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  2. It was down to David Keane the PCC and his complete incompetence and misunderstanding of disciplinary procedures. From his appointment Keene did not like Byrne and this was just an attempt to discredit him. Who instigates Disciplinary measures and possible removal against a PCC, anyone know.
  3. Radman

    BBC: May to face leadership challenge

    It was fairly clear to me what voting for Brexit meant. This narrative that's been pushed that people didn't somehow understand the question: "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?" Leave won... After significant debate. Deliver what was asked for, we need to leave. It isn't hardline or extreme in anyway to ask for the government to deliver what was voted for.
  4. Zulu 22

    Brexit Discussion

    It was Charles Moore on the panel last week who pointed out that of the 5 panel members 4 were Brexiters and he was the only Leave supporter on the panel. Since the BBC moved to Media City in Manchester the sales of Left wing newspapers has rocketed. The source for this is by speaking to the newsagents in the area. You can certainly see that on some of the presenters on current affairs programs and even the news, think Kirsty Wark of Newsnight on that one. Of course Wark is completely neutral being aligned strongly to the Labour Party. I cannot remember the last time that Farage appeared on Question time, it has been that long. However Dianne Abbott must be one of the most regular and, puts her foot in her mouth on a regular basis.
  5. I can guarantee you are not the first person to think this way. I can also guarantee that many of the people replying to your post will, at some time, have felt the same and felt like chucking it in. I know I certainly did. You wouldn’t be human if at some point you didn’t feel it was not for you or out of your depth. What I can say is that it will click. Don’t give up and you are probably doing way better than you think. Like others have said, speak to your supervisor. I went to mine with a personal issue not longer after being out of probation and it was the best thing I did at that time. The job will support you. Good luck. Speak to someone.
  6. Today
  7. Not one person walks into this job and immediately feels belonging, immediately knows what they are talking about, and immediately feels comfortable. This job will push you and challenge you. Every single probationer has a difficult period to go through, as others have said, you aren’t alone. Speak to your tutor and your supervisor. Speak to other probationers. Speak to job friends and speak to your partner. There’s no shame in it, and if you’re going to stay in the job then you need to open up about things because it’s not healthy to keep everything to yourself. You got all the way here, take the time to speak to other people and assess what the best choice is for you.
  8. And from me too , don't bottle it up talk to someone. I am sure you will find that they have all felt the same at some point
  9. As per Funky, Please speak to your colleagues and supervisors. You are NOT alone. Good luck.
  10. You need to go and speak to your colleagues, you aren't the first to struggle, won't be the last.
  11. Reasonable Man

    Brexit Discussion

    And as pointed out many times by Brexiteers who don’t like pro EU/anti Brexit stories and Remainers who don’t like pro Brexit/ anti EU stories. And outside of Brexit any other person/group who don’t like what gets reported or how it gets reported. Social media is full of Brexiteers complaining at the bias BBC suppressing pro Brexit people AND Remoaners complaining at the bias BBC and the pro Brexit Question Time panel - why is Farage on more than anyone else? Fortunately we have a free press and if interested can source news from many places. For people to claim the British press is bias is one thing, to say CNN, Al Jazeera, the Washington Post, etc are all similarly bias moves into a whole new weird world of paranoia.
  12. So I'm 10 weeks on shift as a regular PC after my training and I'm about to go indipendant next set however I'm really close to handing my notice in. Does anyone know how many weeks notice I will have to work? There are various reasons for this but it can be summarised as perhaps the jobs not for me and I'm not for the job. There are also other reasons such as workload. I already have 15+ crimes in my basket that due to responding to jobs being with my tutor and picking up every other crime we go to I have made minimal progress on. I also have 2 coroners files to do which again I haven't been able to progress because of response or working on attachments I've been put on. I just feel totally out of my depth, dread going to work. Im struggling to sleep due to the anxiety/stress the job is making me feel. I feel useless to the shift and I'm sure they probably feel that I'm useless and a burden to them. I feel the job will never click with me and I will always feel like a fish out of water. Please don't read this as me underestimating the demands of the job I understood what I was walking into. I knew it would be challenging and tough however I'm struggling more than I thought. I don't want to admit my struggles to my friends or partner as I don't want them to see me as a failure. I just feel so miserable and down at the moment and don't know where to turn hence my post on here.
  13. Mac7

    Brexit Discussion

    Because (spoiler alert) the media are biased. As pointed out by the panellist on Question Time last week.
  14. Reasonable Man

    Brexit Discussion

    It’s nothing about what suits and what doesn’t. My line of debate is how Brexit affects and will affect things. Of course the world will continue to turn with or without Brexit. Good things and bad will happen whether there was Brexit or not. Some people will, of course, claim benefits and losses on Brexit, whichever way they voted. I’m not doing that. Companies have reported moving out of the UK because of Brexit. That’s not Project Fear, bias press or fake news. If companies have invested in the UK because of Brexit then it’s a good news story in support of the majority. Where are those stories? Why can the 52% not get those specific positive things out there? Are the 48% so powerful that they can suppress anything positive about Brexit.
  15. Mac7

    Brexit Discussion

    They are only separate issues because it doesn’t suit your line of debate. Businesses have moved out of the Eurozone for decades to lower manufacturing costs and increase margins. Manufacturing has been decline in this country for a long time and the UK moved towards a services country. Despite that the CBI have previously stated that order books and productivity are at there highest for 20 years. Those companies listed have continued to invest in the UK post referendum. Inward investment continues. But again that doesn’t suit the remain camps narrative. Some of the bleakest trading and economic times have been while we have been in the EU but that’s all forgotten about post 2016. Perhaps we can ask aspiring French entrepreneurs about how easy it is to start up businesses at present in the heart of Europe with a president who fully supports the super state EU.
  16. Reasonable Man

    Brexit Discussion

    Businesses moving before Brexit or for reasons unconnected with Brexit is a S eparate issue. Positive and negative things happen all the time. Why create a situation that all the indicators show will make things worse? You have listed a number of companies that may have invested in the UK. Have they invested here because we are leaving the EU? That is the relevant question. How can the stories of investment be in the press but Fleet Street and the media won’t report it? How are these stories known if they are not reported?
  17. ParochialYokal

    BBC: May to face leadership challenge

    The reality is that Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit for most people, as the type of Brexit some people want could be different from the next person. The types of people whom prioritised sovereignty over economic benefits (the ‘extreme Brexiteers’ or the ‘fatalistic Brexiteers’) are either those whom are so affluent they don’t care or those who feel that they have been left behind and have nothing to lose. Between those two extremes are people whom voted for Brexit on the basis of false economic promises and such people don’t want the UK to crash out of the EU with a no deal.
  18. It seems that the PCC tried to dress up aspects of his personality as misconduct issues.
  19. In some respects it’s kind of an unsatisfactory end for Mr. Byrne. The PCC jumped the gun originally by not investigating the matter properly and effectively jumped straight to the misconduct hearing. Sadly Byrne will not be the last to fall foul of a PCC. The list of ‘charges’ made him out to be an absolute nightmare. The truth of his behaviour is out there but I can’t help feeling that he has been seriously wronged.
  20. I thought that the LQC’s were doing a reasonable job, most the decisions have been reasonable and balanced. Of course if you pay peanuts.... I would hate to go back to the previous system of senior officers presiding over discipline matters whereby the ultimate sanction is dismissal. I was never entirely satisfied that they were truly detached from the process. Of course if only we had a process whereby instead of going straight down the discipline route we took a learning based approach. And Mr Lake puts some fuel on to the fire of discipline as a vehicle to reduce officer numbers.
  21. Reasonable Man

    BBC: May to face leadership challenge

    Prominent Brexiteers did - Rees-Mogg (50 years before any benefits), Farage (its not a beneficial thing... we will be self governing), Digby-Jones (100 years). For many sovereignty, immigration control and blue passports out-way poverty.
  22. Mac7

    Brexit Discussion

    So.....were you concerned when businesses were relocating overseas or manufacturing in this country was going to the wall? This was all happening when we were in the EU. Were you so vocal or is it, as I suspected, it’s the Brexit related band wagon? Many seem to forget there was political and business life before Brexit. Investment? There has been plenty in the press. Google. SoftBank BMW Amazon. Nissan Toyota DHL. Etc And let’s no forget the latest employment figures. There is plenty of press about investment in the UK. It’s the fact that the bias Fleet Street and media channels. Won’t report it.
  23. What the case highlights is the precarious nature of the employment status of Chief Constables. They are on fixed term contracts and they are at the mercy of an elected politician whom may not know a lot about policing. There is very little incentive for people to become CCs until they are at the end of their career. Any applicants that you do get would be applying knowing that they have be politically astute enough to manage a relationship with a PCC or they won’t last very long. That might not be the type of person whom would be able to be frank and honest about the issues that are most pertinent to the organisation that they lead.
  24. There should be parity on the day rates regarding the different Tribunals. However, I am not sure that someone would be doing it for the money. £366 per day really isn’t a great deal of money for someone whom would be qualified and experienced enough to be a Chair .
  25. ParochialYokal

    BBC: May to face leadership challenge

    People voted for Brexit for a number of reasons; some of which were based upon the false economic promises that were made. I doubt that many people voted for Brexit on the basis that we would crash out of the EU and then endure the consequences that this would have on our economy.
  26. Zulu 22

    BBC: May to face leadership challenge

  27. Reasonable Man

    BBC: May to face leadership challenge

    Biting off our nose to spite our face.
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