agree totally agree with @Zulu 22 + in his post above about a large amount of the general public probably not being aware of police warrant cards being genuine or not. I will tell you quickly about those two people who asked me for my id, as i may have mentioned this story before. On the first occasion i
  16. Last week
  17. BizzieBee

    Covid prosecutions or not?

    Great question. I’ve heard wildly different definitions. Ranging from 1/2 mile from your registered address, up to 30 miles from your place of residence - excluding if you’re going to work. I recall some oaf on the tele saying something about “5 miles from your home”, but I believe that was ‘guidance’. If you can make sense of the monstrosity that is the Legislation, please feel free: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/1374/schedule/3A Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Never has been, never will be unless there is a blanket restriction with few or no exc
  18. It's described as having an "aggressive strike bezel" and it coupe easily be interpreted as for striking a person, but also something else, like a window. So it doesn't seem to be specially made to cause harm. So not offensive by design. So it would be intent and action, which covers just about anything. Overzealous cops are unlikely to be stopping you or having any interest on a torch. Unless you are stalking the streets as a masked vigilante, brandishing your torch
  19. i dont, however police like to come down hard on anyone who is carrying anything that could be used as a weapon just like baton torches , tactical pens, etc. which by the way no criminal is going to carry , they prefer the knife etc for their felonious deeds but i digress. The police know about EDC community which has sprang up in the last 10 years, in that they look for legal ways to carry lawful items which can be used in 'instant arming' saturations, thus a copper will be able to justify an arrest and charge for items such as tactical pens, tactical torches, big key rings / bottle open
  20. Most MoPs don't look properly when asked. If they did, they might have asked why mine said "Barclaycard" for ages as I'd put that card on top of my warrant card accidentally. Oops!
  21. NOt sure if this is clickbait, but I think I know the type of torch you mean. So, in our permissive society, how or why would you see this as being something that a citizen, I mean a person, would not be permitted to carry it? Bear in mind, I have a very nice victorian silver teaspoon which has a broad end handle which is serrated and relatively sharp and I enjoy taking it out an about for picnics (Socially distanced of course 😀). Rather like the torch, do you see a problem with taking either of these out and being used for their intended purposes - serving sugar and seeing in the dark?
  22. are you a cop? would a over zealous one, (on a unlikely event of getting searched) would considered one these an intended to be a offensive weapon, and risk arrest ?
  23. It is an interesting point, the bezel is quite smashey. I took mine off but it's part of the structure and has to stay. So I used sandpaper to take the ridges off. I think it's like a great many things you can buy that sort of are illegal but the number of circumstances where anyone would actually notice, is pretty small.b
  24. Most forces have no security features at all, it is just an ID card with a photo on it that says the holder is a police constable. Realistically most people dont even look at the ID when its shown, the only time I've had someone question who I was, was when I just had my card on a lanyard with no holder, this bloke kept asking to see my "badge" which in BTP land is just a cap badge stuck in a black wallet and nothing overly special... 😂
  25. Hi @selbmag This was discussed on the forum several years ago: Hope this helps.
  26. Discussion in the parade room. When performing a section 18 of a property do you have the power to also search persons on the property at the time of the search? Provided of course this is proportionate to the items you are searching for.
  27. Looks like a decent torch, to be honest. It also looks like the striking bevel can be unscrewed, similar to my own Klarus torch, if you're really worried about it. Context is key here, if you're carrying and using it as a torch, and/or as a rescue tool, I can't see that being a problem. It could conceivably be considered as an "intended" offensive weapon, if you were to strike someone with it.Then again, a lot of other mundane items could be also used as an "intended" offensive weapon, such as a pen, a credit card, the peak of a baseball cap. Almost anything, If you're creative enough. Ho
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