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  1. Today
  2. S27 and PND questions

    A few point of interest: 1) I've heard as of May 2018, PNDs will be revoked as a disposal option for any offence 2) Has breach S30 ever been an offence for which a PND can be issued?
  3. Met police initial training

    Surely it's that they want to expose as many probationers as possible to the resounding success of the pathfinder?
  4. Met police initial training

    I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that the BCU merger is a complete and utter disaster?...
  5. Hello. Where would you want to work as a young PC learning their trade? I'm curious as to the difference in day-to-day operational policing between these areas in Thames Valley Police. Bracknell, Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead and Reading. Are some LPA's very quiet? Thanks in advance it's really appreciated.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Metropolitan Police tweet sparks social media backlash

    I can't realistically see how telling someone in a rather blunt way not to tell lies is offensive. On several other threads this week I've highlighted clear and strong evidence that Conor is a lying troll. I appreciate being a mod isn't an easy job (I've done it before) but surely if anyone deserves sanction, it's not me.
  8. Metropolitan Police tweet sparks social media backlash

    Let’s keep it civilised please! (offensive post removed)
  9. Crime, crime and more crime

    I've managed to get this sort of rubbish no-crimed before on the basis of points to prove for public order offences. It doesn't matter if someone was caused H/A/D if it wasn't threatening or abusive (and for S4A and above - insulting).
  10. Met police initial training

    I was back at Hendon on a course a little while ago and it seemed like every student I saw had a CN shoulder number - I guess they're getting the lion's share.
  11. Response driving courses

    I was lucky last year to get a standard cours, along with two other specials on the department. When we got the pre reads (roadcraft, highway code and force policy) I was dreading it. I struggle with reading and have to read pages three or four times for it to sink in. I'm lucky in that I love driving, and it does come naturally to me, but I did struggle at times. It's hard. Very intense. I was falling asleep at 1800 most nights and waking up 12 hours later. Although you are only driving for maybe two hours a day, you are still learning in the back of the car. My colleagues found it a lot harder than me which was tough to see. It is a fantastic course, and one that will stay with you for life. When I'm back home on Monday and not on my phone, I'll type up my notes for what it involves a bit more day by day.
  12. Response driving courses

    When people are telling us specifics about your courses, like the length of it and so on, can you please tell us what Forces you're from please? As I keep saying, not every force does it the same and this will help people who are interested in finding out about one particular force.
  13. Response driving courses

    I didn't find the course that difficult. The Roadcraft system was the same as I'd done some years ago with IAM, but even those who had not encountered it coped well. One week of System, second week building up the speed and third week learning blues 'n twos. Of our intake of 19 plus one Special (who is also police staff) and one from a previous course who'd missed out due to illness all passed the basic and there was only one who needed some extra blue light training - he was checked out a month later. Listen and learn - accept that you'll make mistakes and learn from them. I made a total dog's dinner of one series of bends and when the instructor asked me what had gone wrong I replied 'not much, apart from being in the wrong gear, at the wrong speed and in the wrong position on the road'. It is tiring - three half hour drives a day may not sound too bad but it is hard work.
  14. Response driving courses

    It's an extremely difficult, mentally taxing intensive three week course. If you underestimate it you'll fail. Best thing to do is study hard for the paper assessment and pay attention to your instructor. If you think you know better, you'll fail! You'll hate the course for the first week and half, however, once you learn and start driving as per the 'system', it all comes together and you'll enjoy it. It completely changes the way you drive a car both on and off duty.
  15. Response driving courses

    Absolutely. I guess we'll see in time ha. Thanks again.
  16. Russia spy poisoning: Czechs angrily reject Russia claims 17 March 2018 Related TopicsRussian spy poisoning Image copyright EPA/ Yulia Skripal/Facebook Image caption Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia, 33, are in a critical condition in hospital The Czech Republic has rejected Russian claims that it was one of four countries most likely to have manufactured the nerve agent used to poison Sergei Skripal and his daughter. Czech Foreign Minister Martin Stropnicky said this was "wholly unsubstantiated" and "highly speculative". The ex-spy and his daughter Yulia remain critically ill in hospital. They were found unconscious on a bench in southern England on 4 March. The UK government says they were poisoned with a nerve agent of a type developed by Russia called Novichok. The Russian government denies any involvement in the attack. Mr Stropnicky was responding to claims made by Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. She had said the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the UK and Sweden were most likely to have produced Novichok, the nerve agent identified in the Skripal case - and which the UK government says originated in Russia. They were the ones carrying out "intense research" on the substances from the late 1990s until now, she alleged. What are Novichok nerve agents? Police warning to Russian ### ### ### in UK Mr Stropnicky tweeted: "We must protest at the claims of the origins of Novichok, which are wholly unsubstantiated. "This is a classic way of manipulating information in the public space; releasing a highly speculative claim with no proof whatsoever. "This information already appeared several days ago on the disinformation website Sputnik." Meanwhile, Russia is to expel 23 British diplomats as the row over the attack on the Skripals continues. The Russian foreign ministry said the UK staff would be expelled from Moscow within a week in response to Britain's decision to expel 23 Russian diplomats. It also said it would close the British Council in Russia, which promotes cultural ties between the nations, and the British Consulate in St Petersburg. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionThe BBC's Gordon Corera considers how likely is it Russia poisoned Sergei Skripal and his daughter View the full article
  17. Response driving courses

    Special. I don't break the limit, but I get irritable and people doing way under the limit when there is no reason to. I don't to idiot driving, but I don't like being slowed down for no reason, and get annoyed at bimblers who can't decide what they're doing. Just been up to HQ for my annual PST today, and on the way back got stuck behind a 20-in-a-30 Micra. If you're that scared of the accelerator then you shouldn't be driving.
  18. And now diplomatic ties have been br everything seems to be falling into place. Russia has bent over backwards to help the investigation they have also asked for a sample of the agent (which I presume thay can test and prove either way) yet the U.K. has frustrated all of thier efforts. It’s very strange one would assume the U.K. would want to work with them over this, it’s almost like they don’t want to.......:....
  19. Response driving courses

    I'm bloody terrible. I'm impatient and heavy footed. @Beaker Are you getting a course as a Special or are you becoming a reg? Speed isn't a problem so long as you control it and use it appropriately. A good example is that on my standard course, we followed a boy racer through a long set of windy roads out in the middle of nowhere. He was in something like a Corsa or an Astra and we had a much more powerful car. We lost him going around the bends. Why? Because he was going around corners he couldn't see around at 60mph, whilst the person driving our car was slowing to enable him to stop within the distance we could see.... Safety first! Clearly the boy racer was local and knew the roads, but he was driving them based on historical knowledge. We were driving safely. He wasn't. What happens when he turns one of those corners at 60 and finds a car crash or a horse in the middle of the road....? Impatience however, can be a problem. You need to learn to relax your driving or you won't have the right attitude on the course and you'll fail because of that.
  20. Metropolitan Police tweet sparks social media backlash

    Your right I was thinking about his cousin joe black he’s also a rapper and was adopted by a white women, never the less Stormzy is no racist.
  21. Response driving courses

    I'm bloody terrible. I'm impatient and heavy footed.
  22. No she’s not. http://www.capitalxtra.com/artists/stormzy/lists/road-mum/
  23. Response driving courses

    Everyone considers themselves to be a good driver and a safe driver. That's part of the problem!
  24. Response driving courses

    Yup GMP. I'm 32 as well and have been driving since 2003. I Passed my original test first time with 2 minors and consider myself a good, and safe driver. The course sounds hard work but I will prep as much as I can before I do it. Once again, thanks for taking the time to reply.
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