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New Verification Process - Access to In The Job

This announcement is no longer active

Chief Bakes

We continue to make sure our website remains as useful as possible to our members. The in the job section of our website is restricted to police personnel only and to have access you need to verify your account. In order to verify your account you need to have access to a .pnn.police.uk email address. Once verified you will get access to our In the Job section of the forum.

Verification takes less than a minute, fill in our form, an email verification code is sent to your .pnn email address. Enter that code in our website and you are verified with instant access to restricted areas.

Please note that verification is an annual process and will expire after 12 months from date of verification.

Those members that were previously verified will need to complete verification again to continue to access "In the Job" section of our forum.

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