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  2. Five years since the incident and yet defining way more complex cases have been and gone in much shorter times. I wonder if the defendant being a police officer was a time lapse factor. That 5yrs can’t have been good for anyone involved or affected by the case.
  3. PC Benjamin Monk had denied murder and an alternative charge of manslaughter in connection with the former Aston Villa star’s death almost five years ago. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/dalian-atkinson-police-officer-found-guilty-of-killing-ex-footballer/ar-AALlFqJ?ocid=msedgntp
  4. It’s another ‘rock and a hard place’ with social media. It’s a place I avoid entirely given the patently obvious exacerbated mental health issues as a result. It’s a place where peculiar people visit to actively seek out the ‘offensive’ posts, report / calls for cancel and for them to be hung, drawn and quartered before any fair trial or hearing. Twitter is an absolute cesspit and should come with a mental health warning. Whilst often you’d get some engaging posts from personal job accounts, there have often been times when these posts go beyond that. Particularly when tweeting outside o
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  6. If he's owned up to it at the time rather than lying then he'd almost certainly not have been dismissed. It's the dishonesty which is the problem.
  7. The "official" police accounts all seem so bland and uninteresting to me. It's like they are afraid of saying anything that could be taken the wrong way or out of context and as a result it makes for a very boring read. The reason I liked shows like Road Wars was that they seemed more real. I know they will also have cherry picked the most exciting stuff to show but it still felt you were getting a bit of a genuine insight into policing and the officers doing the job.
  8. The Undertaker

    Police Officer exposes MP?

    Anyone know if this is a genuine police officer or some kind of staged set up?
  9. Yeah, by about 2 more weeks, then they 'll decide the prison's too full and all of a sudden he's a model prisoner fit for release.
  10. Yesterday
  11. If they’re on the list, don’t they have to notify of foreign travel anyway?
  12. I must have mis-read the OP as I didn’t read anything other than officer, driving, mobile etc. Somehow I must have been in a time warp to have missed the seemingly obvious link to child abuse. Apologies and now back to the OP topic😀
  13. Ether

    Trauma support

    The whole idea is to have a peer who has similar experiences to down too. Spending time on your own isn’t necessarily dealing with trauma.
  14. Techie1

    Trauma support

    I’m not an officer, but most of that doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe an extra day off or early finish, but other than that no. I think just being able to talk to colleagues and/or the gaffer - and early, not weeks or months later. also don’t forget police staff, they might not see as much trauma, but if there’s no support in place (because it is rare) for them it may all go wrong at some point. Not just front line staff, back office support too.
  15. And, the point being that SD and I disagree with you and it is a forum for discussion. I thought that you wanted facts checking and being shared. One quote is from a gov.uk site and the other from a report in the Guardian which quoted details from the COP and NCA regarding numbers of paedophiles.
  16. You’ve chosen to hijack an exchange between me and SD, twist it into something different, copy and paste something you’ve found on a Google search to ‘prove’ your point. While making your customary personal snide comments. If it makes you feel any better, apart from the unfounded personal attack, I agree with everything you’ve managed to paste onto your post. Well done!
  17. That sounds as if you have no concern for children for paedophiles certainly would not have any interest in you. The number of Paedophiles who are being prosecuted is quite frightening and yet those numbers are only scratching at the surface. A FOI request to Mersey side had the following response. "The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) holds prosecution data for child abuse flagged sexual offences in the Merseyside & Cheshire area, broken down by convictions and non-convictions. It should be noted that this data covers all flagged child abuse defendants prosecuted with a principal off
  18. Well I do have grand children, and I have put paedos before the court who have gone away for many years. And I still say that as a late middle-aged man I personally have more to fear from a bad driver than someone with a sexual interest in children. One could kill me without seeing me. The other would see me and have absolutely no interest in me.
  19. Reasonable Man

    Met police news. Met officer to appear on trial for sexual assault

    Whilst not all is rosey in the MPS I do think they get some unfair criticism when you think that by officer number they are bigger than the next 7 biggest forces and bigger than the 22 smallest ones. Do they get more wrong than GMP, West Mids, West York’s, Thames Valley, Kent and Merseyside combined?
  20. You would not say that if you had young grand children. Having worked in Vice child porn is about as low as anyone can go. The fact that she chose not to report the matter speaks for itself. Any normal person would be repulsed. Have you ever met a victim of a paedophile. The youngest one I have had dealings with was 5 years of age, five years of age. She was terrified of people and badly injured, physically and mentally.
  21. I think, as a decrepit nearly 60 year old, I have nothing to fear from a paedophile. I do fear being run off the road by a distracted driver more. Aside from that she was protecting her not a paedophile sister.
  22. That would be an interesting figure. I wonder what it is?
  23. Not sure if the is proof of Darwin's theory at its best or not?
  24. Lincolnshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Marc Jones, has said the closure of non-official police social media accounts is an "absolute error" that would undo years of public engagement. Date - 22nd June 2021 By - Chloe Livadeas The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) lead for Social Media and Digital Engagement, Surrey Chief Constable Gavin Stephens, has recommended forces streamline the number of social media accounts they have so the public can access information “in a clearer way”, meaning the closure of accounts run by individual officers. The move to a more
  25. Bet it wouldn't be the paedophile she protected.
  26. SimonT

    Trauma support

    trim sounds interesting, I will have a look and see if it's similar to something we have already. I'm trying to think if someone that is less than a formal intervention. Something that officers would find helpful and encourage destressing. Something as basic as being allowed to say, watch a film as a team before briefing, go for a walk, turn your radio off for an hour. It would have to be low level with broad appeal and something that could just be done. The reason for the automatic referral is, as you have said, you know of a good process, but haven't done it. I know of many good
  27. I know who I’d rather meet on a dark night.
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