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  2. Equin0x

    24 hours in Police Custody Channel 4

    I don't really understand it. Surely if you're wiling to commit a crime you'd also be willing to make a bit of effort at not being caught.
  3. Zulu 22

    Was an LGV driver now a PC - what next

    It is the class 1 HGV wgere the money is but, it also brings in cab overnight living and being away from home. Does not affect me but does not seem worthwhile.
  4. Indiana Jones

    Was an LGV driver now a PC - what next

    I thought many of the tales of sudden wage hikes were largely anecdotal? A RPU PC on top pay spline with overtime coming in and already doing anti-social hours; vs all the tasks of a lorry driver and spending some time away from home whilst on jobs but probably lower wages, potentially self-employed with all the extra effort that comes from that. If it were me, I'd not make the jump.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Billy Blue Tac

    24 hours in Police Custody Channel 4

    Arrogance? Overconfidence? Indifference? Blinded by a lust for violence against women?
  7. I''m a bit confused watching this episode. Why didn't he wear a ski mask or gloves? That's burglary 101, even a toddler knows those rules.
  8. There are some who were an LGV driver in a previous life and have since joined the police, and then onto road policing. Of those who were LGV drivers, and the apparent rapid change of wages for an LGV driver, thought I'd raise a post and see if any ex-LGV drivers have had thoughts of moving back or staying in the job?
  9. Last week
  10. If more officers were like that, there would be less need for auditing in the first place.
  11. I don't disagree at all. The exceptional circumstances of this case aside, the best protection against many of the edged weapons cops face every day ought to be a firearm.
  12. I can't see how a TASER would have been of any use in that horrific situation. The only real protection against a firearm, is another firearm. Although in an ambush situation the odds are going to be against you.
  13. No. PC Hughes was shot four times, three as she lay on the floor. PC Bone was hit by eight of the twenty-four rounds fired at her. The grenade was thrown as Cregan left and after both officers were thought to have died of their gunshot wounds.
  14. I did not know that, pretty decent attempt under the circumstances. Wasn't it a hand grenade that injured them first? Very brave women if you ask me.
  15. PC Hughes was not and in any case was paralysed immediately by her injuries. PC Bone was, and managed to discharge her taser before she was killed.
  16. Finally Bone was not a Taser officer, neither was Nicola Bone.
  17. This is an interesting example to use as Fiona Bone had time to draw and fire her Taser. We can only speculate whether a conventional firearm might have changed the outcome. On the other hand, when the Tsarnaev brothers murdered MIT PD officer Sean Collier, they were unable to steal his weapon as they couldn't work out how to remove it from his retention holster.
  18. The disgraced head of Scotland Yard’s shambolic VIP sex abuse inquiry has been blocked from taking over Britain’s version of the FBI. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10025827/Steve-Rodhouse-headed-Met-Polices-shambolic-VIP-sex-abuse-inquiry-blocked-crime-job.html
  19. I know there is a lot of stuff that cops have to know but I don’t get why, in this day and age, officers are not aware of how to deal with people recording them. There is good NPCC guidance on it that is just sense. ‘Auditors’ will not be breaking the law. They are careful to be lawful to prove their point. Approach such people only if you have to. Open with, ‘How you doing today?’ Or ‘Can I help you with anything?’ Rather than, ‘what are you doing? Or ‘Why are you filming me/police station.’ Make it clear that they are not suspected of any offence, they do not have to engage, they are not detained so can leave whenever they want. Best way not to get on YouTube.
  20. Your guess is as good as mine. It looks rude in my book. Far easier to just be professional and tell them your collar number, name if you feel comfortable and station. You don't necessarily have to, but why open yourself up to an incivility complaint when there's no need? If you don't give them the interaction that draws in viewers, they'll soon move on.
  21. National Crime Agency investigators have charged a van driver from Birmingham with attempting to import a huge haul of class A drugs, following a seizure at Dover. https://nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/west-midlands-van-driver-charged-over-7-million-cocaine-and-heroin-haul-in-dover
  22. Of course, you can always keep:moving and stand so the camera is facing into the sun or a bright streetlight😀
  23. I don't understand why some officers do that. Is there a reason why they can't just say their number? Making the person read it themselves (while easy enough for them to do) just seems a bit petty.
  24. To an auditor, a police officer is a walking, talking source of ad revenue. Most make no secret of how lucrative an interesting video can be and therefore they want their video to be as interesting as possible. Just be professional and polite and don't fall into the trap of baiting or belittling them as you'll just end up looking silly. Boring interactions rarely, if ever, make the final cut. It's also worth familiarising yourself with the auditors that frequent your local area and the tactics they employ as they vary greatly. One thing to be very mindful of is that they sometimes learn very specific bits of law in detail and will use that to try and make officers look incompetent, often ignoring the fact that police officers have to have a working knowledge of hundreds of bits of legislation rather than a detailed knowledge of three or four and probably won't know the specific wording of every piece of legislation off by heart - they don't care about this and nor do their viewers. It's an easy win for them if you demand details under section 50 PRA when it may not be justified and they will seize upon it. Ultimately, be polite, professional, know your powers and be prepared to justify your use of said powers, all the while keeping an open mind as, legally speaking, they may not be committing any offences (and they will know this). If you do decide to use BWV, tell them as soon as practicable and if they ask you for your collar number, don't just tip your shoulder to the camera because it just makes you look like a plonker.
  25. Haven't seen any but I look forward to you posting yours.
  26. They don’t post it on social media and seek criticism of the work though. Or do they?
  27. The survey, by any standards, is insufficient to hold any credibility at all. It is totally misleading.
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