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  2. Hi, Its got nothing to do with Cookies, it just happens after I am logged in on the forum on 2 devices. My Cookies are never cleared after each session. Its a known issue been going on for 2 years at least, did PM Cheetah about it a few months ago he stated will be fixed in next software release. Alas still same issue
  3. Good morning, It's not my expertise of the forum but does your browser automatically clear cookies after each session is closed? Have you selected remember me when you log in? @Techie1 any ideas? PCW
  4. Today
  5. I'll just dose my self up and go to work says every cop accross the land. I'll end up getting stuck on if I go sick and rest.
  6. Response driving training

    Next you'll be saying saying officers and staff aren't paid overtime and expenses correctly every month!
  7. Response driving training

    I think driving schools are lucky we pay them at all, it's not unheard of for bailiffs to turn up at some of our police stations, vets refusing to treat our dogs due to unpaid bills, or so the rumours go.....
  8. Yesterday
  9. Despite my repeated requests to Admin to fix it, it is still is happening, they said it will be fixed next release, however still 2 new releases down the line still getting the same problem. Why is this happening? Yes i have read the various threads on the Invision forum which describe the issue; https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/428866-logging-in-will-log-out-all-other-devices/ https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/433116-login-on-desktop-and-phone-several-times-during-the-day/ However i am still none the wiser on why; I am logged out one device if i am logged in another Why when logged out do the topics display out of date? New replies are not shown but replies are shown from 2 hours ago Am i the only one experiencing this? When can we expect a permanent fix?
  10. Hello Cjcfc1992 On behalf of the Police Community Team I would like to personally welcome you to our forum. Please feel free to say hello and introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about you, what brought you to Police Community and what you hope to use the site for as we would love to hear. If you have any questions that you would like to ask the Police Community Team please feel free to drop one of us a message. Best Wishes Chief Rat
  11. I think this is in keeping with policing in general in the UK. Very little in the way of response policing, very little neighbourhood Policing if any, next to no specialist resources. Air support? Yeah right. I think in terms of race to the bottom, we are just about there.
  12. I work in a city of a million people. We have a helicopter flying around most evenings and usually available when you shout up for it.

    I guess you could type it up at the time in an e mail or something then copy and paste it into crimint later. Not ideal but a work around.
  14. What's the story behind your handle

    I was hungry
  15. HO cops are trained to deal with nearly every eventuality, hence their half decent salary when at long last you finally reach the top of the scale. But the reality for those working in the private or independent forces is there is a lot of stuff HO/BTP officers deal with and need to be trained for, which we never will - serious public order/riot training, complex investigations, the plethora of criminal law (example I deliver the training to cathedral constables and I do not touch traffic law and why would I, they never will use it). Because our jurisdiction is limited as it is for all the independent constabularies, the risk to officers no where near that of regular/specials, the job is less complex and so on, we don't get paid as much, quite rightly. That doesn't detract from their ability to be constables and do the work they do to professional standard. We place the emphasis on the areas of work officers will perform; they learn the elements of criminal law they need to know - POA, Theft Act, OAPA, PACE, etc; we equip them with PPE and give two day full on PST. Their training clearly steers them for the job they should be doing, and certainly not mission creep into areas we are neither trained, skilled or responsible for. We have agreed Memoranda of Understanding with the local force CC which sets out clearly what we do and do not do. All the independent constabularies have these, and all state the primacy of the HO territorial force in dealing with serious offences and investigations. I have worn both hats and although when I was a HO cop I had very similar views to those of you who can't imagine something like this working, I see it can. Policing is a spectrum and we need a spectrum of options to deal with the crisis. We have municipal constables now in London. We should be trialling whether this can work else where.
  16. I always found that it was sick; low cloud base; on another tasking or out of flying time.
  17. Not what i meant. I mean relation to the discussion on local enforcement officers, not PCSOs. I believe it's what they used to do with some of the small specialist contabularies. They wouldn't be Specials, they'd be enforcement officers with warrants who are restricted to specific roles and duties.
  18. I don't think they're any good for spontaneous incidents; I've not had a positive result from one. Obviously they're good for pre planned events recording and, as mentioned in the article, reconnaissance.
  19. Negative aspects of the job

    Heard of a story from my force. Guy phones about his son and is sick of behaviour and claims "he's getting ****ed by him" nothing sexual, just dad is complaining about something. Gets investigated as a rape, purely based on that comment.... Crazy
  20. Body Clock Alarm

    Perhaps a cup of coffee before you sleep? I tend to wake up feeling pretty fresh afterwards and sleep is pretty solid. Hot shower after waking up feels pretty invigorating
  21. Which is odd as reasonable chastisement means the force used was not unlawful ergo no crime.
  22. Response driving training

    I think you'll find it's two weeks because you're tight and won't pay for 3 weeks! * Lots of forces don't do IPP on standard course anymore after a college of policing suggestion apparently. There were only 2 of us in my car and I did 3 weeks! BTP have also allegedly told one force that as they are paying customers they expect a pass! *Which surprises me as money was never an issue in the L area days!
  23. What is NPAS? I vaguely remember 3 years ago when I could actually request the chopper. Now you may as well whistle. NPAS has decimated air support. Certain forces the request has to go via a Sgt then to the FDO. Then to NPAS for triage. Then you get told no. It's utter pants!
  24. It utterly takes the p***. Another example of how out of touch politicians are who sit in their ivory towers claiming back every penny in expenses. Most MP's agree that in principle Universal credit is a good idea. But as most things that involves politicians the implementation has been awful. I would hate to find myself in a situation where I lost my job and was financially struggling, only to be told to ring a premium rate phone line!!!!!
  25. Hello razza987 On behalf of the Police Community Team I would like to personally welcome you to our forum. Please feel free to say hello and introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about you, what brought you to Police Community and what you hope to use the site for as we would love to hear. If you have any questions that you would like to ask the Police Community Team please feel free to drop one of us a message. Best Wishes Chief Rat
  26. Body Clock Alarm

    My tipple was a glass of red whilst watching breakfast TV.
  27. Specials are not supposed to be used to fill the void. Enforcement officers sound like that's all they do. Patrol round looking to hand out tickets, PND's etc and not do a lot else. I struggle to see the value in having many different types of "officer" each with their own set of powers/limitations. You'd end up with a tiered system and things would be delayed in getting dealt with as bosses would be checking remits to see who's tray it should sit in. If you need enforcement officers or watered down cops then you need PCSO's and it makes a mockery of redundancy. Redundancy means the work is no longer there/required. Norfolk can't make PCSO's redundant and then ask specials or LA wardens to fill the gaps. I wonder if the Norfolk Chief officer team haven't planned properly for the cuts and acted too late. They're failings may have cost the PCSO's their jobs. Many other forces have restructured to make efficiencies and lost people through natural wastage.
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